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tryhard Dec 2019
for all the doubts and second thoughts
for all the failures and the loss
know that there is a reason
you are still here
know that despite it all
you overcame your fears

for falling short and falling behind
for living in the dark
and yet seeing the light
for countless nights
knocked down on your knees
and yet in the morning standing with peace

for thinking you've been buried
underground for so long
for discovering that actually
you've been planted all along
you need to see, you have to know
honey, you were made to grow
this was sitting in my notes app since december 2018 and just thought i'd post it here
JT Nelson Dec 2019
Broken sunglasses
Sitting on my dresser
If I can find the part
Out there somewhere
I can fix them

Jeans too small
In a drawer in my dresser
If I can lose some weight
With diet and exercise
I can wear them

An unframed print
Waiting for a frame on my dresser
It was for a friend
That I don’t talk to anymore
But I could

That dresser is full of “if”s
It’s got drawers and drawers
Of “should’ve”s and “could’ve”s
Things I need to do
And fix.
We all have things we need to fix or change... doing a little inventory just now and realizing that I need to do more than I thought.
jerelii Oct 2019
Be the best of you
As much as you are willing to engage and develop
One's self.
You are willing to get many ideas
Or becoming a researcher in your life.
Always willing to listen
Always willing to learn anything.
And always be a fighter of go-to-go target
In your self.
Oct. 21,2019
Carl D'Souza Jul 2019
Patient-Endurance is the virtue I need
when striving to improve the situations
which Destiny has brought me,
for while the situations
are not yet improved
I need to patiently endure.
Carl D'Souza Jul 2019
I accept
my mistakes
as in the past;
and in the present-moment
I strive to improve my self
so I don’t repeat these mistakes
in the future.
Carl D'Souza Jul 2019
I never blame myself:
I accept
what has happened
in the past
as Destiny,
over which I have no control.
I focus
on improving my self
in the present-moment
to achieve
the wisdom and virtue
to improve my situation
to increase my joy and happiness.
Carl D'Souza Jul 2019
When bitterness bites my heart
with anger, resentment, hurt
and a sense of unjust treatment,
what should I do?

Does it soothe my heart
to accept what has happened
as Destiny?

Does it soothe my heart
to strive to discover
what I can do
to improve my situation
to increase my joy and happiness?
Carl D'Souza Jul 2019
Is the challenge of living
to build a Kingdom of Heaven
here on Earth?
By striving to discover
in our current situation
opportunities for joy and happiness,
and striving to discover
opportunities to improve our current situation
to increase our joy and happiness?
Rose Diamond Jun 2019
i wonder sometimes,
if ill ever be okay,
if this felling of sadness
will ever go away

if my smile would be real
and the gleamer in my eyes will return
if ill ever love myself again

is it too bad to hope for things to get better,
because they say that before the light comes the dark
is it okay to cry a little forever
i wish i knew what has been planed.

so ill hope for the best,
try and keep my hopes high,
fake a smile every day
till it becomes real at last.
Mya May 2019
Like an unfinished puzzle
You will continue to find the missing pieces all over the place

And even if there is just one piece of the puzzle missing it may show up one day

Or you will have to go out and find it yourself
Yeah I just thought of this while doing a puzzle and listening to music.
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