A God of peace and rest is within us all
that is why we have to heed sleep's call.
On a daily basis that is usually at night
we tend to fall asleep devoid of any light.

In that unconscious darkness of our soul
we find true rest and peace playing a role
in everyone's existence no matter who it is
a likeness of that sought as heavenly bliss.

It's an unconscious union with our Source
of which most people aren't aware of course.
Throughout our lives this discipline we keep
being an imperative need to get some sleep.

No creature can ever ignore it for too long
as its force is overwhelming and so strong.
It's a universal call for everything to return
back to where it came from that we discern.

It really couldn't be any other way unless
we get to experience a state beyond stress
that may come about when one is awake
in tune with a higher energy and it betake.

There are some higher dimensions of existence
that can be experienced without any resistance.
We just have to seek and find the secret place,
that is hidden inside us all, with Divine Grace.

Written late 2017.

Your words inflicted the most pain onto me, trying to find every way to pierce my insides.  You thought you were trying to help ? Your words, not mine.

Your words made me feel cheerless, bereaved of my own life. Does my sadness make you stronger? Your words, not mine.

Your words brought pleasure and shivers down my spine, You said "I OWN YOU". Your words, not mine.

Your words gave me a false feeling and deprived me of my thoughts, I ask you "Did you lie to me?" Remember their your words, not mine.

Star BG Jan 7

Living behind
the gates of no sight
my FATHER is.
Perhaps snapping away
with a spiritual camera- like eye.
as he knows I love and miss him.

Living behind
the gates of no sight
my AUNT is.
Perhaps sitting around a manifested table
laughing and enjoying the moment.

Living behind
the gates of no sight
my MOTHER is.
Perhaps feeling the ocean of love I send her
as I recall her mothering aspects.

Living behind
the gates of no sight
giving love and direction for me
who needs its guidance.

Inspired by IIion Grey a grand writer. Thank you
Mane Omsy Jan 2

How my beginning smiles after the minutes
Counting down the last moments
Searching right and left for a kiss
New in a brand new year to force belief

All I have done is walk the bridge
To cross the path of entertainment
What do you have to prove you've won?
Nothing is perfection until mind relaxes

Less than beats that hurried life
Higher than expectation that fell down
Skeptic beliefs that led yourself no where
This beginning will never be a new start

Whatever you do, a year change never change your expectations
Druzzayne Rika Dec 2017

Nothing ever lasts forever
the new height, the length greater
the chances all the slimmer
Winning is worse than ever
The very pressure all time higher
it is easier to fall over
but to forget and do what to be done
and fall down now than later
seems better.

Jim Musics Dec 2017

Do you, are you, have you?
(This is not free form poetry. Someone Must Pay!)

Live day to day with a illness that you know will soon kill you?
An adolescent coyote with lower intestine prolapse, ostracized by his pack?
Just been rammed head-on by the woman who swerved while trying unsuccessfully to avoid running over the Red Squirrel that you just avoided hitting?
Drilled a hole in your thumb while making a Christmas present?
Ripped off all the flesh from your knuckle while making a bracket to raise your CB antenna a little higher so that you can better help those in disaster areas?

No? OK then, stop whining and help somebody!

Just one happened to me. I glad of that.

In an effort to preserve a solitary strand of consciousness laced with conscientiousness that I can only describe as the lingering remnants of hope within me, I'd like to take the time to catalogue this lonely thought amidst an overwhelming, unwanted, and relentless cacophony.

Sometimes, even within the most ludicrous events or wanderings of the mind we can find a moment of gratitude or humble ourselves to then change our perspective
-however briefly.

Think about how tirelessly a phone speaker or any electronic device for that matter works to provide as a source of consistent entertainment, comfort, and support (depending on how you utilize your devices). Yet the minute it breaks or fails, we viciously attack it for having failed us; chastising, deploring, and implementing our derogatory sleights once it deviated outside of its expectancy. Negating the circumstances previous in which it has been right there to provide what we desired or needed in real time.

The same thing can be applied to how we treat each other. It is vital to remember if we feel that someone has failed us to simultaneously recall how many times they have been there when we needed them. And most importantly forgive them the faults of their human condition while gaining the ability to recognize those very faults within ourselves. Approach with understanding, share wisdom, and spread compassion as you tread. Even if the circumstances do not fall in kind with you. The reason behind your pain, confusion, and suffering is so that you'll know when the good times come. "What you are, I once was. What I am, so you will become."

Olympia Nov 2017

I am in a world of glass castles

being built by sculptures who don't know what the sun looks like

I am always wondering to myself,

                                      "how can I escape this reality?"

Yet I already know the answer

I cannot escape and leave this place

These castles have high walls and everyone is building higher

and higher
and taller
and wider
And I ask them,

                                     "why do you build your walls so big?"

But, yet again, I know the answer to this

I have built my walls too just like they have

I am scared of the fire burning rapidly around me

Every time someone whispers to me, I cringe and crawl into my soul

For the glass was made out of sand

And the sand came from my tears

That once filled an ocean and I loved my ocean

Yet, eventually, you build your castle and forget what it's like

You forget what clean air tastes like

Mike Virgl Jul 2017

Look to this when you are hungry, and sinning
and look deeply into your vision, what do you see?
A man made marvel. That is all. Is that what you strive for?
To obtain nothing and hold it for god to see is simply heinous.
Unrepentant ignorance. So is that who you wish to be? The pathetic corner where no one treads, the person who has no future tense, and even the person who lacks any will. Constitution, I should say.
You are who you make yourself, after all who controls everything you do? Inaction and action have the same power, so decide. Choose for yourself, is it now, or tomorrow, or even better, never?

I kinda just made this for me to look at... i need a life coach

Who are you.
I am he that first loved
Before you were born.
I  love the very core of your being.
You are the Apple of mine eye.

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