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purple turtle Apr 25
I'm thinking of a song
of the blue bird's lullabies when he sings to his babies
as the soft wind accompanies
With sparkling stream gushing,
A meadow of poppies swaying
The tree's branches raise its arms and waves
One cradles the birds
A shuffle 'round in the bushes
The leaves flutter
The little chicks drift away
With a dream above their heads
and a heart filled with love
dedicated to dad
Willow Oct 2018
It’s the end of the night
The last of the chai
With a breeze meant to cool
Our forever burning hearts.

It’s the end of an era
The last of the sorrows
With a moment meant to heal
Our forever burning hearts.

It’s the end of the show
The last of the magic
With a tune to send us off
To seek our forever burning hearts.

It’s the end of the evening
The last of the chai
With the sky as our barrier
We ride our forever burning hearts.
Lynnia Aug 2018
Piano trilling
Drums thrilling
Bass pumps straight through your heart
Guitar screams,
Keys dream,
Vocals piercing like a dart—
Mist shifts
Mood lifts
Hot chills electric down your spine
Crowd yells
Colors swell
Lift your hands, lose your sense of time...
inthewater Apr 2018
standing there in euphoria
my body swaying to the beat of the music

drums so powerful i can feel the beat of the music in my veins
reaching into my soul, feeling every word in every cell of my body

- i close my eyes

and i feel my heart sigh -

your empathy floating into the crowd
dancing through the wind

feelings so raw & real
reverberating throughout the stadium

the artists' voices crack;
emotion overcomes the bravado of performance

- goosebumps rise

this is what it's like to feel alive -
Ryan M Hall Feb 2018
T-shirt soaked in blood,
Throbbing pain in his nostrils,
He needs a doctor.
sunprincess Oct 2017
Once upon a time concerts were my thing
But no more, no more, my love, my love
Now listening to a nightingale sing,
gazing upon moonlight enchanting,
and faraway stars glittering
Is so much better than a strange song
of multiple bullets, zing, zinging
Was a beautiful night to remember in Vegas until..
Sam Jan 2017
The shrill of metal
wailing through the night
Screams and shouts heard for miles
as the lawn is bright with light
The feeling of chills
through the bones of each member
The first note is played
the crowd cannot be contained
Singers voice echos
as the drums pound behind them
Each move made
Feeling the beat
*Feeling the energy
I've been to so many country concerts, but I'd do anything to travel back in time, and go to an 80's rock concert. Yes, some bands still preform now, but its not the same atmosphere.
My Dad once told me, "You thought country concerts were wild? You'd never been to a true rock concert then. The moment the guitar player lets out the first note, the energy in the crowd is unbelievable"
mfkdsios oh what i'd give!
nabi 나비 Dec 2016
You know that feeling
The one with such excitement and exhilaration
Where your legs hurt because you've been standing there for hours
Where your so happy because you've been waiting for these few hours for months
Where your cheeks hurt because you've been smiling so much
Where you'd never think that a few people could make you so happy
Where you become attached and make life long friends because of them
Where you are surrounded by people just as excited as you
Where you don't care that you have to be up early tomorrow
That you aren't gonna get home till 2 in the morning
That you are gonna miss this, and wanna come back immediately
You know that feeling
Of being at a concert
Of being surrounded by people who love the same thing as you
Of looking up and seeing your role models singing to you
It's an amazing feeling and experience
I have been going to concerts for years now, but this past year i've found a genre of music that really saved me.  I've been going to the concerts and they are absolutely amazing, and sometimes they are the things keeping me going.  If i'm having a bad day, i just think hey, my favorite band might be on warped or you can buy tickets to that show in 3 weeks.  sometimes my music is my savior and concerts are my biggest safehouse, because to me they are absolutely amazing.
Silver Lining Jul 2016
I have a lot swimming through my mind everyday.
Body image.
Self image.
All at once.

But when I'm at a concert, a live performance, whether that be a symphony or a rock concert, I am free. It's when I'm full emersed in music, that when I don't feel like I'm drowning in anxiety. Standing up and dancing and head-banging to my favorite songs, or sitting and watching colors and designs sprout in front of my eyes as bows vibrate strings.

The only thing on my mind in those moments, is the music. Singing and dancing along, not a care in the world about what I look like or sound like. Who thinks I'm going overboard. Because the thing is, when I see other people dancing their hearts out and screaming the lyrics, it fills my own heart with such joy and love for them. They're having the time of their lives,

and I can too.
My first day off in three weeks was yesterday, and I got to spend the night listening to some of my favorite bands Panic! At The Disco, Andrew McMahon, and Weezer. It was the first night is so long I felt freed from everything going on in my life and in the world.
Miabee Mar 2016
Breathe in some gasoline
As I fly down to greet
Trade my butterfly wings
For a touch of machine
Take my evergreen
Get some new gleam
Your noxious fume spoil
Find some Asfalt sheen  
My freedom I trade
For rusted shackles you see
The rusted shackles are the aderall pill that I take. I got the theme from being bothered by how boring the school bus is
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