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Man Jun 17
Charcoal hands
To hold my ignited love,
The only reciprocity
Is to be maimed & scarred
With flames beyond the fire's control.
Gasoline loves a match-
Bright & hot, destructive, fast.
Burns out to within, and then
It's all exhausted;
Embers smolder to ash.
James Mar 19
In the quiet ache of loss,
I find fragments of myself,
Scattered like petals in the wind,
Yearning to be whole again
Hannah Mar 4
and when it is sunny i will stare right at it and hope to god it never leaves my very bloodstream

i have injected you.
is it not this morning
a breathe of captivating
yet unsettling air,
my dear?

as thoughts convince me,
the unjust impossibility
of knowing how the air
would smell different,

if only i know the scent
you have. quite aching
to realize. but it does
the heart good.

to think about this,
i mean. to think
about you.
i mean.
stillhuman Sep 2023
There's a tightness
in my throat
when I look to you.

I wanted to keep you special,
tied  you up in that tiny space,
all your memories kept like treasure,
but you became mundane,
engraved with gold in my days and life,
a part of the morning sky.

You painted my days in a lilac shade,
throwing red and blue my way
so that I could feel close to you
and find distance all the same.

There are storm clouds in this purple sky
ready to fall heavy with rain
as it drips from my eyes
that feel this indifference in disguise,
tries to hide this part of me
that cries from the inside
to be seen and be freed from these lies.

There's no peace in this demise
'cause the clock is ticking with time
moving quickly to divide
what is ours into what is mine.

You're a purple lover
always been on my mind
and still only a stranger
that I felt was too kind
but your presence is like wine,
gets me drunk, makes it sublime.
You'll still be my purple lover, even when it's no longer our time
Man Aug 2023
I see you here, now.
Phased out in dreamscapes.
Eclipse the conscience,
Those things lost in different states.
Screaming out my name-
Gentle lips, kiss my face
Man Aug 2023
I sit here in silence
No empathy knows my pain
Sit here alone
Reflecting on my shame
And smash
What stares back from the mirror
The glass
Cracks, ****** knuckles and
Man Jun 2023
Our love,
Are our hearts
Just written in the sand?
To be washed away with the tide.
Or will it withstand?
The test of time.
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