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Cold damp skin,
Midnight clouds deepen within,
raindrops brew unto me as i whip out
a tasteless, tarry, smoky cigar.
Feeling the pain of nights rain,
Train horn rings through my veins and I pierce
my cold lips to the plastic casing of my fresh cigar to
continue keeping me feeling alive.

Opening tunes of musical melodies, bringing me a nostalgic time lapse of pain and pleasure.

Thinking of my life as it passes me by,
a bitter, strong taste of smoke hits my tongue, but i blow out the tar filled air out through my warm mouth.
It continues to rain, when i always feel the pain.

Living life as a misfit, unwanted, unloved and always forgotten.
As my dart vanishes into the air, i look through the dark park across the street and remember last nights nostalgic memories of us dancing together to someone else's house party while the live band plays symphonies and rings unending beats into my hair.

The breeze made an impression through the night
That of a warrior back from a fight
The place all glorious by its precious presence
The winds had no say tonight
The breeze was gentle
Tenderly it spoke to the million leaves
The street lights glimmered
The crickets sung their song
Like the jingling anklets of a danseuse
On a musical night

Written 31st July
LC Apr 2021
for a split second,
the TV screen turned red,
followed by a shrill beep.
it was a small glitch,
too small to be noticeable,
so the television stayed.

the longer she watched it,
the more often it turned red,
the longer the high-pitched beep.
but she could never predict
when the glitch would happen,
and she waited for it to be normal.

eventually, she adjusted
to a perpetually red screen
and an irritating, shrill hum
until her friend came in,
asking why the screen was red
and where the noise was coming from.

she brushed it off,
claiming it was a glitch.
the screen stayed that way,
and the hum persisted.
her eyes slowly became weary,
and her ears started ringing.

her friend took her away.
her eyes and ears got a break,
and she saw a different screen,
one of many colors, showing life
in its beautiful and tragic moments.
she heard vivid, rich, musical voices.

she went back to her television,
exhausted, trying in vain to fix it,
but it would not change,
no matter how hard she tried.
questions bloomed in her mind
until it suddenly dawned on her.

this was never a glitch.
it was a complete malfunction.
her heart and head were pounding
as she held an antenna to her chest.
it weighed her arms down,
but she threw it across the room.

it crashed into the television,
and the screen went black.
the hum stopped, and all was quiet
except for her loud breathing.
she wept as relief washed over her
and she lay down, content at last.
#escapril day 21! I would love to hear what you think this poem is about.
Lauren Connolly Apr 2021
I bet no one’s called you that in a long time!
You'll always be Moony to me.
I guess it was so much simpler back then…
when we pranced around on stage and could hide behind names that weren’t our own.
Reno and Moony, the stars of the show!
Anyway, I guess those days are long gone now.
Even if I still remember them clearly.
Your hands were torn but your hugs were warm and no one thought to connect the two.
The smile you hid behind was similar to mine, but you wore it better.

Anyways, it’s really been a while huh?
Since we used that stage like it was a therapist’s office.
Better than therapy, actually!
Backstage we could share tears and laughs that lingered in the air.
That ugly, patchy couch that absorbed our secrets...
I bet they’re still in there if we went back and asked it nicely.
Although, maybe we wouldn’t want to know.

I guess it’s okay that we don’t talk as much anymore.
As they say “friends grow apart” and all that.
I never thought it would feel like losing a part of my soul
when you decided I wasn’t what you needed anymore.
Do you remember dancing and singing our worries away
on that stupid high school stage?
Did you know you were the closest thing to a best friend I’d ever had?

When other friendships have been forgot,
ours will still be hot!

I still sing that song in my head from time to time and wonder
if you do too

your Reno
Isaac afunadhula Feb 2021
Her smile
The cutest l have ever seen
Her musical talent
So rare to find
Her voice
Makes me to believe in fairy tales .
A star is born
Giovanna Nov 2020
If my life were a musical,
then she'd be the symphony.
Kenneth Gray Oct 2020
Are you blind? Can you not see?
I do this **** without a thought
I do this **** so effort
Less - ly
Like an old man
sittin in his rockin chair
Sippin on some green - tea
Like I'm speedin down
The highway just free to be - me

Can you not see? Writings like an ***** and it functions like a heart - beat
Boom boom - strap your ***** in and find a comfy *** - seat
Boom boom - my writings all be formin when I'm walkin down the **** street
Boom boom -  Ima be lol'in as my fans line up - boom boom - for a meet n greet.

Do you finally - see?
Its like a mean grean hulkish transformation Ima straight beast.
I be smashing competition like
Michael Jordan - its a straight feast.
Hulk smash! Its a fine treat.
I be swishing all my buckets as they
All be kissin my - feet

It all comes without a thought and
Comes very natural- ly
like a virus - coursing through my veins like a musical dis - sease
Ima sneeze... Achoo!
And pass it onto others - as much as I - please. ***** freeze!
Ima infect the world with my
Musical. - ******

Now that I've laid my piece
While sippin on some green tea
While ridin so free
I hope you finally - see -
Ima straight beast.

I've heard alot of people say I write with a style that sounds like it could be music. So I took that idea and ran with it. This was more of a just-for-fun type of thing more than anything. I like it at least. I read it as rap 😁.
Cross Boundry Sep 2020
I'd hear your voice in my head,
Saying things you left unsaid
I wish i could see you again
I just wished you hadn't come down
I just wished you hadn't jumped off, my love
Why would you leave?
Why would you leave this to me?
This choice, on my own
It seems impossible, my love
Why would you leave?
Why would you leave this to me?
wordy words from a musical im writing
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