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Mya Apr 13
When you are faced with a problem
you want to take it head on but
you are scared
but you also know that if you dont face the problem
no one else will
and the problem will always be there
so you know you have to face it even if
it doesn't go away
at least you know that you at lest tried
Britney Lyn Jan 2018
No one sees the real thing.
Demons dance for her and sing.
Ashes of flesh coat her skin.
Bones of darkness lie within.
The game she plays, a trick of mind.
The beauty she is will make you blind.
Once you allow this temptress near.
Your heart will be only that of fear.
Her lust to **** is all she seeks.
Her words will end you as she speaks.
The Greek Goddess of Evil and Misfortune.
The personification of Infatuation - "the rash foolishness of blind impulse, usually caused by guilt and leading to retribution.
She was the daughter of Eris and Zeus and a temptress who lead humans toward evil.
Cat Fiske Oct 2015
I ate a whole thing of oreos in front of you,
and then,
*I ate another.
i am thinking he does hate me or is repulsed.
I have passed among the raging waters
and dealt  with all the pain
I get along with the voices that are inside of my head
and work well with the monsters that are under the bed
the weight of the whole world is held on my shoulders
and I am fine with that
as long as you know that I am not immortal
And will end up dead
I have nothing more to complain about
this is all up to you
If you want make a wish
and I will come back
Spoon is car yellow air,
Taste the run run bare.

Lie, lied, liar, stare,
Swoosh, arr...  I eye dare.

Seven ate nine,
Do you want green legs and lamb?

Stop pew pew mue mu ahh..    ****,
I am not a cat but a mue mu ahh... ****.

Why are you still reading this crap?
Are you not entertained?

— The End —