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Build the car with thicker metal
Give it a bigger engine more power
Beef up the brakes and gear box
Improve the other things
You’ll get an improved model
Looking like the old one
But with state of the art
Features full of benefits
Ride drive like the winds
Nobody and nothing to stop you
A souped up Olds Mobile
Give it some on the road
Ride to meet the Devil
Nick Armbrister
there’s a seed I planted a while ago.
I have watered it every day,
some days more, some days less.

there have been heat waves and thunderstorms,
heavy rains and snow.
and as the seasons change,
the flower has become stronger,
it continues to grow.

and as I look at my roots today,
I realise I‘m no longer just a seed,
here I am, in full bloom, indeed.

- gio
kaileia Nov 2020
healing (noun)
the process of making or becoming sound or healthy again.
"the journey of healing is long and painful
but the end is worth the hurt."

2. healing (adjective)
tending to heal; therapeutic.
"self love was all the healing i needed."

healing is a path that not all are brave enough to walk.
one cannot be pushed or forced into healing.
they must make the choice for themselves.
the first step starts with
my healing
Sarah Khan Oct 2020
The hypocrisy of your thoughts

Remembering your own flaws
Tear yourself apart so often
When you can't even quit your ego
Out of relationships, you run

Messed up with your own insecurities
You want someone to find you perfect
Unable to eradicate your own negativities
You wish someone could ignore your defect

How can you expect love from someone else
When your own life is on the broken shelf?
You wonder if anybody could ever love you
When you cannot even love yourself

While you see people smoking and drinking
You think they're being so cool
Comparing to them, you think you're dumb
Unaware that they're the biggest  fools

Tired up with your own challenges
You want someone to think you're strong
Unable to even prove yourself
You wish nobody assumes you wrong

How can you expect love from someone else
When your own life is on the broken shelf?
You wonder if anybody could ever love you
When you cannot even love yourself

You see people who inspire you
You watch everything they dare
Yet you think you can't do any better
It is in you what you're looking out there

Torn up with your own failures
You want somebody to appreciate you
Unable to even accept the challenges
You wish to be daring like quite a few

How can you expect love from someone else
When your own life is on the broken shelf?
You wonder if anybody could ever love you
When you cannot even love yourself

-By Sarah Khan
We've all heard that we should treat others like we want to be treated. But perhaps, we learned the reverse? Maybe, it should say, "Treat yourself with the same love and respect you want to show others." You must check this video on how guilty our thoughts make us. We aspire that people should think we're perfect, yet we're so messed up with our insecurities. We aspire that people think we're strong, yet we don't want to take challenges. We aspire people to love us, yet we can't even love ourselves. So, charity begins at home. Remember, Kim Namjoon had once said, "You're not ugly, you're just born in a judgemental society." We must not create the hypocrisy of our thoughts and think upon our actions the way we want people to think about us and love ourselves, the way we want others to love us.
Mane Omsy Mar 2020
Take me home
Whether the weather is harsh or long
Place me down
Six feet underground
Pray for me while I decompose
Raise your voice and strike the force

Loose the chains
To prepare for changes
Amanda Kay Burke Mar 2020
Smoking until struggles fade to black
Leave for awhile but always come back
To the dust collected in my nooks
Heard by crannies between books

I fear none of problems non-existent replies
The gaze from inanimate objects eyes
Control the balance of my silent possessions
They swirl in the wake of my useless expressions

I stand firm amidst the hum of talking nothingness
My hands like swords in my confessed stress
World is small
Yet this planet so large
My fight I falter as troubles barge

No orders conquer my will to go on
Am a survivor of each passing dawn
Home is battlefield in which I slumber
My skills adapt and grow in number

They are put to test by life's curveballs
Believe in what is at the top of these walls
Waving freedom with my face in the mud
Death nobly boiling in my blood

As I try to improve presence bit by bit
Rings distant from where I sit
I continue forth hoping better is what tomorrow will be
No way to tell
I guess I'll have to wait and see
I personally think this one is crap but tell me what YOU think..
Maja Mar 2020
The higher you climb, the further you’ll fall,
With a mindset like that,
you will never stand tall.

What you should instead remember,
when you fight against time,
is that the best view
comes after the hardest climb
Two ways of thinking. Both true, but which to choose?
Don't choose:
just try to become a better self.
John McCafferty Feb 2020
Pull back from me to
clear through your clutter
Only guidance can be offered for
the effects we have on ourselves
and others
Observe our actions from above
as a higher state helps to adjust
Step up from who and where you are
to be the change you want to make
Assess, review and conclude
For only we can improve our fate
(@PoeticTetra - instagram/twitter)
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