Am I a Dumb or you are A Numb?

As the sun shines in the east,
As the wind whispers in my ears,
As the time continuously passes by,
My love for you never last.

Your my Halley’s Comet.
Your my dream come true.
Every time our eyes met,
Heaven and hell collide.

You’re the heat that keeps me warm
In a cold breeze.
Your touch lightens up my nerves
Oh darling!  My love my one and only
Why did you ignore me?

Am I hallucinating too think of you every single day?
Am I too pathetic, when I daydream of you every second of hour?
Oh darling! My love my one and only
Why didn’t you feel my presence?

Are you too numb? Or am I too dumb? To love you this way.

What can I do?
When I think, I've fallen for you
Would you believe it's true?
If you've already fallen for another girl too?

Everytime I'm talking with you
Every moment I share with you
Would you believe that I've cherished it so true?
'Cuz I think, that's the only thing I can do

Please open you eyes
Tell me the truth, not lies
Do you like me?
Or I'm just ANOTHER FRIEND you see?



I keep looking for an exit;
hoping and praying that all these confusions;
be straightened up and give me clarity.

I hate having to make up stories in my head;
that all the things you do for me;
you do for true love.

And all I ask;
is there an off switch for this?
because my heart's fed up;
with false hopes and broken promises.

So I met this guy and he treats me like a queen even though he knows I'm gay and all. I'm afraid to ask him if he also has feelings for me. Because what if he's just used to this kind of relationship between him and a gay friend? I remember last week, the day of my birthday, we met early in the morning to go by and hang out by the shore and I was surprised that he came prepared because he brought with him a picnic cloth and a drink for two. We smoked there and talked for almost 5 hours. and then he gave me a gift after, two books. hahahaha i love him.
Mary-Rose H Jul 13

So many words
trapped under the
ironclad guard on
my mouth,
all labelled with your
precious name.
Words- which flow
as easily as a
bubbling brook
into each other, to
make confessions
so teeming
with love that I have
no doubt
they would take your
breath away.
Confessions- which I
don't regret not professing,
but rather
regret being unable
to utter.
Because however
deeply attached I am to you,
and however
much you
surprise me
by genuinely
so caring
for me as well,
there will,
even if we were
by some
d    e    c    a    d    e    s
of every day together,
always be that
one key
element missing;
the one that would
the cell
these words.

Everything I consider saying out loud feels either like too much or too little, so I just stay silent.
Natalie Jun 22

I wanted to say
I wasn't sorry
for kissing you tonight
but I am
because I know
you wished I hadn't

Natalie May 26

They say I'm a jack of all trades,
but I am only a master of few
They say I'm a catch
because I like what they like
and I'm low maintenance
I don't consume their time
and I'm decent to look at
and I do all the other things
a good woman is supposed to do
'what else could a man want?'
'damn near perfect'
'the mind of a man
with the softness of a female'
and I tell them I'm not that great
and they laugh
they say I'm fishing for compliments
they say I'm crazy or being modest
and I promise them they will see
and all that crap
that makes me so damned appealing
won't keep them interested
a breath of fresh air
only lasts as long as a breath
and then they're looking
for something fresh again
and they never believe me
because really, none of them know me
and they all try,
a couple of them harder than others
but it all ends the same
and I never say 'told ya so'
when they're leaving
cause really, whats the point?
there's no tricks up my sleeve
I always promise what you see
is what you get
and for most, after the glitter is gone
what they get, is never enough
and I wish to God it was
cause it sure would be nice
to be wrong for once.

just a flow of thoughts

I want you to be happy but why does it hurt so much to see you happy with someone else
It hurts seeing you look at her with loving eyes because I know you'll never look at me the same way.
Those looks, smiles and touches will never be mine because I'm just the friend on the side line

It sucks because I know we'll never be more then just friends.

Bakit nga ba tayo sumusugal?
Sa mga bagay na wala namang kasiguraduhan.
Sa mga bagay na di natin hawak ang kalalabasan.

Bakit nga ba tayo sumusugal?
Sa mga bagay na gusto nating makamtan,
Pero sa bandang huli ay pwede tayong masaktan.

Bakit nga ba tayo sumusugal?
Kahit alam na nating wala nang pag-asa
Ay pinipilit pa rin nating umasa pa.

Bakit nga ba tayo sumusugal?
Kailangan pa bang idilat tong mga mata,
Para lang mamulat sa katotohanan?

Bakit nga ba tayo sumusugal?
Kahit alam natin na tayoy pwedeng mabigo,
At masaktan ang buo nating pagkatao?
Kasi mas iniisip natin ang posibilidad
Na tayoy maging maligaya,
Yung ramdam mo ang tagumpay,
Yung abot mo na ang pangarap mo sa buhay.

Kung di ka susugal,
Kailan pa?
Kung di ka susugal,
Talo ka na.

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