Lil' Tarzan Jan 6

What differs between ego and spirit? Ego seizes to get rid of spirit, while spirit teaches ego to surrender towards conscious understanding of Unity and Wholeness .

Reconciliation in life happens when thoughts are in place and intentions are clear
Expectations are raised to higher level when success is gained from the efforts made since prior.
Strange are the ways of life,
strange seems life,
but then that’s life and life continues with the same,
reconciliation and expectations
Last but not least, life is all about hits and misses.

The Lonely Bard Dec 2016

Come, my love, come to me,
We will go to a higher level,
Deeper in our love we will,
For longer periods of time,
Oh beautiful, come to me,
So very deep inside such that,
We will be mother & father together.

My HP Poem #1350
©Atul Kaushal
Lil' Tarzan Dec 2016

Lil' t spittin' this vital verse

See, what people have taught y'all is all a big curse

Reverse da world back to ice age
Da present is a control of species locked in a cage

To confuse leads to misuse of da higher self

T'is taught dat one must look taller to gain power to an elf

Lemme spit this in yo face,
Change yo views 'cause world won't be a better place

Body is da illusion representing jealousy turned into fusion

Negative vibes create themselves destroying da natural art

Stop walkin' round with a stick up yo arse
Realize rap is poetry of a parse

Hall nah, diversities don't set us apart
It unites all together as One

Man created fear to control pure fun
We must create our reality

The denser da imagination creates big visuality

World is all a big game
Rules destroy inner bliss

Famous peeps broke em' all
Hell ya they refused to fall

Peeps be focusin' on how to kiss,
Start lookin' at this fucked up mess
Watch carefully as man continues to possess

All bout' lies dat form
Y'all really believe there is such a norm?

Set yoself free from this trap
Ima end it by sayin' dats a rap

Just Melz Jul 2016

Will you watch me as I soar,
Stare into space as I disappear?
Will you love my memory,
After I'm no longer here?
Will you sketch an image into time,
And frame it on your wall?
When I finally fade away,
Will you catch me as I fall?
Is it too much to ask,
For you to float by my side?
Can you never let me go,
And if you fail, will you still try?
Can you take me higher,
Than just an endless journey?
Can you take me higher,
Than what you've already done for me?

George Krokos Apr 2016

Whatever has been Divinely said and done is never in vain
because it has a higher purpose which results in our gain.

From "Simple Observations" ongoing writings since the early '90's.

It's odd how everytime I want to drill the world out I turn my music up higher.

Bill murray Feb 2016

I wanna take you higher
C'mon light my fire
Want to take you higher

Sly and family stone lyrics
MonkeyZazu Feb 2016

my wisdom is wasted on you.
i share and share
and still you know not what to do.
when life's too much, you gaze and grieve
but be assured
leaves won't always be there to ease.
do not mistake yourself big
for you are truly little -
a weak resolve and your heart is so brittle.
you need to grow up and actually live
you need not only take, but actually give
stop trying not to be hurt and not hurt others
there's a balance in everything
and you need to find it, brother.

Higher self speaking down to the lower aspects of my being.
eunsung aka Silas Feb 2016

God, I want to be real with you, but sometimes its really hard.
Help me to let go of what I think what I know about You, my spiritual journey, and who I am.

I open myself up to you, so I may experience You in my life.

Help me cut through my own bullshit, so I am honest with myself.

I give thanks for my life.  Please help me to breathe deeply today, so I may be present to people that I think are "assholes."  Help me to get to know them as people, and connect to them beyond what's hard about them.  I don't expect this to happen overnight, so help me to have patience as You teach me to love.

Oh yeah, and help me to love the greatest pain in the ass in my life. Me.  Help me to be compassionate and loving to myself, so I may embody Your love to others.  Thanks. Amen.

A prayer I wrote in early sobriety.  It can be found in my self published book:
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