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Mine is the name
by my lovers quickening
breaths in lips
as his lightening vessel
thunders and quiver
below our cosmic canvas,
as my eyes blink summons
his release fireworks bliss.
Our twin flame ritual paused
his contract mate,
his leather reins she pulls.
it's tug of war, my hands bleed
Killing me softly with his words.
Kelsey Jul 8
My heart belongs to you.
It always has and it always will.

When I place my hands in yours, i am courageous because i know that we face life together

When you hold me in your arms, i am calm because i know you will keep me safe

When we both say i love you for the tenth time in the day, i am blessed because it does not and never will lose its meaning

I will admit there are times i get frustrated because i dont know how to communicate the extent of my love for you

It is truly the perfect flaw that, even with my love of words, i can't seem to find the right ones to tell you how i feel

But I can tell you this:

Loving you is like walking on air without the fear of falling

Its holding up the world with one hand and playing a symphony with the other

Its dancing on the moon without helmets and still breathing effortlessly
Its laughing when there's nothing to laugh about because just smiling wont do true happiness justice

You were more than a friend, a boyfriend, a fiance and now a husband.
You are the soul that mine has choosen to walk this earth in life with and fly together after death

For eternity with you doesn't mean just in this life, but beyond what we cant see or understand

So may my words stay with you always because this is what i vow to you:

I vow to love you unconditionally, every day, and every second of our lives

I vow to embrace you in the good times and the bad

I vow to face those times with you, together as we've always done

I vow to love and care for our family with you

I vow to support and encourage you in all your dreams and life endeavors

I vow to be your jiu jitsu partner when you get the urge to leg lock me

I vow to do my best at making a decision about what show to watch at dinner

I vow to **** the bee's if you **** the spiders

I vow to stay child-like with you and to remember that life isnt always so serious

I vow to bring the harmony when we belt out to disney songs in the car together

I vow to travel with you and take every place as an adventure even if its down the street

I vow to be your sturdy rock or your squishy sponge depending on what you need

I vow to love you with all that I am for the rest of my life and beyond

I give myself to you now and forever. I choose you as my best friend, my lover, my husband and my soulmate.

Thank you for making me the luckiest woman in the world.

I love you.
Rough draft of my vows. Getting married in 1 month
CI Thomas Mar 15
I remember you
When you were four feet tall
And you kicked me in the shins
For pulling your piggy tails

I remember you
With your thick-rimmed glasses
And some senior girl pushed you around
And you tripped her in study hall

I remember you
On the senior trip to Vermont
And you got a cold
And I spent the whole trip inside with you

I remember you
On graduation day
And you were crying as you drove away
And I was crying as I watched

I remember you
When I walked into that meeting
And you were sitting there
And I made a fool of myself

I remember you
That second first night
And I felt dizzy when you kissed me
And you stayed for breakfast

I remember you
An hour ago
And you snuck into my room
Because we couldn't wait to see each other
FELILA Feb 2019
whimsical hues
pretty pastels
dancing birds and
singing angels

mix of colors
the blues and pinks
mystic faces
our laughs and tears

look at the sky
stop the pretend
evermores too
come to an end

every minute
clouds are shrouding
and now you are

look at the sky
stop the pretend
evermores too
come to an end

the setting sun
seems to await
hanging around
for something great

there is no point
in her waiting
she herself knows
he's not coming

look at the sky
stop the pretend
evermores too
come to an end

the moon is late
the sun has set
he has appeared
but she has left

so came the dusk
starless somber
from serious vows
into strangers
The dreaded waiting game.
I come before you with not just words or promises. I come to you with a vision. A vision of our future.

A vision of our love, loyalty and the dedication we will share over our lifetime together. Of the roots we will plant, the home we will create and the family we will make. Of the blood sweat and tears we will sacrifice for each other, but that our laughter and joy will make them seem so very small.

This vision is something I never saw before you. And you have made me see it all so so clearly.

I will grow old with you.
I will go grey with you.
I will be with you for as long as this life allows me to be.

I am sure of you.

I vow to you that I will remember this vision of certainty in the hurt and sacrifices that are inevitable in life. Through the bad days, through the tough months through sickness and any obstacles.

I am sure of you.
A gentle kiss for one longed missed. A white dove from above for dearest beloved. My lady has it been a thousand moons; by God's will, I'll see you soon.

Eyes of that of blue moon, what greater sight than bride to groom? In sickness and in health so shall this be. In poorness and in wealth stay by me.

From the moment this knot is tied, until the day this man has died; I'll be there to wipe your tears; I'll be there to fight your fears; I'll be there to keep you safe; I'll be there to hold you near.

Whether it be day light or eternal night, you should forever be the apple of my sight.
Jayaji Jan 16
Before you go falling in love with anyone else,
fall in love with yourself.

I don’t just mean the one in the mirror, I mean the
one with whom you spend your every waking hour.

The one you sit down to eat every meal with,
the one you lay down to sleep with every night.

Before you go searching for your soul mate, seek out
the soul within you who knows no opposites.

How can you give yourself completely, when
you are incomplete?

Before you go seducing another, align yourself
with the allure of your own gaze.

The eyes are a mirror, yet, how do you tell a reflection if you do not know from where you are looking?

Before you go throwing yourself upon
holy altars, throw yourself at the doors of yourself.

Keep knocking until freely there is an opening. How
would you arrive outside if not by a door inside?
Before you go proclaiming vows, promise one to yourself:

To love, so long as you shall live; for richer, for poorer,
in sickness and in health. till death do you part.

Before you go, promise me you’ll never forget, to take this lover out dancing, out dining, out smiling.

That you will treat them well, as a treasure, as a gift;
you may well be the luckiest one on earth to know this.

So before you go, know this,

before you go,

know yourself

as  love.
Kenneth Gray Dec 2020
I'm so sorry that's its over now
we've abandoned sacred love
The passion we once held so dear We are now devoid of
We've past the point of no return
And now the end is here
The sanctity of marriage destroyed
An act I always feared

Do you take this man to be your
Lawfully wedded husband?
You nodded quickly and said I do
As we happily both grinned
Your answer I believed at once
To forever be upheld
The tribulations came and went
Then against love you rebeled

I held on tight and fought the fight
But my grip was not enough
We endured so many storms
but in the end they proved too tough
You slipped away so savagely
Your willpower grew so weak
Now our marital ship has crashed ashore
We no longer speak

After all is said and done
I have one thing left to say
If I could choose to do it all again
Its a price I'd willingly pay
Even though I suffered so
From this spiritual endeavor
My vows were to love you til I die
So I'll keep loving you forever

I cannot believe in your idiocy
That you no longer love me
Please let my final words imbue
And set your ignorance free
Even though all hope is gone
And this situation is very dire
Love is not a perishable good
Love does not expire
These are my final thoughts about my failed marriage. I'm using this writing to wrap it all up and finally put it away.
Nolan Willett Dec 2020
It feels as though something has ended,
Philanthropy has been expended,
People are left to their own devices
To sink into their own vices.
It’s not right, that we’ve lost our care
For how our fellow man fare;
Blind to one another’s pains
And entropy is left to hold the reigns.
What we lost, can we ever find
When we ourselves are so supine?
Nevermind we’re all one soul
That together form a reconciled whole,
Different branches of a single tree
Limbs that emblematize you and me;
And when we leave the poor out in the cold,
Forget and ridicule the old,
Renounce our secular vows,
We’re just splitting off another bough.
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