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Nina 1d
He was my entire world
But i was just his friend
Nina Jul 2
My friends asked me
Who is that guy?
Is he your boyfriend?
You always go out with him?

And all I can say is.
We are just friends.

Obviously it seem like a lie
But it's the sad truth
There was nothing more between us.

My workmates asked me
Do you have a boyfriend?
Who is that guy in your phone?
He's your boyfriend right?

And it pains me to say
He's just a friend

Every single time
With tears in my eyes
With the stinging pain feeling to say it out
We were just friends
Or used to be at least.
Paras Bajaj Jun 6
now that we are not friends anymore,
I hope you would keep my secrets secure.
now that we won't ever meet again,
I hope it would only keep us sane.

all the new places we won't ever explore,
I wish to walk away wasn't my only cure.
all the best food we won't ever eat together,
but I am sure you would find someone better.

I am sorry for all the times
I've asked you to love me back
and I don't blame you at all
because compassion is all we lack.

and if you are worried about
me going behind your back.
rest assured my friend
I won't ever dare to do that.

Nina May 29
I love you so much
I miss you all the time
I want to be with you every second

But it *****
Because we are nothing now

I don't want to be just friends with you
I want you to be mine

So if i can't have you
I dont want you at all

Being friends will just hurt me
Too much
It's better off being nothing at all
Nina May 21
I didn't like him at first
But something about him made me love him
Something about him made me want him
We got so close
And I thought I could finally call him mine
But as the time past by
The closer we got,
The more distant I feel we have become
And that's when I fear,
Him leaving me,
When I thought I could fall in love
But end up falling in isolation
Mya May 20
I love her
but she doesn't know
I am somehow there when she is sad
but she still only views me as a friend
but that's okay
I listen to her problem
and cheer her up

In the end
I can describe all that I feel for her in six words
"I love you very much, Kath"
Inspiration from a movie
Nina May 16
We are just friends
Friends with a special bond
We kiss
We hug
We meet almost everyday
We can't go a day without talking to each other
We miss each other the moment we part ways.
We only behave this way towards each other.
We are "just friends"
Weird how everything we do,
Are what couples do,
and yet,
We are only friends.

So one day, i might fall for someone new.
Someone who will love me and call me his girlfriend.
So do not blame me when i leave,
Because you just wanted to keep me as a friend despite loving me the same way as i have loved you .
Miss Luna May 16
You called me beautiful,
you called me attractive -
I didn't want you
to look at me
that way.

The only thing
I really wanted
was to be
at least for you.
Darryl M May 8
I haven’t seen a face of yours that I don’t like.
Even when you frown.
I try to make things right.

Out of all these ravishing ladies in the world.
Your heart is the one I want to know.
The heart truly deceives what the mind perceives.
But I want to love you till the lies fade.

If you’re to perceive, why deceive?
I’ll adore you even more once the truth reveals what your smiles withhold.
Hold me for the night, you’ve got my weakness to hide.
Just for your love, I’d dare to surf the highest tide.

Time has brought us together.
But loving you isn’t a hobby to pass time.
As time goes on.
So is our love would flame on.

How a woman feels should matter to the guy she’s seeing.
Look at me sweetheart, I’m to see.
It is said that the heart is wicked, who can cure it?
I guess, you’re my cure.

Am I blinded, because I just want you to see.
Without you by my side, what’s there to see?

I loved you then, I still love you now.
I think what won you back then, would still keep you now.
Am I a fool for loving you?
Or am I just not full of your love?
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