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Michael 4d
If Santa Claus snuck up on you,
would you be ready?
Don't look so haughty,
cause if you get caught bein naughty
Santa's gonna get you good, buddy.
Better shorten that list sonny.
He ain't much for greed.
Ask for a **** pony,
might get the whole stampede.
What would you do
If he snuck up behind ya,
leaned into your ear and whispered,
Better be on your best behavior.
Bein good should be your goal.
Don't think your slick.  You best be careful,
unless you like bein given coal.
Look at you bein all ornery,
fussin and yellin, duckin and dodgin.
You ain't foolin no one but yourself by
sayin, "Santa ain't watchin."
You already know he's gonna write that one down.
Man, Santa's been watchin all year round.
But you did what you done, just know that he's knowin.
Welp, at least you'll be able to keep the fire goin.
There's still time to get on the Nice list.
Zoe Mae Sep 7
The one who says nothing
owns the room
It's silence that makes the loudest
Zoe Mae Sep 1
You say we're going nowhere
I say then please drive slow
If we get lost I really don't care
We both have nowhere else to go
Zoe Mae Aug 29
Your words are drenched with liquid gold
Each sentence carved, a story told

What a gift to briefly escape my head
And nosedive into yours instead

You're a clever mind without a face
And the only stranger I can't replace
Zoe Mae Aug 28
This man thinks what he sees is his
Whether it human or vegetable 
even water's up for dibs
This man will shed plenty of blood for dirt
Then burn invisible borders into the earth
This man knows he's invincible
This man believes he has principles

This man has a different view
He's humbled by nature and resists the coup
This man won't shed blood for dirt
He knows there's nothing worth that kind of hurt
This man understands life is finite He's grateful for each day and night
This man knows he's invisible
This man believes he has principles
Zoe Mae Aug 26
My motto is keep writing
but I forget to read
Which takes away from others
what I also need
So thanks for taking time
I may not have taken for you
I promise to be more thoughtful
and at least enjoy the view
Zoe Mae Aug 21
God you're a dolt
You just blather on about stuff you know nothing about
Think you're the boss, when you're really a tool
Convinced you're a genius, but the world knows you're a fool
You preach from the sewers and think you're supreme
But you're truly just a narcissist who's insecure and mean
So happy you're gone
Hopefully we're not as dumb as before
Cuz I'm pretty certain we'll be seeing you in 2024
Zoe Mae Aug 19
Stick with me

I'll stick by you


Is almost through
Zoe Mae Aug 18
I'm so hungry
I'm so high
Eyes are blurry
I know why
Should I worry
Or deny
That we just hurry
Till we die
Zoe Mae Aug 13
Not sure if you're hungry, but
here's every word you just said

I will spoon-feed you each profanity as you lay in your bed

Let them set your bloodstream ablaze and go straight to your head

You can eat my words too because I'm overfed
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