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ebh Jun 26
ME: I’ve called you all here today to ask you something.
BROTHER 1: [looking sideways at the door]
MOM: [smiling widely in that way that says she knows]
DAD: [smiling widely in that way that says he doesn’t]
ME: To be frank, I don’t think you all like each other very much. Is that true?
MOM: [smile gets tighter, hand reaches towards phone]
DAD: No, it’s not. [scratching side of head nervously]
BROTHER 1: You all bore me.
ME: We know we do.
MOM: [typing furiously]
[silence punctuated by dog licking his leg]
ME: So, now what?
BROTHER 1: [rolling eyes slowly and obviously] What do you mean, now what?
ME: Well, I mean where do we go from here?
MOM: We don’t. We just stay here or nothing at all.
DAD: What else can we do? How do we know doing anything at all would be better?
ME: I am tired of writing poems in my head about us. We have to do something.
[silence punctuated by dog coughing]
BROTHER 1: ******* and your poems. Do you want to hang out?
MOM: I love you all but I can’t stand any of you.
BROTHER 2: Can we be done now?
ME: We’ll never be done.
ALL: We’ll never be done.
[dog sneezes]
i cannot post this on my poetry instagram bc my family might see it so have this… thing… idk
Lily Audra Jun 3
Falling back through time,
Like closing my eyes and leaning face first into a pool,
Gives me a jolt sometimes,
Takes a while to focus,
Clear the edges into fine lines,
But when I do,
It's me and my brothers and our flat basketball,
Laughing and shoving each other,
Before we were jaded,
A pastel version of ourselves,
Throwing water balloons from their bedroom window.

Now we're grown and darker shades,
I want us to smile and breathe like we did together then,
I want us to play basketball,
I want us to warm ourselves on the comfort of each other,
I want us all to live vehemently,
I want us all to live vehemently.
Pores are suffocating,
Unable to utter,
The flowing words,
In which truthful eyes,
Won't ever suffocate:
انا دمي فلسطيني
Victoria Feb 9
"you'll never know what it's like to be a mother"
"Oh I didn't know you raised your brothers"
"Hmm, as well as your cousins?"
I was in California youth connections fighting for fosters by the dozens
I was the child left behind
But I was never blind
I knew my bind
My grind wouldn't stop
Making sure no child was left at the bottom
Made sure they could always shoot there shot
I knew just because I didn't get it
Doesn't mean I didn't want them to win it
Raise up the next generation so they can do better
Cross your t's and dot your I's
Make sure they can read every letter
Because it's not about how good or bad you did
It's about making sure they get through the stormy weather
So give them a jacket, some gloves and a hug
Because you can give them the world
But what a child needs most
Is love
GQ James Feb 9
Homelessness to evictions to robberies,
Why all the poverty and violence?
Why can't we share wealth, peace and love?
Is it that hard?
It shouldn't be so hard,
It's actually pretty easy,
You eating while your people starving,
What kinda person are you?
We can all eat not just you,
Treat our brothers and sisters as equals,
Not treat em like peasants.

It has to get better,
We gotta treat our brothers and sisters better,
If you eating then feed your family,
Never let your family starve,
There's more love to be shared than hate.

Our way of living has to change,
Things only change when we change them,
Change doesn't happen on its own.
Tommy Randell Jan 25
Now here's a toast to the Hours
Chasing the Sundial round the Day
Let the Sun shine on the Sober
Let the Present never cease to stay

If Tomorrow there are Moments
The Past comes back to haunt us
We will raise a glass together
To the Truth our Life has taught us

As Brothers none more Equal
Each giving the other Pride of Place
Sometimes not choosing Wisely
But having impeccable Taste

On the Walk of Life, the Water of Life!
Let there be no parting between us
Let us never not drink Whiskey
Let us never not be Brothers

Blood is thicker than Water
Love ages better than Beer
Brothers count Time more Truly
With Laughter and with Tears!

Tommy Randell - 26th January 2021
We had a Day's Lockdown Walk to celebrate my Brother's Retirement Birthday. Here in England that is his 66th. Socially Distanced we walked to old haunts and talked Memories & Moments. We had a drop or two. We greeted a few friends passing by doing similar strolls through what is a very empty Yorkshire Town - un-naturally so in these difficult times. We never once Hugged each other - Hard for Us! We took 2 Photos, one of Him, one of me, and  I joined them together in PhotoShop... like you do.
The Photo of us is on one of my INSTAGRAM Pages. Just copy & Paste i
the link following into your Browser header...

Uisce beatha, is the name for whiskey in Irish. From Old Irish uisce "water", and bethu "life". The equivalent in Scottish Gaelic is rendered uisge beatha.
Coleman M Lowe Nov 2020
We fought each other,
Yet we fought together.
We are brothers,
That is our right.
To hug or to fight,
Either one still feels right.
He is my brother,
Can't you see.
The right to hit him,
I reserve for me.
Yes we do disagree,
We come to blows,
Him and me,
Yes we fight each other.
Mess with one,
And we fight together.
For my brother Thomas.You are sorely missed .
Giusy Ferrigno Oct 2020
The sun's first kiss
was given to us
in the coldness of fear
In these days and nights
We - hostages of uncertainty,
prisoners of the emptiness of our silence,
build a new balance.

A new feeling
incompatible with our restless disposition
In these days and nights
I - fly to you in thought
Thinking of you is an exercise of evasion
from these walls, from these screams

The sun's first kiss
was given to us
in the coldness of fear
In these days and nights
We - discover ourselves near
In distance
pulses of the same beating heart

© 2020 Giusy Ferrigno
I wrote this in april, a few days before my birthday. Spring had recently begun, the first warmer rays of the sun, its "first kiss" had arrived, and despite this I was still trapped by fear, I felt a prisoner of my own silence and of so many different feelings that I couldn't quite understand. The days and nights passed by all in the same way and there was nothing I could do about it . We found ourselves forced to build new balances, being far from the people we love the most. Thinking of them, "flying to them in thought" as I wrote here, was one of the few ways I had of escaping somehow. What I've learned during these challenging months is that no matter how much we'd like to, we can't control something that is way bigger than us. But we can control our thoughts and our actions. We can choose. We can choose to panic or to focus our energy on the present moment and be grateful for what we have. I've never lost hope and I never will, I like to believe that someday (hopefully sooner than later) , we will get to the other side of this and look back at this moment and feel so relieved and glad for the lessons it taught us.
Thank you in advance if you'll read it.
Kymie Oct 2020
Forged in a fire of brotherhood and violence;
Branded and tempered,
you are  called to service.

You step to the front;
relinquishing your home
and dawning the armor of duty and honor.

You feel your heart beat and you know that the tempo does not belong to you.
Your very breath contracted to the country to which you offer your allegiance and life.
Who casts you forth to a world that neither knows or cares who you are.

Who will remember you when this is done?
Who will know what happened here?
You are a piece of a whole;
Parts welded together by the hell that burned you up together and molded soldiers out of the ashes.

And as you kneel before the field of battle;
You take courage in the boots beside you.
You pray because you know that the ultimate sacrifice is not always made by the soldiers who die.

19 OCT 2020

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