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Ken Pepiton Sep 15
The Logic of the Toad
at the bottom of the slough of despond
ping ping rain drip

the very elixer of feistiness, they say
make us make use o'the stuff

muscles are best for,
but virtually

estivation is our pre

we wait on geotime for rain
and rise, toadish

to be kist orange by gaseous
exposure to

you, dear reader, a breath of fresh air,
if you cared to even try

to get understanding with it,
as wisdom tickled your

fancy fashionable meme chain.
A bit of something so long that if I were to post it here I fear seeming meme envious wishing for rain
Bhill Aug 6
Nature can be, savage or kind
Which way does it go; can it be defined

A young toad was trapped by a sprinkler today
His life could have ended and be swept away

I noticed him there and expected him to hop
He was stuck I could see and I needed to stop

The mower, would and could have, swallowed him up
Had I not looked his way and stopped so abrupt

His leg was trapped in a sprinkler retract
In came down quite hard with a vicious impact

I was able to raise it and help the toad out
His pour leg looked broke, in that there's no doubt

I hope that he lives and heals up real quick
I'm glad I could help, the toad I named Rick...!

Brian Hill - 2019 # 197
Yes, this happened.  Quite happy that I was able to help and hopefully sac this little guys life.  Sometimes you just have to pay a little more attention.
Shin Jul 15
The toad looked to the sunset,
greeted it with a weary croak.
It nestled in, starting its night.
Mundane and filled with peace.

I wonder what it means to be
a toad. Green ridged with gold.

Do his hops hold a destination?
Do his tears hold longing?
Or is it blood, cogs, and gears?

A mind filled with static.

I do not know, and perhaps I never will.
Juhlhaus Jul 1
O black toad,
Sage of the sodden floor,
Grant me your stoicism
As I my go labored way.
And may you prosper,
Consume legions, grow fat;
Yet deftly elude all
Who would do you injury.
A tribute to the noble toad of the Northwoods.
With each kiss, I expect you to turn this old toad, into a Prince.

But with each kiss, I become a King.
Postal Leo Jan 30
I'm so messed up, and so ******, but your magical, and amazingly pretty….
And every-time i think about you, I can't help but cry,
Because somehow in God’s plan, I earned you, don’t know how or why.
Your an angel, so divine. Completely holy, sanctified.
We don't, cant. It just doesn't make sense.
But without you i'm just so tense….
I'm just another piece of trash, throw me away.
I can earn your love, one day...

Week in, and my heart can't stop pumping,
God, i hope you never hurt or dump me.
Blood rushes to my head,
If this keeps up, one of us will end up dead!
Saying rash things and having bad ideas.
Except now I have a reason,
Write a song and hope to the day,
That you love this one, like you loved the one i wrote yesterday…
Do anything, long as it’s for you!
Even if you ask completely out of the blue!

God I'm, so, stupidly stressed,
Being away from you for so long, makes me want to go on a quest.
Need to save you, from a giant spiky tortoise,
Dodge his fireballs and continue on, I have a crazy purpose….
Get to your chamber, unlock the doors,
Being told your elsewhere, I fall on all fours.
Readjust my shroomy hat, and off I go,
To save my princess, cause you couldn't find a Mario.
But i don't mind, not in the slightest.
Long as I’m on my quest, I’m covered in your brightness.

I can’t breathe, or think, without you listening.
My heartbeat, near you, is incredibly crippling.
I want to... Will you let me?
I'm in young love, and i can't flee.
Wouldn't want to if i could, i love this Spider’s trap,
I'm so enraptured by it, just like rhyme and rap…
Messed up on adrenaline, and the way your hair smells,
I’m hearing the sound of all the school bells,
Signaling we must be apart yet again,
But my love for you is impossible to comprehend...
So wait for me, dearest, I’ll save you yet!
Until, our love, long this poem, is finished, so never I bet.
S Nirmal Kumar Oct 2018
Celibate in seclusion
Espouses Spartan austerity
Entombed toad
Joseph Loggi Jun 2017
On the lake
Sits a toad,
An **** thing
Three years old
With boils,
large lumps,
And a croak
That challenges
The voice
Of an old woman
Who smokes.
Placidly he stares
Off in space,
And doesn't care
What takes a glance
And passes upon his lake.
He is a simple thing,
Three years old
Admiring tranquility
On a quiet lake.
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