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Aleph Oct 7
Even if from a distance confined
Realisation of the greatest respect
By life’s volatility remaining aside
Still craving to protect

Understand for a fact
That even if a worst fortune
Prevented me to act
And accede to no more importune

Despite lying on the ground
No longer dwelling in the trails
Words unable be found
Prevented to share tales 

Veiled in the dark of night
My gaze no longer hunts yours
Eyes not reacting to light
My affection still endures
Wind forever forsaking my lungs
Heart that have no more hours
The words shorten in our tongues

 When I alone await in the tomb
For the cycle to be complete
 Returning to the womb
Making this life obsolete  

 Still aspiring to be your knight
 When life no longer allow
Quiet and resolute I will fight
  To fulfil my silent vow

Hear my lonely plight
Angel in all your shine
Help me with my regard
Complete my vision
Always in her guard
Replace me in my mission
some feelings dispense definitions, there are a lot of ways to care
some are  so strong that go beyond time, beyond space beyond egoism
Belle Oct 7
M, I vow to love you. Simply and purely, Just you forever.
I vow to hold your hand through hardships and cheer your victories. The small, the large, the ones that seem like they couldn't be.
I vow to be your family, no matter who comes or leaves our life. May our family grow, though if it does not, may my love be enough.
I vow to keep you company, all the days of your life. In person or through spirit.
I vow to hold God in our relationship. That he might guide us to love one another better.
I vow to love you, M.
Not really a poem, but after Paper and Diamonds, I thought I'd share...
Itunu Sep 7
I am choked up by your love,
for me
I am choked up by my love,
for you
And I am in blissful happiness the further I drown in the sea of you.
I am in love with every part of you,
so in love, I forget to breathe.
And I want to breathe in every part of you,
I want to breathe in all the air we share,
so that we become so close, we are one.
I am in love with you,
every part
I am infatuated with you,
And as I say these vows to you, I promise to you,
I won't forget to breathe you in,
I won't forget to hold you close,
I won't forget to love you
As much as you love me.
Once upon a time in a world of make believe
There lived a little girl very young and so naive

In her world, there were no tears no broken hearts to mend
For she believed that fairy-tales all had a happy end

As she grew she always dreamed that one day she would meet
A young and handsome prince who would sweep her off her feet

Then one day her prince arrived and got down on one knee
Declaring all his love, he asked her will you marry me”

Walking down the aisle to him the thanked the Lord above
For making all her dreams come true in finding her true love

Standing side by side their vows of love they say
An ordinary morning became an extraordinary day

They face a new beginning where their hopes and dreams came true
They sealed their love forever as today they said “I Do”

Fate brought them together two halves that made a whole
Two strangers who connected and found each other’s soul

Their love’s a sacred flame that will burn eternally
Nothing here can dim its glow or change its destiny

For each line on their face there is a story to be told
Each precious moment shared will be a wonder to behold

Time stands still for no one things will change along the way
But always they’ll remember the vows they made today

And as the years pass by their dreams they will fulfill
And that little girl will know that fairy-tales are real..
Jenna Sep 3
Marry me. Let's make vows and promises and kiss with everything we have, while dancing the night away.

Marry me. We can have a daughter with your eyes and my smile, who laughs more than anything else.

Marry me. We can go travelling in our mini van, stressing over every turn before pulling over to the side, trying not to argue in front of her.

Marry me. Let's eat meals together and fight about the little things and never let a single thing go.

Marry me. So we can yell and scream in front of whoever we want until even the silence hurts.

Marry me. Let's break all our vows and promises and never kiss again.

Better yet divorce me.  We can pretend nothing happened and that marriage is overrated because love never lasts and I'll pretend if you will that I do not think about you every time I go to sleep alone.
دema Aug 23
i don’t trust you
to love me through
thick and thin,
when you’re
holding my hand
and when the
distances grow
to think of me
always and
not just when
you need a fan,
when you know
me by heart
but not understand,
to give me space
and not let me
push you away,
when i need your
presence and
your silence as well,
to help me through
my mistakes but
not ease the pain,
when you share
who you are with me
and i don’t get scared.
Stephen James Aug 18
as i join
my life
with yours

i'm vowing
to be more
than what i've
been before

i vow that
as your husband
the one that
you put your trust in

your thoughts
and feelings
will find

in the depths
of this heart
that keeps beating
for you

i'm vowing
to be your

as daylight dies
and the night
grows cold

you will
find warmth
in these arms
meant to hold

i vow
to be
the shoulder
you need to cry

i vow
to be
the friend
you can rely

i vow
to be
the rock
you can lean

i vow
to be
the foundation
you can build

i pray
this day
we may
in honesty

in unity
a new song
in perfect

and with
a determined

i vow
to love you
a poem
Eloisa Jul 20
I stared at your sun illuminate my world
when I thought I lost my shine
I stared at your colors paint my canvas
when I thought my life was dull
I stared at your eyes declare the truth,
telling me your dreams, love, and vows
I stared at the calluses on your palm
as your hand capture mine
Star BG Jun 8
As I stand at alter
to marry poetry with heart,
I see the guests arrive.

They are letters that dance
upon dance floor of mind.
They are the ones
that bare presents of phases
to scribe another poem,
as marriage celebration continues.

Do you Star BG take
the creative spark called love
for better and worse?
I do
And do you Master Spark Vortex
promise to continue
to shower her with light?
I do.

I now pronounce you
Mr. and Mrs S Vortex

May you create baby poems
to be shared with visitors eyes
who watch them grow.

May you be bounded
inside passions
where the pen will speak
inside all experiences.

And may you live eternal
with fire of love
to anoint the Universe
and celebrate life.
Just playing with the thought of getting married to my poetic self.
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