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haiku. haiku, hi
ku! haiku, haiku, haiku!
haiku, haiku, hi!
i'm bored.
Hello poems
I'm your penman
And your ship which has sailed over a thousand times

Hello times
Where are you going?
Lord knows in nowhere you will find

Hello no one
Hello some
Hello life and underwhelmingness of love

Hello certainty
Hello un
And hello to you my most newly begun
underwhelmingness - Not a real word lol
Daisy 3d
Cigarette ******* and ******
All these things
I beg him to bring for me
Charles used to buy
He was a nice guy
He loved to lie
I’d die for his lie
When he speaks, I kiss the red sky
He meant bye when he said hello hi

Diamonds and gold coins and cherry pie
Charles loved to buy
All these things for his sweetie pie
All I want to do is get high
And one day he left me alone here to die
He said that
I don't like your moonshine eye
She's so mature, you are  a ******
I have to move on, you are just a dophead *****
You call me honey
But all you want is money
You pretend to love me
And I know you are only a dope sick
Psychotic and toxic

When Charles slapped it felt like a kiss
And When he yelled it sounded like a whisper of affection
Charles said that I am lunatic
He's so cruel, he took everything I love from me for that sidekick

I am so lifeless
I might die tonight
And the last time I write
Baby, I don't know to fight
Only you can save me, right
But I know Charles ain't gonna save me
Cut it up
Lay it out
In a line
Let’s go

Take me places
I don’t know
In a line
Let’s go

Conga line
It feels fine
In a line
Let’s go
Thorns Nov 13
Don't you hate it when you simply say "hi." and get the rudest reply

Or when you say hi to a friend and they act like they didn't hear you

How about when you say hi to a random person and either get

hi back or a "Who the **** are you?!"

Hey, I just wanted to say hi

Why be rude

Why be a ****

L Oct 30
I want to explore you

(Is this what this is?)

I want to hold every inch. I want to graze. My eyes they hunger. My mind tries to satiate my hunger but alas. Nothing imagined can compare. It is only fact. The only fact i know for a certainty.

(Okay, maybe thats a bit of an overexaggeration. But.

Shut up.)

I always end up giving up. Wind up throwing in the towel. Too wound up. Dissatisfaction.

(I almost said insatisfaction. But that would have been incorrect. No no. I am correct. Always. I am me. Me is right. Ha.)

I need to be pleased. Please, please me. Dear *** what is going on. Inexplicable feels in places unpredictable. In ordinary actions turned utterly and splendidly extraordinary.

(How cliché.)

Sweet toxicity. Unexpectable, unsuspecting poison in every glance, every look. It holds me firmly with an unrelenting grip that says "there is no such escape from this destiny." And the words are such a pleasure to hear. And i want to hear them over. And over. And over again. And i want it deep and commanding. I want definity in the way that it already is. Who could ask to escape from something such as this. What poor blind fool would willingly give this up. This infinity. This immensity.

No. Not i. Never. I could never deny this. Not now or ever.

I am a happy captive of this place
in life
in which i am present in
at the moment.
Oh well. Here it is. Lost treasure.
It all started with a simple "Hi"
And ends with a simple "Bye"
I'm still on the process of accepting why
You left me hanging with a clueless mind
I just can't forget how sweet you are to me
While the fact that it was just a lie stating that you also loved me
I thought we can be a lover someday
Owning you as my property was just a dream to portray
Goodbye that's all I can say
To my lover that turns into a real quick stranger
Sa Hi talaga nagsisimula ang lahat hanggang sa nagkagustuhan at napunta sa ligawan tas ayon nauwi sa pagmamahalan hanggang sa nagtapos sa paalam. O diba ang "COOL" lang? Ang cool, asawa ni Ante. Djk. Pero seryoso, ang sakit lang.
Is there a way of a loving goodbye?,
Far beyond my dream come true?
Is there a reason for my why?
Do you mean the answer is you?

Oh no, no, of course not
Let's heat that water ***
Make it cold when it's hot
Drink me, but touch me not.

Just like the sea,
waves "Hi".
Leave no trace,
as it waves too for "Goodbye"
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