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mel Sep 2021
infinite possibilities lie within your frame
and even if people don't show it enough
i hope you know you are so much more
than what you have lost

so much more than those who
have walked the other way
~specific to the reason~
you shine brightest today

you see clearer now
because things once didn't go your way
the way you picture your life to be
isn't always what you need

surrender to what you now see
let your highest self take lead

this life’s a gift—so let it be
if you can focus on the love
and trust you’re guided from above
you’ll see that darkness wakes your light
and feel your magic come to life

the world is shifting in your eyes
your laughter gives the sun it’s shine
so as you align, don’t let yourself
get caught up in all the “why’s?”
for in you, all the answers hide
Jennifer DeLong Aug 2021
Wanting something to change
Wanting to feel some sense
of normality
Days and nights
not living where , I can  feel free to be me
I am asking reaching out
calling on a higher power
I can't live like this anymore
I deserve to be where , I can
breath and be at my highest vibration
Where , I can feel content
loved and have a
fulfilling day to day
Wanting it needing
some normal
Why does wanting it
give me the feeling
it's never gonna happen
What needs to change
so much this is true
for others to care
to desire normality
But you must know
wanting is real
Come on higher power
Do your magic
Wanting it Wanting it
You give me some
at least a little

© Jennifer L DeLong 🦏
Faith means
believing in something
you’ve never laid eyes on.
It’s an experience.
Unshakable!! Rock solid.
Something to hold on to.
Everybody should have faith
in something......
to get you through this life!
When the earth turns
and the places don’t move
But also
when an earthquake hits
and everything is falling apart.

Shell ✨🐚
We all need something to hold on to in good times and in bad times!!
Spicy Digits Jan 2021
I wear my sensible shoes
I wear my sensible shoes
Please and thank you's bow all day
I press the lift button to level five
I brought salad for lunch again today
Salad for lunch.

I wear nothing but my skin tonight
I wear nothing but my skin
I let my chest kiss the night air
Lyrical, stillness, chaos, staccato
My feet and my fingers twist and turn,
Twist and turn.
Bhill Sep 2020
fires raged as the winds fueled their fervor
taking on anything in their path with incredible force
moving across the ground and leaping up to reach higher fuel
doing only what fires do...
moving with the wind and leaving a path of blackened surface
is this our new reality...?

Brian Hill - 2020 # 247
Martin Mikelberg Aug 2020
chighigher             er

it is what it is
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