Meadows, valleys,
Fields of wide pasture,
That’s the thought of today as we come together,
Us in our wedding vesture.

Whatever the day brings,
The sun still shines;
And we are together,
Like branches along vines.

Thankful for this time,
We share with close community
Our joy and happiness
While we have the opportunity.

Two hearts sync
As one beat in time;
The feeling is as whimsical
As the voice of a wind chime.

We profess our vows
Aloud to each other;
Endowed we are
With the love of a mother:

Caring, understanding,
Hopeful in all;
May our time beyond our reception
Be as nourishing as a banquet hall!
Wrote this for my cousin who's getting married next month!
Tell me lies
As my feelings flies
Tell me truth
Cause it hurts so good

Why your lips taste so sweet
And yet it tell me just to quit
Why you act so malevolent
When all I can do is benevolent

You kiss me under the pouring rain
It's so romantic and yet I'm in vain
It's like killing myself in mercy name
Cause I'm hoping for your love that
You didn't give back.

I was sitting with this paradox thing
I just love you and nothing left
Just me and the broken glass of faith
With so much you and less of me
Francie Lynch Apr 22
My friend's Father,
Who's just that,
Has a Papa Francis.
And her entire congregated family
Won't acknowledge her
Very existence.
How can she communicate.
There's a crack in the crucifix,
And it's splitting, running up the wood,
Past the cruciform,
To the Head.
I don’t know your face.
I know the shape of it. The curves, the lines, the beautiful contours.
I know the idea of it.
But I don’t know your face.
It is hidden to me.
Not always.
Not forever.
Just today. Right now. In this moment of strife.

I said words that were beneath me. Words that made less of you. Painful words.
Words ill-fitting and ugly. Unworthy words.
I said them. I meant them. I hate them. I hate myself for saying them.

You are no angel.
Your imperfections are beautiful and heartbreaking.
You are mine. I am yours. We take turns hurting, biting, maiming.
That is not who you are. It is not who I am.
It is who we are together.
Not always.
Not forever.
Just today. Right now. In this moment of rancor.

You said injurious words. You raged and quaked and yelled.
Your words have broken my heart. They made me feel small. Insignificant. Impotent.
You said them. You meant them. You hate them. You hate yourself for saying them.

I love the all of you that I know.
Some parts are hidden. I have kept things hidden as well.
We share those hesitantly. With fear and trembling.
We hold back. It protects us from shame. From rejection. From loneliness.
Together, we reject that shame. We know this.
Today. Right now. In this moment of healing.

We made promises before. Promises for then and forever.
We are one. Bodies, spirit, hearts. Knitted together by holy words. A holy vow.
We said them. We meant them. We love them. We love each other for saying them.
There is a mysterious power to your love,
     Wholehearted, sophisticated, at times underestimated.

I wouldn't be as close to you if you didn't want me to be.
     Almost 10 years ago You wouldn't have stayed on the phone for
     An hour and a half, While I mumbled about how much I liked
     you, and maybe we  Should/ Could/ be Together as a couple/ if
     you're into that... If you didn't want me to be.

You wouldn't have told your Dad on new years eve at midnight
     At the table together celebrating, That we were marrying.
     The night I tried to propose. By the way Rick-
     One more drink that night I was so close, to asking I swear.  

Tonight, we have a lot of amazing people here with us.
     Thank you. I have the courage Tonight to say to you and to
      family, and friends, promises I've made in secret, love that is
      understood, in ways that won't take an hour and a half.

With the influence of your love.
     Even if our memories fail us, I like to think somewhere outside
     Of time. Under the stars of future and fantasy.
     This more than a promise.
     There will be an intimacy that will forever be felt afar.
     I am not a believer in much.
     I admit.
     I do believe, however:

     No matter how we part, our love exists as different veins of
     The same heart.
Writing this in secret, she might come home while I write this, ssshhh
Salem Noxolo Apr 3
I made a Vow To the wind once.
it had no consequences
and was based off of Only Love.
i told her
"whenever it's windy,
i will always be happy."

You see
i'd just been walking,
listening to her thrash objects- around.
she made a sort of song,
and played with my hair,
much like elementary students.
she has a sense of sophistication
defining her demeanor.
and to appease her
i told her i loved her
because i do.

in return
maybe she blows away my sorrows,
or perhaps it's all me.
follow the Capitalized brick road
Millions of thoughts dedicated to you.
Applausing I am of your every move.
X-ray my heart and you'll reveal.
It'll skip beats leave room for you.

Little I must seem up close.
Open I am for your embrace.
Vows I'll make only for your sake.
Easy just trust me, I'm your rose.

Yes sun sets in the horizon.
Only death could make me run
Understand flowers may die with day.

We don't have to be this way.
The Vows

I am ready to commit to you in a way I've never committed to another soul, to give my heart to you no matter what circumstances life may throw our way.. I am ready to give my mind so that we may prosper and always have fresh ideas so that our love and lives will thrive... I am ready to give my all to make you happy as you have made me the entirety of our time together. I am ready to communicate no matter what. To speak what's on my mind, so you will never have to read between the lines. I am ready to love you forever and always,for you to be my morning... My noon.. And my night... I am ready to be your life. So without a moment more of hesitation, I'm ready to say I do..
“‘i really can’t explain water,’”
she told me gently,
“‘i can only say it’s hard to breathe,
but god is it worth the smell.’”
by the time her drunken voice went out,
i realized we weren’t talking about the rain anymore,
she once fell for me
and i once fell for her.
never again,
i vowed,
the day she made these godawful tears pour,
but here she is,
and i’m hoping i won’t want more.
we were a match made in the middle of a school,
i never thought i’d be thinking how could she be this cruel...
things change and feelings do too,
“but baby one more thing,”
she said half asleep,
“never forget that i love you.”
maybe that's it. we eventually go numb; because you can't break a heart that's already broken
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