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Mum communicated with us with her eyes and gestures,
When we interrupted her,
Her eyes would be in slits and a scowl told us to leave,
An angry stare and a cough was a signal, "no second helping".
To the guests,"They are full".
And if we dared her,
She would bite her lips, with an angry glare that meant, no pocket money for a week".
If we did something to the visitors' child who messed with us she would  hold us lovingly,
But tightly, a sharp pinch from behind and sweetly ask us to apologise,
Lord Mighty! If we argued the pinch would be sharper meaning,"they are our guests".
Nowadays mummies have their eyes burdened with mascara, and long eyelashes,
Their faces covered with heavy make-up,
They are so busy with their own lives and to ease their conscience  they think their children are gems.
Twaffle Jun 21
Shattered glass, endless scream,
taunting curses and horrifying dreams.
The little girl stares, her dead and clouded eyes
directed to the two arguing figures, spitting truth and lies.

She hugged her stuffed toy, as tight as she could
as she glance at the table served with cold food.
Where did it go?...she wondered,
the loving parents that held both of her hands.

Daddy, the most respectful man she knew,
was now hitting her mother, punching and kicking was now nothing new.
Mommy, the most warm and caring person she have known,
was now spouting bad words at her, with her cold eyes she've shown.

Was it worth it? To argue and yell in front of your child?
To let them see this kind of nightmare that will hunt them for life.
Fighting won't resolve anything, and spitting random curses of words will just destroy 'everything'.

Now tell me, was it worth it?
Many children have been victims of this kind of environment, and unfortunately some of them have strayed to a path they've never wanted to go through.
Fayez Jun 1
You Exist
A Painting

You Used to
Now you
Only Remember
That you Should

What am I
To do
When Color
Turns Gray
Feeling the person you love stop loving you is difficult. The bright and colorful person you call your significant other turn cold, gray, and turn from a beautiful painting to dull ash.
I miss how you turned
every discussion into argument
I won't bother to fight with those wife who stays in abusive marriage anymore
even fighting is better than none.
Mya May 6
I need to warn him
that he is in danger
I need to tell him to run
far away

I run as fast as I can to the place
                                                                   he is late
                                                                he has a calm face
                                                      something definitely happened
all I know is I need to help

               once again we argue
      no one winning
we yell out how we feel

                                                   but he just holds up his gun to me
                                        he says he will deal with his own conflicts

I can't do anything
but I have to

                                                 he holds the gun to his own head

I yell his name


I stare at his body


tears roll down
and all I do is just stare at him
I can't do anything anymore
my brother, he is gone
I got my inspiration from a show that I recently watched. This show moved me to tears. I cry for a while even after I finished it. And it was this scene that I would think about and cry all over again.
It took a bit of courage
Whiskey and Cigar
I spent the day working on it
Sitting in my local bar

I planned it out precisely
I'd drop by her place by eight
I kept building up my courage
I made sure I wasn't late

She let me in and kissed me
I lit a smoke and grabbed a drink
She went into the bedroom
I had five minutes more to think

I poured myself another
Put the smoke upon the glass
I went into the bedroom
And then it came to pass

It started with three little words
She started as my friend
And now again, three little words
Put this friendship at an end

The three words were I love you
And those words made her cry
The three words now were different
Sorry, and goodbye

I left the glass upon the table
The cigar, I left that too
I left and she was crying
It was what I had to do

The courage that I needed
Had expired as I spoke
It was resting on her table
A glass of whiskey and a smoke
Stammering for the right words to say I'm left at a loss. In my struggle to convince you not to call this off I would rather you leave in peace than not at all. For if you are to leave...then please see the deepest part of my heart that I had to reach. I hope it gives you clarity so that one day you'll find what you seek. What you sought; I couldn't provide. Denied myself too many times to fulfill that part of you that couldn't be sufficed. I got swept in the rivers that you cried...without a life jacket I paddled and kicked but couldn't make it to the other side so that we were both standing on dry land. Firm on the belief that we found what we need looking into the sunset hand-in-hand.
a poem
sushii Apr 2
I think—
I think there was a man and a woman...
They were arguing.

Inside the man’s tightly curled fist
Rested a pistol
With his index finger slumbering on the trigger.

The woman,
Unalarmed, stepped forwards
Challenging the man.

He jumped in reaction,
The gun flailing along with his taut, strained arms.
The woman began to shout, when

An explosion of gunpowder
Cut open all the air

         And everything went silent.
mjad Mar 25
Tigers are dope
I want two tattooed on my back
Oh snap...
I want one on my thigh
**** that's wack
Copying me
No no it's not for you it's for me
Right just like my so called stupid heart emojis
Why are you mad I just like the idea
You like that idea and a million more
Such a ******* ******* *****
Don't snap on me for something so small
So I send heart emojis, you're lucky I text you at all
It's an argument
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