Sparks Fly Feb 2
Every ounce of
in this world
into one

none of it adds up
to your heart's
as warm as the sun.
Mike D Jan 26
Sometimes when I see people on the street
I wonder why they act so mean
I understand that life is tough
But do you have to be so gruff?
Is it hard to flash a smile
On your face every once in a while?
People live as if they're immortal
But one day they'll shuffle off this mortal coil

And when that day and time does come
Will they regret what they have done?
Maybe I could've been more kind
Or perhaps I could've taken more time
To do the things I love to do
Like people often told me to
And spend more time with family and friends
So when our time comes to an end
I can take comfort in the thought
That my focus wasn't on what I bought
My attention stayed on what's important
Not the house I bought or place I rent

It's not flashy clothes or brand new cars
Or hanging out at trendy bars
And here is something that might be news
There's more to life than 'likes' and 'views'
Your social life is no life at all
Try life in person or at least a call
All this connecting is connecting us less
As a society we regress

There's no need to be crude or rude
And give off a bad attitude
Because like a fireball in the sky
Life burns quick and then we die
Don't waste time living in a funk
Forget sailing, that ship has sunk
It's easier to love than to hate
There's no discussion, no debate

So next time you go to raise your voice
Remember that you have a choice
Forget others, it's up to you
What it is you say and do
When rage and anger cloud your mind
Don't act swiftly, take some time
Collect your head and cool your thoughts
No one's perfect but pick your spots

And if instead of darkness you bring light
A situation is thwarted, there is no fight
One little thing; A tiny task
This simple action’s what I ask
It's up to you to do your part
I'll give you a small place to start
This world can be a better place
With a smile on your face
Written: February 15, 2015

All rights reserved.
Alaina Dec 2017
It is not fame I seek. Not even slight recognition. But if in my life I can help just one person, I will be satisfied. I don't need to change the world.  But I can change somebody's world. That's all that matters. Think of the greatness we could achieve if every single person carried this same mentality. If humanity was motivated by such altruism, we would unlock unlimited potential and a new kind of peace.
Skia A Dec 2017
I gave a part of me,
To everybody who needed it.
Now I am just a grave they keep digging deeper.*
Ann Heart Nov 2017
I hugged the fire
My skin burns off its bones
The pain underneath
It is almost unbearable
I scramble to keep the fire alive
I am still burning
I ignore the pain
My self-destruction
As I give my heart to those who ask for it
The flames dance
I struggle to keep the spark we once had
You know the one that started this
The fire starts to die
I sink to the earth
I blow the air from within my lungs
With the charcoaled remains of this heart
I tell myself I will keep its luminous glow alive
I scream for the fire to take all of me
It begs for more

For the people who have been used over and over.
Kerli Tulva Jul 2017
Under thousand looming stars
Stamped in the night black sky
Where all the opputunities fly.

On the cold dew-covered ground
Standing under the star dust blanket
I realise my own insignificance.

Here, where kings and queens govern
Everything seems too substantial
Even your own image is so ambigous.

Complexity of life is beautiful as nature
The soul and heart of humans, fair
Or demonish and guileful, evil and sly

What guides your soul must be just
Like the universe in its brilliant grandeur
Simple love as the first step to generosity.
Ooolywoo Jun 2017
Ask me who is the most generous man I know and I shall speak his name
Ask me who is the most humble man I know and him I shall acclaim
Ask me who is the most altruistic man I know and his face shall be on the frame
Ask me who is the most kindhearted man I know and you will hear his name again
In my life, I've never met anyone like him again

A man devoted to his family and his community
Always preaching the word of God and leading us to felicity
Always ready to sacrifice his needs for the sake of love and unity
He taught us family, love, fraternity, forgiveness, religion, compassion, tolerance, peace and generosity

I am who I am today thanks to his teachings
He was a leader, a guide, our role model
There is no one like him

He was a father, a brother, a friend, a companion, a grandfather
16 years since he is gone but his words still resonate like thunder
You are no longer here but your teachings linger
A man who was not afraid to cry when needs be but also not afraid to yell and impose order

Always playful with kids and receptive and caring with adults
I feel privileged and lucky to have known him and call him grandpa
For in my life he has played a huge and special part
The memories I will treasure and keep them in my heart

Although he is gone, we will always be together
And his spirit will live on in each one of us forever
From where he is, he is protecting us and guiding us on our way
He is praying for us everyday

He used to pray God "Let it be I who fall sick instead of one of my family member. Let it be I who die instead of someone in my family."
What kind of man wishes for that, you ask.
Someone special I will say, a man of love
And I would like to thank God above
For blessing us with this man, with his kindness and love

I truly believe that God has gifted him with something special
He taught us not to let this world be in our heart for it is not eternal
I know he is in a better place
Watching us all with a smile on his face
I hope we are making you proud from where you are
We are still crying an ocean of tears
As we feel so empty and hold many fears

If I could just turn back the time to those days you used to laugh with us and made us feel so special and loved
Those days you pretended to be in pain when we stepped on your feet while we were playing
Those days when they were only you and us in the room with your half covered grey and curled hair
Those days we used to watch tv together and whenever there was an intimate scene you screamed your favorite word "Touc" and scared us (not that I know what it means)

Time will heal so they say
And time fades away
While a part of us is taken away
I know we will meet again one day
But until that day
Know that you are truly missed
Mame Alassane Lahi whom we affectionately called Mame Rane
Steve Page May 2017
And when you give
Give like the widow would
Quietly and thoughtfully
Wholeheartedly and consciously
Like you know the value of costly
The value of giving til you laughingly
Really hurt in your fund for a holiday.

And when you give
Keep your other hand wondering
If it's sufficiently
Not knowing if it was slight of handedly
Or open handedly
So you're tempted into giving more
Than you intended previously.

And when you give
Give hilariously
Be gutsy til angels agree
On the degree
To which you plunge
The depths of your karki jeans

And if in doubt
Just focus on the tree
And the costly sacrifice
He willingly made
For you and me.

Give like the widow would -
Like it's just between you and God
And then you'll be free.
So many ways to give.  And it does the heart good.
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