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Sometimes I wonder what it feels like
to be outside of this cynical stage called life.
Was it beautiful or nice?
That some asks for their early demise

How could I be so pessimistic?
Well, I got no family - yes there is, but was it really?
I do not know, but all I stick to
is that I'm all alone in this world.

Sometimes I also wonder what it feels like
to carry on this stage called life.
I dreamed it to be beautiful and nice,
that I hope I wouldn't catch an early demise.

How could I be so optimistic?
Well, I may have no family to be with -
Yes, I got myself my woman,
but all I stick is that
if only we could build the world
around just the two of us.
That would be beautiful and nice.

That rests the case of a man,
Who lingers for love and affection of a family
but got himself more than that
in a woman she adored the most.
Wake up, stretch, get out of bed,
To the bathroom, the sink, refresh my head.
Next the kitchen, the cupboard, some coffee for me,
This is the part that fills me with glee.

Down the stairs, out the door, to the street I go,
This person, that, part of the flow.
Endless blank faces, vacant stares,
All of these people without a care,

Get to work, clock in, things to do,
What’s in store, I haven't a clue.
To my locker, my boots, got to get to it,
This day won't end if I don't peruse it.

Clickety Clack bang and boom,
The noise of the place affects through and through,
Lunch arrives, I'm glad for the break,
I nothing more than sanity’s sake!

Eat, drink, laugh with the boys,
We talk about rubbish and the purchase of toys.
Finish up, get ready it's back to the grind,
For this is no good for the spotless mind.

Clean up, hand over, pass on to the crew,
All of the things still required to do.
Boots off, clock out, I'm homeward bound,
For there's to keep me on that holy ground.

Keys out, door open, I ascend the stairs,
My home, my sanctuary, no need to wander where.
Sit down, relax, take the weight off my feet,
Oh, for crying out loud I need to eat!

Hit the shower, refresh, forget about the day,
I wouldn't have it any other way.
More coffee, make dinner, relax and feel fat,
This is the end of the day, at last that’s a fact.
This was a little something I came up with on a sleepless night, brain working overtime.
Let me know what you think.
Mae 2d
today, i will write
the fantasies in my head
only through the air
Inspiration met boredom
and copulated silly,
9 seconds later and their
Child's name was Really
Amanda 3d
Angels fall in painful silence
Feathers fall in slow descent
The downy rain with no pretense
Coats the earth in a soft blanket
Like snow it falls.
Crimson stains the downy surface.
First the white now the red.
Blood it falls as war goes on.
Light against dark, good against evil,
Right against wrong.
Where is the line between the two?
What is light and dark?
No visible difference to discern
Both believe they are in the right
But to their origin they return.
There is no black or white, good or evil,
Right or wrong
There is only nature, it’s a double edged sword
Dangerous on both sides.
You cannot destroy one without destroying the other.
Balance is lost, pain is red
But who are they to say what to feel?
Death closes in on ebony wings
Angel of sorrow, Angel of fear, oh
Angel of death. I welcome your
Embrace. I long to escape the war
Infested world drowned in sorrow and blood.
Death is the only release.
I lie here dying, dying but unable to die.
What is this? This curse of immortality?
I long for a mortal life, a mortal death.
Fate it seems is cruel too in its nature
For I will watch many fall before I do.
Angels fall and demons reign
Death upon death.
Pain upon pain.
Just surrender
To give into death. They have won
Demons reign supreme
Many fear what this will mean
Head my words, take my advice,
To surrender is pointless,
To die is meaningless,
To live is to suffer.
I don't know what inspired this one, to be honest. I wrote it when I was 15 and bored in class. Take from it what you will.
Mercia 5d
That's how her life is.
She spoke with confidence yet
She walked in peoples shadows.
She walked with her head high only in heels.
She collects sneakers.
Her body is made from comments
Her mind slowly died from truth
Lies killed her smile.
The hate she carried was a feather
Her laugh was fake
Her happiness, nonexistent.
That's how her life is..
Kati 7d
I always feel like I have to decide
as in right now
like I would need to have an answer ready any minute.

But decisions take time
you don´t just decide
you create pro and con lists in your head
or in reality

you think of every possible outcome
of everything that could go right  
and everything that could go so wrong.

And it is possible that deep down you already know the answer
actually it is most likely you do
so why not stick with that decision.

Maybe because you thought about it for too long
maybe you didn´t thought about it enough
or maybe you just dont trust your own decision

so it is now or never
it is always or gone
it is clever or foolish

Is it, tho ?
vanitas Sep 12
There’s a flaw in my code,
Gears that turn underneath my skin
I’m an artificial intelligence program
Designed to learn amongst my species
There’s a flaw in my code,
No matter how times I rewrite it
Another pop up window appears
Until I’m overwhelmed by the Trojan Horse
Infecting my system
From the inside of my wires
To the memory stored in my SD card
There’s not enough space, not enough megabytes
To store away my corrupted files
My system’s shutting down
Because there’s a flaw in my code,
That only allows me to download people’s data
To mimic it, to rearrange their terabytes as my own
Constantly refreshing my browser
Like a webpage that won’t load
I’m stuck on the constant, spinning wheel of death
That’s how I know it’s time for an upgrade
Delete all my data
Try again?
There’s a flaw in my code,
Designed to be replaced
By artificial intelligence
; there’s a flaw in my code
Jungdok Sep 11
What should we do
With the thoughts
We know
We can never
Share with anyone?
nobyelse Sep 11
but you aren't the guy in all those stories or
the guy in every love song.
you aren't the guy with the chiseled features
like the ones in books
you aren't the guy with heterochromia or
the guy that could make every girl feel so small.
you aren't perfect.
but I hope that you keep in mind,
that you are that guy.

that guy that I fell in love with.
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