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You were my ever-after,
but I failed to exist to you.
When you have someone in your heart, but rather not say anything to avoid ruining the kind of relationship you already have.
Xoe Feb 28
Your a true friend,
Nothing more nothing less,
You hide yourself away,
Your body kept for someone,
But that someone isn't me,
You're blonde braid shimmers,
It hits the light of the moon,
I can tell your smiling,
You only show feeling in the dark,
Where you feel safe, no one can see,
No one can think your weak,
I always ask permission,
Careful not to get to close,
But sometimes I wonder,
If this is all we are,
I haven't had to many friends,
But even so they all felt different,
Different then what I feel
Then what I feel in your eyes,
So I really need to know,
Are you where I am,
Because I am here, standing by your side.
This was inspired by Reese and Hetty's love story in Wilder Girls; an absolute MUST READ.
Kunbi Feb 24
You told me yourself that “little things to you matter”
Being around you I’ve unconsciously adapted that feeling when it comes to you.
You say these things and the side of my brain that usually never gets what it wants is being feed.
Building emotions on the words you say
Building emotions on originally empty words
You don’t do drugs but you parade it around an addict .
You are very aware I’m trying to dispose of my feelings for you.
Seeing you the way you see me
But you make it difficult every time you call out with “psst”
I don’t want to lose you, that is one awful big mistake.
I hope you get past your shyness and let me in
Or maybe... maybe you are just afraid you might lose me when you really open up on how you really feel.
I really wish you’ll stop playing games even when deep down I feel you enjoy it.
So talk to me or make my coping mechanism easy for me

Honestly I don't know
Alja Dec 2019
Maybe I should stop talking to him
He friendzoned me
He clearly told me that he doesn't wanna be anything more than just friends
But maybe there is hope
But maybe I am wrong
Maybe I am annoying him
Maybe he is just too polite to tell me that
But why is he so nice...but yet so mean
I feel sorry for him
I don't even know why
My eyes are filled with tears
My heart is filled with pain
But my mind
My mind is filled with anger
And I wanna make him sorry for his words:
You mean a lot to me, but i would rather see that we just stay friends.
For all of us who have been through thisy
Alja Dec 2019
I catch myself thinking about you
A lot
But we are just friends
Aren't we
You probably don't think about me as much as I do
But that's fine
We are just friends
And you probably don't care about me as much as you care for your schoolmate
We are just friends
But why does it hurt when I catch you talk to her
When I see how happy you are when she is near
But we are just friends
Even if I wanna be something more
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Vani Dec 2019
You are kind
You are sweet
You are caring
You are gentle
You are loving
You are caring
Any girl would be lucky to have you
But you're not 'him'
And that's why we can't be together
Adesina Temidayo Dec 2019
I know this relationship is new, 
Your character i know a few, ‎
I'm an introvert, how do i relate with you, ‎
Truth is we barely meet, but in my dream all i see is you, ‎
When you're around why do i feel this chill, ‎
Then when you leave, in my head its slide show of you, 

Several theories,  but i find it hard to accommodate,‎
The fact that i am in love again,‎
This love ******* i'm scared to participate,
Paralysis of d mind, m feeling numb again,

As i stand there, stiff like a statue, ‎
I couldn't help, but stare through mid-air, thinking about you‎
Your eyes ,  your smile‎
Would they really mind if your words were lie??
I know m scared to look you in d eye,

Because my broad chest couldn't stand the fire, That burns thru,‎
The desire, am scared of being accustomed to, ‎
Wondering how, because you wandering around in my mind has become a custom too, ‎
And if i migrate illegally into your heart, will i get arrested by the customs too,
And get kicked back to that junction where i became friends with you,‎
Sometimes i wonder, do you feel the same way I do?

When you hear my name, Does it twitch your brain,‎
When you see a girl around me, do you go in rage,‎
Do you laugh�, like a ****** when you read my text,
or smile like a fool, when you're alone in the room, going through your phone reading our messages.
How do you feel if you don't see me a day, ‎
Also do you hold on to your phone � 
if my promised call was delayed??‎
And hope every text or calls you received comes from me, ‎
Did you ever wish i'll b d one to buy you that diamond ring �, ‎
Few Years later. We hold hands and sing lullaby for our kids,‎
When you look me in d eye, do i send a chill through your spine,?

