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He is lost to me,
His madness, his magic,
Together we were beautiful,
Only his fire remains,
He is lost to me,
He is coming for me
Emrullah Apr 14
what do i love...?

everytime someone asks me that,
i think of my family. my parents, brother and sister,
niece and nephews, but...

that would be a lie. would i die for them? yes. but only because they are family, there are a few persons among them whom i cannot stand.
if some of them were not my kin, i wouldnt even consider putting my hand into a fire for them.

its hard to admit but its the truth.

the real things that you love are,
things which shouldnt mean anything to you. but they still do.
for example;
its hard to admit but its the truth.
Carmen Jane Apr 14
Would you have braided the hopes and fears,
Would you have grazed the tips of dreams,
Would you have kneaded passions in spheres,
And let out the doubts in forms of screams?
Would you have waited to hear the whispers,
And feel the hugs between brothers and sisters,
Would you have stayed on this bench with me,
Shoulder to shoulder and smiling with glee?
Letting vibrations, of our blood, to tell stories
Of little kids running so brave among trees,
Fleeing from bees or just chasing their dreams
Letting their laughters to be carried by streams…
Would you have stayed for a second with me
Shoulder to shoulder, fulfilling my plea?
On this bench we could be, like sisters and brothers,
Retelling stories of our childhood wonders.
Inspired by a fellow poet, made me think about the special bond there is between brothers and sisters
Donna Apr 6
Thank you dear brother
For showing me poetry
For you , I still write
My brother Simon is and will always be my true inspiration for writing poetry besides my love for my family , because of him I began writing , maybe one day I will stop writing but for now I don’t think to much about if and when I do , poetry helps me release my feelings my imagination , my fun and silly side , so I shall always be grateful to sites like HP and to those who read me <3 I doubt I ever write a book , I don’t feel the need to do tbh , for now I’m just happy to share here on Hp and it’s helped me learn much about myself as I am and most defo a much happier person *** my motto is live life be happy and appreciate the simple things in life x
Jenny Gordon Apr 6
Well, I mean, do guys who drive hot, fast cars like girls!  That either remains to be seen, or laughed to scorn.


As if to what? my brother lo, fr'intents
Remembers what "his" name is, like'd avail,
Yes, all on "April Fools," and tells me, frail
Though any use is for that note, cuz sense
By dinner's revelation swears twas thence
Some bad joke I played on myself, sans bail,
Whiles how my brothers rate his car's detail
T'effect:  "fast, hot...******." O pretense!
So where I whispered that, "I'll know for sure
Tomorrow morning," sigh.  For was that true?
Go laugh at me, cuz I don't want in poor
'Scuse to lay dreams to rest.  I'm weary, to
Be certain, of this awful game; know fer
All that tis folly, but I want it too.

O damning final note!
1.  Your cornflower blue eyes crinkled and laughing, sometimes flashing like the storms you love to chase

2. Your strawberry blond mop that smelled nothing like fruit but instead of sweat and grime, clinging to your brow when you removed that Pepsi baseball cap

3. Easter egg hunts on your birthday, like plastic flowers in melted snow and you up trees and on the roof of grandma's garage

4. Rare compromises that built tree forts or wound up the tire swing until it bounced and whirled its passenger like a spinning top

5. When everything you did, I wanted to do too--whether it was rescuing the princess or flying an X-wing

6. Diddy and Dixie Kong headlocked and tangled in armpits, wrestling for the Super Nintendo controller or for the remote for the VCR until Donkey had enough and made them both watch Barney

7. The laughter of you and your friends from the basement or slipping around the corner, back when I said “Me too” and meant “include me”

8. Games of war crouched behind the couches when the only war you dreamt about was the one in Narnia

9. The cliff in Hawaii over the smoking volcanic ocean water and Mom screaming for you to come down

10. When you push me, like the dominoes you used to line up and watch devotedly as they toppled over, one after the other because sometimes general incivility is the very essence of love.
karen Mar 26
Say to me,
                 "Eat in the kitchen!"
Nobody but I am America

They dare eat at the table,
Darker brothers besides me,
Grow beautiful, strong.

Company will send "America"
To sing; Ashamed–
                Then. Eat
Inspired by "I, Too" by Langston Hughes
Randy Johnson Mar 13
You wanted revenge against a man because he was sleeping with your wife.
So you dragged him into a dark alley and stabbed him to death with a knife.
You felt pretty good because you got rid of your wife's lover.
But you killed the wrong one, you killed the man's twin brother.

You didn't know that your wife's lover had an identical twin.
You stabbed him ninety times, you stabbed him over and over again.
You must have been boiling with hate to stab him that many times.
Karma caught up with you, you're in jail for committing that crime.

You robbed that poor man's family of a husband and dad.
You killed somebody who was innocent and that is so sad.
When I look into your eyes, I can see the remorse that you feel.
You got life without parole so when it comes to being released from prison, you never will.
Mothsome Feb 18
She said our life doesn't matter.
Our happiness doesn't matter.
She found me inside me.
She told we will be ok.
Once she said we will find the one
She said we will gal up to see their smile.
I thought she is the one who understand me.
I thought she is my soul mate.
I thought we are brothers.
She shared her thoughts.
I shared mine.
She said she is going through the same.
She said she can understand.
She said she can relate.
Dear moon
Why she said that?
Why she said our life doesn't matter?
Why she said we will not gonna be happy?
Why she said we have to live as per society or leave the world?
Dear moon why she said that.
Why she said we will not get anything?
Why she said we have to Stop?
Why she said we are dragging people in the darkness?
Dear moon why she said that?
Once She said ending your life is not the end.
Now she said we have to choose.
Our family doesn't understand us .
No one will understand us.
Dear moon why she said that?
Why she said that?
Dear moon ask her...
Why she said that?
She is sad. I want her to be happy.
I am sad. I want to be happy.
I know she is awake.
Tell her I hate her.
Tell her we are not brothers anymore.
Just tell her..
Dear moon tell her I hate her.
Friends who shared darkness
Jenny Gordon Feb 13
I do, seriously.  Problem is, I want to have babies...


He said, "You don't need anything fr'intents
In there." as I picked up and flipped t'avail
Through Boden's latest catalogue.  In pale
Excuse I talked of this skirt, or from thence
Stared keenly at the models like their sense
Of perfect:  "you can't live without this" scale
Of being was tops.  Yes, studied aught detail
Like I was nonchalant oer sheer pretense.
If that earned me his lecture on how poor
My chances are of seeing him longer to
Effect are, guess I should have known as twere.
There was not anything I wanted.  You
Can argue that I'm wrong and that's fine too.
My wallet can't afford aught now in tour.

What's left to add?
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