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The sound of an oceans breeze upon the shore,
the subline of every hearts broken sore.
Tears drip down my eyes,
and I see the way you move your lies.

the lick of sweet sweat slips down every curve of your collar bone,
tasting every inch and it fills my mouth,
with a salty embrace.
-Ocean Tears-
Not al poems are about me, but these are short forms of my little stories.
Thank you.
-Ocean Tears-
Karijinbba Aug 2020
The tiniest it is the more
views globally it begets.
The longest, the less views
and fewer comments
Thank goodness
this is about tini poems
not lovers inch plight.
By; Karijinbba
if less is more I get views.
eva crown Mar 2019
what's special about an inch? it's a made up length
no one says "centimeter-ing"
it's "inch-ing"
centimeter is rigid, 1/100 of 1 meter
"why can't the U.S. adopt the metric system"
"it's terribly inefficient to keep using the inch"
but i guess we maintain our stupidly stubborn pride
by insisting on using an inch
a made-up length arbitrarily determined centuries back
by some too-privileged royal who happened to have
a pinky joint - or toe - the length of an i n c h
as an american, however,
i can't help but appreciate the meaning behind
as in
we're inching our way towards different goals
we're going at our pace, at our length
the speed and distance we arbitrarily determine for the day, or
our lives
because we just have that kind of agency
over ourselves
if we 'centimeter-ed" towards our goals
what fun would that be?
1cm a day? Fixed distance to a fixed goal, onto
the next one,
and the next,
rather than inching across desert plains
of depression
going our speed, our distance, our pace, each day
doesn't matter, so
as long as we make progress towards
what we want
to do
some musings using the word "inch"
leeaaun Jan 2019
can consume your soul,
destroy your
of your hope.
Let my innocent beloved just to cinch
Your beauty with my love inch by inch
In this love play please do not even flinch
Together in company we can easily clinch

Those moments will never ever pass by
Which twinkles in her sweet innocent eye
In your arms with your warmth I can die
In flight of love with beauty, limit is the sky

Let me take you to eternal love heights
Let my love and your beauty be the kites
Let me explore and capture all the lights
Let my love make fragrant all my nights

Col Muhammad Khalid Khan
Copyright 2016 Golden Glow
Enola Cabrera May 2016
Your vibrant sea eyes burned through me
Caressing every inch of my soul
Embracing my past and the hardship that follows

You accepted me for who I was
Which was more than I could ask for
Picking up my shattered pieces in attempt to make me **whole again
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