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Chony and Mony
Butterflies, yellow and blue
Loved flowers in hues

Of the two brothers
Chony, naughty and witty
Mony, naive with innocent charm

Living every moment
Flitting and sipping
Listening to the garden song

Changing colours
A chameleon in wait
The brothers knew its taste

As it rested its colour to blue
Chony knew it right away
Momma had taught to flit past that hue

Held Mony by it’s wing
Mony knew it was a danger sign
Opposite direction, was the call

The hungry chameleon
Rolled its eyes, surmised
Time to call it a day
Written on 23-03-2019
Steve Page Oct 4
What's up, Xavi?
What do you see?
Where're you going
when you're running past me?

Why're you so happy?
Why the big grin?
Why don't you care
when your brothers crash in?

What's it you're seeing
when you're flat on your back?
Why're you relaxed
when your head gets a crack?

It's cos that deep down
you know that you're loved
by billy goat brothers
who love with a shove!
Xavi is 2.  He has three big brothers...
A M Ryder Oct 4
We buried ours
And they buried theirs
Then it started all over again
Dayna Aug 23
Down by the watermelon patch, where the wild watermelon grew, only my brother and I ever knew. Knew where the watermelon patch was, knew where it grew. In the woods far beyond, where the wolves lived too.
Heavy Hearted Aug 21
I would like you to stay.
Stay where you've always been-
Where I once was. I would like you to stay
With me. And I know that it is wrong and
to even express
How still I long for you to stay- but I cannot bare the bruise
Of another milestone
Whipped at my head
though they're not even mine.

I never thought I would become all that I now am. I never thought I was this capable of hurting myself. I never thought I would be this alone surrounded by all the things I love and understand. I never thought this would happen so early on;
The great distance left bearing only heavier weights.

So I'll take whatever milestones I can
And abuse their theoretical beauty

The sleep

and breaking of my bones-

My last and final duty.
OnceWasAskim Aug 10
I told someone about you yesterday
I told them about us.
Of the love. Of the loss. Of the pain and desolation.

I don’t talk of us lightly.
But it was the right thing to do
You see he was in the same situation
And he couldn’t see out of the hole

I’ve been there, you see
I clawed my way out without you
So I lent him my hand
Proof that loss of your ikizim isn’t a death sentence
Just a life in which you feel dead
Your pretty face
And I can't wait
Layered morning sounds
Scenes that come in
Sizes and scents
That dance on my
Skin like fireflies
With wild eyes
That I can't erase
From my deeply
Troubled mind
Inquiring quietly
If there is a time
Of day you take
To think about the
Fleeting things
Of feeling things
You've never felt before
You're crushed like berries in my palm.
JT Nelson Jun 25
Three boys
I was the youngest
A family of five
In a big old house
With ONE bathroom

I learned the valuable lesson
Of waiting
How to hold

And getting ready for school
Was a choreography
Of hierarchy
And I would wait
And wait

Until the yellow tiled room was mine
And I could brush my teeth
In peace
Then spit

Then look in the mirror
Comb my hair
And grin at that kid
Smiling a crooked smile at me
And say “good enough for a small town”
I was so happy when dad added a second bathroom to our house. How we did it with one still amazes me!
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