Our fate was set
The first time we met

And now we regret
Moments we didn't get

Just like one of those nights when I can't sleep, random thoughts kept on messing up my head. So here it is.
Josh 3d

I am lost, in reverie
Staring out, at an
Empty town square
Thinking, of the sea
The crashing waves
They could fall here
And wash, little, away
There is little, to be missed
Little, to bar the way

J 5d

Im laying here naked drifting is the only thing we know - I like the way you tear up my heart I don't want this to stop - I know your terrible for me - Won't you be my bad company - mangle the bed toss the spread of love - Windows down be my bad company - Im not ready for you won't you lay with me legs spread the night fed with the lies of our bad company - Lyrics down muscle torn between what I imagine and the things that have happened - If I say all the words inside my head I'm afraid the day may never stop denying - Broken take in this deep token be my bad company - Burn me torch me and ash me to the deep pain I deserve - my life my love my reason - Treason is the first thing first - Above the spirits from beneath escape and tear this hole wide open - Raining down love from above my bad company.

My stubborn saturation, brought me into the world of random strangers
Strangers whom I found on a wide circuit of millennial connections
Most of them are like wild boar, trying to find food that will fill their unsatisfied soul
But, some of them are like stars, that will still shine; even during dawn.

Until, I found him; my morning star
That random connections, makes everything stop; at the moment, I saw him
I really adore his sparkling eyes, like a star that still shines, before sunrise
The way he stares at me, he always gives me tachycardia (a rapid heartbeat)

The tune of his gentle voice is like an angel playing a harp in a serene manner
Though his accent, is somehow confusing; but, I know our souls will intertwined to connect on one point.
“The world is round, you will reach the same point if you start traveling like a circle”
Little he knows that, I’m pointing it out to his pure soul; that I can see through his eyes

I will never get tired staring at his face
His presence that fulfill my empty soul
The way he laughs, makes my blood pressure rise, that’s why my cheeks get red
He generally, got me going crazier

I know life is too unfair, to ended up so unexpectedly
So unreasonably and so fast
Now, that I found him, the one who make me more alive again.

Oh how I lost pace

Was a stream, a river, suspended in space, I mixed with the salt and
Drifted through air.

How I lost steam,
Vapours rising higher,
But once I'm there.

I gain form again, belted to earth in a storm,
And then.

Anew, The cycle begins again.

Going to write poetry about different states of water. And going through these states.

What can I do?
When I think, I've fallen for you
Would you believe it's true?
If you've already fallen for another girl too?

Everytime I'm talking with you
Every moment I share with you
Would you believe that I've cherished it so true?
'Cuz I think, that's the only thing I can do

Please open you eyes
Tell me the truth, not lies
Do you like me?
Or I'm just ANOTHER FRIEND you see?



Be like a sunflower.
Even when the sun hides, you can still shine.
The sun radiates from within.

a murmur as i fall to sleep
the still places there
thick and disquiet dusk
winds wispy dreams evaporating
the time when those eyes lied

swaying branches leaves shadows
the ground is not alive
the moon comforts tears the stars
to fool
memory pain elegantly
the time when these eyes cried

my sign up poem to hello poetry.

Are time and sleep the same thing?
Both are essential for healing.
Time passes while you sleep
And sleep passes the time.

Both pass without you knowing it.

Unless you wake up, even while awake.
Sleep can never be had,
unless there’s time to take.
Dreams are had during time,
and lived while awake,
some are even developed during sleep
for the brain to slowly bake.

Are sleep and time the same thing?

to me they are

Maybe you've seen a rainbow. Or a double-decker of two.
But have you ever taken a sec to look at the arch's real hue?
You see, it's not just one big variation of colors in a line,
but rather various solid colors split into saturations divine!
And they're not all together -- they're quite far in perception
Their distance and height just plays a trick for your eye's reception.
The colors are separate arches themselves meaning different things
from good luck, to perseverance to emotional cleansing.

So the next time I tell you I see a yellow rainbow,

You'd better go outside and see for yourself!

a new concept :)
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