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Neha Sharma Aug 8
Roses are red.
Violets are blue.
Whatever the hell happens with me,
I won't ever stop lóvíng you.....

~your smiling queen :)
I will keep loving him forever.
Anastasia Jul 25
Talking next to you for hours
Turning cigarettes into flowers
Listening to the cricket's song
Can't sleep, awake all night long
Thinking of your, your voice, your heart
Being away from you tore me apart
Dancing by the lake
Moon's reflections shattered
Darling, I will wait,
You are all that matters
Found a plastic bag,
filled it up with violets
Listen to the sound
Of forgetting the violence
And store lights
Wandering with you
Darling how
I wish I knew
What I mean to you
I guess I'm just not good enough
Anastasia Jul 16
Call me home
Don't leave me alone
I want to be were your heart is
Call me home

Run around with me
Wake up the fireflies
My doubt slowly dies
Call me home

Lift me up
Inside your arms
Dance with me
In the rain

In my eyes
You tell me
I'm alright
Tell me not to cry
I'll be
You'll love me
Every day

Look at that smile
The smell of your skin
Love me any day
I'll let you in

Crushing violets
You're where my heart is
You're my home
Unfinished ❤ Ideas are welcomed ❤ Recommendations in the comments are lovely
cat Jun 18
my mother saved a dead bird
and dressed it in violets
she emptied a box
once filled with letters
her brother sent from his cell
to carry the bird down
from my bedroom
where the cat had placed it
a gift to his mother
leaving the feathers
while the bird rots in our yard
Anastasia Jun 10
behind her bangs
she saw
in the field where she sat
was dusted
with violets and bright, ruby poppies
the sky was painted with gold and violet
hues of blue and pink.
behind the darkness of her eyes
she thought.
she opened them,
and saw that
ink had bled into the sky
deep purples
blacks and blues.
inspired from a short story i'm writing <3
Anastasia Jun 7
Dew drops
Whispering to starlight
Never told
A  small girl
With hair like fire
By a lake
With water like the night sky
Emerald frogs
Ruby roses
Crystal violets
And a pearl moon
All of this
Could be hers
But she just wants
To make friends with the fireflies
Enjoy <3
renée May 27
I’d love you violently if I had you
I’d watch your violets turn to dust and seem like new
(Until I had you)
The ones you left behind with your ever-seizing dialogue
This is a mere apocalyptic log in which
I tear apart those moments before turning crazy
I went crazy for
your dead violets
and like petals—strewn, your
violent mind.
Mark Parker Apr 26
Poet’s pens write to take flight
Like paintings of the open blue sky
And the moon lightly lit at midnight
Growing as trees from Japanese Bonsai

Visions of green briery vines,
Red roses and blue violets,
Written in measured and timed lines
that glide by, like descending pilots

Readers see the shadow on the wall
Writers see the vision from down the hall
Middle of the night. Woke up, can’t sleep. Nonsense.
Kaitlynn Apr 12
Roses are red, Violets are blue,
They say it's addicting;
Now I know it's true.
But the roses are wilting;
The flowers are dead.
My hands are shaking;
And my hips are lined red.
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