Tell me
The first time you met
How your stomach spinned
How the butterflies danced

Tell me
The first time you talked
How you fidgeted on your own
How you stuttered with every word

Tell me
The first time you touched
How your senses aroused
How your heart wanting to burst

Tell me
The first time you dated
How the billion of stars aligned
How the lovely moon smiled

Tell me
The first time you kissed
How time momentarily stopped
How magical, ephemeral it felt

Tell me
The first time he forgot
How betrayed you felt
How petty it seemed

Tell me
The first drop of tear
How you tried to wipe it away
How you acted okay

Tell me
The first time he lied
How hard you cried all night
How you forgave the next light

Tell me
The first time you fight
How he screamed so loud
How you hide like a child

Tell me
The first time he tried to break up
How your heart almost stopped
How you shamelessly begged

Tell me
The first time he walked away
How you cried in despair
How heart broken you've been

Tell me
The first sign of fading away
How the fire slowly loses it’s spark
How the story unfolds a twisted plot

Now tell me
How nights were so long, sleepless
How tears were almost blood
How dumb and numb and doomed it felt

Now tell me
How you handled the pain
How you remain “in-sane”
How you stitched every broken part

Now tell me
How time has nothing to do with it
How moving on was so hard
A state of mind, a choice

Now tell me
The moment you let go
The moment you forgive
The moment you walked away

-of memories
-the people specially him
-from the past, the pain

Now tell me
How freeing it felt
How the burden was lifted
How the heart was relieved

Now tell me
The moment you smiled again
The wicked grin “i’m over it”
The moment you’re living again

Now tell me, after him
The first smile
The first life
Ahh, much sweeter, better, genuine

Now tell me
That you learned a great deal
That you are stronger than before
That “first love” will always be special

Now that you’ve told me your story
I know, i know, you’re over it..

At some point in our lives
we need to be broken just to be whole again. First love will always be beautiful..

Surprising that i was able to write this long one, right now, while at work :p
Alegria Mir Aug 20

c o c o n u t
the girl is so random
pointing at objects and saying, "coconut"
a different type of crazy
chill and cozy
insert heart emoji

The Alphabet of You

I seen heaven in a dream and like all good things
It ends to soon.
Eight hours narrowed down to short memory.
Lopsided sheets tucked comfortably in a discounted comforter.
Just before I waking up I heard a voice call my name.
A soothing voice layered in comfort.
Not once did I move. A place moist in anticipation.
Very rarely do I get to travel.
And good things come to end too soon.
The memory of smiling faces seen on a lukewarm day.
An older man sat at an iron wrought table.
Reading to himself the details of spaghetti and fork.
A slight twirl of long noodles punctuated by a piece of meat.
Next time I come I'll have to eat there.
By the open door with chalk on a board.

Going to sleep watching the food network definitely has it's consequences.

Being woke from one of the best dreams ever.
The sound of a rumbling stomach.
And an empty fridge

Seema 5d

Arrogant, ego, self pride
Who do you think is your guide?
Self pity, bad dream, broken heart
Are you able to pen out your art?
Addiction, low esteem, always hate
Do you swim fast or become a bait?
Love, evil, shivers of fear
When you write, do you shed a tear?
Romance, time, ready to kill
Do you possess a strong will?
Lone, clown, face of frown
Ever seen a frog wearing a crown?
Cry, try, make believe
The hand that stopped you, did you stay back or leave?
Dark, monsters, hell creatures
Why do you think we have preachers?
Angels, demons, dear God
Do you ever try to move forward?
Vengeance, anger, too much greed
Ever wandered how can you be freed?
Money, lust, enormous fame
Who between the two, is playing a game?
Sleep, dose, then awake
Don't you wish, to run or stay for sake?


frankie 5d

somwhere in the world
a small girl sits in a classroom while the teacher tells the class that they won't be reading Maya Aneglou because of it's sensitive content
while later that day the same small girl goes home to a father who binds her wrists so tightly to the bed, her veins almost burst. His sick fantasy gone wild and she'll never read about someone who survived.

somewhere in the world
little boys run wild, with smiles on their faces
ignorant to teh chaos around them
these little boys look so happy, to the untrained eye
but look around them, they're actually running for their lives.

somewhere in the world
a mother watches a family through a restaurant window throwing away full course meals with tears in her eyes wondering if she'll be able to feed the kids tonight

somewhere in the world
lovers hide, in fear of being found out that they are not of different sexes and that they are of different races
petrified of being punished for what everyone else sees as a crime
or even worse, not making back to their beloved alive

somewhere in the world,
a little girl asks if daddy is ever gonna come back
and she wonders why he's gone in the first place because no one ever told her that daddy never loved her.

somewhere in the world,
the restless lie awake at night fighting battles with their demons
fumbling open a bottle of jack or a pharmacy vial of xanax
wondering how fast they'll take away the pain

across the world
there is sin, all seven of them
pouring out of every thing that inhabits the earth

somewhere in the world
there is a someone who will erupt the revolution
and we're all patiently waiting for the anarchy to begin.

ronnie 7d

I swear to god he was perfect.

I saw him across the room
coffee stains on his white button up shirt
his curly hair messy, falling over his face the tiniest bit
his overly sized glasses sort of crooked on his face
there he was
he didn't know how silly he looked
but it was the best kind of silly
the silly I wanted to see everyday
He looked like an angel

He was perfect.

Killed them with kindness, and held them by fear
Cutting them all dead, hoped you would not hear
Did you not get it, or am I not clear
I am so brutal, Grinning ear to ear

Dead and relentless, as cold as the snow
Blood in the moonlight, so red with a glow
Pennywise here so let's put on a show
I want the screamers, soon all they will know

Beg me to stop and then maybe I will
Callous grinning as I soon start to kill
Ask me for mercy, well how does it feel
Met with the Devil, we sure had a deal

Give him my will and I get here this night
I get to fight in this gruesome cruel fright
Kill em with kindness and maybe they'll go
Falling together all dead in a row

Inspired by:
♡ ~('▽^人)
lostboy Nov 13

All my thoughts are numb.
Car fuels cut and fall short.


Lemon pepper

Rainbow oil

First of all you
Keep it low.
Lumps of coal
These thoughts won’t go.

Mulled cherries

Chipped lungs

Rosy bicycles

I see them
Wrapping your arms over
Cold hinges of
Stupid Jack
In a burnt paper box.

would you like a hint?
Raquie Nov 12


stepping & winding in a cloud of sheer
never lonely cause we so vast. Do di maths
Lift up yah legs & leap thru di grass, water, snow, & sand
Ancestral , we still living!
Americana. Why you hate me? I made you.

     Coming  together
Could you bond our love with

Kinetic Energy?
we bouncing off da walls

•Let me break it down•
•We ain't •


But we create
      Art & culture from
                      Dirt dampened by our blood


Dats what he say when he see my sistars & I
All chocolate, caramel, gravity defying delicious
Men can rarely keep up with all this
Never say never , we are mentally enslaved


That's what them Western Europeans convinced themselves we are
He know we are god's embodied
I know he's pissed about it
G status: Knowledge is Power


Dey hate us cause we the greatest
Aye but these mumble rappers famous
You understand but I want to make you overstand all ism related haters


Have you ever been
After you swore him

Freewrite from 6 random words
ramenoodle Nov 12

I use many words to build a curtain
My soft wall

You think talent
What I show you is just an illusion
A show within a show

Piece by piece
You'll never know the line between truth and fiction
A fantasy is much more colorful than reality

I use many words to build a curtain
Because a curtain is all I have

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