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Bhill Oct 2020
im tired of the conflicts erupting between us all
let's get our act together and answer the needed call
the politics and policies are in grave need of revision
why can't we get together to avoid the mad collision
throw away all the so call facts and see what's going on
quit throwing your temper into the fray and creating a nation that's gone...

Brian Hill - 2020 # 278
Dr K S Bhardwaj May 2020
Fight Between Rulers And People
For Latter’s Democratic Rights,
Is Just Like A Tiny Lamp Who
Faces A Storm To Safeguard Its Light.

And Fight Goes On And On
To Become The First World War,.
Few Objectives Achieved
Rest Are Left For Second World War.

Who Cares For The Poor?
So The Struggle Goes On,
May Be Waiting For The Third
To Stop The Unjust System Go On.
There Goes On A Struggle Between Rulers And The People. The Latter Are Generally Exploited. So The Struggle Goes On.
Julie Grenness May 2020
When  did  I learn somewhere,
That Capitalism does not care,
Should have realized when  I was young,
Economies flourish best with guns,
Over here in Oz, you see,
Iron ore and uranium, basically,
These fund our economy,
Is the human race naive?
Depends on what you believe,
Uncle Sam will want you and you,
Take care, young chicks and dudes,
Armed conflict soon everywhere,
When the Covid antidote is here,
Capitalism does not even care....
Feedback welcome.
Mark Sep 2019
Folksy blokes, like ya struttin’ ya thang
If you’ve come out of da Grand Ole Opry
But, won’t stay around for any old music sang
If it’s causing their head, to bob up and down and go all floppy
While rugged mountain men riding in some country rodeo
Can just step right up, to a Appalachia recording studio
Put down several tracks and become a worldwide pop star
They sing about hillbilly ways, while cogging or flatfooting from afar
Talking ‘bout wild hogs, gators, foxes & how so many more
Taste so great, using leftovers as bait & making real men roar
Old fables, told through pictures and patterns, upon knitted quilt
Even showing the feuding days of the Hatfields versus McCoys
From both sides of Tug Fork stream, with many unemployed  
Although Asa and Devil Anse, said, ‘they hadn’t much guilt’
All because of a judge and 5000 acres of unusable swamp land
Once owned, by a close kissin’ cousin named, Perry Cline
Who didn’t even get any blood on his hand
They started a war, that could’ve been stopped
By a bottle or two, of good ole mountain moon-shine
Both clans almost wiped out, if last man standing had accidentally dropped.
Mya May 2019
I need to warn him
that he is in danger
I need to tell him to run
far away

I run as fast as I can to the place
                                                                   he is late
                                                                he has a calm face
                                                      something definitely happened
all I know is I need to help

               once again we argue
      no one winning
we yell out how we feel

                                                   but he just holds up his gun to me
                                        he says he will deal with his own conflicts

I can't do anything
but I have to

                                                 he holds the gun to his own head

I yell his name


I stare at his body


tears roll down
and all I do is just stare at him
I can't do anything anymore
my brother, he is gone
I got my inspiration from a show that I recently watched. This show moved me to tears. I cry for a while even after I finished it. And it was this scene that I would think about and cry all over again.
Adina Alvarez Apr 2019
i don't know why,
i don't know that this could happen,
i did'nt try to cry,
but tears are just came rushing.

such an unevitable sadness,
destroyed the walls of happiness,
put me on a spell that started the madness,
the light that is slowly, consumed by darkness.
~~~ just a way i interpret myself losing me in a peculiar way maybe
nabi 나비 Jan 2019
sometimes it seems like life would be a lot easier
if the conflicts were a bit more sporadic
if they were more spaced out where we had the time
the time to deal with the conflict or situation healthily
and then heal from it and learn our lessons
then in a bit the next conflict would come along and it would easier
i mean, don't get me wrong, conflicts and challenges that life throw at us
are exactly that, conflicts and challenges
they aren't meant to be easy things, some are easier than others
but none of them are the most basic problem to solve
and life being the thing that she is isn't going to make them easy on us

it seems like all of our challenges we deal with in our lives come all at once
it's like pulling a book from the bottom of the stack and they all come tumbling
all these conflicts come at once bringing so much with them
stress, anger, heartbreak, jealousy, almost anything we could ever feel
and sometimes they just won't let up
the books sometimes feel like they are continuously falling
and sometimes we can't save every book that falls
sometimes the spines break and a few pages fall out
but maybe that's the way it's meant to be
the conflicts will come and we will get through regardless of how difficult they seem
sometimes it's okay to lose things in the conflicts
as long as we don't lose ourselves in them
Ammar Jan 2019
There will be time
When I'll put down my arms
Lay my armor aside
Embrace the warmth, and live.

But until then,
gears up.
Just like my life my heart is an atrocious mess
Trying to do right but the only way I seem to go is left
When I try to cry no tears seem to form on my bottom lid

I think of you and my chest feels shot with a volting stun
Sounds stupid but this time I think Cupid said uc the arrow and blasted a gun
When I wanted to help you I lost my mind when my demons wouldn’t let me give you some

I didn’t want to go back to what I knew would end
But my hearts too real and everybody knows we had a past back then
Told myself I’d be there for the moment even tho when it was over I’d want to bury my face in pills & soft dust again

I wouldn’t say my heart is broken cause that already happened a long time ago
But it’s so conflicted and it’s like instead of fixing it I just step on and crunch the broken pieces and **** brain cells so memories drain from my dome
I wouldn’t say you have to forget to fix things but that’s all I wanna do when I get to missing you cause of my heart , just cutting too close

As I write this first poem I think of how you motivate me to do things I always wanted to do but simply just never did it
Like this meditation of words explaining the conflicts in my heart, like a peaceful flashback you give me a warming vision
I still hope to go to sleep at 4 am having a miraculous dream with only me and you in it..

The pieces still Linger in my chest, the only Conflict is putting them back together
Sammie Nov 2018
Midnight is on its way
Moon and stars by its side
Still I lay awake
My eyes open wide

Day has finally come
To shine bright like the sun
Still this mind wanders
And the thoughts make fun!

Thoughts have always been like this
Taking everything as a joke
Be a tad bit serious
And they give me a big poke

Mind finally overpowers these thoughts
Thoughts of accepting defeat and running away
And so the deed is finally done
As this time neither did the heart nor the mind sway!

They work in perfect snyc
Something I'm not used to
I'm literally amazed
At the magic of those two

Everything feels so very perfect
Only until this magic stays
Then again the world is upside down
As mind fails to keep thoughts at bay

They dive back in the pool of mischief
Try to fake an innocence
But everything they think after that
Is nothing more than nonsense

This is how they make a world of their own
With all their mischief, innocence and fun
And this way they try to keep you alive
For they stay right there for you until you're done
Let your thoughts wander.... They would guide you back home!
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