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Jun 2019 · 327
Mya Jun 2019
I love you
And don't you ever forget
I have always loved you for 15 years
And I'll love you for a thousand more years
Even when I am in heaven I'll love you

And I hope it is the same for you all
Jun 2019 · 585
Dear younger Self
Mya Jun 2019
I could tell you everything you need to know for your future but I'm not. :)
So all you need to know is keep on dreaming of those big dreams and saving up your money like I am and did. Also don't be so afraid of showing your love to people you don't have to say it just show it. Last but not least you are beautiful and your flaws are also beautiful. When it ever comes to a time that you think you are not. Think of your family your as beautiful as your love for them.
Jun 2019 · 423
Mya Jun 2019
Splash of water
A splash of blue and red
Mixing with each other
Making the beautiful purple

Not being blue nor red
But being the neutral
In the middle
Jun 2019 · 338
Mya Jun 2019
Getting higher and higher
Reaching the clouds
They cover me
But I want to go higher
Then even more higher
Than the stars
Told my friend to give me a word and I'll write something out of it on the spot
May 2019 · 848
Mya May 2019
Like an unfinished puzzle
You will continue to find the missing pieces all over the place

And even if there is just one piece of the puzzle missing it may show up one day

Or you will have to go out and find it yourself
Yeah I just thought of this while doing a puzzle and listening to music.
May 2019 · 383
Mya May 2019
When it comes to drawing
I feel that not even one dot
would be considered perfect.

People may say it could be the closest thing to perfect
but if nothing in this world is perfect
my art is the farthest thing  
from it.

In math
I can solve a perfect square equation
but not all have perfect answers
they are just right answers.
May 2019 · 476
New Beginnings
Mya May 2019
Today is a new day
(Jīntiān shì yīgè quánxīn de yītiān)
Once it is tomorrow
(Yīdàn míngtiān)
I will never see today again
(Wǒ jīntiān zài yě jiàn bù dàole)
so I will have to make today
(Suǒyǐ wǒ jīntiān bìxū zuò)
make it a life changing
(Ràng tā gǎibiàn shēnghuó)
To bad I can't post the Chinese characters
May 2019 · 1.4k
I Love Her
Mya May 2019
I love her
but she doesn't know
I am somehow there when she is sad
but she still only views me as a friend
but that's okay
I listen to her problem
and cheer her up

In the end
I can describe all that I feel for her in six words
"I love you very much, Kath"
Inspiration from a movie
May 2019 · 236
Mya May 2019
I scream and yell
never to be heard
I can scream all I want
let out all the anger

                                                          I can laugh and giggle
                                                          as much as I want
                                                          and that is all they will hear
May 2019 · 301
My Brother
Mya May 2019
I need to warn him
that he is in danger
I need to tell him to run
far away

I run as fast as I can to the place
                                                                   he is late
                                                                he has a calm face
                                                      something definitely happened
all I know is I need to help

               once again we argue
      no one winning
we yell out how we feel

                                                   but he just holds up his gun to me
                                        he says he will deal with his own conflicts

I can't do anything
but I have to

                                                 he holds the gun to his own head

I yell his name


I stare at his body


tears roll down
and all I do is just stare at him
I can't do anything anymore
my brother, he is gone
I got my inspiration from a show that I recently watched. This show moved me to tears. I cry for a while even after I finished it. And it was this scene that I would think about and cry all over again.
Apr 2019 · 327
New Moments
Mya Apr 2019
In the mists of all the thunder and lighting
I made a decision
to strengthen my bond with my dad
before its too late
I do not want to die not knowing that my parents
truly love me
because for some time
I felt like no one loved me
people may like me but never love
and the fact that I was never able to accept any love
left me emotionally in a coma
I did not know how to react to things that most people would
and I still dont
I am willing to learn how to
but I am still afraid
I know that writing this probably means nothing to other people
but to me, it is going to be like a written contract to myself
to make new moments happen
Apr 2019 · 1.1k
Mya Apr 2019
Let us make it feel brand new

Let us make it feel nice and clean
Apr 2019 · 706
Who am I?
Mya Apr 2019
sometimes I wonder
Who am I?
am I an artist?
am I a writer?
am I a background character of someone else's story?

