Hiraeth 2d

The light sang in her ears
Sprightly, musical white light.
The salt made her feet tingle
Steaming, soothing salt.
Glass drenched everything
Twisting, summery glass.
Soundful silence
Rueful bliss
Placid insanity

ronnie 4d

You are in the light

run off now

before the darkness tries to bring you

back inside

where light doesn't allow

where light doesn't exist


it's pointing at your direction!

Luna 5d

Rain pours down my window
Thick streams
Wash away the ugly
(And pretty)
Of the world

A drum beat starts
And thunder deafens
my ear drums
Mother nature sits grinning
Ear to ear 
In her palace
Ready to pounce
Like a cat
At any chance
The fate of our world
Rests in her hands
Worms are smeared along the side walk
Their demise a modern work of art
That no one wants
Guts, intestines and broken hearts
Expel from what's left of their slimy bodies
Exposing all of the good stuff
All of the gross stuff
the blood
The gore
Every thing in between

The tides rise
And the people start screaming
Tiny infants stand no chance
Against what once
Kept them alive

Mother nature strikes again
This time
With winds
That pick houses up and throw parked cars
Goldilocks gets abducted from the 3 bears
She wakes up searching
On her hands and knees
For her missing
Glass slipper
While the tin man makes love
To Aladdin
The end

sometimes i think shes hiding,
her tears and all sadness in her emotions,
i always think this differently,
yet i try different ways to be good,
but i always ended in failures,
i don't know what i done,
but every-time i pray on rosary that someday shell be happy.

let me experience your smile again,
let me dry all those sorrows away.

i remember when i said you were mine,
but you left alone all alone,
i always ask this question why,
do you decided to part away from me.

let me pray for your compassion,
let me understand your passion,

like a flower to an endless confession,
its was  once you stood on a standing stone,
behind a a tall tree,
they say love is so cruel,
which is true  that doesn't belong in one place,
but we were born there,
our name was carved on the wood.

i wrote this song to show my love to you
but you walking away from me slowly
the day i lost you its the darkest day for me
it makes my inner soul numb.

wish i was near with you
they say everything love isn't nothing new
made one but its completely ignored
but when you say you make a river
they wanted to move the mountains
away with the disire.

a song i wrote for this one girl that cheated me with other guys :(
Ili Z Norizan Jun 18

When I was younger,
Mother was more of the monster,
And father my knight in shining armor,
For whenever I get into trouble,
He wards off all of my fears;

But as I grew older,
Mother was more of a hero,
And father just a man I hold dear,
For no matter how difficult I can be to her,
She's always giving her all for me;

Now that I've grown so much more,
Mother is who I wish to be in the future,
And father is who I pray will get His mercy,
For if it wasn't for her I wouldn't have been me,
But if it wasn't for him then I wouldn't have become somebody;

One day I'll be someone's mother,
And I hope to God they'll have a father,
A dad not just for his title but as a figure,
The superhero,
The guide,
The support,
The breadwinner,
The one who tucks them in at night,
And makes sure that the bad things stay out of sight,
The equally cool one between us two,
For no one turns out who they are,
If not for their Mother and Father.

Dearest Ba and Umi, I love you beyond words or what I'm able to show.
I pray that He'll grant you mercy, wealth, good health, love and paradise.

Tomorrow I said that I'll soak and bathe in the middle of your heart.
That I'll remove clothes from skin.
Then run my hands underneath the faucet then take hand to soap.
Tomorrow I said that I'll find another book to not read and sit it up on top the shelf.
Giving you my undivided.
Lying in water surrounded by creme colored porcelain.
A wash rag and a bar of soap made of your smile.
Tomorrow I said that I'll be more of a talker.
Especially in the moments of silence that become instant memories.
The silence being but a moment to embrace a time where words do no justice.
Long soap foam beard. Soap foam covering each follicle of hair on top of our heads.
I know tomorrow I said that I would do all of this and more.
But why wait when now is just as good as time as any.
Cleansing myself in you

Kara Jun 15

the sky, She opens up Her legs,
the night She becomes in many ways.
She goes between rain & shine,
She is gray- no, She is light.

the sky opens Her legs & warms the earth.
She drops another subtle birth.
Her arms are wide, She pulls the tide,
& lightening strikes with a blink of Her eye.

She wakes the world each time She hurts,
because sacrifice is how life tends to work.
when She smiles, the sun goes down,
it's the dark to which She comes around.

She crosses Her legs & the world grows cold,
Her bones are brass, Her heart is gold.
She knows not if She is alone,
and so She helps the trees to grow.

If I could carry you between my ears
Record my thoughts, my mind, my ways
For an entire day
I would do so without hesitance
And send them your way
Just as I write
That way I wouldn’t have to explain and tell you so
In that particular way

shakti iyer Jun 14

Saw you one June morning,
you were as unique as
that day's sunrise.

July shined bright
bought me a shining

It turned out
to be a stormy crack
when you
decided to like me.
Augusts are my favorite  yet.

got me a bad mind.
but I was in love with you.

this shouldn't ever happen,
to the love of god
give me octobers.

i was around with
but it was not my thing.
not a lousy November.

a gem
I had you in my arms.
your eyes were heavenly,
and they were staring into mine.

days went,
but i didn't let you go.
I felt you
sticking on
January's memory.

To those wonderful
talks about
february is not just for a valentine!

march peered in,
and so did
a few
heartfelt kisses.

what happened then?
2 Years since
I was a coin tossed off.
But yet, I'm that coin you'd
never fail to think about,
twice, every minute.

you know this.
you can not forget  it.

White paper dripping
Off of the ceiling
Carving these words
Like wordless feelings
Running away
So you can feel alive
How would you know
What it feels like to die
Footprints and rainstorms
Warping reflections
Open these closed doors
And lose your direction
We wave goodbye
To all of our dreams
Somehow I crave
Everything I don't need
Sparkling lights
Help me to see
Even at night
I can never be free
Shimmering voices
Swim through my mirror
So many choices
Screams growing clearer
My insecurities
Dance in my head
It's not very pretty
And no one's my friend
Glittering creatures
Mix with my blood
Angels and reapers
Blot out the sun
Jump to the monsters
Under the bed
Staining the carpet
A burgundy red
Scream your defiance
Swallow your tongue
Now it's too late
Nothing more can be done
Smile like scavengers
After a kill
Laugh as the amateurs
Bend to your will
Dream of the night
When we all 'fall asleep'
It's all alright
This is time to leave

A song I wrote
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