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Mya Jun 2019
I love you
And don't you ever forget
I have always loved you for 15 years
And I'll love you for a thousand more years
Even when I am in heaven I'll love you

And I hope it is the same for you all
Mya Jun 2019
I could tell you everything you need to know for your future but I'm not. :)
So all you need to know is keep on dreaming of those big dreams and saving up your money like I am and did. Also don't be so afraid of showing your love to people you don't have to say it just show it. Last but not least you are beautiful and your flaws are also beautiful. When it ever comes to a time that you think you are not. Think of your family your as beautiful as your love for them.
Mya May 2019
Like an unfinished puzzle
You will continue to find the missing pieces all over the place

And even if there is just one piece of the puzzle missing it may show up one day

Or you will have to go out and find it yourself
Yeah I just thought of this while doing a puzzle and listening to music.
Mya May 2019
When it comes to drawing
I feel that not even one dot
would be considered perfect.

People may say it could be the closest thing to perfect
but if nothing in this world is perfect
my art is the farthest thing  
from it.

In math
I can solve a perfect square equation
but not all have perfect answers
they are just right answers.
Mya May 2019
I love her
but she doesn't know
I am somehow there when she is sad
but she still only views me as a friend
but that's okay
I listen to her problem
and cheer her up

In the end
I can describe all that I feel for her in six words
"I love you very much, Kath"
Inspiration from a movie
Mya May 2019
I need to warn him
that he is in danger
I need to tell him to run
far away

I run as fast as I can to the place
                                                                   he is late
                                                                he has a calm face
                                                      something definitely happened
all I know is I need to help

               once again we argue
      no one winning
we yell out how we feel

                                                   but he just holds up his gun to me
                                        he says he will deal with his own conflicts

I can't do anything
but I have to

                                                 he holds the gun to his own head

I yell his name


I stare at his body


tears roll down
and all I do is just stare at him
I can't do anything anymore
my brother, he is gone
I got my inspiration from a show that I recently watched. This show moved me to tears. I cry for a while even after I finished it. And it was this scene that I would think about and cry all over again.
Mya Apr 2019
sometimes I wonder
Who am I?
am I an artist?
am I a writer?
am I a background character of someone else's story?

Why can't I figure me out?
If God won't tell me who else am I to ask?
Mya Apr 2019
The figure
Wearing black and white
Walking to the side
With a limp
Is he hurt?
Do I know him?
Does he know me?
My inspiration was from a movie
Mya Apr 2019
When you are faced with a problem
you want to take it head on but
you are scared
but you also know that if you dont face the problem
no one else will
and the problem will always be there
so you know you have to face it even if
it doesn't go away
at least you know that you at lest tried
Mya Apr 2019
Life is so fragile
He had all the power
He was the strongest
But his life was turned upside down
Now he has no power
He had to keep hidden from the others
Now his body lays
Out in the open
Amongst the others

The most Beautiful of them all
Now he lays lifeless
In the spring grass
Supposed to give life
But it took him away from me

Now he lives in my
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