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Kerry Jul 21
To all the girls I love
I dedicate my confusion
Pardon my musing
I love them young and tall
Short and small
Sometimes I think I love them all
I love them Jet blue black
Caramel high yellow light skinned and red *****
I love em white mixed and two toned
She came to mind
we met in Germany and she was fine
Probably the baddest white girl I know
I loved the times we spent together
I swore I was clever
I sopped her up and drank her in
Waist was thin
You know the rest
I was low key grimey
You were loved by my brother
So we engaged under cover
I cared but not enough to walk away
Watched as your *** would sway
It's been 13 years if I close my eyes just right
And try hard as I might
A blurry memory would come into my sights
You and them black tights
Gave birth to my fantasy
Heart as gold sweet as candy
I swear I can see you now
in my mind and I dont know how
Theres been many since you
Painfully honest but its true
Back to the women I love
She's next...keep it in context
I loved the way you tasted
Eat you quick complete no time wasted
I never smashed I wanted too
But you always left me on blue
So much self control and no matter what I was told
I fell anyway
I remember the day
Karma was returned full fold
My boy had smashed
I didn't want to know I didn't ask
Resentment followed
Pride was swallowed
I chose to walk away
By the way we were never friends
Next up is my New York love
Well one of many
And now is a good time as any
I walked into your club you were behind the bar
Chocolate like a dark bar
Darker than normally piqued my interest
Ahhh what the hell i have some time and money I'll invest
Learned your schedule and pushed my way into your heart
You love me now but there will never be an us
Maybe it wasn't love it might've been lust
Don't get me wrong you're still dangerous
And I'm still full of lust
Next up is my mixed friend
I fear if she knew our friendship would end
Of course she's fine
I'd love to make her mine
More than a gorgeous backside and behind
I'm inclined
To believe we are made for each other
But as they always do they fall in love with another
I don't smother nor have I told her I love her
I long for her
To be quite sure
She's demure
But not in a shy way but an unassuming way
She don't ask and I don't say
She's kind of awkward
One day I won't have to say it
It'll just fit
I just wish I didn't fall so easy
I wish I had a certain set of standards things I was looking for
Oh yeah there's more
Some I'll never name
I'll take them and my feelings to my grave
It's not always about being brave
But it's not special when everyone's my fave
Am I just confused am I the only one
What a conundrum
I really believe I loved each one of them
But it just can't be true
It's just like dew
On blades of grass
I know this will sound crass
But it's not special when everyone can make you stand at half mast
Never put it passed me
None of my friends are safe
The right time the right space
I'd act like there'd be no time to waste
I'd go below the waist
I wouldn't be chaste
I'd devour the opportunity to taste
I'd take time to make love
Not in haste
Maybe it's the thrill of the chase
Maybe the pace
I'm a fool I'd make passionate love to my ace
I do really love her
Or so I say
Maybe I'd just love to have my way
But I'm sharing cause sharing is caring
The signs are blaring
My insides are tearing
Make sure you pray for me
Cause this ain't healthy
But I learned today it's chemistry
As the moon disappears and dawn begins to shine on your beauty as it illuminates the world; to show all of its inner and outer grace.
     Flowers and trees may tremble as a gentle breeze tickles the leaves and also the petals, to earthly play a game of tag.
     The fingers of the sun reaches out to warm your toes to welcome you as you rose.
     To see your inner beauty seep from deep inside of your soul come to the surface with such a glorious glow.
     My passion for you seems to engulf this spirit and guide my thoughts and actions as I draw near.
     Mmm, your scent smothers me with an addictive arousal, making it difficult for my body to travel.
     As time for work nears it is you where I want to spend the day, and if I had one wish it would be on me to stay.
     My love for you will never be more expressed as it swells and escape my chest.
     Just letting the universe know of you; the one I cherish and adore the best.
By C. E Cheatham
Planejane2 Jun 8
What are you?
Are you a poet or rapper?
Are you Tupac reincarnated
Your voice is so different
Yet so intrinsic
I admire you
I aspire to do
What you do
But lil ole me
Could never say these
Words out loud
I commend you for pouring your heart to a crowd.
I pour my soul to these sheets and release
Them to the public like a long lost journal.
You are brave I admire you.
Thanks for sharing your poems.
Natasha Byrd May 13
Standing amongst others, yet we stand alone

My surroundings are darkened by you, a distraction

I constantly envy the wind that gets to touch you

My attention is grasped by the subtle attraction

I long to hear the melody of your voice play

But we only cross paths for a moment

But in that second I'm left clutching my chest

Afraid of the starved predators, the approaching opponents

When you walk past your presence demands my attention

I reach but you're too far to hold

When I see your emotions run cold in your face

It tempts me to comfort you and be bold

I know that my looks aren't meant to stand next to you

But will you blame me for what I feel for you inside

My breathtakingly beautiful distraction

With this love letter to you I say goodbye
Mysidian Bard Apr 16
An ocean dying
to meet the beautiful shore
just a wave away
"Strangers passing in the street
By chance two separate glances meet"

- Pink Floyd "Echoes"
Kleigh Oct 2018
Performing full of passion
Watching you through my vision
You catch my attention
And I ended with admiration
You don't have an exact description
'Cos you're the best than my expection
And totally beyond my imagination

Before, I live for nothing
As you came it's worthliving
You are life changing
You give my life full of meaning
Everything you do keeps my heart beating
You are the reason behind this feeling
You keep my heart trembling
Can't help just keep on admiring

It is not an obsession
Just giving me a daily motivation
And become my life inspiration

You always makes me smile
Even the distance between us are
thousand miles
This kind of situation is totally fine
I love you as a man
But you love me as a fan
I love you even though you are not mine.
Dedicated to a man I never have
Onomatopiyya Feb 4
Maybe I did told you
That I'll leave

I'll leave you
And all the memories of us


You'll never realise that
It's still me

That's been loving you
From far, silently and this time

I'll make sure
You'll never know that

It's me.

I love you, AA.
Tbh, I've been thinking to myself. What to get for you, on your birthday. I really did but.. you left, again. 04.02.2019
Non Pescador Jan 26
In this world full of bacteria, parasites and virus
Can I be your white blood cell?
Weird but sweet. Someone left that note in my locker and I don’t know who is he/her.
eng jin Nov 2018
I swim,
under the twilight sky,
my heart is pounding & my arms are paddling,
struggling to breathe,
yet I push on,
to reach the other wall.

I hear,
muffled splashes
across the lanes as swimmers glide by,
though I could hardly see,
yet I could feel,
one of them fills the pool.

I wonder,
why I press on,
for my health or for my heart?
by now my legs are aching and my arms are heavy,
yet it is a joy,
to be in my hiding place.
Amira I Oct 2018
I realized that the gap between us is way too loose.
I realized that the moment to finally know you is way too impossible.

I let my self took a step back, and my heart laid itself back.
I didn’t straight stop loving you all at once, but I do it little by little, part by part.

Thank you for ever making my days brighter than before.
Please know that it was really important to me.
Sorry if you ever notice me annoying.
Please know that I was just another secret admirer.

I hope to see you around.
I hope fate will cross our paths once again.
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