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Hello everyone,
I try to make a poem,
Out of something short and sweet.
But I want to thank all of you for
your kindness and generosity.

Everyone here, has emotions that
vary from big and small...
but all the same goes,
we are unique
and that's what brings
us together as a
wholesome community.

Our lives walk on different paths,
and each time the days go past,
we come on here to share our feels,
to help us spread emotions that cannot be felt.
So ever so kind, thoughtful and emotionally heard...
as I Thank You all
to take your time
to read ones poem,
show's the true hearts
of another poet...or simply
you are here to read...
so I thank you for your
greetings and salutations
as we continue to speak.
Thank you everyone.
Jay Apr 13
Gentle smiles
Friendly waves
Hands in hands
And warm embrace

That's what love is made from.
Steve Page Mar 2020
We see the strong supportive woman you have always been,
- Now it's our turn.
The unselfish way you have liberally spread your time on us, right to the edges,
-Now it's our turn.
The generous helpings of patience that seemed to come so naturally, with seconds for those who want it,
-Now it's our turn.
You're guiding words seasoned with kindness, so full of flavour,
-Now it's our turn.
The unconditional love you have always poured out on us, full and overflowing,
-Now it's our turn...

Please can you write down the recipe?
Phone your mum - she worries about you.  This is a version of an older poem.  With thanks to my sister Jenny.
Michael Stefan Feb 2020
Generosity is not in giving what you have aplenty
But in sharing what you lack
Altruism is in balancing the scales of suffering
Even if you have only half a sandwich
Then two people
Are only half hungry
Crying and comfort, hugging and gifting,
thoughtful with time, and being uplifting.
Embracing each chance to do what I could,
and doing it because good feels good.

Giving advice after I’ve lent an ear,
and choosing to serve who most needs me there.
Save each damsel in distress if I could,
and doing it because good feels good.

Being a friend in stubborn defiance—
I’m the one in whom they place reliance!
Some may not think I should act as I should,
but I only do good that feels good.

People don’t seem to get the irony.
Such goodness erodes some humility.
There is no deed, good or bad, that you would
do if doing it did not make you feel good.
(C) 2019 Daniel H. Shulman
Eloisa Jul 2019
I can either spend my life fighting every single thing that doesn’t go my way, or calm down and believe that life’s challenges can be overcome and happiness can be attained.
My enormous odds, struggles, and difficulties are opportunities for me to gain wisdom and grow tolerance and resilience.
even mishaps,
they’re going to work to my advantage.
I believe that I’m already on the path to freedom from pain and confusion.
I believe that people can replace hatred with love, anger with patience and acceptance, spite with generosity and compassion, and jealousy with kindness.
I must walk the path to save myself.
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