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She touch me, I touch her
She sitting there in her purple fur chair
Me Sir sir there and stare
He’s no square

He wanna join in
But not at the end
As he bend me over
She’s no left over

As he stroke deep
I was hoping to keep
Them both here with me tonight
But I might not be right after this long and steamy hot night
I will fight
If she think
That she so tight
That she can sneak in my bed Sky night
Still Crazy Oct 2019
“High in an ingredient called allicin, garlic can help stimulate circulation and blood flow to ****** organs in both men and women. However, because of garlic's mood-killing smell, eat it in moderation.”

while researching mold, stumbled on this factoid,
the one that’s asking
what is moderation in love?
and where in the oddest places, we find answers...

oft thought that pure love is extremist,
and any extreme needs to thrive on its antimatter,
so goodness, needs speckles of unkind,
and ****** promotions, aides that aid,
present an invoice needy for stamping “paid!”

such is the casino we play life in,
you cannot leave till you’re paid up,
paid in full in heartbreak joyous,
so the odor of love, keener, fruited,
when absent and the green grocer
no longer smiles when his ex-best garlic
customer walks by(e)

I toiled in seduction fields, gathering fruits and flowers,
now, reduced to a window-sill gardener whose
crop will grow from citified rain, small stunted,
leaden and ripe for discardation

troll me not, your stuff is your stuff,
mine is mine, when we meet, you will be slow to recognize,
but you will smell my garlic, and know it’s

that poet

au revoir, no!

it’s not your eyes that will acknowledge
my existence, but the dirt beneath my fingernails,
and the perfume of what might have been therein contained
if you, sadly unlike me,
s t i l l
crazy after all these (tears) years
A Mar 2019
i do apologize that
when i say i miss you
it’s not because you’re far away
but because i want
to feel your lips
against mine

i do apologize that
when i say i miss you
it’s not because
you’re not with me
but because
i miss touching you
under the sheets

i do apologize that
when i say i miss you
it’s not because
you haven’t been around
but because
i want my tongue
between your thighs

i do apologize
when i say i miss you
because what you think
is not what i mean
at all

Aoi Feb 2019
Kept hearing the ticktocks,
It is time to start my little game
Eyed the prey as he talks,
Hope he still remembers my name

At the dusky street,
Where I started what is planned
Took him long to accept defeat,
Pinned him until he stopped struggling on
the land

Took my blade and stabbed his orbs
Oh, what disgusting views it absorb!
These pair of eyes, I despise
For it was used to spy on my sister's

His sinful hands, I chopped
He heard how my sister begged but he
never stopped
These hands that traveled my sister's
This is what I had witnessed when I was a
little girl

Lastly, his little shaft
I slashed it in half
This little thing is the reason why we mourn,
For she slaughtered herself with a baby unborn

She had commited the unforgivable sin
For she was sexually abused at the age of
I stood up to desert the venue,
My dear sister, I have venged for you
aisha Oct 2017
I touched myself
at the thought of you
for you have touched me
without touching me

you have touched me
when you and I
locked eyes
and you smiled
you've touched me and I was never the same again
Gosh I just told a guy on the tram
To move his legs over a bit
Because he had then in a v shape.
Felt he was invading. my space.
Is tbat bad
Feeling angry because an aunt and uncle who knew something was wrong  done absolutely nothing ...!! He was a policeman ..he should have reported it to the authority but didn't he said I was withdrawn.... But concluded that wasn't enough evidence.
Jackeline Chacon Aug 2014
I expect the same love
Received from early age

Betrayed and neglected
Inside my mental cage

Now I live like a ******
From my childhood pain

Getting hurt very young
Really damaged my brain

Forever I will live this way
Feeling sick and confused

To be such a young victim
A child sexually abused

— The End —