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Crying and comfort, hugging and gifting,
thoughtful with time, and being uplifting.
Embracing each chance to do what I could,
and doing it because good feels good.

Giving advice after I’ve lent an ear,
and choosing to serve who most needs me there.
Save each damsel in distress if I could,
and doing it because good feels good.

Being a friend in stubborn defiance—
I’m the one in whom they place reliance!
Some may not think I should act as I should,
but I only do good that feels good.

People don’t seem to get the irony.
Such goodness erodes some humility.
There is no deed, good or bad, that you would
do if doing it did not make you feel good.
(C) 2019 Daniel H. Shulman
Osiria Melody Aug 15
Attending to favors is like
answering phone calls
Don't respond and people
will wonder if you're worth
their time at all

Attending to favors is like
writing a speech
Don't plan it out in advance
and your work will be

Attending to favors is like
taking a walk
Don't decline to help others
and you'll end up wondering
when you'll ever stop

However, you've got the right
to stand up for yourself

Being selfless isn't selfish if you
can't help everyone

Taking care of yourself is just
as important too,
So please don't burn yourself
out and remember that you've
got the right to do you

Doing favors for others is fine, but it's all right to decline sometimes.
Eloisa Jul 28
I can either spend my life fighting every single thing that doesn’t go my way, or calm down and believe that life’s challenges can be overcome and happiness can be attained.
My enormous odds, struggles, and difficulties are opportunities for me to gain wisdom and grow tolerance and resilience.
even mishaps,
they’re going to work to my advantage.
I believe that I’m already on the path to freedom from pain and confusion.
I believe that people can replace hatred with love, anger with patience and acceptance, spite with generosity and compassion, and jealousy with kindness.
I must walk the path to save myself.
Caroline Jul 24
How many long years did I spend with you,
Lakota Oyate?
Though Wasicu skinned, wearing the paleness of imperial greed,
The reverberant beating of ceremonial drums
Caused my heart to bleed
Rivers of blood,
Tears that I shed,
Soaking the sagebrush and sorrow-laden plains
Inside the hollows of my bones.

Tiyospaye, you are always.

Pilamaya, always and forever.

Mitakuye Oyasin.

Lakota Oyate, you raised me,
A rootless, tender-hearted girl,
Kicking up the dust on some
Empty reservation road.

Lost, but found
In your kindness.

Tiwahe, when I had none.

I filled my plate at your tables, Wojapi and thickened breads,
The laughter of the wild-hearted children
Ringing through the stars like the songs of rainbow-chested prairie birds.

Little takojas, how you grasped my hands and claimed me.
How clearly I can hear them calling, “auntie, auntie, come play!”

And so, the people of the river, below the plains of Standing Rock,
I love you, thechihila,

My little children will forever walk in kindness and humility
Because of the values you raised in them;
Because you drew them in as if they were your own blood,
Because you sewed vibrant ribbons on their shirts
As if they belonged in their humanness,
In their innocence,
To your great nation.

Lakota Oyate, I can never repay you for the way your heartbeat

Saved me.

Prayed for me.

Pilamaya Wopila,
Always and forever.
Fifteen years on a reservation in South Dakota. I will never forget. The people raised and healed me in so many ways. In so many ways, it is home.

Wasicu - White Man
Oyate - Nation
Tiyospaye - Family/Clan
Pilamaya - Thank you
Tiwahe - Family
Wojapi - Berry soup
Takoja - Grandchild
Thechihila - I love you.
C Cavierre Jun 10
The man by the flowers
is giving with his tender care

The woman by the shelves
is giving with her dusty hands,

Him, by the trash bin,
gives with his inconspicuous hard work

Her, by the street, gives with the brightest smiles

Them, by the office, gives with their protective minds,

And father gives with his visionary love.

Mother gives with her fine-honed instinct

Sister gives with her passionate dreams,

Brother gives with his inspiring character

Nephew gives with his contagious laughter.

You and I, by our flowers, by our shelves, by our trash bin, by our street, by our office, with our care, with our hands, with our work, with our smile, with our minds, or our vision, or our instinct, or our love, or our dreams, or our character, or our laughter,

We give.
Forms Of Generosity
Sara Brummer Jan 29
Imagine a spherical shield,
all sensual swirls of body art
and gleaming currents of
silent comings and goings.

Her path is radiant
with skeins of silver slime.
She’s discreetly **** inside her shell,
snuggling in mystical moisture.

A willing captive,
She’s self-sufficient,
timid yet eager to explore,
free to withdraw at any given moment.

Admire the courage of her smallness,
the generosity of her gifts to the beauty
of our skin, our gastronomic delight.
She does not fear mortality’s ultimate crush.
She lives and dies in the joy of giving
her soft, sweet syrup back to the earth.
Oh I often wonder,
I always want to prove
That there is something behind your kindness
There's something behind that move.

Is it because you are sincere- profound from the heart?
Or is it because you, yourself is a major key braggart.

Is it because you want to prove something, the simplest thing ; that you can't say no

Or you're  just in need of a good name
If it's not genuine it's not an inch of fame

Kindness varies in many different forms
Yes there's quite much

They're only kind to give you their eyes,
Their peering grudge to touch

Music, dance, poetry,
Writing freelance,
Are the only thing some people give, their hands are tightly closed,
Words and movements are the only thing that grows..

They'll give you their sense of humor,
To you they'll gain your trust
But if you choose to ask for something tangible,
They'll cry,  Ooh how that's too much!

One of the major trick is to give when you have too much,
You don't want to waste your treasures, you'd  rather give it away than keep facing all the dust;

Many give only to exchange ;
Oh I'll give you that sneakers in exchange for that beautiful dress

You can't say that I'm not giving
Only if you knew kindness was just my guest!

Peek  a boo

Don't be surprised
Yes I've noticed those unidentified marks

Yes you say, you are kind
Which are you?

Say something I won't ignore your remarks.
Echoes of talent in the hands of a poetess
Jessop Nov 2018
All I ask is the moon on a stick,
It is my one desire.
To have it’s yellow glow in my hands.
To admire it for it’s imperfections.

No one seems to be able to give me the moon,
Is it really that much to ask?
It’s just one little circle in the sky,
I only want it for a little while.
And would anyone really miss it?

All I ask for is the moon on a stick,
So I can give it to you.
A little poem based on a conversation I had with a friend
sunprincess Oct 2018
You go ahead, I'll be counting raindrops
And planting seeds for each one that falls
And in my garden vegetables will grow
Organically of course, without pesticides
Then I'll feed all those around the world
Everyone, they'll remember my generosity
They'll be happy and grateful you'll see
Morgan Spiers Sep 2018
your gratuity
is not sincere
if it is balanced as a pendulum.
the anticipation of return
the authenticity
of generosity.

it is acceptance that brings humility-
acceptance that a gift
is not equal
to inherent necessity for reward.
you cannot define "gracious"
while using the words

allow every inch of your heart
to be a gift.
to be opened
and valued
for it is not in balance
that we show love-
but in the counterbalanced abnormality
of sharing.
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