In life, is there a certain amount of gratitude that we must have?
A certain amount of appreciation?
Should we only receive when we're ready to be grateful?

I find this challenging...
Being able to accept a gift of something kind, but feeling as if your reaction or emotions aren't substantial enough to support what you have received.
Josh Jun 6
Being happy isn't having enough money to go out tonight
it isn't slurring your words
or being surrounded by birds
in a bar or on a hillside.
Being happy isn't having your political party in power
or having sex in the shower
or drinking your favourite tea
or getting down on one knee and hearing a shriek of joy.
it's understanding the word "no"
and carrying your grandma's wishes with you wherever you go.
Being happy isn't a fluffy, roasted sweet potato
or a sesame bagel with smashed avocado
it's stooping down low
and saying hello to what grows
at the bottom of the social food chain
and talking and taking away a bit of someone else's pain
it's swapping smiles with a new stranger every day
walking miles through danger not to have your say
but to hear someone else's.
Being happy is always giving a couple of quid to the homeless,
whether you have it or not.
it's keeping smiling when there's a twist in your plot
Being happy, it's, it's cleaning your flatmate's dishes as well as your own
it's having a clear state of mind - where you feel at home.
Some thoughts on happiness
I'm sick and tired
Of experiencing
This chaotic state of mind,
Yet I'm aware
That it's oftentimes necessary
To feel the Power of Love
In order
To let go of Hate,
Unfortunately for lovers,
With Real Love,
There are no guarantees.
The tramp sleeps on the bench,
people walk by,
they need their necessities ;
even though they cannot afford to chose morality .
All they want is their supernova.
Empathy is just too taxing
for their fettered brains.
I tore apart
All the moralisms
And threw them into the flames
Of indifference.
The burden on my back
Was gettin' heavy
I opened up my knapsack
And practiced generosity
she spreads goodness
in a way that
not everyone could
see her for
what she truly is.

but she is hidden
behind the darkness
of the night sky
and the clock's
busy, ticking hands.

taken for granted
during both the
breaking dawn and
dusk of day.

yet she still does not mind.
"...I am that 11:11."
Sparks Fly Feb 2
Every ounce of
in this world
into one

none of it adds up
to your heart's
as warm as the sun.
Sometimes when I see people on the street
I wonder why they act so mean
I understand that life is tough
But do you have to be so gruff?
Is it hard to flash a smile
On your face every once in a while?
People live as if they're immortal
But one day they'll shuffle off this mortal coil

And when that day and time does come
Will they regret what they have done?
Maybe I could've been more kind
Or perhaps I could've taken more time
To do the things I love to do
Like people often told me to
And spend more time with family and friends
So when our time comes to an end
I can take comfort in the thought
That my focus wasn't on what I bought
My attention stayed on what's important
Not the house I bought or place I rent

It's not flashy clothes or brand new cars
Or hanging out at trendy bars
And here is something that might be news
There's more to life than 'likes' and 'views'
Your social life is no life at all
Try life in person or at least a call
All this connecting is connecting us less
As a society we regress

There's no need to be crude or rude
And give off a bad attitude
Because like a fireball in the sky
Life burns quick and then we die
Don't waste time living in a funk
Forget sailing, that ship has sunk
It's easier to love than to hate
There's no discussion, no debate

So next time you go to raise your voice
Remember that you have a choice
Forget others, it's up to you
What it is you say and do
When rage and anger cloud your mind
Don't act swiftly, take some time
Collect your head and cool your thoughts
No one's perfect but pick your spots

And if instead of darkness you bring light
A situation is thwarted, there is no fight
One little thing; A tiny task
This simple action’s what I ask
It's up to you to do your part
I'll give you a small place to start
This world can be a better place
With a smile on your face
Written: February 15, 2015

All rights reserved.
It isn't me Dec 2017
It is not fame I seek. Not even slight recognition. But if in my life I can help just one person, I will be satisfied. I don't need to change the world.  But I can change somebody's world. That's all that matters. Think of the greatness we could achieve if every single person carried this same mentality. If humanity was motivated by such altruism, we would unlock unlimited potential and a new kind of peace.
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