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what could i possibly do
to be able to keep looking at you
without inching too close
to your burning surface

and what could i keep doing
to stay in your good grace
so i can watch you like a movie
and re-read you like my favorite ballad
on a cold winter night

you would be the one to share your blanket

i felt so incapable of feeling
yea there's so much behind this, i feel like it sounds confusing and maybe it is.
I try to say "hello"
when the first time I saw you,
but I didn't

I try to say "hi"
when the second time I met you,
but you didn't see me

I try to say goodbye
when the last time I wanted to leave this feeling alone and decided to take the right time to do the same,
but you love me,
and say, "hi"
Indonesia, 14th July 2021
Arif Aditya Abyan Nugroho
Raven Feels Jun 25
DEAR PENPAL PEOPLE, very old draft:?

maybe God just God maybe
the sea
the underworld not water meant to be
the air
the too much hollowness for a free soul fair
the fire
the heated blare that makes cold a liar
the earth
the destined
the chosen
or is it not
because from where I stand people are standing alot
and a sane man can see the cuts
in eyes or in harmed hands and hearted plots
maybe God just God maybe
I am blind shot

A house whistling in emptiness
Continental Educator Chocolate Morsels Farina Brown Sugar
Old linen closets that squeak
Ghosts wrapped in sheets sitting on beds
Ice Box Cookies Thin Mints
Children wrapped in rooms empty of joy
Raisins Honey Almonds Melons Coconuts
Books read to you as you read
Dates Carrots Figs Pomegranates Apples
Man Jan 24
close your blinds
i can see in
close your eyes
i can feel them
and when i look inside
you seem to hide
so close them
off to me
off to the world
and shut us all out
if you have to
i'm here though
Amanda Kay Burke Dec 2020
Like a feather long to float far from here

Falling gracefully
Greener grass

Your lips function as a compass
Guiding way

Every time we kiss come closer to the peace I desire

You blew me away
One simple whisper

Away from living hell with wind created by a single word

You had come rushing in
Turning life upside down
Tornado of the loveliest design

It was your hot breath that sent my whole body tumbling in a whirlwind of time and ecstasy

Before a breeze could not even shuffle papers resting on my desk
Now a sigh is all it takes to devastate my life
As long as exiting YOUR mouth

Come to warm meadows with me

Above us we'll go

Two letters uttered from you
We'll shoot like rockets into the sky

Your words have the power to create beauty but also the power to destroy it...
Garrett Johnson Nov 2020
Empty and all else.

Falseness starting with an end.
Within relapse.
Within relapse.
Such certainty.
And catastrophe.
When the slide in Athens becomes cyan.
And tired.

Garrett Johnson.
Burroughs taking all the fun.
Poetry Art Oct 2020
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