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Faizel Farzee Sep 10
Time willingly caught in deja vu, Repeating this timeless moment
I slowly drown in your ocean blue eyes
In this heated atmosphere,we stuck, icily frozen

Your embrace releasing all the pressures of life
I breathe in your essence slowly,
every ounce of my being screaming to make you my wife
my earthly angel, defeating the nights so lonely

Your winged whispered word takes me higher
you are my oxygen, a match made in heaven
you set my soul on fire

So as i put your hand in mine, together we ascend
Our lips embrace with hungered tongues
Our immortal love, together we transcend.
As our love grows the higher our understanding ascend, you are the air that i breathe, you awake and maintain the poet within.
So for this i thank you, with a few written words,
You are the life i live for, the song of the birds.
S Smoothie Aug 17
How I laughed confident like

Founded upon nervous undertones

hoping you wouldn't hear it

I sure gave you a good kick in the guts!

It took my breath away

The way I took yours

Now I watch you as a curiosity ******* for air

Like fish gaping flipping and flopping in a dried up rock pool

How does it feel?

That sense of suffocation?

I know you think you won't survive

Don't worry, you will...

I can attest to that

Besides we both prescribe to the same idea

And my saviour will save you as your saviour

Will you choke when you have to say our saviour?

Don't worry the blade gets sharper tempered by fire

Trials are for survival and transformation

You'll flip flop and gasp for air but the tide will roll in

And I will drift away and leave you to find your way

But not before the first cut,

The deepest

Is replaced by a scar across my soul

May God have mercy

Because you certainly don't!
Author's Notes/Comments:
Sometimes grace just gets in the way of Justice.
Bhill Jul 14
The wind slowly lifted its Find into the sky
Swirling it around and around as it gathered momentum
Momentum that helped the Find raise higher
Higher and higher till it was rolling and sky bouncing
Bouncing through the air as if it were trying to see
Trying to see the nature of the wind that held it afloat
Afloat so high and with such gentleness
Gentleness that only nature can fool you into believing
Believing the journey would never end
The Find was wrong
As suddenly as the Find was lifted to great heights it began to fall
And fall it did...

Brian Hill - 2019 # 174
Seeing dust devils along the roadside can inspire words to be written...
Mya Jun 4
Getting higher and higher
Reaching the clouds
They cover me
But I want to go higher
Then even more higher
Than the stars
Told my friend to give me a word and I'll write something out of it on the spot
The moment I said it I knew.
Us and We.
Not you and me.
The words that slipped out of my mouth
like a banana peel from Mario kart.
Oddly I didn't regret it.
Strangely enough I was confident.
Tonight has been a breathtaking trip.
It's been a real adventure,
and you were the only one that I needed to be there.
You picked me up from the park.
The one I was probably to inebriated to walk to.
You drove around for hours just for me.
While I stuck my head out of the window,
Screaming Misfits lyrics, and flipping off the heavens.
This was the night I had lost my mind.
The night I was fully alive.
The night I put together the pieces.
The night I found something to believe in.
We smiled and laughed, threw glass bottles into the street.
We sang punk rock songs until our lungs couldn't breathe.
Never have I felt more free.
Never have we both been this complete.
I know you could see
it too.
A feeling nothing could ever compare to.
A fire that’s cold enough to stop a beating heart
right in its tracks.
Emotions that took over me that I still cannot define.

I have never looked back.
If you love me like I love you we will be together for all eternities
Seanathon Mar 13
As liquor should be locked up
Too strong is it
A drink for all

So also should these chambers be
Refined behind iron
Pad and key

Not opening to doors like worlds
But renewed in truth
Baptized in study
And blessed by the best footprints in all

No educated mind can bare
The suffering of one
Let alone the many within these empty halls
Poetic T Feb 5
If we are the seed
      And the Apple our

Then why have we
      Not grown.

For all that falls
     From our branches

Is infertile notions.

It takes only one to flourish,
              Then all shall grow
               Reaching higher,

Than anything that falls.
Poetic T Jan 2
We may climb many mountains,
             and some may think that there
                                higher than others.

But always remember that
          our feet will always be on the ground.
Ilunga Mutombo Aug 2018
One does not need to be born of royal birth
to realize their nobality
Their existence alone shows great triumph
Over life’s pain and reality
Deep inside our hearts
we are all Kings and Queens
Destined for a greater good
To serve and protect humanity
We are all of royal blood
Coming from a nation called earth
Fighting for peace and tranquility
While we objectify the laws of gravity
Letting our souls fly into a deep blue sky
As angels kneel when we Fly by
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