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Half past midnight
With inner demons consuming
What I thought invincible wall I built,
Silence is so loud; it's unbearable.

Half past midnight
A thought keeps popping out;
Please stay in that casket,
I don't need you now, not ever.

Half past midnight
It's dark, I can hear you;
I'll just stare at the moon
Hoping to get past this soon.

Half past midnight
I'll just write and write
'til the sound of pen on paper
puts me to sound sleep.
I was just about to breakdown.
I stand before you
heaving- begging for your love.
Apathy returns.
In the quiet night
a lonely moon arises,
cold and beautiful.
Bring me home to you.
Harsh light changes me. I want
freedom from the screen.
Your *** complex shines.
I wouldn't dare ***** it out.
Like you, I like you.
Bakit ang lungkot ng buhay,
Wala na akong nakikitang rason para sumaya,
Lagi kong tanong
“Should I continue living another day?”
Lagi kong dasal
”Bigyan niyo po ako ng rason para ipagpatuloy pa ang buhay ko”
I know suicide is a sin
Pero everyday I see myself and all I can see is a failure and disappointment
My life is my own ****
“I wanna be a medtech and make my parents proud” - my only wish again and again

But im losing my hope
I feel so down

I feel like I don’t have a life anymore
School, review in cafe, home, repeat.

But still failed grades?
What should I do?
Every braincells is already used.
But still a failed grades?

Im losing my hope
I don’t know what to do

My only dream is be a medtech and make by parents proud
But I fail repeatedly

I disappoint myself
And specially I disappoint my parents

I wanna give up
I wanna give up. I wanna be a medtech but I can’t.
Arianna 2d
The time has come:

          I lay the golden fare upon thy lids,
          A jasmine blossom between thy lips.
          Two lilies I place
          'Twixt thy lily hands,
          And a single rose
                    Snow white, with petals of fallen stars
          I lay across thy breast.

          The gauzy shroud
          Thrown o'er thy form,
          Now unperturbed, lying still in the longboat
          Between thy shield and sword...

          The time has come.

                    We shall never meet more.

          Fare thee well:
          Thou goest to the heart of shadows,
          Led onward by the baying
          Of those fearsome hounds
          Haunting the black depths.

          Some naiad tugs at the prow,
          And as the dark currents of the river
          Bear thee off from shore,

          How I wonder!

                    That the weight of grief
                    Does not drag all the world with it
                    In your wake
                    To the ocean floor...
A 3 a.m. story.
left right white
black green red eye
nose even
odd foot hand dry
wet land sea

and all things hazy
blurred and shoved between
tbh, i just liked the way the title sounded.
I took my clothes off
Along with my soul
And threw them
In the dark
I dropped my body
Somewhere in the void
I felt my body cracking away
I heard my soul screaming
From the darkest place
It was me that wasn't
Letting me go
It was my brain that surrendered
It was my heart that died
I went back to the dark corner
Where my home was
I wore my soul back
My clothes kissed those
Fingerprints upon my body
My body kissed my broken soul
If this is what defines me

Arianna 4d
"The Veil rises
And we step forward,
Reflection towards reflection,
Unti⸺ ! ..."
Arianna Nov 3
Gossamer candlelight
The sole barrier
Between my skin and evening air,

Its golden honey spilling warm o'er my neck,
Woven with summer breeze and incense
Through't my hair

As I attend
The garden harmony
Of crickets with the nightingale.
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