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“ I love you !” He screamed “I’ve been wanting you since forever, I want you to complete me !!” He continued

“Hey !!” She poked him and smiled at him

He froze like ice and speechless.

“See you around !” She waved at him

Until she’s gone, he said nothing.

Yes, he is screaming but screaming in silence. Because he knew it will not change anything if he confess his feeling to her, He realized he is too late since she’s belong to someone else.
Druzzayne Rika Nov 2017
My cup of tea,
now empty.
sits by me silently,
waits for me
to be up patiently.
As it turned next day
it remains still
the same way.
Poetic T Oct 2017
I collect my words,
  leaving them in my wallet
         for when their meant to be spent..

And like vouchers I spend my words
                                   at the right time..
here's a voucher with a ******* for
           the times you never stood by me..

And here is a coupon  
             for a rock when you needed me
                           and you can sink silently...
Poetic T Jun 2017
We engaged the engines, collected
the imagery of this place to further
our understanding of a vast pool.

Then we jumped, like a motion of
splashing down ripples silently
unseen fading into the distance.

We saw reflections of ourselves,
of our past, of what maybe our
downfall. We were like pebbles.

Sinking deep within the ocean
of raindrops, we were a grain
in the universe of stones.

We were called puddle jumpers,
splashing down on waters of
the unending universe.
Short one may make it longer later :)
When all the rocks
will have been thrown
and the last crumb
will be blown in the wind,

when even the final pledge
will has been violated
and just the darkness
will offer us refuge,

in the deafening uproar of the fear
your whisper
will be my guide,
the unseen
my only certainty.

I'll find you,
my soul,
and we'll raise
on transparent wings
of golden bees,
above it all,
to forget.
Joyce Feb 2016
Under this big old tree.
We lay together so silently.
Hear the wind softly
through leaves.
Your hands sliding
through my hair.
Your love keeps me warm.
To much I can bear.
A kiss on my forehead.
My heart feels so alive
when I'm with you.
My soulmate with
a beautiful sound.
We lay here under
this big old tree
on solid ground.
if you cant see something inside of you that's worth fighting fore
then get a better mirror.
Because something inside of you wouldn't let you go
No you held on threw all the names and the hits that society labeled you with
You held fast to your life because who were they to tell you that you don't matter
Who are they to say those things to you
When you have no mom to go home to, no dad to pick you up
When what you turn to at only fifteen is liquor ad drugs
who are they to tell you to get over it
Sticks and stones brake bones don't tell me it hurts worse than a broken heart
don't tell me that when I go to sleep at night I might not wake up
Because if I wont wake up with a smile on my face what's the point
when I have to ask myself before I even open up my eyes is simply what will I get called today
What's the point
My definition of beauty is Mom
Because she is raising three kids, and she knows how it feels
No I cant hide that from her no matter how well I hide from kids at school, no matter how still I try to be.
No my mother see's.
When asked if I want to die, I stay silent
Because silence s the only thing that wont bake a heart
as other are going to sleep
we stay up, because when they close their eyes for a moment we dot have to run
Ask me again why I wont die
why don't I just back down?
Because My definition of Beauty is Mom
Because to many of us have been cast out like a knickknack on a shelf
because I wont lose my memory..no
I will not go silently
Baylee Sep 2015
Is it normal
To cry
For no reason?

Does anyone else
Sob silently
To fall asleep?

Do you ever
Get angry
And lose it?

How do you
Control it
Or does it
Control you?

Are you ever
Enraged; depressed;
Does it stop
Will it?
caterpillar crawls
inching slowly towards the green
silently transforms*

Copyright © 2015 Christi Michaels.
All Rights Reserved.
Tongue tied.
That was a clear fact, couldn't be disputed.
To make her voice heard. Countless times she'd tried.
So from now on, a new tactic she has applied.
Head hung low, as she walks in silent stride.
Emotional shutdown: access denied.
(C) 2015

— The End —