Anshara 7d
In the corner of my memory
In the corner of my room
Lies a brown piano I've spent my life with.

In the corner of my memory
I hear music being played
Magical fingers dancing upon the keys.

In their corner of my memory
I see brown hair and brown face
But jet black eyes and a musical smile

In the corner of my room
A bully I see, against lockers
Outcast locked in its room.

In the corner of my memory
I see water. I breathe water.
No painful expression, just peace.

In the corner of my memory
In the corner of my room
Lies a brown piano,
I'm now spending my existence with.
This poem too is inspired by a song in BTS's Wings album.. The song is First Love by Suga..
Listen to it.. You'll all love it..
Sara Kellie May 30
I'm like a song in a clef-less world.
My symphony of blood and tears
have stained my skin of many years.

Duran, Depeche have carried me through
until that day when I meet you.
So unless I die, I listen to music and have a cry
but don't be long because I need
my happy sunshine song.

Poetry by Kaydee.
Lyn-Purcell May 28
~ ⚪ ⚫ ⚪ ~

This one's for Maya
Monolith of the black voice
much love rest in peace

All life is sacred
I dare not cage the sweet birds
because of their songs

The cage is a veil
Watch bejewelled hands touch and play
the sleek piano

The bird trills in sync
ivory and ebony
now weep of lost dreams

As we humans laugh
eating sweetmeats from rose-bowls
and drink mead from glass

~  ⚫ ⚪ ⚫ ~

Birds look to the sky
How she yearns to ride the wind
soar and touch the sky

But it is a dream
She is caged by luxury
by rich human glee

None dare lift her veil
She eats and sings, it fools them
But her soul it aches

She knows they see her
Broken in all her beauty
Her mistake not theirs

All life is sacred
I dare not cage the sweet birds
because of their songs

~ ⚪ ⚫ ⚪ ~
This series of haikus is dedicated to one of my literary heroes, the late Maya Angelou.

I've often dreamed of being a free bird, wanting to travel to world, but I suppose the most beautiful things live difficult lives. And in day to day life, the word 'free', I find to be illusory...

Be back soon!
Lyn x
Take a second to jot down a few words directly into the post box.
Be thankful for the moment you got away today and drove with the windows down to pick up pizza for dinner.
You didn't want to step away from your computer,
but your parents told you to, so you ran the errand.
What a nice relief.
Remember the music that played and how the wind brushing your arm reminded you of that liberating feeling when you would ride motorcycles in Estero, and it felt like nothing mattered...
You just drove and hummed whatever song made you feel the happiest.


Your procrastination is over, so seclude yourself out on the lanai;
brace for the long night ahead.
Maybe your friends will wish you a good night and it'll motivate you for the long haul.
It hasn't been too long since you last stayed up until 2... 3... maybe 4am, right?
Put on that playlist. (It will help.)
Let Son Lux provide that numbing white noise,
loud enough to keep you energized, quiet enough to let you type.
Maybe you'll stay out until you get it done.
Maybe you'll just get it over with tonight.
Maybe you'll want to stay out, to see the sunrise.
but for now, finish up your word doodles,
your little mindless rants,
so you can apply your mind to the "important things".
You'll make the best of it. (I know you will.)
Maybe you'll have fun with it.
Maybe you'll be proud of it.
Maybe you'll forget everything you've learned,
but for now, this is your time to write,
your time to prove yourself,
so you can tell the rest of the world,

"I did it."

What motivates you?
BC Jaime Mar 7
he was a tambourine
competing with the guitar,
and drums

In the orchestra
he was the conductor's baton
drowned out by the oboe

When he went solo
he was a harp
graceful, delicate
his strings plucked
by angels
© BC Jaime 2018 || IG: @b.c.Jaime

This work is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License. To view a copy of this license, visit
K Jan 7
I've been watching the same movies
Over and over again
And see our story bursting through the frames
I see you everywhere
Every road I turn down
Every conversation that I have
It's just you, you, nothing but you
Miles and piles of you

I can't stop thinking where it all went wrong
Was it something that I said
And I can't help but miss you
And want you
And beg you,
        Bring back the lies
                Hang them back on the wall
Because I might still be in love with you

I swear to god I'll never understand
How you could sit there cold as stone
And be so certain that we had no chance at all
When yesterday we were holding hands
In a diner eating pancakes
And you were smiling
And I was laughing
I thought we were gonna be okay

I don't know how anyone survives this life
Without someone like you
So I sat there
And I waited
Until you came home from someone else's bed
We could have been here together sharing our night
but you chose someone else to be with
But I still sat there
And I still waited
Because we were gonna be okay

But you know what makes me crazy?
You know what makes me nuts?
You took advantage of my patience
You took advantage of my love
You rushed and pushed and wanted this your way, the "right" way,
No other way existed
It was all about you and you and nothing but you
Miles and piles of you
You gave up, no trying
Because wouldn't that be easier for you, you, no one but you
Scheming and screaming
       "I'm not the only one who's hurting here!"

I swear to god I'll never understand
How you can stand there, straight and tall
And see I'm crying
*And not do anything at all
Inspired by lines from "The Last 5 Years"
Angela Rose Jan 5
I had a piano when I was a child
I didn’t know how to play
I slammed on keys repeatedly until it sounded like something that reminded me of music
Eventually, I learned chords
Eventually, I learned melodies
Eventually, I learned “Every Good Boy Does Fine”
And that “All Cows Eat Grass”
I played myself musical tunes on repeat
I wrote symphonies about how much you meant to me
I could base a musical all upon the Love I felt towards you
My lyrics were surrounded by the essence of you
My musical notes were dictated by how you made me feel on any given day
Nobody knows me like the piano at my mother’s house
Lyn-Purcell Dec 2017
The cloud's lullaby is a lyre
echoing with sweet sadness.
The roses are embraced by a blanket
of clouds.
Of love.
Of need.
Of want.
Sorry for being inactive. Life is getting hectic...
mythie Nov 2017
You place your hand on top of mine.
I press the piano keys, this makes nine.

Your voice lulls a love song.
How nostalgic. It's been so long.

Life is a road I'm walking on.
Love is a river I'm floating on.

Your lips against my ear as you caress each key.
Each sound makes my body shake, my soul's being set free.

Your touch is warm and suffocating.
Every time you're here I just keep waiting.

Waiting for something to happen.
Maybe a journey, I need to strap in.

Life is a road I'm walking on.
Love is a river I'm floating on.

Your kiss is electric, it drives me wild.
Your touch on the keys is less than mild.

Tunes and songs you play to me.
When I hear them I'm filled with glee.

You finish the song and open my heart.
This is our story, but it's just the start.
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