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Shabnam Nov 2020
Once we abolish our limiting beliefs, opinions, judgements, assumptions ..
& start connecting to our heart
We truly realize how blessed we are!
Lil Moon Moon Oct 2020
Dearest Mother
I’ve seen your tears
Basked in your smiles and bursts of ire
I’ve seen your hard work
Your hands are calloused,  worn, and brown
But they’re a gentle caress
As they smoothen my frown

Sweetest Mother
You’re all I’ve known
You raised me and loved me
Care is all you’ve ever shown
The taste of your cooking is the call of home
A flavor sweeter than a honeycomb

Joyous Mother,
I will always be grateful
Truly and forever
For all you’ve done

Remember I love you
So smile, laugh, and cry
It'll all be alright
Cause I’ll be here
Right by your side.
Con May 2020
The sound of splashing water
as it reunites with the shore,
The scent of freshly-bloomed garden
as the wind revs them,
The taste of sweet, juicy tangerines,
crisp as plucked from its tree
The glimpse of human eyes
as intimate interaction sparks
Oh, to feel these all —
It’s a good day.
Kenedie May 2020
Why long for a hike in the mountains,

when you could play Adventurer in your backyard?

Why dream of a Fennec fox,

when you could pretend your cat is a mighty lion?

Why wish you had more friends,

instead of being grateful for the friends you have.

Why always want instead of seeing whats right in front of you,

for one day **** it may all be gone.
Be grateful for what you have
Tizzop Feb 2020
i am grateful to you readers because
without you nobody would
read my words.

i am grateful to you poets because
without you nobody would...

inspire me.


Today is a good day.
Lost Dec 2019
Hope they tell me
Will turn it around
Routine they tell me
Will make it right
Resilience they tell me
Is what I’ll learn from this
Clean they tell me
Will clear my cluttered head
Gratitude they tell me
Will put things in perspective

Hope they tell me
Is something I can learn
To undo the helplessness
That I wear branded and burned
My skin is a story
Read my scars
Each line will tell
That things have been hard

But hope they tell me
Will be a light
At the end of a tunnel
On these snowy nights

I haven’t felt it yet
But I have heard
That hope can lift away
That it can purge
Some of the darkness
Deep and dark
Instead of letting it
Make more marks
On my body
On my skin
I’ll bundle up layers
Of hope instead
Happy to be back after this site was down for me for a long time :) I am so grateful for this space, and not having it was genuinely upsetting.
Andrew Rueter Nov 2019
A butterfly hangs from a tree
inside its formative cocoon
a cold front blankets the ecosystem
bringing predatory desperation.
A spider escaping certain death
crawls in the cocoon to survive.

Silk womb Christ-like chrysalis
the spider is an honorary pupa
finding safety with another species.
The time of snow angels passes
frozen doors thaw revealing freedom.

The butterfly an involuntary good Samaritan
nightmares of treachery tinge its antenna
fears of graceful charity being repaid by the ungrateful imperial
shake the inside of the inside of the inside.
Moment of truth, of reckoning
will the arachnid drifter show gratitude
or will nature conquer itself?
In order for flight to emerge
we hopefully rely on the benign gratefulness of the venomous.
C Cavierre Aug 2019
comes-in sudden, careless,
and insensitive,
without regard to anybody,
least of all me;
wreckage is all that’s
left behind
and guess who’s
stuck to clean the mess up?

Mindless, forceful,
incorrigible change,
you have no self-awareness.
You also have the worst
The best timing?
Really dumb?
Or genius?

Amongst the chaos
and confusion
of your wake,
I learn your one
redeeming quality:
serendipity, meaning,
and surprise.
Well, more than one.
And they’re not exactly

Still, with you around,
a terrible time can turn joyous;
a seemingly unnecessary suffering
contributes to a bigger,
more beautiful story;
and a commoner
like me
has something to look forward to
in the future.
(Only sometimes.)

Therefore, even though
I beg you refrain from visiting often,
perhaps I may be able to,
at the very least, hate you less.
(No promises.)
Sillo Anderson Mar 2019
Blessings upon my life
To happiness and success,
Toast to the rough times that went by
For !
Feelings cannot collide in such a magnificent mind
Where gratitude is a muss.
Potentials and Possessions
Make hasty the patience from us
Assuring eminence of obscurity from hurt
Leaving only,
Blessings upon my life.
Lost Jan 2019
You have always been there
Right at my side
My only constant
My only rock
Was that you were there
You never stopped

You hurt me
But you’re familiar
I come back to you

You bind my chest
You ignite the air
In my heaving lungs
Each evening I fall to rest
Sleep saps my being sweetly
And I meet you in my dreams

You hurt me
But I love you
You teach me
And I seek you

Without you
I am not a poet
Without you I cannot learn
My pain is suffocating
But it is worth the hurt
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