Why can't I figure me out?
If God won't tell me who else am I to ask?
Apr 2019 · 705
End it or Slow it
Mya Apr 2019
When you want to just end it all
all of it
at the same time

end time
end the world
end yourself

but all I can do
is slow everything down

slow my heart
slow my breathing
slow my thoughts
Inspiration was from a movie.
Apr 2019 · 800
The Figure
Mya Apr 2019
The figure
Wearing black and white
Walking to the side
With a limp
Is he hurt?
Do I know him?
Does he know me?
My inspiration was from a movie
Apr 2019 · 246
Face My Problems
Mya Apr 2019
When you are faced with a problem
you want to take it head on but
you are scared
but you also know that if you dont face the problem
no one else will
and the problem will always be there
so you know you have to face it even if
it doesn't go away
at least you know that you at lest tried
Apr 2019 · 434
Mya Apr 2019
Hidden in the shadows
Weapons at his side
He has her sent
And he follows
Silently he stalks
He moves swiftly across the floor
Without a flinch
There's a knife through her heart
she tries to look at him before her last breath
though there is no one in the room anymore
I got the inspiration for this poem from a movie I watched
Apr 2019 · 249
He Is My Memory Now
Mya Apr 2019
Life is so fragile
He had all the power
He was the strongest
But his life was turned upside down
Now he has no power
He had to keep hidden from the others
Now his body lays
Out in the open
Amongst the others

The most Beautiful of them all
Now he lays lifeless
In the spring grass
Supposed to give life
But it took him away from me

Now he lives in my
Mar 2019 · 372
Mya Mar 2019
Hidden in the shadows
Weapons at his side
He has her sent
And he follows
Silently he stalks
He moves swiftly across the floor
Without a flinch
There's a knife through her heart
I got the inspiration for this poem from a move I watched
Mar 2019 · 415
Mya Mar 2019
The fogginess in my senses
The scratching down my throat
The burning in my eyes
The pounding in my head
The aching of my bones
The tilting of my balance

I think I am sick
I feel like I'm going to crumble
Mar 2019 · 285
When We Fight
Mya Mar 2019
When we fight
We dont listen to each other
You dont hear my words
Because you are shouting over them
I mean it is not like you would hear me anyways

When we fight
I speak in my regular tone
Which is a small voice that no one hears
And always end up talking over

When we fight
You dont listen on purpose
you need to get your anger out
by hurting me to make you feel better
Even if it is not my fault

When we fight
You yell and shout
Your body language is angry
Your eyes want to cry

I dont know why
Maybe you cry when you are really mad
Or maybe you are thinking of why you are mad
But the reason would not be because
You are hurting me

When we fight
It hurts us both
so let us just stop it is getting us nowhere
Mar 2019 · 477
Mya Mar 2019
I am soaring
day and night
but I know I'll fall soon or later
when gravity decides to pull me back down the earth
Mar 2019 · 3.3k
My world
Mya Mar 2019
"I am everything
The world revolves around me
This time is mine and I am in control"

                                      If its all mine
                                      Why am I so afraid to change it
                                      For the better good of the people
                                      In my world

Why can't I just speak to people
Without getting scared
I want to encourage others to try and change it also

                                 but I am a coward
                                 named courageous
Feb 2019 · 415
Mya Feb 2019
When I tell someone to
leave when I am the one who is hurt
and they leave without a fight

Deep inside
I am hurting a whole lot
Not showing the outside world
that my head
is spinning with a bunch of thoughts all at once
not being able to concentrate on the one thing I am afraid of

Distracted and making myself fear more than several things
at a time
dozens of scenarios pass through my head
with several ways to go through the scenarios
I always seem to get hurt or it concluding with me or someone else dying

Taking deep breaths focusing back to the world I am left to face my real-world problems
Jan 2019 · 189
Then to Now
Mya Jan 2019
Back then, in the sunlight,
your face is bright with joy
as you smile and laugh with your daughter

But now, in the dark room,
your face is filled with violence and hate
as you stare at the killers face
This just popped in my head while I was watching a show when a guy was smiling in a bright room with his daughter. Then in another scene, he is in a dark room and he looked mad and his hair was messy.
Jan 2019 · 1.8k
The Monster
Mya Jan 2019
He hides in my closet
he has a scary look
with ridged nails
and pointy sharp white teeth

But he is shy and doesn't come out
till nightfall
when no one can see him
because he is insecure
and he doesn't want to be made fun of
by the other monsters who wander around

Every time I hear him come out
he is humming a tune
I would softly request him to sing
because I cannot sleep
when he would open his mouth

Wonderful words would come out
sounding excellently in tune
even though there was no background music
in my head, his singing sounded like a symphony
was playing the most lovely melody

If I could I would stay up all night
till dawn
when he would retreat back into the closet
I would listen to him all night

But as he sings
the melody floods me
and my eyes can not stay open
as I slip into a deep slumber
I would still hear him singing

