TSK 1d

When I find myself with you
I find myself in not only this moment
But in all the moments to come
to have and to hold
from this day forward.

It’s the Saturday mornings
with their lazy light
and the birds crisp songs
and all the trials and battles
stand still as we remember,
for better or for worse

And the Tuesday nights
as the keys hit the table
after a long day is over
when work was rough
and the week has just begun,
for richer or for poorer

It’s in the Sunday afternoons
as the sun traces its way across the sky
and we rejoice in what we have
whether it be hard or heartening
or the good and the better,
in sickness and in health

Its then that I think of you
In a thousand little moments yet to come
And its then I must remember
to not be so excited for forever
that I forget it is happening right now,
‘til death do us part.


I asked her to stay calm
She told me her heart was too wild
It could not be tamed
A fire burned in her soul
I gave her a love she could only buy from me
I was her dealer, and blind lover
For I saw love through her

Mono Sep 9

Romeo promised to run away with me
to a castle where it was for us only
and I held his hand and started moving
to an empty house I sad waiting
for I was to filled up with lies of true love
that I didn't see he crossed his fingers
and now he fled with Juliet
to an island where they shall meet
so I pulled out my heart and closed my mind
soon after Romeo and Juliet had died
and I was left shattered and dead inside

My romeo has fled...
Sun Aug 23

My disembodied eyes
search for the unending vows
The sky howling with clouds
My feet wait for the unknown roads

Time exiles me
into perpetual uncertainty
I empty my mind
I bury my wishes

You occupy my thoughts
Nothing in detention of oblivion
I shut my eyes in memory lane
Darkness cries for light

Are you coming home?
Moments passed by
I put the curtain partly open
To let wind and air in
Light comes and goes by

A beautiful emulsion paint
speaks with me
I keep writing poetry
You can call them beauty or perish

I put a part of myself
in some stanzas
To find myself
When everyone forgets

Is this how it meant to be!?
Life says color your silence
Call them poetry ....

Clive Blake Aug 13

May we forever be lovers,
May we forever be friends,
And should we hurt each other,
May we quickly make amends.

May we enjoy our passion,
But never let compassion die,
Thinking in selfless terms as we,
Never emphasising I.

May we forever be soul-mates,
May our love eternally last,
May the food of love sustain us,
May we never have to fast.

May we use each other’s strengths,
When we are feeling weak,
May we both learn to compromise,
And always as one voice speak.

May we never keep dark secrets,
May we never tell each other lies,
May we both work unceasingly,
To ensure our love never dies.

Mande Tonde Jul 26

And to you, my child
I cannot promise you the world
Nor a string of jewels to wear on your neck or even money
But I can offer you my love
A love so great with the magnitude of black holes
Not just the cool ones in your science books
But the ones that swallow entire planetary systems and clusters of stars
I can't promise you much, baby girl
But I can promise you that you'll never ask yourself if someone loves you
You'll never wonder if there's a point to life
You'll never doubt your worth

Baby girl.

I was raised by a hard man
But a hard man who loved women
A hard man who loved his women
His wife. His mother. His sisters and his daughters.
I was raised by a man that taught me to stand tall not like her father
But like the woman she would become
I was raised by a man that taught me to reason. To think. To question authority if need be.

Go out into the world, baby girl, and live.
Be who you are even when that's not enough for your crush next door.
Because at the end of the day,
The Sun will set
And the Moon will rise

Poetic T Jul 7

Claustrophobic lullabies
collecting in the tear ducts

             He silently exits the chapel.

Her white is transparent of her regrets

He texts:
              "I'm sorry,

Francie Lynch Jun 19

I made a promise that I've kept,
An oath I carry with every step;
A naked vow when undressed,
A pledge I'd no desire to test.

You made a promise that you broke,
An oath you mouthed when you spoke;
A vow that withered, dried and choked
The pledge that now sticks in your throat.

Was it your intention then
To take the words and make them bend;
To throw your voice like a ventriloquist.
Were your fingers crossed behind my back?

We clearly heard your words of honour,
Your assurances you'd never wander;
A bond to tie us til we'd die,
A covenant sworn between you and I.
Words... words... words.

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