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Rob K 7h
They say that the inner,
Child should never die.
Its a source,
Of wonder and joy.

They... also say,
To grow up and be a man.
Youth's not forever,
So say goodbye to the boy.

One brings me happiness,
One fills me with pain.
Wish they'd stop switching,
Like a gift from old Troy.
Randi 2d
I feel like Im one

Of many within

But only one body

Meant for one not twenty

Its like Im just one shard of a thing

Like I was whole but now shattered


I don't get why not now not ever.

I scream for help but no hears my endeavors

Im lost,Im losing,this battle Im fighting

But at the same time,Im the one whose winning.

Im just a fracture,a shard,a piece of it all

One that can see when we all shall fall

I don't understand who I am anymore.But thats fine.Im done

My stories past

I know I am nothing,nothing but last.
I made this for practice.CRITICISM IS WANTED AND NEEDED!.Please give me all criticism that you have!
What if I die tomorrow?
What if I die now?

What if it was the truth?
What if it was a lie?

What if (s)he is the one?
What if (s)he is not the one?

What if I go right?
What if I go left?

What if.....?
What if..?
What if.?


Such simple questions
yet a complicated realizations.
What if?
she looked a bit smothered

in her ranch dressing
'nother vict'ry in the war
'gainst the threat of being bored
I'm fine. all I'm killing is time
lilies are white,
orchids are blue.
cats have nine lives,
so do you.
mars 6d
Grow sunflower, grow!
Grow outside my window and stretch your leaves like wings!
So I can see them when I sleep!
Break this weak glass
and the cheap screen holding the house together
walk through the threshold into my room
and rest your petals on my windowsill
wait with me as the cold passes
although sometimes we feel like it never will.
i am the ripple on the pond
the pebble you've cast
makes me see my own reflection
in response to "i am the moon" by jordan lockaby
Matthew Jan 13
I feel like that even if I am a child I still can make an impact; my naivete could be a learning experience.  I dream to be young and wise yet know I'm doomed to be foolish and old.  I can't stop thinking about my foolish love, my puberty, and my raging hormones. I wish I was an adult yet dream to be a child.  I want to be impressionable for the rest of my life, but that's not how it works.
And I never feel normal
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