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Bede Sep 16
Can I truly speak my mind and not
Lose my train of thought?
Am I the one who's above all else?
If so, its only because of you.
Remember when I say that, verily,
Everything I love is in you!
Another mid work poem
Bede Sep 16
You make all of my senses fail
In comprehending your beauty.
Soul and body, both pristine,
My life is changed by your love.
Mind work poetry
Mehek Sep 3
Every time I cry
I lose some of me
but if that's what it takes to forget
then let me be.
I'd rather you have my tomorrow
than give away today,
for today I can lay
in the depths of your sorrow,
the sorrow that summons me gray.
Lemme go.
Where Shelter Aug 25
lay this body down, where shelter is..


maybe you’ve been here, HP, awhile,
faintly remember the nook of poetry,
the four old soldier chairs, worn to a gray shade indescribable,
facing the merge of the river and the bay, lookin out southwest,
today, in nearly summer over Sunday best,
wearing a new old navy lime t-shirt,
ancient Champion grey cotton flannel shorts,
summer uniform of the generation that went boom and bust

as the sun escapes through apertures of now and then,
interrupting the partly cloudy forecast,
lazy me risking an end of summer skin reddening chastisement,
but life without danger, no life at all, especially poetry danger

the windy breezes jabbering quite excitedly,
deep in conversation with the waves
that loudly enough are washing the shore,
beneath my feet sitting in the poets nook

the gulls are squeaking their point of view,
at will, saying to me,
who asked you poet?

discussing they, the day, when the humans will be leaving,
they tell day and season by the degree of temperature reductions,
knowing full well it harbors hints that our departure sooner,
till next we poetry nook

the Adirondack chairs, with no cushions, are now described
as “scratchy,” by the Wendy of my life,
two and something granddaughter, who returns next weekend,
with new insights and open to opportunities to “use her words”
to teach me anew how to see the loveliness that is my blessing

sometimes a human takes an inventory of life’s stuff,
the ex and in-terior terrain, wades through the moraine
that his glacier has dragged behind, the coarse detritus of his course,
de icing/deciding what to keep, what stone skip throw into the bay

I could sail from our dock to the Atlantic,
meet you over a pint or a pinot, or head down to the Panama Canal,
north to Portland or Seattle, cruise the Willamette,
go as far as Vancouver,
before the spring winter runoff,
show you my shock, the shock of well past gray,
now the white feather of my head, signifying...old warrior, as it
falls over my forehead, a new signature of my ever changing body,
the city doormen see, shocked, now call me honorifically “abuelo”

read a story from a harvard doctor who believes living past 75,
makes little sense, cause we use up more resources
than we could ever add back

no, not saying go die, but give up the meds,
the artifices to extend life
once you pass past the inflection where you’re nothing but a taker,
which maybe explains why wrote a dozen poems this weekend,
trying to expel what resources I can add to the world before I

lay this body down

the cloud bank covering the southern fork of long island,
thickly viscous like fresh honeybee secretions, after which,
some will

lay their body down

next weekend is labor day, and maybe I’ll labor more,
disgorging poems too long and too varied, perchance you will
enjoy one or two, as we both be closer to the day when labor ceases,
and we can unhurriedly

lay this body down, sheltered at last

from wind waves and gulls jabbering,
the alternating current of cloud and sun


LK Aug 2
Oh to lay right down and fade away,
Close my eyes, forget this day.

To never wake up to this again,
To finally feel in my head sane.

To let go of all on which I held,
To be done with all of which I felt.

To leave without a trace or sign,
Oh well, I’ve had enough time.
Planejane2 Jul 18
I don’t too much know about the physical.
I’m much more mental.
Mentally, emotionally,
So I can empathize with you.
I understand when you hurt sharp pains
Often feels like sharp pains to the brain
Where your body is playing tricks on you.
This can’t be right,
This can’t be life.
My life sitting in my face and flashing before my eyes.
My mind can’t be right,
This can’t be real life.
I don’t know if this is the truth or they force feeding me lies.
I cry...
and it seems like my cries go unheard
Crying myself to sleep in my pillow
My cries sound out, like a blur
I’m unsure
If this is my last day, or this medicine that helps me sleep is gonna take my soul away.
I pray
I pray
I pray why tf does my body prey on me.
I just want to be able to stand and walk on my own two feet.
I wanted to be grounded
& no not shoveled and too deep.
I pray
I pray
I pray
So please don’t weep
For the Lord is my Shepard
I’m apart of his heed
I’m the black sheep.
So please don’t weep
As it’s not too deep.
Cause I prayed a prayer last night for my soul he should keep.
Johnny walker Jul 18
When all your dreams lay shattered beyond repair through tragic loss of your loved one
you won't hear their voice anymore and you miss them calling your name for life will never be the
For you have to start living life over again but now you have to do It alone I live on my memories to
me through each day and there have been times I didn't think I would make It but deep down Inside
I just knew had to carry on for nothing I else could to do I had done everything In life I could have done for her but even though  I
this this to be  true something was still making me did I always give my Lloyd but know she's gone quess
I'll never
Lilly F Jul 4
I crave human touch
someone to cuddle
it doesn't have to be from a significant other or that of such
but from anyone please, before I drown in this puddle
puddles of loneliness, so late at night
I long for someone to hold me,
squeezing me tight
whoever up there that may be listening, take my plea
and send someone to please lay next to me

my skin feels cold without feeling any loving touches.
Johnny walker May 15
Such a glorious day sunshine warm and although still such sadness
but a feeling of
wanting to be
And when It comes for
me to pass I pray it
be summer and that
I can smell the
freshly cut
to hear the birds sing
there songs of summer
maybe If I'm lucky to
witness wild geese for
my last time flying
across evening
It then I'll be prepared to go for I will not be alone my sweetheart Is waiting
for me and I will take my place
along side her more than a wife where I once laid a single red rose one day my daughter will lay a
Rose for
I was  awoken from a dream reaching for my classes trying to see the time
2.30 am
for that was all It was
still remembering
my dream I was walking but
closing fast dark clouds but off In the distance I could clearly see my
stood there waiting
for me oh so pretty
she looked but before
I reached her I awoke
from the
Awoken from a beautiful dream about my sweetheart tried back to sleep to dream her again by It never happend
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