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Jim Davis Dec 2019
beauty is sometimes ugly...
dancing at a masquerade  ball!
Ya never know... till ya know!  So the beauty within any person... is always a nice discovery! So... I’ll argue against the world and say... beauty... is more than skin deep! And a truly ugly person... sometimes wears a mask of beauty!  Be careful... what one looks for in a person or a mate!
ALesiach Jul 2019
Come on up, come inside!
Grab a cup, try to hide!

Hide behind your masquerade,
join the pretty masks on parade.

Eyes once bright no longer shine,
they flaunt the cracks you try to hide.

Skin as pale as alabaster,
gleams as you dance, twirling faster.

Sealed lips try to smile,
longing to taste joy for a little while.

Hands covered in spidery lace,
flutter with a subtle grace.

Soft brown hair spun with ribbons,
gently tilts, your sorrow a given.

What solemn secrets have you known,
dancing in your castle all alone?

ALesiach © 02/01/2017
harley r noire Apr 2019
we are thespians in a masquerade,
spilling our thousand acts of charade
whilst the soul bleeds on a blade
yet we float, neither alive nor dead.

we are dolls in a tea party,
choking on liquid vacuity
our heads a barren ghost city
nameless, aimless, brimming pity.

our middle name is empty.
i don't even know what this means besides a complete void. seriously. my head and my poetry account are almost dead.
cass Apr 2019
cursed with dark magic from taking the wrong path,
a girl made her way towards the masquerade ball.
many had told her not to take the shortcut,
but her shoes were blistering her heels and hurting her toes.

it was only a shortcut.

knocked out by a strong wind,
waking with no recollection of what happened,
she continued.

the ball was extravagant and many were there.
the crown prince was present
with his eye on the girl with the antelope mask.
how delicate it was made and how smooth the material was,
the beauty of her must be stunning from underneath.

they danced all night until the party began to die,
and it was then that the prince wanted to know the identity of his love.
but the mask was stuck tight to her face,
and embarrassed the girl.
she spoke about the shortcut,
and the prince knew.

his true love cried before him,
but his father would never let him marry a girl in a mask.
so she ran away with the treacherous thoughts in her mind,
with the crown prince shouting from behind.

she ran until her feet wouldn’t,
and found herself in the darkest parts of the forest.
Rafał Jan 2019
Welcome, sir, and get up to the last dance.
Not my fault - you made the choice when you went through the entrance.
Have a little bit of patience, though,
I'm in demand on this masquerade.

Oh, how the lights flicker, see? And the shadows spoil my senses.
That's a tad senseless of you to get on my nerves - offensive...
But I understand the sentiment, you are restless,
Well, I never let you close your eyelids once you drop the curtains.
All the offenses a gentleman like you keeps in his memories,
You are a cancer to the working class.

Your defense is - you desired to be wealthy.
Have a glass of gin, your mouth seems filthy.
The oppression you have built, indeed
Needed  a mastermind, alike to mine
A nine to five would not be fine for us.
The masses abiding us; we even control the foreigners.

Please observe my lovely smile,
This balet - stand on your toes and prance around.
Like the puppet on the strings I have pulled a thousand times.
Are you sure you are worthy to see through my disguise?

Pardon me, sir, henceforth
I'm your conscience, the one you have cancelled
Hidden in the stacks of gold
But the truth is, a soul can't be sold.

Weep, my dear, in quiet sorrow.
For us, as it turns out, there is no tomorrow.
The combination of ***** and alcohol
Is known of being thorough.
All this injustice you have caused
Was working on the time you had borrowed.
The poem depicts the moments before the death of a powerful magnate/dictator who has acquired wealthiness by oppression of poor people.
Ian Robinson Jan 2019
With masks all around
I walk up to you

I want to know how someone so faceless
Can be beautiful too

"I'll lead but just for you"

Taking your hand
we waltz as two
Marauding in this
Meant for you
Bartholomew Dec 2018
to suppress my sadness
I drive myself into madness
and disguise it
into anger

I try and bestow laughter onto others
to substitute my depression with joy.
I only smile when others
around me smile but in reality im stuck in a void

I’m dying inside... crying inside... hiding inside
Trapped in my mind.... fighting inside

Searching for myself ina rage
Only to find myself ina cell, locked away in a cage
To tame....
This animal, this beast, this serpent
So I masquerade around pretending to be perfect
I mask my emotions and hide my feelings on the surface,

To lock away my emotions, to lock away the hurting
Throw away the key and pray no one ever goes searching

What’s my purpose?
Skin is thick on the surface
Lyn-Purcell Oct 2018

Living life is like a masquerade
where we only ever see the masks
of people

I hide only because I'm scared
but still, I do want to be seen.
I place my mask on my heart
my face fresh, imperfect and

I bear my heart with my hand
Please try to forget my mask
and see my true soul...


I  had dreams of one day being a major celebrity, but I realised that there are things that are just not worth it.
You want to know what I want to be in my life?
All I want to be is human...
The good and bad...
That's all.
I bear my heart with my hand...
Thank you everyone!
I'll read through as many messages as I can, there's so many but I am truly humbled by your support!
Much love,
Lyn ***
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