rom Dec 2017

Hindi ako mahal.
Hindi ako ang mahal.

Isang salita lang ang dumagdag ngunit parang isang katutak na patalim ang pinukol sa aking puso
Pigang piga sa paulit-ulit na pananaksak, pagsasawalang bahala
Hanggang sa maging abo nalang ang dating apoy na nagbabaga
at ang mga dating "Tama na," "Ilan pa ba," ay nagiging "Sino ba siya?"

Sa paulit-ulit na pagwasak sa puso kong dati nang durog,
at sa ating mga pagsasama kung saan ang kanyang pangalan ang tanging tunog
Walang tigil ang hangin sa pag-duyan ng isang paumanhin
sa pag-ihip papunta sa puso kong kapos ng iyong pag-tingin —

Mahal, huwag kang humingi ng tawad
dahil hindi lang ikaw ang nagwasak sa akin
Huwag na huwag kang humingi ng tawad
dahil lang siya ang iyong iniibig
Huwag ka nang humingi ng tawad
dahil lang hindi mo ako kayang mahalin.

Originally written last November 27, 2017 for a visual poem.
Angela Rose Nov 2017

I am solely the best friend
I am used to that

I am the girl you invite to the game because you think you're going to score your first home-run of the year and I know the sport well
I am the girl you have proof-read your poetry to make sure it is okay to show another
I am the girl you rehearse the love song for to assure that it is suitable for sharing

But the home-run is never made in my honor
And the poems will never mention my name
And the beautiful love song was never meant for me

But I show up to the game with a sign decked out in glitter with your name and number held up high
And I let you know that a sonnet is fourteen lines and should be written in iambic pentameter
And I tell you your voice was sounding a tad flat when you were singing the lyrics "Baby this song is all for you"

You say "Thanks, you're the best friend a guy could ask for"
And I smile and nod, I am used to this

Love Nov 2017

It's been so long since she had true affection,
she longed for it so hard,
she sought it in the arms of a friend,
who knew not what she felt,
destiny or fate,
she always thought he was a friend,
but perhaps she was wrong,
maybe she didn't see there was more there.

So she sought him and tried,
to find a love she'd once lost and forgotten,
there's bliss at the start,
but she never felt that love,
she told herself she'd still be content,
she made a promise to both him and herself,
that she'd make it work.

Xaviera Allan Oct 2017

Whether or not I am beautiful
I have a heart of lead
I cannot be convinced otherwise
I'd rather die alone instead.

What you see is not broken
It's how I'm meant to be
Opinions do not matter because I know
You cannot be fixed by me.

Do not tell me what I am
Even if it's kind, I'll deny
It stings; my body is not a front
To hide sexuality behind.

My friendship may be lost to you
Because I don't reciprocate
Love is not a medal earned
Or an achievement to get.

For all the misunderstood asexuals, there is nothing wrong with you.
Jungdok Sep 2017

I was your Harry.

And you were my friend, Hermione.

I liked it when people see us together

And tell us we're fit one another

When in reality,

I was just an extra in your story

I loved you secretly,

Even though reciprocating it is just a fantasy,

And so I watched you end up with my bestfriend, Ron

When I knew that should've been me.

*in reply to a poem I saw on facebook by Zace del Pilar*
Aditya Roy Sep 2017

One wink and I’ve fallen
You've always noticed my every step
I didn’t want you to pit me against girls with bad reps
I’ve been noticing you crestfallen
Why honey you’ve been increasing your reps
But me being me knows that it isn’t all about the muscles
But it does equip you better to handle fights and tussles

I’m not asking for attention
But I don’t want you to look down
I’m there for retention
In case your moments as class clown
Gets too much and you get detention
I’m there for all your goofiness
Although I have my assignments and assessments

You know me as your close friend
That’s why I’m not in your league
So in the end
After we’ve passed out I’ll probably still be your colleague
Even though I have no hope turn again from love or your gift
But however when the time comes I’ll probably accept another man’s lift
I’ll remember and reminisce our friendship and how it could have averted the calamity of being adrift

I hope to never open my mouth
To have the tolerance to keep things from going down south

The boundaries of the friendzone.
rom Sep 2017

heto nanaman ako,
iniisip ka, sinta.
heto nanaman ako,
iniisip kung bakit hindi maaring maging tayo
iniisip kung hanggang kailan ako masasaktan,
hanggang kailan ko mararamdaman
ang makapinsalang tatak ng pagiging isang matalik na kaibigan (lamang).

paki sabi nga sa akin, sinta:
ilang luha pa ba ang aking iaalay
ilang malulumbay na kanta pa ba ang aking pakikinggan
ilang tula pa ba ang aking isusulat
bago kita makalimutan nang tuluyan
bago kita mamahal sa paraan ng pagmamahal nila sa isang kaibigan
bago kita tuluyang mapakawalan?

heto nanaman ako, sinta:
iniisip ka
at naghihintay na iyong sabihin,
"biro lang, sinta."

Nat Sep 2017

The mountain of words
has sundered
and literature
has fallen away
I see you
as you really are
and I was wrong
so very wrong
about you

MVannesa Jul 2017

Am I a Dumb or you are A Numb?

As the sun shines in the east,
As the wind whispers in my ears,
As the time continuously passes by,
My love for you never last.

Your my Halley’s Comet.
Your my dream come true.
Every time our eyes met,
Heaven and hell collide.

You’re the heat that keeps me warm
In a cold breeze.
Your touch lightens up my nerves
Oh darling!  My love my one and only
Why did you ignore me?

Am I hallucinating too think of you every single day?
Am I too pathetic, when I daydream of you every second of hour?
Oh darling! My love my one and only
Why didn’t you feel my presence?

Are you too numb? Or am I too dumb? To love you this way.

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