When I wake up
my room is soundless
I would look in my closet to see if he is there
but he is hidden
where I cannot find him
Jan 2019 · 220
warm life
Mya Jan 2019
I dream of the things I want to happen
but I wake up in my own bed with my dog at my side
with her warmth
the cold air in my room does not stand a chance
I wish I could take her with me everywhere
she makes me smile and laugh

outside it is cold and there are high drifts of snow
but she playfully runs around and through them
if I slip and fall on the ice she won't laugh at me but she would look at me then continue doing her own thing
even though she may not know my bottom hurts
she definitely knows that her being there makes it feel like the world loves me more than anyone

she makes the cold feel warm
I dont want her to leave me
and if she does
I'll have to live like she is still there
Jan 2019 · 261
ice cream
Mya Jan 2019
it is cold yet
it can be colorful or
it can be chocolate or
cotton candy
but its all the same with different flavors
Jan 2019 · 225
Out of Place
Mya Jan 2019
Sometimes my heart
Feels so cold
Like a piece of metal that has been left in the snow
Sometimes my heart feels so heavy
Like a five hunded pound wieght
Sometimes my heart feels so tired
Like a teen sitting in a boring class for an hour
All the time my heart feels out of place
Like a giraffe left in the ocean
Jan 2019 · 316
New Life
Mya Jan 2019
Life is brutal
But I know there is spring
After winter
A new life
After one's death
A new love
After one heartbreak
Nov 2018 · 254
Romeos Vows
Mya Nov 2018
Modern-day English

My promise to you is always to love,
I will endure quietly until the end.
You are like an elegant pure white dove,
I will be your lover and your best friend.
I will listen until tomorrows,
I will fight and I will always treasure.
You are as beautiful as a red rose,
It will be just me and you forever.
I will walk beside you hand in hand,
I will tend to you when you're in sorrow.
Cause you are my percussion to my band,
I’ll build you up from here until tomorrow.
I love your heart, your soul, and your singing,
Because you’re my favorite human being.


My Promise to you is always to love,
I shall endure anything until the end.
you are like an elegant pure white dove,
I shall be thy lover and thy bestest friend.

I shall listen from here to the tomorrows,
I shall protect you and I shall cherish your treasure.
thou art as quite beautiful as a red rose,
It will be just me and thee forever.

I shall walk beside you hand in hand,
I shall tend to you even if you are in sorrow.
Cause you are my percussion to my band,
I’ll build you up from here until tomorrow.

I love thy heart, thy soul, and thy singing,
because you’re my own favorite human being
Here are Romeos vows to Juliet in modern day English and Shakespearean. this is a Shakespearean sonnet.
Nov 2018 · 261
Juliet's Vows
Mya Nov 2018
modern English

I want to promise to love you, my lover,
I’ll never hurt you for the rest of my days
At this moment I will be your friend forever
I could tell you my love in many ways

But none of them are good enough for you
I will spend my days with the one I love
Because we are the perfect two
I will always be your elegant white dove.

I hope that we can grow old together
Our families may be enemies
But we could be like garlic and butter
When I am weak you are my remedy

With every beat of my heart,
I will love you till death due us part


I wanteth to gage to loveth thee, mine own lov'r,
I’ll nev'r did hurt thee f'r the rest of mine own days
At this moment I shall beest thy cousin f'rev'r
I couldst bid thee mine own loveth in many ways

But none of those folk art valorous enow f'r thee
I shall spendeth mine own days with the one i loveth
Because we art the p'rfect two
I shall at each moment beest thy elegant white dove.

I desire yond we can groweth fusty togeth'r
Our families may beest enemies
But we couldst beest liketh garlic and buttocks'r
At which hour I am weak thou art mine own remedy

