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My dear student
You respect me
With folded hands
I have evaluated
Your maths paper
I don't wish to
Disappoint you
To give you the respect
You deserve
I have invented a method
A method of marking papers
I have given you
49 with a square root (√49) out of 50
I don't wish you
You excel in studies
And go for higher learning
This is in your interest
And in the interest of my country
We have enough of
White collared people
Blue collared are needed
You can make an excellent
Skilled worker
With some practical training
With folded hands
You will please
Your bosses
With your skillful hands
You will build my country
I shall be proud of you
Once you were my student!
Maria Mitea Sep 12
One day,
a man was walking on the street his pride.
He stepped on the ground without noticing
the surroundings, and suddenly stamped on a piece of faeces.
The proud man was very disturbed about it.
“ You ***** faeces! Now my feet are *****.”

He was very angry.
Then the faeces started speaking to him

“ Whom do you call *****, you or me?
Do you know what I was yesterday?
Only after passing trough a human body
have I become like this.
Who is ***** me, or you?”
Everything in life has to be seen from different angles  ... If something smells bad it doesn’t mean it is bad. If someone reacts or judges it doesn’t mean is a bad human. If someone cries or suffers it doesn’t mean is a weak person.

There is in all of us a perspective from where we can look differently at things ...
Bhill Sep 8
fires raged as the winds fueled their fervor
taking on anything in their path with incredible force
moving across the ground and leaping up to reach higher fuel
doing only what fires do...
moving with the wind and leaving a path of blackened surface
is this our new reality...?

Brian Hill - 2020 # 247
chighigher             er

it is what it is
many nights of reaching for my chi moment

Nathalie Jul 23
There is no more room for
old beliefs to linger here
I've grown my heart
so full of love
that all of these dusty
stagnant emotions,
have no more power
to gestate in hibernation
I turn on the light
to bear witness
to everything that staggers
or is falling apart
as a result of losing
its credibility
and hold on me
I know now how it feels
to live in the truth
of something real
I am aware
of this energy
that only wants to lift
me higher and
from this expansion
of my soul
here is where
I am meant to stay.

that is what they come seeking.
yet, when I tell
them--pretending--Boy Scouts-to-be prepared!

for the burning,
they gulp saying ok,
but the higher heat of the
fear feted in their eyes, 
them instruments
that never lies,
so I send them home,
just enough that
they’ll never ask

I’m so easy to please.

on higher regions
of the tablelands this very night
snow flurries will fall
sara May 7
When a flower begins to grow,
do you hear it cry?
Does it fret about the water supply,
or the illogical odds of snow?
In spring does it wish for the summer,
or that rather it grew by the lake?
No- it blooms without worry, with grace,
and this is Man’s biggest mistake.
when we slow down, and reconnect with ourselves, we realise our inner capability and potential. Stress negates abundance, don’t sleep on your true self x
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