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Ali Hilout Sep 16
There is no light without darkness.
No cloudy skies without rain.
Over and above this dreadful end;
Our tears will be wiped away,
Our aching hearts will be settled down once more.

We will sit and observe them come and go;
Only to settle speechless and motionless--
Wishing for them to stay a little bit longer.
Our hearts become full of the greatest sorrow,
The sorrow of losing a loved one forever;
However, it is not the end!

For their sake, remain strong and smile!
Find comfort and joy in your life
With all your fondest thoughts and memories of them
Shall dwell within your heart, nevertheless.
Parting is miserable,
But life goes on without alerts.
Zack Ripley Aug 8
I may have achey feet from working
all the live long day.
But I'm grateful for them.
They take my mind off my aching heart. Caused by the curse of adulting and time keeping us apart.
Nikki Jul 6
What did I do wrong
To deserve this vast emptiness
Where life should be
Where joy and wonder and adventure
Should’ve reigned

While instead every day,
Blurring into one,
Is ruled by disappointment,
And self-pity,
And self hatred

When all I ever wanted
When all I ever asked for
Was one reason
Only one
To make my life worth living
To bring a light in the darkness
To make sense of a senseless world
To bring an end to all my doubts and heartaches
Only one
rk Mar 30
even now
i am haunted by you still
i see you everywhere,
i hear you every time
the waves crash into the shore
and feel you each time
the wind caresses my skin.
our songs play
and my day comes to hault
i'm back to those summer nights,
wrapped inside your arms
honey and clementines
bleeding from our lips.

in those moments i realise
how deeply you are buried
into my being,
as if my bones are made
from magnets
searching just for you.
fray narte Mar 10
rip my chest the way you would an ugly sight of flowers. take everything away. i have no need for this much aching. i have no need for this much consuming anguish — this much self-violence barely restrained by my ribs. rip my chest and leave me empty of breaths and prayers for saints who don't know my name. leave me clean, and numb, and brand new — without memory and without any trace of all agony i ever kept between the lines of my poems. this isn't one — this isn't one anymore.

rip my chest and take everything away. rip my chest, i beg you, and take away all of my violence. take away all of my pain. take away all that i ever was, now just hurting — now, just lying around in waste.

rip my chest and take away all that i am.

rip my chest.

leave nothing behind
there is a well of sorrow
so deep
it cannot be articulated with tears
an ache
so fierce
it consumes you
until all that you perceive
is all that you have lost
they are never coming back
let them go
it’s time
this road does not lead to happiness
deep breaths
i know it hurts
but we are strong
and we can open our hearts to forgiveness
don’t disappear
i see you
your still here
trying to hide
but that cannot keep you safe, dear one
nothing of this world can keep heartbreak
from knocking on your door.

Esther L. Krenzin
little lion Feb 2
I have taught myself to believe that everything happens for a reason... how else am I supposed to cope with the endless, torturous hurt that barrels through my body day after day,
wearing down my bones the way
trains begin to wear down their tracks;
the piercing shriek of the wheels spinning against
the push of the brakes mimicking the
cry of my legs struggling to hold up the
nineteen year's worth of
trauma and heartache and exhaustion
threatening to come tumbling down onto
the tracks while my
heart is forced to stare helplessly on,
an innocent bystander
to the impending tragedy that will
forever scar her for life as she is
forced to watch me lose mine?
There has to be a reason
LC Feb 1
fear is a tiny seed
planted in my lower belly.
my thoughts fuel the seed
to sprout with gentle ease.
its roots are finally free,
wrapping around my feet,
never letting me flee.
it grows into a nimble tree
whose branches strangle me.
the tree wears prickly leaves
that sting my aching body
until my eyes succumb to sleep.
I revised one of my poems, and I really like how it turned out! I think I'll revise more of my poems and create a revision collection.
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