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Apon one stormy cold night,
the stars came out to stay,
as the moon lit up the sky and the sailors sailed away.
A storm began to brew, amongst the ocean waves,
but somehow it grew bigger and the death of one gave away.
It got cold and darker, as the night started to sway,
but a voice was heard from afar so gentle, calm and sweet.
Her voice was like magic, in the times of despair, please will you come and save me for as i'll die under there.
The voices came closer, and i seen her golden hair, shining like molasses through a stormy autumn night.
My boat seemed to swish and swash as i fell through a crack,
landing under the water freezing to my death..
a warm light came gleaming through a tunnel close by, she grabbed my arms and brought me back to the shore, i woke up the next morning and couldn't remember what' was spoken for.
Laying underneath the sun, dried up on the sand, who was that young lass, and where did i see her last?
Mouths are wide,
Hearts are heavy,
People become synchronized.
Spell it out loud and fear the scream, as you tie knots in your hair and the knots spread throughout your nerves while pinching a vein.
You want to let it out, and run wild and free but you continue dreaming until you snap back into the faceless, crappiest reality of your life, wondering what your supposed to do when all of it's in front of you.

Kiss a empty liquor bottle, light a cigarette, *** the next man on the corner of a street or maybe your piercing your finger to a button that will continue to play feeding your gambling addiction as the rhythmic vibrations game throughout the day.

Starvation on the streets, looking for change to feed the drug addict and we say their bums but then we look for the next common day to acknowledge a mental health disorder as we make fun of them fools running wild with fear and hoping today is their last day unless tomorrow brings back gray skies in hopes to find blue diamonds, yet unable to ever shine.
All kinds of addictions that will kindle your brindle.
Sing the song we sing,
Live the love we love,
turn your heart away,
to climb the highest mountain.
Find your soul and hope to God its not gonna rain,
live a time, where memories collapse you.
But time will tell the moments we make, it's going to be okay...
but here's the thing, We talk to ourselves in a mannered tone, but underneath the spell of a clicked phone, we know, we hear it, your words spit out your mouth like it's a fever, sing the song, you know it's in your heart, live the love you love to be.
Death is a premature kiss that stains your lips under a cold hearted spell that casts amongst the brew of a witches bell.
We sing along to every song, and one that continues to play over and over again is the song of death.
Last night we had a kiss,
and i hope it wasn't our final bliss.
Your lips are comforting, like a blanket wraps around a newborn.
Synched eyes melt from underneath your heartfelt ocean bay.
Hearts erupt like a volcano and you seem through my heart tubes as they tie knots together continuing to pump 100 beats per minute.
Pounding headaches and i can't do this, i'm ******* choking on my own heart right now
Oil and vinegar,
Sugar and spice,
Lust is ****** up,
and love is nice.
Lust can fool you,
to thinking you love,
or she/he loves you,
But be careful of the wolf
that will attack you.
Oil and vinegar,
Sugar and spice,
love is ****** up,
but also nice.
Keep that in mind, when you sing this song.
That love is not the game yet for the lust we play.
How it tricks us into being the fool of a lusters game.
The game of love, comes far and wide, but beware of what will **** you on the inside. Lust is the mantle of the party, keep your heart open and eyes open, for what may **** you is the beast within the cupid tail.
  Sep 2021 Rosemary Porretta
i've finally learned how to tighten my throat

and still let the air go
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