We are animalistic
Teeth on the edge
Of our overrated minds

Hey nobody said
Anythings wrong with that
Isn't it all just natural instincts

The inkling to deceive
What stands in our way
To get what is raw and poetic

To capture a taste
Of the purley erotic

To be gods
Of our own making

Subtle and refined
I did not have in mind

Excuse me while
I reap a vengence
It's one big puzzle
Piecing this with that
Learning to walk
Without falling flat
Placing one foot in front of the other
And not looking back
Falling in love
Getting sidetracked
Making time for others
A balancing act
Nurturing yourself
Embracing what lacks
Forgiving the source
Of the pain from your past
Letting go of it all
As it comes and goes just as fast
Like tides of the ocean
And the weather forecast
Challenges arise
But soon they will pass
The grand picture unfolds
As your stories amass

© JL Smith
H Phone 4d
I remember that one poem I wrote
I felt like my brick for a heart it could erode
But reading what came after makes me sick
Because this raw emotional poem’s contents
Have turned into a fucking gimmick
I want to feel.
Ever wondered what raw beauty is?
I feel it now, I understand it now.
I don't like sweet people
All coated in best sugary dips
Like the artificial flavoured ones.

Rather I prefer now the raw bitterness
At least it's not coated or artificial
It's raw and honest
No matter how much it hurts
At least it is what it is
Love to taste the raw bitterness
With beauty within intact in it.
Beauty in raw whether it's sweet or bitter
That's at least truthful to how it is. No mask. Just how it is to be.
Sarah Mar 9
screaming to nothingness is painful.
my throat is raw,
begging to be felt
tears masking my strength;
blinding my vision.
I cannot be heard but I yell louder.
I’m trying so hard for you.
The nothingness is your deaf ears,
my words falling onto them,
Ignoring my pleas.
Hear me.
Why won’t you listen?
Written 3/9/18
quick figurative brush stroke drawn out character sketch
(serendipitous verisimilitude)

i stand in awe
(with mouth agape) at elegiac, fantastic,
   and graphic idyllic Kinkade magic
   leaving breathlessness from craw

at such artistic talent oozing
   spellbindingly, whatever
   aforementioned noteworthy craftsman
   didst paint or draw,

and chanced to comment
   about sad affairs leaving flaw
in regard to questionable business ethics -
   where press hee haw

contradicting, maligning, undermining, and jaw
boning sans said late talented mortal
   engaging in sketchy traits of south paw

city when contrasted with a dog given gift -
   ooh...such rah...rah...rah
when he first appeared on the scene,
   where most viewers saw

utmost dynamic, fantastic,
   and harmonic convergence
displaying such prosaic, rhapsodic,
   titanic art show events

hum...and perhaps not surprising
   his illicit in dull gents presents stark contrast,
   staring hypnotized as imagination invents
experiencing peaceful, restful
   and tumblerful joie de vivre espying

   honorable mentioned nonpareil oeuvre
   that placidly rents
craving to disappear into bucolic landscape whence,
splashed upon canvass,

attempting to bat
presumed "FAKE" rumors aside as nonsense - fat
chance prevailed constituting:
   deceitful, immoral, unfaithful sly kat
nocturnal antics, despite scathing attacks

   (cut him down to size), niggardly praises spat
out for me, I maintain cult of personality (his)
   setting Mac Book Pro wallpaper
   with exemplary landscape,
   either authentic or copy cat.
I love, when you unzip the layers of your personas,
letting me peek behind the mask
Revealing your raw edges
allowing me to be your haven from the world of facade.

I love, when you strip down your heart, 
unfold your thoughts, 
share your inner struggles
and pour your secrets into my ear
allowing me to be your sanctuary.

I love, when you lean your head on my shoulder
let my hands hold yours
and you let your tears flow
allowing me to be your solace.

I love, when you’re vulnerable and raw with me
making me one of the very few of those
who knows the darkest and brightest part of your mind,
and who are deeply embedded in your heart.
Haley Tyler Mar 1
I dare you to peel away my skin,
dig in my flesh and pull me out
of this goddamn shell I’m in.
Leave me raw and pink,
A sunburn from your soul,
that righteous light, the missing link.
Fill a hollow heart that doesn’t beat
but you’ll find in a corpse,
it just won’t keep
I was pronounced dead on arrival | h.t
Her Feb 23
you are not who
everybody wants you to be

you are you
and that is far
more than enough
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