Seema 2d

For better or for worse I will always be there
Thank you for your love, thank you for your care
I promise I will be good in all ways
For you are my world, you bright my days
In pain or in sorrow, in happiness
I will be by your side wading out any sadness
For you my love, I give you my all
Whenever you need me, just dial a call
I am blessed to have you by my side
Oh yes, you ignite my soul being its guide
The trust I have in you shall always remain
As my past was full of regret and pain
I promise to love you till death do us apart
You are the one that rules over my heart
Every breath I take, every move I make
Every thought that strikes, its you I take
You are my start, and you are my end
For God has blessed me to take your hand
Here my love, I give you my vows today
I will always love you like I do on this day...


Fictional write.

Say that you love me
Make me smile all damn day
Your laughter just kills me
I love feeling this way
I guess that it's true
Those things that they say
When you know, you just know
Life with you will never grey

Ready for love to find me again </3

I can't stop thinking about you;

With eyes closed, it's your face I see—

Those smiles, to whom I will give all

A moment, forever I'll keep

I can't stop singing about you;

With lips closed, I whisper your name—

Those ears, to whom I will confess

A truth, forever I will keep

I can't stop dreaming about you;

With my heart open, you came in—

Those arms, to whom I will surrender

A lady, forever I will keep.

Unsung Serenades: "Vows" by Michael Señorin
Mongi Dec 2017


"We're destined together"
Words loosely, and yet famously said
We choose a collective destiny
Have we forgotten that our individual purposes
Intend for us, destinies, uniquely?
It's highly probable we're not forgetting individual destiny,
But what have we considered?
Is it that we're going to fuse our individualities
And embrace a collective destiny?
Or is it that we're going to dare ourselves
And rise up above our diverse purposes?
The latter, does it, in any way
Make us be destined together?
What is the destiny of mankind
United in promise and vow?
If our destiny isn't our only Creator!

What is the destiny of mankind
Josh Overson Dec 2017

Please, I beg.
I can't deal with another

You're my irreplaceable.
My favorite human being

But I'm replaced so easily.
And I feel it pierce my soul

I practiced vows.
I wrote stories.
Imagined fulfilling them.

But they were ripped from me.
And just fucking drowned.
And I drowned with them.
Every night.
Pain and terror.
I'm sorry,

I knew the day would come
You would come find me
As it had been said in HIS Word
So pictures I dreamt of what
You should look like
What I like and want to see
In the one who shall come
To find the good thing that I am

I saw you in every guy, tall and slim
Skin a shade or two lighter than mine
Oh and that one guy who was a shade
Darker, loving and good, intelligent too
I saw you in their voices, sometimes their words,
And actions until I did not anymore
It was love, my kind of love, their kind of love
And it was over every single time

I had had it, this last heartbreak
I swear shattered my rib cage
So I stopped trying to find you
Before you found me
I stopped trying to find you
And begun to find me for you
Digging deep within for the virtues
That I know HE embedded in me
Not just for my satisfaction, but for multiplication
And HIS glorification

Now I know the day is near
That day set for you to find me
Just as in HIS prophesy, I
Got your message
Loud and clear
I anticipate your arrival with
Faith and prayers to last
A lifetime together
In the love birthed
Just for us

©Belema .S. Ekine

IPM Nov 2017

A ready mind becomes
a blade,
to shatter my
outlasting shade.
The past is but a mirror,
yet through it
I see clearer,
a wound deep carved
it stays.
In ways, it's never
forever-this crusade.

Renew your vows,
as the wolf howls,
and now your spirit
burns this hide.
Again, again with
reckless pride,
you needn't see,
you're not danger

A ready mind endures
the pain,
it hides away the wounds
are lain.
An eerie call,
some words begin
to fall,
but focus for it's time,
the black crow is perched
a sign.

Embrace the thought
in ways we're free
we fought.
Us differ from
the fool,
no masters here, no slaves
to rule.

My ready mind
is bright,
with need to help
for right.
A shadow in the night
this lonely wish for just
So what if death is mine
a peacful mind is born
if my example stays

Hey, that's pretty old.
Tranquil Dawn Oct 2017

Running like young eyes
where falling mists have trailed sultry lips
over brimming fields of steepled flame,
tears of laughter transform translucent snapshots
frozen frames.

Flushed cheeks glow brilliantly against trampled strands,
a meadow's mane ruffled by anxious feet,
(combed through life and seasons reaping hand.)
Seeping earth, where soiled doves lay, skin pale
pricked by heavens torrential sighs.

Await my love.

See billowing clouds, as feathers filter light,
the winter steals a kiss, a promise.
The bitter wind is a passionate Heathcliff
wary of Catherine's simple dress.
Still, her ethereal garb beckons his perusal.
He drives the mighty storm to her door.

Watch how snow lists gently down
welcoming vows and stowing secrets
beneath an icy glaze.
Tranquility would never be complete
without the sharp slap of weeping

Rain to snow.
Rain permeates, and snow envelops. Appreciating one without some previous knowledge of the other seems a bit futile. Rain refreshes it stirs awakens, electrifies,  while snow can coax, cajole, and comfort the tired heart. Snows and blankets have much in common I think.
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