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Reappak 52m
The night sky,
Wrapped inside blankets
A coffee, a book,
And skies full off stars!
dempsey 7d
I really like the feeling of a song under my fingers. Although I feel less like an artist than ever, I still wonder how you
can grow flowers when there's no sun
or rain, an ugly shadow. Flowers
bloom anywhere, not people. Some people I guess. It feels as though I'm trapped in an endless expanse of time - as though I am J.S. Bach, composing pieces for his sons to play
effortlessly under their fingers.
Right before I drink coffee I can feel the image in my mind of a thousand uncultivated flowers wasting in the dirt, crying for help but not getting any. Sure, there were men I have loved and love, but there is so much more behind the curtain of humanity
walk through a museum and you will
find elegant beauty surrounding you
the women that have framed history
with their hard work, patience, and ability
to not give a **** about anyone.
I can't seem to find the balance between beauty and talent, I just leap forward blindly into a world I have never seen before and never will see again
afraid, and alone, and bound to be left
with no one but myself.
I long for a feline companion.
i don't know what this is, just random thoughts and musings i guess
Noura May 20
Taking a step into my heart,
I will find the light in my darkest fight.
Wither, weary eyes
  Come seek me here at high noon
    Blind, in the sunlight.
   Silver light sings now
  Shadowing the night so deep;
Called, I answer.
Down where mischief keeps
  Its uncertain ***** laughter
    I build my garden.
     ***** and stick, the thorns
  Growing lovely now, the leaves
Rarer still, the rose.
Icy crystals of frost
  Lacing the window like lattice
    Fading in the sun.
   Whisper, quiet touch;
  Your skin, soft and supple;
My world, beside me.
Wheezing, hacking hurt
  That torments me like the plague
    Springs sweet gift to me.
Giovanna May 18
Passes to sell, I went out
but no one knew what's a fete 'bout.
Started at 3:30 with ten,
and came back with nine.
Which was not fine.
Wanted all ten to sell out,
but no one knew what's a fete 'bout.
This episode reflects a disappointing moment in my life when I couldn't sell the passes of my school fete.
Dez May 18
No matter what they ask
No matter how they pry
Don’t try
Don’t ware a mask

I learned that to lie to another
You must first lie to yourself
If indeed you want to put truth on the shelf
Yourself you mustn’t smother

To believe a lie is hard
You must be cool
That’s truly the only rule
But you will be marred

For then you make it a habit
For to lie
Is for truth to die
But I guess that’s the point of it
Giovanna May 14
I start with my poem,                         
when I am down with jeroboam.      
I'll simply tell of the frame.              
Down the river, the moon, the night with a restricted name.          
As the hour of darkness approaches,                                          
the moonlight encroaches.              
Flopped under the cloudless skies,                                                      
far away an owl cries.                        
I call it a night,
when the extinguished darkness arise.
This is the poem I wrote for my family. This signifies their position in my life. The darkness symbolizes adversities and moonlight their love and support.
The end is melancholic. As it ends leaving me alone with my adversities.
Andy May 12
They said the world would end in the year 2012
And called it doomsday
They said that the sky would collapse on itself
That humankind’s existence would end
But 2012 came and life went on
I don’t know if mankind is cursed or blessed to have lived this long
Cursed to have seen man’s demise
Cursed to have witnessed the beauty of nature
As it fades away, one forest at a time
Or blessed to have received many chances
To right past wrongs
Blessed to always receive forgiveness
Without constant improvement
Sometimes I wonder
Will 2012 come 8 years later?
lexi May 9
flowers, feelings
lies and heathens
chimes of bells and the uproar it quells

ribbons, dresses
hair and tresses
dainty feet and their graceful beat

darkness, fears
insomnia and tears
the thoughts I have and my sanity it halves
Benjamin Apr 30
Matches constantly lit
No char
No ash


No fire
No ember
Just memories it gave
The poem is about false hopes and love. They have no effect sometimes, but are memorable.
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