With ev'ry did beat of mine own heart,
I shall loveth thee till death due us parteth
I tried to write a Shakespearean sonnet and converting the modern English to Shakespearean language.
Oct 2018 · 1.8k
Beautiful World
Mya Oct 2018
you look back at the school
and see your tantalizer standing in the doorway
and realize they have been telling you lies about your self and criticizing you by your size
When you look up at the sky
And realize how bright the sun is in your eyes
you look around and see that the world is so much
more fuller and beautiful than they tell you it is
you see the fluttering the butterflies
and hear the chirping of the chickadees hopping around in the grass
you hear the running of water from the creek behind your home
Sep 2018 · 908
Sound Asleep
Mya Sep 2018
When I am sleeping
I am the queen
Of all the land
And all the people are my pawns
My king does not exist
Merely just something the people have made up in their thoughts
This here is my land
And only mine
I will not let the negative views of the conscious world
This is my cotton candy and marshmallow
Where there are no adults to order me around
When I am here
There are no limits
To what I and my people cannot and can do
Sep 2018 · 719
Mya Sep 2018
W                               |\
   O                            |   \
      R   are like arrows|  /
   D                            |/
    / They   \/  pierce \
     \ Through your     /
       \       Hear       /
     With every word
       Your heart brakes
             A little bit more
Sep 2018 · 2.4k
Mya Sep 2018
I am constantly
Running from myself
But I am running out of places to go
If I lose myself
I'll lose it all
Sep 2018 · 843
My LIght
Mya Sep 2018
You make me happy
I felt like I've been sitting in the cold
Dark corner
All alone
Until you came and said
To me
Aug 2018 · 4.2k
Mya Aug 2018
Sunrises are beautiful
a beautiful beginning of a new day
but sunsets are even better
and it shows that you have survived the entire day
without dieing
Oct 2016 · 1000
Poem for the people
Mya Oct 2016
I Wolfy
A girl funny, happy, artistic
Lover of animals and drawing
Who feel loved
Who need love
Who fears Ladybugs
Who would like to see the Forest
Welcome you to my poems
Oct 2016 · 629
Sweet night
Mya Oct 2016
Sweet night how are you?
I am good and I have missed you all day
I was waiting for you
I just love the way the moon shines
In the night how glorious is the
I would love to stay
But some time I have to go
I have to go to bed
And wait for you again
I will miss you we should do this every
Oh sweet night oh how I'll miss you sweet sweet night
I shall see you again
I'll miss you and the beautiful moon
Jul 2016 · 1.8k
True friend
Mya Jul 2016
〰〰〰〰〰〰〰〰〰〰〰〰〰〰〰〰〰〰〰〰〰〰ɪƒ ƴσυ'ʀє αʟσηє, ──(♥)██████(♥)(♥)██████(♥)         (♥) ɪ'ʟʟ ɓє ƴσυʀ ѕɧα∂σѡ. ─(♥)████████(♥)████████(♥) ɪƒ ƴσυ ѡαηт тσ cʀƴ, ─(♥)██████████████████(♥) ɪ'ʟʟ ɓє ƴσυʀ ѕɧσυʟ∂єʀ. ──(♥)████████████████(♥) ɪƒ ƴσυ ѡαηт α ɧυɢ, ────(♥)████████████(♥) _ ɪ'ʟʟ ɓє ƴσυʀ ρɪʟʟσѡ. ──────(♥)████████(♥) ɪƒ ƴσυ ηєє∂ тσ ɓє ɧαρρƴ, ────────(♥)████(♥) _ ɪ'ʟʟ ɓє ƴσυʀ ѕɱɪʟє.
─────────(♥)██(♥) ɓυт αηƴтɪɱє ƴσυ ηєє∂ α ƒʀɪєη∂, ───────────(♥) _ ɪ'ʟʟ ʝυѕт ɓє ɱє
By a friend
Jul 2016 · 426
My friends :)
Mya Jul 2016
Our wolfy is such a sweet girl
from the tip of her toes to her curls
she draws and she sings
and she says such nice things
our wolfy is really a pearl
I give credit to a friend that wrote this for me and wonted to keep it and share it with everyone
Jul 2016 · 3.7k
Mya Jul 2016
Run fun not.
Eak peak
Random words........... I'm bored
Jun 2016 · 545
Sweet sweet night
Mya Jun 2016
Sweet night how are you?
I am good and I have missed you all day
I was waiting for you
I just love the way the moon shines
In the night how glorious is the
I would love to stay
But some time I have to go
I have to go to bed
And wait for you again
I will miss you we should do this every
Oh sweet night oh how I'll miss you sweet sweet night
I shall see you again
I'll miss you and the beautiful moon
I hope you see I love the night
Jun 2016 · 621
Mya Jun 2016
Love is like a rose
It plants a seed
when the rose dies
The seed will give new life a and love
And grow dig a better
And the prosses goes on.....
I was helping a friend with her love life and I just thought of this
Jun 2016 · 601
Mya Jun 2016
Are to be there when you need them
To be a true friend is
Not to turn their backs on you
And not to call you names
Turning back's and name calling has happened to me
I hope it never happens to you
So don't act like your xfriends did
Be a better friend
And be happy for your life
And that you are loved by your new friends
Care for people that u normally care about
Be a friend not a Bully
Chose the best / good friend is Best/ :)
Jun 2016 · 471
I am...
Mya Jun 2016
I am strong
But I can be fragile too
I am Stoic
But I can be a Big goofball too
I am a human
But I am a individual too
I am loving and kind
I do not judge
I am me!
Jun 2016 · 788
I have a dream
Mya Jun 2016
I have a dream
That one day I will
not be judged
by my appearance
But by the content of my
Do you?
May 2016 · 368
The Black Wolf
Mya May 2016
The night is like a
******* wolf full of
Inside it has a fire
That burns forever and shine a
Light on every
Boy and Girl
To keep them safe
At night
At night look up at the sky
May 2016 · 340
Mya May 2016
Heart  are ready to have names put on them
Dark and volant is not what my heart desires
It is desiring a good life
It wants love
Care,joy,not a broken heart
I wants to have a full and happy heart
It wants to  find true love
Love is all I want
What does your heart want??
Just think about it it is simple :)
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