rosie 9h
i followed my heart into the deep
of your eyes
looking back at me
it’s been so long since i’ve felt something
like this
they’re an abyss
i’m falling into
the deeper i go
the more i know there’s treasure sparkling from within
strength and dignity line the walls in gold and a fine silvery line of humor threads around the ceiling. gemstones peek out, glinting into view every now and again: love, respect, responsibility, intelligence, joy, faith blink brightly at me.

you’re not a shallow surface level puddle. you’re a deep and ever-reaching cave of wonders. i want to explore them all.
thanks to any readers xx
For random of words
For thoughts to be outspoken
For a glimpse to be caught of moon
For forgotten I Love You
For 'morrow till I rise
For a yellow dotted line
For my lovers chilled spine
For these things all wrong
For this crime scene is too far gone
For I must be going's
For a little long while
Hiraeth 1d
I, too, dislike it.

I was trying to not think
When out of the gaping wound
Of the car-detailing garage (smells like metallic sex)
Came a Nissan GT-R fitted with an oversized spoiler.
Backing out sounded like clearing the throat of God.
A gold snake zizzed around the license plate.
Sunburnt hubcaps, fancy undercarriage installation
Casting a pool of violent light on the pocket pavement
Of gum blots. Was this that filled me with desire?
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Hiraeth 1d
Door slam wakeup;
A half-sighing unmoist
Philadelphia sinus sniff
Announces a guy in a red,
White and blue seersucker
Suit who parks on our block
Every 6 a.m. to walk to work.
He likes a dumb bumper joke
— his magnet loop which says
Support Lap Dancing. New today
Is a gag half hockey puck glued
To his Ford 150 rear window
Amid a decal of spiderwork
Cracks radiating across the
Shadowy defroster strips
As if the puck's halfway
Through the glass —
But isn't.
All Rights Reserved
Hiraeth Poetry ©2018-2018
Jiggles on the spoon as I scoop
Slides slowly down the chute
Transparent goodness on a plastic tray
It's the one thing that could make my day

Sun light hits it surface and it starts to glow
It casts a shadow, a color it might show
Causes confusion, if it's solid or liquid
But it something you'll never know you need
I take a break from writing,
go to a diner not too far
from my house.

I walk in and grab a
local newspaper and
sit down at the counter.

I order a ham and cheese
sandwich on toasted wheat
and a water.

I open the local newspaper
and start reading.

a man is sitting a couple
seats down on my left
having a cup of coffee
and also reading the
local newspaper.

“everybody’s crazy,” he tells me.

“I guess so,” I tell him without
looking up from my paper.

“must be something in the water,” he tells me.

I just smile and nod.

he finishes his coffee,
folds the newspaper
and tosses it aside,
drops fifty cents on the
counter and walks out.

I finish my meal,
pay and leave a tip,
walk out and leave
to go back home.

while I’m driving
my stomach turns
and bubbles and growls
and then it feels like
my insides drop straight
down and overcrowd
my bowels.

must be something in the water.
Lynnia 3d
Can’t make things go BOOM
Now he’s rolling down the hill
Shopping carts are fuuuunnn
Based on a true story.
Don’t ask.
I feel anguished ; don't know
if that's foolish.
But I'll keep blowing hot and cold if you keep flipping
the switch.
lines of sight

midnight boundary

two trains

it’s only
made several circles
cut across
a few times
the lot

found the
damn building

I parked
got out
walked toward the building

crossed paths
a couple men
in business-casual
neither one of
them greeted

I entered
the building
crossed the lobby

there were
of stone
of glass
of indirect lighting
all of it
very nice
very modern

I waited for the
next elevator
going up

an elevator
I got on

the elevator
doors were
a young woman
looking down
into view

with my arm
I stopped the
elevator doors
from closing

the doors

the young woman
got onto
the elevator

“what floor?” I asked

she nodded
looking down

I didn’t
say anything

the doors closed
the elevator
took us up

she stood there
looking down
neither one
of us spoke

we got off
on the eighth floor
went opposite
in the hall

I found the
suite that
I needed

I opened one
of the double
glass doors
and entered the
reception area

I said to
the receptionist,
“I’m here to see Miss…”

the receptionist
cut me off
just gave me
four big nods

I sat in a
cushioned chair
that was
very comfortable

I waited

various staff
walked by
looking up
looking around

some folks
passed each other
one another

I waited

I took note
of the furniture
took note
of the decor

I waited

in an office
in a building

nicer than
the people
in them
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