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A warm cup of water,
Teaspoon of honey,
Squirt of lemon...
oh so, Sweet, sticky and ****,
that is how I like my honey water.
Something warm for the heart.
Shofi Ahmed Dec 2020
I took a sip from your cup
a drop of your signature potion.
Oh, you know what?
Just one is enough.
Leave a drop for the bees.
Let the honeycomb build and melt
in this sea of sweet magic!
The rest is yours as you please.
CupcakesArePink Dec 2020
My sunset begins as yours comes up
I sip my wine slowly, knowing you’re downing your whiskey at 6 in the morning
The tub of ice cream from last night has melted away
So why can’t you?

This city of lights blinds me, a nice distraction
But I have to run, I have to keep running
Because my demons have your beautiful smile
And I can’t help but stare with melancholy in my heart

My sleepless nights are invaded by your chocolate eyes and velvet lips
If I’m honest, that button on my phone taunts me
It begs me to call, send a text
But I don’t

I don’t and I won’t
You had let go first and danced our dance with your little noelle
O how jolly you must’ve been, staring into her starry eyes
So even if I miss you, I won’t

So I sip my wine slowly as you down your whiskey at 6 in the morning
These devils smile your smile and I look away
I move forward, melancholy and anger and hopefulness without you fuelling me
I hope you miss me as much as I do. But sometimes I don’t
reyftamayo Aug 2020
isa pa, itagay mo pa
tatlong ikot na lang ubos na.
hindi malamig,
ubod ng lamig.
iisa lang pala ang tama.
ibigay ang pulutan
doon sa malakas kumain.
pagkatapos nito, isusuka rin.
Amanda Hawk Jul 2020
I will sip

This life slowly

Remember you

By Friday

With each carbonated hiccup

Your face reminds me

Of brightly colored wrapping paper

Always loud with a mouth ready to be opened

So I will collect this life

Into a chipped tea cup

Slightly jagged edge that nips my lips

With every sip

Like our conversations

Gathering up tidbits

Of current events, laughter, and insults

Pour them across the table

Come Friday

So I will sip

This life slowly
Katherine Brooks Jun 2020
The sourness hasn't set in
I hope it never does
Wanna keep it light
for the summer isn't old

Sight for the reel
Numbers for the time
Letters for our hero's
and life for the time

Happiness lasts in bursts of motif
Feelings stay in the month of May
June starts the love of a journey
Muse is right to the loud quietness of the season
It's hot and humid
Amanda Kay Burke May 2020
It starts with only a sip
Turns to a chug
Shot is soon to follow

Next have a drink
What damage could one do?
First wasn't bad
Why not two?

A beer switches to six-packs
Twelve-pack to a keg
Before you know
You are on your last leg

A glass of wine daily is fine
Til glass grows into a bottle
Coasting gently one second
Next speeding wide-open

What begins as play and fun
Soon escalates to live-or-die
Stops being casual
You partake without knowing why

The line between both are fuzzy
Tipping point never clear
Problem is you cannot see it
After you approach near

Once you have crossed there's no going back
Life becomes a sinking ship
Pause a minute and ask yourself
"Is it worth the cost?"
Before choosing to take that "harmless" sip
I got a typewriter for my birthday and this is the first poem I wrote using it
Rajinder Jun 2020
I drink 
your being 
in short sips.
Rajinder Mar 2020
I drink 
your being 
in short sips
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