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My mom calls it
the way that I pull people towards me.

I’m beginning to think that perhaps
she is correct.

I apologize for tempting you to love me.
She offers up stolen kisses,
Of pilfered lust from other men,
Of lips of empty promises,
To bare her nothingness again.

She clothes herself in nakedness,
Her basic need is to entice,
Her body is her sacredness,
Inviting men to paradise.

She has beauty misunderstood,
Her **** inside permeates.
Skin deep she’s mistaken for good,
By fools that she humiliates.

She’ll gift a night of fantasy,
And all she’ll ask is for your soul,
She knows you’ll give in willingly
She’s mastered lack of self-control.
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You’re Not The One I Dreamt Of

You’re not the one I dreamt of,
The secretly sinister
Mysterious character
Who was laughing at my love.

You’re not the one I dreamt of,
Your face was so different,
Pretentious while diffident,
Toying with falling in love.

You’re not the one I dreamt of,
Inviting my hidden needs
Promising the basest deeds
Manipulating my love.

You’re not the one I dreamt of,
With the lips of a temptress
And eyes of a seductress
Who live in dreams not in love.
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Gangothrii Jul 2018
She frustrates as much as she entices me,
Draws me in but pulls me out.
Her lips deny and oh do they lie,
Those eyes sparkle in mischief and tease!
How I wish to take her in my arms,
Fit those curves in my palms.
Is it yes or no, can I coerce as I please,
Like silk, her thoughts, draped my mind.
Her smell, her hair, her sweet little smile,
I yearn to taste it right out of her lips.
Her warmth that stole down to delicious depths,
Tempts my fingers to follow that trail.
Crave I do to take her just one time,
Will she succumb or still deny.
Britney Lyn Jan 2018
No one sees the real thing.
Demons dance for her and sing.
Ashes of flesh coat her skin.
Bones of darkness lie within.
The game she plays, a trick of mind.
The beauty she is will make you blind.
Once you allow this temptress near.
Your heart will be only that of fear.
Her lust to **** is all she seeks.
Her words will end you as she speaks.
The Greek Goddess of Evil and Misfortune.
The personification of Infatuation - "the rash foolishness of blind impulse, usually caused by guilt and leading to retribution.
She was the daughter of Eris and Zeus and a temptress who lead humans toward evil.
Nicole Eden Jan 2018
i stare into the temptress waters of your soul
i search for you upon the shadows
water droplets linger on my fingertips
the waves move as if they were in an argument with the moon
i stare the moon in it's eyes
searching for your soul
instead i find it in a treasure box under the sea
the box is locked and i do not have the key
Britney Lyn Jan 2018
You never cared, you didn't dare.
I was a storm with a temper,
You, an ocean with barely a wave.
When I came in on a roar of thunder,
Your gentle surface unable to save,
You crashed and darkened, the ships all sank,
I caused you all this destruction,
But you caused me a great ache.
You truly cared, and here I dare,
To love something so peaceful when I was untamed.
That I broke the heart of an innocent girl,
Because she ruined a boy with a perfect frame.
I wrote this poem through the eyes of a girl who has framed a boy into being the bad guy when in all reality she was the one who ruined him.

I feel that this happens a lot in today's society. The boy is always blamed, the girl does nothing wrong. But that is not always the case.
In this poem a women comes into this mans life and they fall in love. She is faced with the doubt that he does not really love her, that he doesn't care for her, but he does. She does not see this until it's too late and she blames him for the death of their love. She broke her own heart by enforcing doubt and gave the man a bad reputation.

He was perfect, she could picture their future so well she could "frame" it and hang it on the wall, and she "framed" him but painting him to be someone was not.
Sophia Gaffney Apr 2017
I once met a girl,
She waltzed past me in the woods.
Mesmerized by her moves, I followed her path.
She sung a melody that enticed me
Her eyes spoke her mind and I didn’t mind
The rope it wove around me as I walked behind.
Passing trees as free as she,
I neglected to see the edge she so elegantly danced off
And when my sight came to I realized
I was falling.
My darling, I was
                                    For you.
Henk Holveck Oct 2016
Greed, gluttony, indulgence, selfishness.
These are all characteristics I've viewed
From a man who chose such a proclaimed selfless profession.
Amusing how the less fortunate prey on the wallets thicker than theirs.

There is a significant difference between intentional wronging
And misguided, assumptions that only souls that are led astray make
The purpose of this text is a public service announcement,
some may call it art; only the creator truly knows it's meaning.
Mom's in the wild will protect their progeny to the death, I'll leave it at that.

It began in spoken word. Your fear carried on to strings of letters that could only flow through a brain sunken in liquid toxicity.
Don't believe everything you hear, don't dismiss it either.
Play your pawn carefully sir, as your next movement
Very well could be checkmate.

I care about society until someone I know crosses me,
I have honored you by not interrupting your rendezvous. Taking advantage of people is your game.
You prey on those who are too naive to type six letters following a name into a search box.

Fortunately, your cadaverous will forever rot.
While the tempter, sits in delight holding onto a smile so menacing. You have only seen it portrayed by Mr. Nicholsan.
Regard of the Crest of the house would have prevented your sad demise.

As there are no do-overs when you work with Satan, at least you fell for his entrapment, and no one will be wounded by your passive lies again.

we wish you eternal damnation,
the m.H.d.
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