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You may be older by little,
You may not have all the greatest of looks,
Your teeth are as rotten as coal.
You may be skinny as bones....

But to me, i see....

A man with a loving smile,
A man who has deep ocean blue eyes that glow up a room every time you cry,
A man with a heart and soul,
Tender lover.

An imperfect man can seem so strange,
until you see the other side of his world,
where a man so *******, or beast like....
becomes a man you see through your eyes...
that you truly,


I love a beast
Skins touch with a shocking wave of electromagnetic beats,
the tempo of our hearts sync in melodies.
When you kiss me with your tender lips, my mind becomes...
Earthly fields summon my spirit when you come unto me with your sweet lavishing ways.
You lay there...on my bed, with's just us 2 alone with the TV on and when i turn to look at you, your eyes are more of a sharp blue than the daylight brings.
I laid there with my eyes closed and felt the gentle grasp of your hand massage my ****, when i slowly opened my eyes around the room...i see you, staring at me with those Electromagnetic eyes and once again we fall into a trance for loves best symphonies.
Whenever you're with me,
The room,
My soul,
Our bodies...become...
Romance between 2 people
Cherry juice and sweet surprises,
how wonderful it is that you light up my eyes.
Cold and refreshing, sip of juice, like the sugary kisses that bright up the room.
Lick my lips, smother me in your lavishing desires, as for one day we will have forever eternal love.
I love to love you.
First glances are strong and ripe,
First touch is like a midnight musk against my skin,
Right leg goes over and i'm sitting on my black beauty Virago,
She's a warrior, fierce as fire and brings light into my darkness.
Everyone tells me "you're" dangerous but can't they see i enjoy the thrill of the rush between my legs as the rumble dream continues further unto highway 10.
Fresh crisp air, blue sunny sky, these are moments i'll remember when i'm older, true and genuine.
I love my motorcycle and always will,
no one can ever change the rumble dreams i have for my ride.
A lady and her motorcycle. I want to travel the world with you
Summer gets darker,
Sun begins to fade,
Our lives get more wise, through the dances of autumns haze.
Leaves fall off and a charmed aroma of sweet cider symphonies come down the trees unto hearts that bleed.
Enjoy the rich colors autumn brings, deep burgundy red, grape purple, golden bronze and chocolate sweetness floats into the air of a summoned season that we call Fall.
Delicious treats on our tongue touched pallets,
soft, warm, chewy cinnamon buns, red stains covering our lips from that glass bitten candy apple we bought at the fair. Smells of apple cider and maple syrup and our lovers kiss that is smooth like a pumpkin spice dream when my chap stick smothers your face in such delightful ways.
I love the fall, it is my favorite season. What is yours?
The next Morning after a stormy night,
I wake up to peeling fresh ginger and lime,
How beautiful it is to see this new day.
As i sit on my bed with window open and the blue sky shining bright while this summers sun is beaming naturally against the green leafy trees, i gently sip onto this fruit filled spiced water of purity.
The breeze of the summer floats through the window and i feel it brush against my delicate skin.
Longing to taste and smell Summer's last few pieces of nature's breath air.
Cool and windy, i can see that Summer in slowly coming to an end.
A nostalgic poem about Summer and how we're in August, now we are slowly coming to the end of summer.
I'm different because i like colors other than white.
I'm different because i like the weirdest things from joyous, laughter and bright.
I'm different because i love you.
You're different because you love me
We're different because we're not like the rest.
I"m different for seeing your weird point of views that no one else can see.
I am just different for being who i am without caring for judgement.
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