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Gabrielle Apr 20
She drew arrows on paper
Thin lines and angles
Head to hand, table to elbow
A neat triangle
Dani Jan 5
He is perceived as youth
Younger than all
A child amongst the gods
However he was borne of Chaos
Bringing life through love
Chaotic and painful love
Uplifting and righteous love
Melting hearts
Make them as unyielding as steel
Arrows of gold and lead his tools
He uses them with wild will
Just as love is
Borne from chaos
His bow taught and waiting
Finding their targets
True strike of love
Rain your arrows upon me
So that I may learn
To love myself
A poem about the Greek god Eros
Dani Jan 4
He holds a quiver of bright silver
Champion of art
Chariot of the sun
His light warms me
Brings inspiration to my mind
His unwavering support in all things good
Great healer
Bringer of sweet gentle demise
He slings his arrows
Straight into my mind
Wonderful warmth he brings
Melting my stiff heart
Letting its aches and pains fall
Onto paper to turn into beauty
A poem for Apollo
Ally Nov 2019
I have many arrows
Straight through
My heart
Penetrating my soul

Every time you hurt me
I danced with
In A breeze of hope
This is a scam
This is a play
They play me
You changed your name
You thought of me
I thought of hate
mae Feb 2019
the blood drips thick red,
from my freshly done finger nails.
red like the lives wasted,
hearts broken days after this horrid holiday.

we celebrate the imprisonment of hearts,
and praise the ******.
shooting arrows into those unwilling,
killing the innocent,
by causing invigorating pain
disguised by hallucinogens.
making us believe that this was meant to be
dosage so high, the butterflies in our stomach making it seem as if we can fly,
is our organs crying for help.

we are dying and don't even know it.
for a holiday that will fade.
bright red for our favorite Valentine's Day.
Malavika Vipin Dec 2018
The arrows of time
Struck into my soul
It causes pain and deep wound
But never last
Hurt disappears, wound vanishes
It goes forever in the past…
Anxiety for the future is nowhere
Enjoying the spirit of the present
The moment I have right now.
The arrows thrive on me forward
With no baggage
Am I being a free spirit?

Desire Dec 2018
Colm Oct 2018
I am fire.
I am fury.
I am explosions in the sky.

For now at least.
For as surely as the sun will rise, my short lived ignitive spark will fly, off into the nothingness of space and time.


And only the memory will remain.
Until that too dies.
First and foremost with me.

I am the arrows which once did fly, directly into the hearts of the king's enemies.
PS 45:5
Karisa Brown Sep 2018
Love is a four letter word
For your soul
To dive into

Why not beat the armoured trust
And hold onto the empty

Cause love doesn't know
another door
It always wants to fill me
With targeted emotions
I can't trust

But I don't want to rust
I don't wanna run
Never give up the fight
The answer is us

We live in your mind
Not in your heart
So follow the footprints
into the dark

your mouth will fill
With bitter pills
That poison the answer

Your tongue will hide
the greased stained lust
And rot out the center

Let me wash away
all your broken shame
So I can get into
The beauty that
I can't explain
I'm running from fears too

Your mind will not let go
Please Open up
I want you to feel soon

Your arrows fallen
Spilled with gold
What can I hold onto

There's targets on my heart
Need enlightened points
And I'm calling out for
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