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Weeping willows wail, wondering why winter walked away without wanting to wave goodbye.

Wintry winds and wild whispers weave their wishes in wantoness. While I watch warmth wrap my wrist and well-built waist.

Warm, warm, waveless waters.

Whist, windless wornout weather wins.
Change in seasons
Worries swarm about my mind
Like angry bees about a hive

Buzzing, hungry for fury
My heart jitters in doubt

History revives its might
resilient it becomes. Resilient.
Thoughts in one's mind can determine how they feel.
Lazarus Bertsch Sep 2022
Babe tell what's wrong with me
Voices pierce my skull
I pray to god that hell help me
I guess I'm wrong
They say gods actually helping me
What's going on
Seems like the devils on my shoulder while gods in my mental
Used to be a opioid adduct used **** with Norco
Hearing voices at night telling me wrong not right
But its right to be wrong but wrong to be right But that's all too political right
Whites killing blacks than  blacks killing whites
School shootings Got parents paranoid when they say
Mom i promise I'll be fine

Were all god's children why do we got to fight
Another topic why do women not have rights
School taught us from a early age
My body my rights
So why are politics
Saying abortions' are just no right
When a parent isn't ready they are not ready
Save the child abuse, emotion abuse
The therapy and pills that consume
Otherwise there be more caskets
Than baby shower baskets
In our life

I'm sorry for every one struggling with abuse/racism/sexisms'/and to all the parents that lost their children in the school shootings. My condolences go to you… I'm sorry
...get this trending.. these are real problems in the world and people need to come to the realizations that these things are not right.
Sandy Sep 2021
is there any end to the
soul which sticks to you;
simply not listening to
your heart, made
the branches go dry

many farmers came and
water dripped and
drenched the soil
but the branches never
got wet.
the trees go dry
as time went..
Sandy Aug 2021
on the day
of the hearts sun
the glowing bloom
which shed upon her

his first ever love
couldn't even recognize her
still he look back
to catch a glimpse

of the divine beauty
her eyes present to him
his heart was forever sealed
in cage of her skin
Some days I see myself outbound like an 80's movie...
living life day by day, wondering what lays ahead of the play.
I love life, because of the good and bad, but off course, bad things can't cut it, but we have to get what's bad to get the greater things in life.

No, no silly, i' am not talking about politics, or the crap happening right now...but the adventures in our personal lives that we go through every single day.

Being with you tonight was like two fishes who swam together in lovers hearts, synchronized in nostalgia.
When we lock eyes, emotions spur into greatness.

You held my hand as we walked underneath the starry night, so quiet and dark, playing hide and seek around the truck parked in the front yard, and as i looked back at you, we swung a hug in each other's warm arms along with a never forgotten kiss.

Your kisses, one by one, are always cherished and never forgotten...also when you're leaving to go home, i take a photograph of your lips in my mind, how they feel pressed against mine.

As I walk underneath the pear tree nd lights flashing underneath from the garden below shining unto my minty laced robe of satin, catching your eyes once again on mine in a new pictured memoir.

I love nostalgia, who doesn't?
it helps you feel like you belong...
when no one else is there to help sing your song.

I have been a day dreamer since a youngling, and will always
continue to do so throughout my living days.
happiness comes through dreams,
and when you believe in those dreams
you can really see
your true
Zoe Mae Jul 2021
Cheer up
Look up
Everything will be okay

Life's a gift
A silly game
Everyone loves to play

Stop worrying
Don't fret
It'll all make sense

Be positive
Stay open
Let down your defense

Just do it
Get motivated
Get your *** out of bed

Have some coffee
Watch the news
Get out of your head

Keep trying
Never quit
Nothing's easy
Don't you know?

You got to want it
It's in your hands
This is your only show
I tried to be optimistic. Thank you to the two people who took the time to read it.
RedAgain Jul 2021
echoing laughter emanates through empty tunnels
hidden from that safe red street lamp glow;
and I quietly notice how I am always a shadow
in the trees that move in the wind as they’re changed by the season.

A collection of lost souls I nurture and hold as I rock myself to sleep
And I can’t cry for them
any more than I can  for myself.

The silent, gentle suffocation
which squeezes the breath from my lungs
snuffing out the candles
I meticulously lit on my way to my room.
It’s still and dark and creeping
and I feel the energy to smile slip away as I talk

Just as quickly as the uncertainty
which shuffles in uninvited
and steals the silverware from the kitchen.

An audience applauding the self deprecation Muffling the screams for help
As i’m invited to their table
but never quite loud enough to shout above the off stage rumble.
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