Sozaka Mar 10
may every hurt be healed
with loving intent, and positivity
in my heart hope springs eternal,
our equinox comes at this time of year

one deep breath from finding balance
and on to better days
we have all this air to breathe
yet, anxiously we hold our breath
unwilling to believe
Sozaka Mar 10
down in the depths
grimly it glows
amidst weeping willows
in a pond of minnows
  my love
dimmed by sorrow and time apart

eternally it glows
my love
amidst weeping willows
and time lost in thought
the dream I've yet to catch
amongst all the
minnows that I've caught
Sozaka Mar 3
color coded for your convenience
every known shade of
red blood red
bobble head babies with serpent tongues
buyer beware they'll make you come undone

paper hearts with the pins pushed in
it hurts like hell without respite
you've got that good voodoo that
one can't just pray away
and I got a bad feeling
it's going to stay that way
Sozaka Mar 3
I was born deep underground
the only way out was through
whispers of sweet nothings helped keep me steady and true
like a sour emerald my past has now grown into my future
leaving me rich with wisdom
known by so precious few
Life lessons are gems to cherish no matter how difficult
Sozaka Mar 3
baby goat
tiptoes on a teeter totter
finding balance is a heavy burden
keeping her on her own

little lion
sleeps soundly at a Sunday sermon
waking early is quite a chore
so he dreams his life away

she bounds past as his service lets out
light as a feather and free of doubt

he awakens to find her sleeping
and wonders what she could be dreaming about
Sozaka Mar 2
the hardest days
by defenition
do not involve love and affection
yet every time I see you
Cee Cee
my sun sets in a different direction
if it sets at all

wide eyed like a child all your light shines through and wakes me from a never ending dream

one day Cee Cee you will know
I am a part of you and
you are a part of me too
Sozaka Mar 2
I barely hope to convey this feeling
perhaps it is
floating through a starfield free wheeling
a dwarf who hit his head on the ceiling
every memory i've saved for safe keeping
a flower blossom remained sleeping
leaving nothing left of yesterday's forest save willows weeping and wailing
waiting for the hourglass to slow

though as far as I remember
on the last day of December
everything was for the better
in an infinite number of ways
by living a life
full of New Years days
Sozaka Mar 2
pushed upon my back
helpless as a beetle off his feet
  swept away by forces too powerful to resist

through streams
formed rivers
  carved canyons
an eternity I've struggled to breathe

difficult is this gift that keeps me from the crows
though lovely to be alive to feel the strain

through streams
of consciousness
which formed rivers
and carved canyons
 I grew courage and sailed briskly through
Sozaka Feb 28
Rubies, diamonds, and other precious stones
are the only things left in my head
my riches are thoughts left unsaid
fear is only a penny that buys me time
my imagination spends a fortune
for my every dime
I have lived as a simple bird who walks
but on this day,
I am a flying fox
Sozaka Feb 28
hail the queen
of the royal family's pride
she knows her king
and where his enemies hide
if I am a lion, she is a lioness
nurturing me with gentle fearlessness
  love guides my voice,
 humility it's tone
in proclaiming the "king of the land"
is not the one on the throne
 of this, I confess,
I bow to her majesty
the lioness"
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