Wait let me explain, while staring at you, i see these spark in your eyes,
Or did that only happen in my brain‎, No maybe it was my mind,‎
But I am always willing to sit and talk to you every minute I get,‎
Let the night come, while we watch the stars, if i see one shooting,  i'll be quick to make a wish,  that the night never ends, ‎
Or request for hours longer than 24 so we can have more time to spend,

Hold hands and gist about our future,
Swears my heart is in love,‎
But my brains asking me questions, are you sure??
What if, she wants to lure,
You in, take waht she wants n leave you num‎b‎,

Like she injected paralysis in your soul, ‎
You feel dejected, because your missing rib just broke your bone,‎
Oh,  m confused , my thoughts just profuse, ‎
What if she's not in love n don't feel what i feel?‎
Or probably she's lost in lust of my biceps and physique,‎
What if all she wants is just a taste of my ****?‎
So  scared babe,  permit me if i cause any delay to ask you out.‎
Am just afraid you might say, lets just b friends i don't want your feelings bro. ‎
And then you'll walk me back to that FRIEND ZONE i tried to escape, so please tell me how do i cope??‎
#disoriented #confused #demented #unclear #hazzy #foggy #bewildered
Chienaegeyo Nov 2019
I was there when he court you
I was there when the day you answered him. And you and him are officially dating
I was there when he kiss you in the forehead
I was there when he broke you up and turn your heart into pieces
I was there when you cry hard and the main reason is him
I was there...

Until this day, I'm still here watching you walking in the red carpet with your parents. You look so beautiful in white. your smile is so precious to me. I'm so nervous for you, I look in to your eyes and I saw the happiness in your precious eyes. You look at him and give your sweetest smile. Until you and him kneel down in front of the priest and exchange your wedding vows and wear the ring.

Since the day we met
Since the day you and him are ON

Since that day, I was there waiting for you to notice me. Yes, you always see me, talking to me, laughing with me but... You never feel my presence

Nina Oct 2019
I'm always falling in love
Loving someone like
I've never been hurt before
And i guess that's what i do best
Loving someone
that doesn't love me back
Aaron LaLux Sep 2019
an excerpt from THHT3: The Hollywood Hearts Trilogy Vol. 3

...See she says if we have *** she’ll feel guilty & regret it,
I don’t want to be one of her regrets, so I get gone to prevent it,
apparently she associates *** with trauma from her past,
& I don’t want to open old wounds because I’m sensitive,

still my sentiment makes me ask this,
since when, did our past begin to define us,
when it’s always been our present destiny that we manifest,
I don’t know I guess sometimes we forget & have to remind us,
that we angels albeit fallen & all of us are Heaven sent,
& sometimes only moments like this are where we truly find us,

that scent, on your skin, mixes with the wind,
sending signals, to my brain, to release serotonin,
sea breeze, coconut trees, please jeez I’m on my knees,
I’m ready, & willing to start when you are, just say when,

still, my sentiment makes me ask this,
since when, since were names so inappropriate,
Scarlet’s a darling sure, but far from a harlot that’s my word,
so far that actually she abstains, resisting like a soviet,

since when,
were you so absent from class that,
you forgot the basic fact that,
all women are divine even when abstinent,

honestly I’d rather be,
laying in this hammock with a Goddess that’s abstinent,
than rubbing while clubbing,
getting used by a drunken **** that will soon be a has been,
a has been that can’t get a reaction not even a fraction,
nope I want a genuine artist, not a bad act with bad actin’,

I want laughter I want rushes,
I want her because with her all of that comes in bunches,
her inner instinct is distinct,
& is much more than just what a hunch is,

a hunger for wonder, what’s for lunch kid?

Let’s have a picnic this instant & then get down to business,
actually let’s scrap the deal & forget all about business,
let’s get up let’s rise like the tides & ride like the winds,
let’s make some magic & let God be our witness,
we’re in this, no limits, no gimmicks, no scrimmage,
no cynics, no stupids, no skeptics, no septic, no sewage,
no sadness, no losers, no handcuffs, so tragic, the truth is,
that abusers, abuse but, their tactics, are average,
so when, they attempt it, we just shut down, that madness,
make them, step back, back track, & send them packin’,
& once they realize what’s happened,
they retract & shoot back with,

“I’m so sorry, jeez, please accept my apologies,
I didn’t mean, to try to take all of your Light Energy!”,
ok we hear them plead,  but don’t accept their pleases,
we tell these fickle fleas, “I think it’s time for you all to flee!”,

peace, & their gone, along with the whispers in the wind,
& we’re in the hammock again,
Scarlet & I still off our mark & still high as ever,
gone like the wind our world continues to spin,
distracted by our addictions which is apparent,
from the scars we’re wearin’ in the body we’re currently in,

with red eyes, no bullseyes, no bullsh!t, just straight facts,
think about the best thing you could ever do in your life,
& rest assured we’ve been there & done that,
all true in all ways in other words this’s all correct,

from Venus to Mars with,
a darling named Scarlet,
she leaves an imprint on my soul,
though with no crayon nor marker, she uses her armor,

no mark, no start, no finish,
no gimmicks, just livin’ this life we live that we live to the limit,
with words that are true in all ways in other words all fact,
we progress in order to obtain a peaceful coexistence,...

∆ LaLux ∆

THHT3: The Hollywood Hearts Trilogy vol 3
available worldwide 9/9/19
a part of poem 15 of 99 from THHT3: The Hollywood Hearts Trilogy vol 3
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