The daughter of the moon and I
Fell from the stars
And crashed into a lonely lake
Where she would spend all of her days
Forsaking all others
Except for this
The wielder of the sword to be
To rule the world
By his own outstretched hand


Nicotine kisses
And high hope wishes
Doping up on addition
Disguised and good conviction
To lie to the jester
Rests the demons to fester
Nicotine kisses
And high hope wishes
Now we're swimming with the fishes
Caught up in old lines
Disguised as I'm fine
Cheers, to another glass of wine
Nicotine kisses
And high hope wishes
My heart knows was it misses
The look on your face of pride
The only side I never saw hide

Boom. Some thoughts.
Anon 1d

Take a breath,
count to ten
looking in from the outside
my city of ugly
stories in crumbling walls
ashes strewn with disdain
here's the need to hurt,
to remember I feel
punch a hole
in a wall
cut of a blade
on my skin
fists on my ribcage
blood on my knuckles
familiar roads I take
to kill my broken thoughts
seething I sit, in the dark
talking to the Devil
on the right side of hell
wearing the same mask,
Devil and I
slip on the hate
walk into emptiness
honesty, changes me
arms wide open, let it rain
make it rain
of the blood you spill
I spill
I spill
walk away from the sun,
says the Devil
together we can unbecome
fade into the night
let go
be undone
I don't hesitate
don't know,
where time has gone
filled it foolishly
with proud intentions
unlit by the moon
in darkest of nights
words of a freakshow
intentions of a heathen
by my mad gods
find pain,
my violent absolution
I seek unabashed
only solace is rage.


Unedited. Raw thoughts.
Faith 1d

random words spilling out,
a nine kilometer cloud,
it is something that i must shout out,
it wasn't until the final bow,
when i realized that life is so short,
i think i need to abort,
not a baby,
just reality,
for a while make me smile,
a nine kilometer cloud,
it made me frown,
it pulled me down,
a nine kilometer cloud

complete randomness message if you want to know how i came up with the title ;-) -Faith

Love can be so fleeting
like the brightly shining sun
to leave you feeling sorely burned sometimes
or relieved when days are finally done
times to leave you feeling empty or leave you feeling perfect- full
sometimes love is high so grand
sometimes there is a quiet lull
sometimes it's awful easy true
other times
it's like a stupid an
stubborn bull

either way
- we always seek it
elusive like a distant dream
we chase it an ever wander on
to seek a perfect shining gleem,
like the rays of the sweet
warm sunshine
to finally bask in the
lovely glowing beam

that's what love is I think.

Copyright Ma Cherie 2017 still having trouble but trying anyway to write that is having trouble with the system here

crickets & cicadas
chirp the silence
as good morning
tries to peek
from skies of grey
then all of a sudden
it goes quiet

as if they have
just nothing
left to say
as a breeze comes through
the curtain
an the trees an leaves
softly begin to
dance an sway
clapping for their sweet sunshine
for her love has been so long away
they wish to burn in chlorophyll
soo they need for her to stay
Ma Cherie

still having computer trouble here tried everything i know this is crazy couldn't finish this  ;/
Anon 5d

struck a match
I set fire to the rain
all mist and fog,
I stand atop
my flimsy tower
subliminal collision
fists meet foundation.
man in the mirror,
and I
monomaniacal conversation
pain hidden, in pride
fuck you, I already know
condescending prick.
step out the door
buy a bottle, eight-ball
can't buy forgiveness
live young, die
mask ripped off,
by wraith-hands
of liquid and smoke
self-- annihilation
is the answer
break down
bring it down, on myself
or it will kill me
a lurking assassin.
the conversation ends
cracked mirror, and blood
blurs the man,
staring into me.
a tourist in hell
there's no hurry
the damned, and
lonely don't need
to rush
I'll find numbness
on my own sweet time.


Haphazard thoughts written before coherent thoughts become impossible...

let's not do a poem
that is really too cliche
let's write a poem about love what does it mean to love
to really try an love someone
to truly have their back
to really have their six
to love them through all the weather
and when you end up old
and sick
and sometimes it ain't what you think that girl she ain't your pick
when every day is done
she will love the
earth you walk.
to kiss you hold you sweetly
an to listen when you talk
to understand an to go inside your mind
an take your hand to walk
along the path of kufr
upon a sandy beach
h to dive with in the old swamp

I don't know what's going on here poets but this is all I could write it won't let me write anymore!? So this is what you get love you - Ma

The sweat soaked pillow keeps me awake
Insomnia is a disease
"You're not wasting it all,"
"you haven't wasted it here,"
You repeat them over and over
but the song doesn't catch
not even you believe it anymore
not even you think the joke is funny
not even you can fix this mess
A part of you wants to watch it burn
And if you could speak with sober you he'd agree
Getting clean is easy
staying clean is something else
And you can't hit bottom
if you can't get off the floor
I've become a mess of a dream
a series of moments that don't make sense
and always leave me confused.
These tired eyes have seen so much already
some days I wanna close them for good.

You know it's the right choice when it hurts
Each step away stings a hundred times
The higher you go, the slippery it gets
The crown is always heavy,
whether its gold or lead
one just looks prettier
both will sink you to the bottom,
both will dent your head
neither sets you free

Freedom lies within they say
but even freedom costs too much
I'm not living paycheck to paycheck,
I'm suffocating in between
drowning in an ocean of freedom
the world's a slave trade
chained to a roller coaster,
with no seat belt
the ride is broken
and you knew it getting on
And if you can't come up with the money?
don't you worry, they'll just charge you more lol
This world is a rabid dog
that forgot what you look like
And the key to your dreams
is tied to its collar.
And this is as good as it gets?
We're the lucky ones?
If there (is)was a god(s)
What fucked up sega game are they playing?
And why are you still a fan of it?

Kyle D.
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