You promise you would always be there but that was before your heart fooled you. She will never love you because she has loved someone who has the same blood as you. He has felt her toss & turned inside her & left a mark. But don't act like you have not meant the world to her. You were a friend before anything. You've never kissed or made love but the way you look at her tells it all. He is in love with someone that doesn't love him back & why does she have to be me. I've never been the one to break hearts but what I've done to you is like premeditated murder.

Hindi ko alam kung ano ang aking gagawin.
Pilit ko pa rin iniisip na meron ka gusto sa akin.
Ewan ko ba kung bakit ako nag gaganito.
Dahil sa aking nararamdaman ako'y litong-lito.

Ano pa ba ang aking dapat gawin para masabi 
Itong lihim na pagtingin ko kung may pagkakataon ikaw ay aking makatabi
Hindi mo ba alam na ang aking puso tumitibok para lang sayo.
Kaya ngayon ako'y nanghihina ng loob kung patuloy kang lumalayo.

Dinadaan ko na lang ito sa tula para mabasa mo
Kahit mabasa mo ito huwag kang titigil maging kaibigan ko
Sana'y rin ako maging masaya at malungkot sa piling mo
Kaya sana huwag kang makakalimot sa babae na ito.

Kaibigan ko at naging no label zone ko rin.
Sana mabasa mo ito yung tula na to, dahil alay ko to sa iyo.
Gusto pa rin kita pero parang malabo na yata, E.
Sana rin magkita ulit tayo.

I get distracted by little things
It looks like I’m hunting love
I know I want Love
But then I get distracted by simple momentary things
I know who I am supposed to ask out on a date
But, seems easier to ask someone else
Because I’m too scared to fall for that person
And get “we’re just friends” as a response.
“Hey I love you why you telling me your dramas about the guys you like but end up lying and hurting you?”
I think
But I never say
I just listen
“Don’t be fooled” I say
“I won’t” she says
Weeks later she telling me the same old stories
“Try me”
I think
But I never say
“What if she is telling me to ask her to be mine? What is she thinking?”
I think to myself
Gosh, I wish I wasn’t too scared to lose you as a friend
I wish you knew I mean it when I say I missed you every time I see you after two, four or eight months
I wish you were mine
Just mine
I fantasize about the things we could be doing if we were together
Then I remember what we had
Were we too fast?
Was it a perfect thing on a bad time?
I don’t know, but
I loved every little moment
I told her she’s one of the best things that ever happened in my life
I meant it
When did we fuck this up?
When did we become just friends?
Am I in love?
How can I win her back?

(to be continued)

Dameon Smith Mar 13

New Message.
I'm beaming
The minute I see it's you.
Click Click Click
Message Sent
Just a simple
How are you
New Message
How was your day?
New Message
I miss you!
New Message
I love you!
Click Click Click
Message Sent
I Love you Too!
Click Click Click
But not the way
You love me
Click Click Click
I want to kiss you.
And date you.
And hold you.
Backspace Backspace Backspace
Click Click Click
I'm glad we're friends. :)

I hate that I fall in love,
With you,
That you are my friend,
And dread the weirdness,
If you said no
Or yes,
That I become lost,
To how I would act

I mean,
I cast my thoughts
Away from your glamouring smile
The warm innocence in your eyes,
From which I find delight,
Of my reflection,
Picking out snow dust,
From your long and satin hair

You dance,
to a tune of a harp,
Of the winds of youth,
A heavenly bosom
An angelic body,
Peering through white cotton,
Filmy to a mind's eye

I hate to love,
The way you lie,
The brightest mind,
Forever a master,
In the chambers of my heart
That my soul is to you,
And so is this body
To bleed as you please

Why do I,
Long for you?
Do you even see me?
Perhaps it is, in the stars,
Where you hang as the moon,
And I,  
Am the wolf,
Howling, at your radiant beauty

Karen Nicole Feb 4

sino ka nga ba, at ika'y dumating bigla?
anong rason mo, para biglang magpakita?
sa buhay kong magulo
sa buhay kong sakit sa ulo

tumagal ang mga araw, linggo at buwan
ako'y unti unting nasasanay na lagi kang andyan
hindi sinasadya, ika'y naging importante
laging hinihiling na nariyan ka parati

ngunit dumating sa tanong na "ano ba tayo"
at ako'y sinagot mo ng "magkaibigan tayo"
'di ko alam kung anong dapat kong maramdaman
ngunit ang masasabi ko lamang, ako'y iyong nasaktan

aaaminin kong ako'y umasa't naging tanga,
sa mga kilos mong naakit akong talaga
akala ko kasi'y parehas tayo ng damdamin
ngunit ikaw pala ay hindi para sakin

sinulat sa tahimik na gabi ng sabado
Chris Tó Inácio Dec 2016

Open your eyes...
The person you've always dreamed about is there...
Right by your side...
Open your eyes...
Not those on your face...
Open your eyes...
The eyes of your heart...
I know, is not exactly as you imagined...
But that person has what you need...
Open your eyes...

bong valdoz Dec 2016

As you walk down the aisle
of the church where we first met.
I see you smile,
the sweetest smile that I ever get.

You look so happy
in your white dress.
You're like an angel
so full of grace.

You enter the church
and the music played
and when you looked at me
I almost fainted.

In the front of the alter
You say your vows
Then came the candle, the ring and the chain

When you say I do
That's when I knew you really do.
But even though I want to
I can't really respond to you
because its not me that your are talking to.

to those who fell in love their best friends
Shitty Girls Dec 2016

when the dusk came
you still won't went home
you said you didn't want to leave me
and that's made me happy

i knew
you did that as a friend
or even a good friend?
but you didn't know how
how loud was my heart beating?
and you didn't know how
how loud was my throat screaming?

"hey, stupid he didn't love you, he called you 'friend' but you want more?! you know you can't do, but you still do."

and when the dawn came
sun was trying to rise
i was looking for you
hopping you were still here
you no where
and that's broke my heart

and now,
you'll never know
you'll never hear
why did you do that?

i know,
people come and go
i hope you don't
but you still do.

fresh-outside Dec 2016

You are the reason why
Reason why I laughed too hard
I smiled too often
and I cried too much

You always make my mind is freeze
Freeze just like an ice cube
So I can't do anything
Except smile,
and except let the butterflies flies on my stomach

I don't want to be naive
I like you,
A lot

But, we are just like a very good friend
Yeah, friend

It's hard to say no, while it was yes in my heart
It's kinda fun, for you to say a sweet word to me
But please, don't say it too much

I just don't want to say that I love you while it was true
I know you, more than anyone

You did shit a lot to all of the girls
And here I am, to say that it's bad,
that the KARMA will shit you then.

but from the deepest of my heart, im sure
i want you
i love you
i need you
and i dont want someone to hurt you
and i believe in you
that you will never hurt me

please, stay with me
i love you

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