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I felt in love in Paris tonight
With the Chinese boy

Walking along the Seine
All I want is to hold your hand

In front of this lunar eclipse
All I want is to kiss you

I want to touch you
But I don't know if I'm allowed to

I can spend my night asking you
To see you tomorrow again

The night is beautiful
When I feel you close to me

Kiss me all night
So I can see the stars reflecting in your eyes

I want to last forever in your arms
My head against your body

You are so beautiful
Just like Montmartre during the night

I have been waiting for you
In the capital of love

Now I feel complete
And finally at my place
As they say, 'practise makes perfect',
I'm out speaking to birds in Chinese!
Maybe one day, i will know what i was doing!
"** kin t yaaah....
Shen zi! "
Allow me practice
Mya May 23
Today is a new day
(Jīntiān shì yīgè quánxīn de yītiān)
Once it is tomorrow
(Yīdàn míngtiān)
I will never see today again
(Wǒ jīntiān zài yě jiàn bù dàole)
so I will have to make today
(Suǒyǐ wǒ jīntiān bìxū zuò)
make it a life changing
(Ràng tā gǎibiàn shēnghuó)
To bad I can't post the Chinese characters

I think that the
only way
to lose weight with
green tea
is to climb up to the top of
Chinese Mountain
and pick it yourself.
In other words, don't always believe what you hear or see.
An African girl married a Chinese man,
They spent their honeymoon in a caravan,
Soon they had a baby girl,
She looked Chinese with black curls,
They named her Mwana Dandan
Mwana is African name for child
Nyx Mar 27
We use to wreak havoc together
At a small little school
With characters and phrases
Making the teacher look like a tool

Our Chinese school was hell
But ever Saturday we still went
Our partnership was one of destruction
Causing even the principal to vent

We sat at the back of the class
While all the proper students sat at the front
Determination in their eyes
Asian tiger parents forcing them to survive

While ours were much the same
Except a little more lenient
We passed everything so good enough
Our ways more devious

A team effort it was
We all passed with flying colours
Not without full blow hatred from others
Though we weren't bothered

And years have past us by
No longer do we speak
At most we have a snap record
But we only ever sent streaks

Though your basic asian look
closely matching with mine
except for you being a guy
and having black pitched eyes

We were close once before
We were a childish endeavour
Now reduced to nothing
Without a single word ever

And write as I will
About that old forgotten letter
and the missing you with my heart
but I can't get any better

As my will to talk to you is broke
I'm scared of the words I once spoke
With the shattered picture frame on the floor
I dare not defy those laws

Until you flash by my life again
For a moment, for a single memory or sight
I'll remember you in my heart
As meaningless as that is
For you will never know

I'll miss you forever
My little Troublemaker
Be happy and stay safe
- T
ChinHooi Ng Mar 22
Pulling the bow
musical notes catapulted
from the deck of the aircraft carrier
fly far into the distance
a roc flapping its wings
on the crest of a wave
a group of horses
galloping on the grassland
the strings are rigid
the bow is flexible
in between
there's smoke rising
there's the vastness of field
when the sound is just right
the sky calms down
to listen
to the jade
ancient tide.
Toxic yeti Feb 21
The chief concubine
Enters the room
Flowing gowns
Beautiful colourful
I mistake her for
A butterfly
Though with
A ***** look I
Know that I shouldn’t
Mess with her.
She is fierce.
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