You fill my Heart
With leaky sodden secrets , First
And Then
Question my Trust
Oh it does Hurt
The Mistrust

Without Hesitation
Will always help you Fix
Your runny overwhelming Emotions

Your presence in my Life
Time and Again
Will always be There
No Despair
But a place for You
In my Heart
your lies
they wow and terrify

your lies
bring tears to my blue eyes

your lies
I've learned to recognize

your lies
April's, May's June's then July's

your lies
boy, they immobilize

your lies
are no longer a surprise

I'm done trying to compromise
Just leave me, now.
And take your lies.
At last, the truth came out.
I was an accessory to her outfit.
The many plastic bands that dangle against her wrist.
She was into fashion.
The appearance of how things look.
She placed more above me.
The beginning.
Lost in the reflection they'd give.
This false perception of how she'd feel inside.
She'd sit and fidget.
Checking her reflection on the screen of her phone.
Unable to differentiate who was who.
Another attachment left to sit on the dresser.
Laced in things to compensate what's missing.
The face of her phone cracked
Lj 5d
The sea looks bright today
The sun keeps on shining
The world is still revolving
The hand of my clock
Seems to be not working.
What are these emotions?
Flooding towards uncertainties
Giving clues to every traveller behind.
I think I stopped,
I stopped my own time
Not letting the world know.
The sea still looks bright
But now the gloom of the moon
Gives its shine.
I legit never knew the beauty black roses possess.
I stared at one day after day.
She looked like she didn't want to be bothered.
Still she'd look and stare.
She grew differently than the red ones.
Prepackaged, given to others in mass quantity.
She'd sit alone and read amongst herself.
With arched eyebrows and shapely dress.
Most were afraid of her thorns. Despite all the beauty she possessed inside.
They only saw her outside.
Reason her thorns were so sharp.
The misconception that she was to be feared.
When in reality they protected her.
They made her to think that she was ugly.
The red roses that surrounded.
They'd bunch around her in fear of their own self conscious.
Attempting to stop her smile.
The more they tried, the more she stood out.
Grounded in her faith she grew out of her insecurity.
Being the regal beauty that she was.
Realizing the heroine she searched was inside her the whole time.
Her petals testimony to her root.
When I spoke she cheerfully replied with a smile.
I walked by day after day
Rose 6d
We all hope and dream

Yet everything is not as it seems

The stars used to shine bright

Now there's nothing but black out tonight

The fish took a swim on the roof

And I'd show you if had proof

See, maybe fiction really is true

And red and purple don't actually make blue

I used to believe what comes up must go down

Until I had to climb the sky to get to town

When you look into the mirror you don't really see

The reflection you label as me

I found a dinosaur in a frozen milkshake

I tried to bring him home, but he was one of the souvenirs I couldn't take

Instead of pollination think of bees and flowers having sex

Almost like watching a humpback whale flex

Think just like Rock n' Roll and the Rolling Stones

And I bet that realization shook you to the bone

I must leave you on that note

As I sail away on a seaweed boat
This Is a poem reflecting the random thoughts creeping their way into my mind... especially in geometry. This is the most light-hearted poem I have.
My problem is I fear.

I hold on.

I never know when to give up.

I blindly wave my hands on front of me in hopes that I'll find a hidden door to paradise,

Althewhile I fully expect to never find something that will allow me to stop wandering.

If that wasn't enough,
I drag the locked doors that I find along the way behind me in hopes that,
one day,
they'll magically open.
Anxiety written in a way anyone can understand.
Only a fool says, "Follow your heart.."
The wise knows the price of it.
frankie 6d
darling darling darling he screams
feed me
please me
make me feel alive

darling darling darling he screams
i want you so bad baby
make me beg for your “love”
kiss the soul out of my lips
make my life mean something from my stomach

darling darling darling he screams
but she runs
sprints away from all of clawing
all the calling
this is not the life she signed up for
she wanted love
he wanted a good fuck

as his cries ring silent
she weeps herself to sleep
“lust isn’t love”
she repeats, in between heaves
for air.
i don't want to be your little game anymore.
She offered me a glass of water from the tap.
Delighted by the fact I happily accepted.
This wasn't like anything I've ever tasted.
I've never had Evian but I'd bottle it the same.
This particular taste wasn't accompanied by anything sour.
A strange taste that makes your face scrunch.
Before I knew it I drunk the glass whole.
Fiji water is an acquired taste.
But all in all I still enjoyed it.
I asked for another glass, feeling each ripple swish around my mouth.
All water doesn't taste the same and this by far.
The best water I ever tasted.
Ice included.
Fogging the outside of the glass.
Fingerprints forever stained.
If I was a fish I'd be in heaven.
The correctness of solely something to become apart of.
The importance that signifies how great this is.
The human tongue is an amazing thing.
Enjoying the spring water that flows directly from the well of your heart
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