Mike Virgl Jul 12

Look to this when you are hungry, and sinning
and look deeply into your vision, what do you see?
A man made marvel. That is all. Is that what you strive for?
To obtain nothing and hold it for god to see is simply heinous.
Unrepentant ignorance. So is that who you wish to be? The pathetic corner where no one treads, the person who has no future tense, and even the person who lacks any will. Constitution, I should say.
You are who you make yourself, after all who controls everything you do? Inaction and action have the same power, so decide. Choose for yourself, is it now, or tomorrow, or even better, never?

I kinda just made this for me to look at... i need a life coach

Who are you.
I am he that first loved
Before you were born.
I  love the very core of your being.
You are the Apple of mine eye.

Via Ricasoli Jun 18

We are born a blank canvas
Pure, innocent, and new
Day by day we make new marks
Little scribbles here and there

Our story begins to form
Up, down, and all around
Over and over as life molds us
While faces come and go

Older now and wiser still
Green, yellow, and blue
Color by color we paint our world
Sprinkling joy to and fro

Our life but a speck
Small, insignificant, and trivial
Time and time again we think ourselves big
When really we are nothing

The tapestry of life is ever expanding
Birth, death, and resurrection
By and by we come to see
There is more to life than meets the eye

If I could read you like a book
I’d read you from cover to cover.
What would I find as each leaf turned over
To find me more and more hooked?

Your expression the preface?
Your walk the reference?
Your thoughts - the appendix?
You should copyright all these.

Your table of contents
Your chapters and headings,
Short stories or pretense,
Or expression of longings.

Each page a blessing
Reader and writer forever conjoined.
Read/Writing without resting
No writer’s block or pages deformed.

One page flying into another
As the story of you unfolds.
Could I be a footnoted lover
With a love that remolds?
Or perhaps the main character,
One to gray and grow old?

Placing one hand on your spine
While the other opens the divine.
Oh if only I could read you like a book
I’d read you from cover to cover

Memorize every line.

The are many meanings in this piece. Least of which are the feelings between two lovers or those evoked by a poem or a book. The most important meaning is that connection to the Devine that resides in each of us.

Young and intuitive
But hard headed and ill sensed
Loving and affectionate
But volcanic and disruptiveness
Kind and witty
But also too shy and silly
What do you call her?
A lost soul in her own body
Watching the world go by
Magnifying others highs, to begin feeling low
Low to the dead bottom
Where the skeletons lay, is where she always goes
While the sun still shines down on her
Giving her a guidance to a way out
But her will is so broken and her heart is so shivery
All she knows is misery
So she slips and falls back right to where she feels she belongs
Deep in the ground
No flesh, all bone
Where she imagines she would not know
Anything that would continue to pierce her poor soul
And some of the ache
She brought upon herself
Putting her heart on the shelf because she sees too much good in others that she forgets about who matters, and that is all of herself
Her health, her heart, her whole entire brain
This girl is just insane, and she still does not know who to blame
But thinks again and remembers she is intuitive
And the answer screams the devil is playing ring around the rosey,
Dancing all around me
Wanting her to get burned
Although she never does, the heat strikes very high
And by that time she's already climbing back to sanity, leaving that spiritual immorality
So if the fire cannot touch her
why does she just sit
Oh yeah, its the fear that she will hit to miss
Its the fear of not knowing if she will have this monster conquered held by his throat, helpless and cold in less than a year or so
Cause time is ticking and shes not getting any younger
Time is ticking, its no time for getting dumber
Its not time to get numb,
Its time she finds herself
And shows the devil who really won
Who knows how to win, how to fight, how to swim
Because i am a mermaid, and i rule the sea
I am the air that knows how you breathe
I am the sun that knows your body temperature
I am the winds that can send you all sorts of pressure
I am the mountains that will not collapse
And i am with god who would never let that monster get a pass
So who wins? Is it me?
Cause at the end of the day, i am the one who got back up and is moving forward, humble and free

Lil' Tarzan Jan 6

What differs between ego and spirit? Ego seizes to get rid of spirit, while spirit teaches ego to surrender towards conscious understanding of Unity and Wholeness .

Reconciliation in life happens when thoughts are in place and intentions are clear
Expectations are raised to higher level when success is gained from the efforts made since prior.
Strange are the ways of life,
strange seems life,
but then that’s life and life continues with the same,
reconciliation and expectations
Last but not least, life is all about hits and misses.

The Lonely Bard Dec 2016

Come, my love, come to me,
We will go to a higher level,
Deeper in our love we will,
For longer periods of time,
Oh beautiful, come to me,
So very deep inside such that,
We will be mother & father together.

My HP Poem #1350
©Atul Kaushal
Lil' Tarzan Dec 2016

Lil' t spittin' this vital verse

See, what people have taught y'all is all a big curse

Reverse da world back to ice age
Da present is a control of species locked in a cage

To confuse leads to misuse of da higher self

T'is taught dat one must look taller to gain power to an elf

Lemme spit this in yo face,
Change yo views 'cause world won't be a better place

Body is da illusion representing jealousy turned into fusion

Negative vibes create themselves destroying da natural art

Stop walkin' round with a stick up yo arse
Realize rap is poetry of a parse

Hall nah, diversities don't set us apart
It unites all together as One

Man created fear to control pure fun
We must create our reality

The denser da imagination creates big visuality

World is all a big game
Rules destroy inner bliss

Famous peeps broke em' all
Hell ya they refused to fall

Peeps be focusin' on how to kiss,
Start lookin' at this fucked up mess
Watch carefully as man continues to possess

All bout' lies dat form
Y'all really believe there is such a norm?

Set yoself free from this trap
Ima end it by sayin' dats a rap

Just Melz Jul 2016

Will you watch me as I soar,
Stare into space as I disappear?
Will you love my memory,
After I'm no longer here?
Will you sketch an image into time,
And frame it on your wall?
When I finally fade away,
Will you catch me as I fall?
Is it too much to ask,
For you to float by my side?
Can you never let me go,
And if you fail, will you still try?
Can you take me higher,
Than just an endless journey?
Can you take me higher,
Than what you've already done for me?

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