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Today a kid fake threw a pair of scissors
And in my mind I saw them arching
Gaining speed and stabbing my arm.
I flinched like a frightened animal
And gained the name Scissor *****.
The boys voices echoed in my head
Scissor *****. Scissor *****. Scissor *****.
I wanted to yank up the sleeves of my oversized hoodie
And watch their faces contort with fear and misunderstanding.
I wanted to scream and demand answers.  
“If I was so scared of scissors, how could I
hold one to my arm every night?”
I wanted them to rub their unmarred arms
And witness the crossword puzzle gone wrong
Carved deep in my pale arms.
Alas I shook my head ironically.
Laughing at the thought of me, a nightly cutter,
Being called a Scissor *****.
not sure where this came from....
As the stars would have it
the time is now to choose..

Favoring souls made in kind
to take flight
and conquer the night.
A single heartbeat on Eternity's

A rhythm ripped in passion,
A beat made steady on the clashin'
of dual energies.
When our symphony resides...
A hush -
Come to me now.

Some perfect harmony...
Conducted by the Universe.
Composed in the signs.
Preserved in the stars.

The wonder we have found
ourselves lying in
could be magic or myth.
or both if and only if....

No bother, I'm arrived
and have come to oblige
My options concise

I've no choice rather than
eternally love you.
do you believe in soul mates?
Maybe in those moments
When you're reminded of me
Your heart strongly feels mine
Longing for the love I need

© JL Smith
To write wasn’t a passion of mine,
When I learned of life?
My brain suddenly sparked a fire.

You see,
We’re always plunged right into the sea!
I can’t help but swim frantically.

I’m not a swimmer though,
So I kept on sinking.
Towards the abyss.

In a dark place,
I found something darker.
The ink of my pen.

Seeing as my darkness doesn’t compare,
I saw my own darkness as light.
Now I write when it’s night.

I couldn’t make any rhymes,
Just incoherent thoughts.
I wasn’t creative enough.

I couldn’t draw any art,
I couldn’t compose any songs.
All I can do was speak.

I can just speak without a voice.
This pen of mine speaks.

I’m an open book,
Talk to me and I talk back.
My doubt riddle words.

In my darkest days,
Where my voice doesn’t echo back,
I have my pen.

Light isn’t a reflection of others.
It’s a spark within your headspace.
When everything else disappears.
I’m in a dark place, and whenver I’m down here, I write whatever I can. Raw thoughts, incoherent, abstract, random, gibberish, trash. I writ when I’m down, it’s an outlet to plunge myself deeper so I could die and respawn. My creativity doesn’t exist; only destruction on paper.
Dear you,
I want you to come closer
Although I try to push you away
I am awkward
And the awkwardness only keeps growing

The more I have, the more you loose
But the more you have, the more I get
The equation is complicated
I don’t expect you to understand
After all
You never understood me either.

I am there
Beside you and behind you
All you have to do is turn
turn stealthily enough
So I don’t have time to run
I told you
I am awkward
And the awkwardness only grows

I slouch, I *******, I squeak
just like your bedroom door I creak
unopened for centuries
Unheard for decades
Unseen for years
Not because I’m weak but because
I am awkward
And the awkwardness only grows

i live in a pineapple under the sea
or you could say I hide
Hide from you, hide from me
Hide from the rest of the  reality
but I am always there
I always will
For I have to be

Don’t acknowledge me
Validation is not my need
But don’t forget me either
For I have this hidden greed

Never leave your own side
I need to follow
Never  leave my side either
But know
To me,
Ignorance is a bliss
For I am awkward
And the awkwardness only grows
Calm my heart
And steady these hands
Grant peace among my distress
As the evening moon
Cools desert sands
Ease my frustration
As I rely heavily on faith
I trust in your promises
As droughts await your rain

© JL Smith
Your feet drift from foundation
Your eyes instinctively close
Your stomach somersaults
Your heart, momentarily froze

Your eyes begin to open
Engrossed by the beauty of our globe
You've overcome your fear

Spread your wings,
Enjoy the show

© JL Smith
I faced one of my fears and did it... I jumped out of a plane! Don't ever allow fear to control you. You are capable of achieving whatever you desire. Just DO IT!
i'm always *****
sure, it's beneath my visible clothes
and yeah, when i'm in the shower
and more or less every time i'm home alone
but there are other times
other whimsical nonsensical times
when i'm fully ****
and nobody even notices
when i'm raw
when i expose any facet of my idiosyncrasies
when i fall
when i suppose i'm in pain purposefully
when i draw
when i paint with a purpose to show my sadness and rage
when i write
when i put words to use in the way conversation betrays
people react to ****** in various levels of extreme
some get aroused
some get repulsed
but nobody seems to appreciate the nakedness of my raw mind
completely exposed
full frontal
appreciate it or just don't look
now that i have your attention...
Maybe one day I’ll write you a book
Something about what everything is about

I won’t file it down like the rest of the world.  
No my book will have all of the rough edges that life has.

The edges that’ll cut you if you don’t watch

Why not soften it up?
Because then it wouldn’t be real
It would just be a fantasy.

And the last time I checked
Life doesn't come with any
Safety precautions.

Instead life comes raw.
So my book to you will be equally undercooked.

Because I love you enough
not to lie.

My only hope is that you can enjoy my gift to you.
As much as the meal its self.
This is a poem that I wrote when I was much younger. I thought I had an interesting outlook on my life at the time, and the emotions I once felt. Now I am currently working on a series of poems discussing different emotions, to show the range in which humans can feel and experience.  So that leads me to this old poem; I felt that Raw perfectly displayed my emotional state from a few years ago as a young teen, who was not really sure of her place in the world. So ENJOY and hopefully you (and I) can look forward to some up coming poems.
JL Smith Oct 8
If you tell me you fear heights,
I'll climb your highest mountains

If you tell me you fear water,
I'll sail your deepest oceans

Share with me your secrets,
I promise I won't tell them

If you admit that you feel broken,
I'll reassure you, your heart is golden

And if you fear to love again,
I'll show you that it's worth it

© JL Smith
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