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Empire 3d
Nothing is ever over,
Is it?
Leaves behind a shadow
An imprint on your mind, soul
Just the shadow hurts so bad
Like a cut deep into your being
You get lost in it
Unable to let go
Of that which cast it
Because now it's a part of you
For better or worse
Some wounds scar but never fully heal
Mya Mar 8
The fogginess in my senses
The scratching down my throat
The burning in my eyes
The pounding in my head
The aching of my bones
The tilting of my balance

I think I am sick
I feel like I'm going to crumble
Spooky Babe Feb 27
The rain came at a perfect time
We’re mourning the loss of my heart
It all just happened yesterday
So let me use this for my art

I wish this wasn’t my reality
But unfortunately I’m wide awake
No matter how hard I pinch myself
I’m forced to accept it’s not fake

That **** you did
What I never thought you do
I thought I’d **** up like this
But I was wrong cuz turns out it’s you

To know you’ve just been touched
By someone other than me
Honestly hits me in my soul
Because you couldn’t just wait patiently?

It was only a few days apart
How badly was the desire?
I thought she was “******” girl
But clearly you’re a ******* liar

I hate that this is my life
And now I’m forced to face it
No matter how much I wasn’t ready
Maybe we just should call it quits

Those words, together **** me
Its a hard pill to swallow
But I don’t know what else to do
I guess I’ll move on and just wallow
My love for you has...
Feb. 14 2019
For you and only you
CM Lee Feb 25
Hard to admit that it’s all over
Our time together is anything but forever
Been five years since we’ve part
But it feels like yesterday, the way you broke my heart

I guess after all this time, I’m still hoping
That what we had is more than just a thing
That at the very least, I meant something to you
You were my first everything and you haven’t got a clue

But last night, I’ve reached my end
The song you made me, you gave to someone else
That was the first time I heard my heart breaking
With every beat it made, it was aching

For the first time, in a long time,
I’m choosing myself, and I’ll take this as a sign
I’ll move on and forget about you
There’s no sense in being hungover for you

I’ll try to find my old self
That whole person I was before we met
I won’t let another like you break me
Even if I’m alone, I’ll be as happy as I’ll ever be, you’ll see
Matterhorn Feb 23
“Read my poetry,”
I say daily;
I hope that some day
You will do so,
And that then you may know my heart:

For you, and only you,
It beats within my breast.
Every waking moment it aches—
For you, and yet there may be no peace,
No cessation to this injury;
Perhaps you have chosen another,
Or perhaps it is simply not meant to be.
Regardless, my heart remains
Forever yours, forever broken.
© Ethan M. Pfahning 2019
Luna Maria Feb 19
what if
the wounds won't heal?
what if
my heart keeps aching
so bad?
what if
my tears won't stop

what if
I just give up?
I want to escape the pain so much.
Aurora Feb 17
Pain is your body way to tell you something is wrong
When your heart aches, it’s probably because of the wrong person
Or the wrong word
Or the wrong perception
When your heart aches
It’s not okay
And you either push away what hurts it
Or heal it
And sometimes even leaving everything behind.
Ignoring it, is never a choice.
KMH Feb 15
My bones ache
Like crumbling stone cliffs
Constantly battered
By a sea of exhaustion.
© KMH 2019
im tired.
rose campbell Feb 11
i really thought that
we could've been something
magical, and until
now, i thought

you thought
the same
but i was
wrong, so wrong

i avoid you in
the school hallways
like the way oil
separates from water

i still want to
be your friend
but it hurts
too much for me to stay
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