Ski 2d

Eyes glued completely on this dark and snowy sky.
The warmth slowly embraces me so tight till I die.

The wind and clouds are whispering, I can hear them whistling.
Thoughts are approaching, promises got me thinking.

There I am painting of us two on my own world, living a life with these wounds.
There I am fighting with the undead one, covering myself with another wound.

I don't see a thing for more,
I lost the core of my eye for sure.
I don't paint for more,
I lost the colors of mine for sure.

The wind and clouds are whispering for more.
They told me to wake up right now.
I hide behind my back no more.
Gonn' rip a new page later on or now.

I'm back with this something. Shorta missing being here even just to drop a thing. Fear not, I'm breathing still. Places changed, people don't. I hope you all still hoping for another tomorrow. Hv fun. Xx, #S.

night has drawn nigh,
stillness congests the air.

while my eyes grow heavy,
my body sinks into weariness.

it is time to sleep...

She was never one to grow wings and fly away,
She just can't leave her tree and be vulnerable,
She needed to be strong for herself,
Now she grow roots and became the tree itself.


geeqii 5d

Deep in thought like spiderweb labyrinths..

Naval officer conscious, swimming through my mind, please, stop reminding me confidence.

Now, whether it's behavioral or occipital;
These lobes show no mercy when it comes to the time being..
And as these, fleeting thoughts tend to.. mainly be "freeing"
consciousness behind choice words, doesn't translate lightly.  

I see that my, disagreements have only caught up with my patience. And while this, self defeating malice intent festers within; the corresponding mental maintenance weighs heavy on my brain stem.

Like surgical malpractice or remembered  average. I pretend to be this menace within expected lenses.

But, it's the cat senses that has these dogs barking. Already caught up farming, bumble bee somethings on Sunday mornings. I'm noticing all these women pining, constantly looking for charmings'.

Through filtered screens?

I'd say it's alarming..for sake of the rhyme, but it's not. It's really not unbelievable at all.

These bottled drugs have my demeanor.. somewhat even. Hoping some general conversation may even..
Force the production of honey..

I see those fake bees morphing into fake rabbits. Sporadically f**king, snorting like fake addicts. But you know me..

intro to hellopoetry (part2)  geeq

He too needed help,
A miracle to pull him out of his nightmare,
One that could make it all go away,
But for he is a man,
Its just not possible.

He seeks from anyone,
Telling people of his misfortune,
That he needed a way out,
But for he is a man,
It all seems like a joke.

He ask not a ball,
A night with a stunning princess,
Nor a magical shoe to fit in,
But for he is a man,
Seeks only a story where he is supposed to be in.


hisladylove Apr 16

i want to know what it is to be
fully enamored with a person
to breathe them in completely
to be totally enveloped
in their being.

BE McComb Apr 15

it's that kind of morning
you know the type
where you leave your
eyeliner wings crooked
and spend the time you
would have wasted to fix them
sitting on the bathroom floor
feeling sorry for yourself

(i can't distinguish between
what i say and what
i mean and apparently
neither can anyone else)

there's a gallon of
grandmother's bleach
next to my feet but it
has 9,000 calories of
pure sodium per cup
and i'm on a diet

(see i could say i was
just making a funny joke
but there's nothing funny
about that joke)


(are people bulletproof
or is it just their hearts?)

guess all that's left to do is
cry if i've lost what wasn't mine
yoga in the middle of the night
showers in the afternoons
and laugh if i'm still a believer
in second chances (circa 2002)

anyone else remember the jonah movie? let's just hope the caterpillar worm guy got his message through to me.
Copyright 4/15/17 by B. E. McComb
kimberly Apr 15

I get anxious.
I feel vacant.
I get random bouts of inspiration, but definitely not motivation.
My thoughts don't have the proper translation.
Fuck these moments of exasperation.
Maybe it's not meant for these situations to awaken.

written: 2-12-17
Breeze-Mist Apr 15

With civilians
There are a few, but not much
But on a small base
You can see them everywhere
In the milit'ry
They're a popular feature
From labs to shepherds
The force is full of black dogs

Just something I noticed.

Just in case this all falls through
And one of us can or cannot be
Exactly who we wish to be
Would you remember me as I am right now?
And I'll remember you like this
As the girl of dreams
Mixed with the memory of what could've been

Sometimes... These things just crop up. No clue where they come from.
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