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Lying by her side I would watch Helen sleeping a restful sleep to where she was totally unaware Iwas watching
I would think to myself of what do dream of me my darling and to where do go In your dreams at dead of night
I am Included In your dreams do take me with where ever you go In your dreams or do go It
Just thoughts when watching my wife asleep In the dead night when I was unable to sleep did she dream of me did she take me to where ever In her dreams or did she go it alone
Lay your all dreams
upon now just so I can remember how
were for as I grow older my memory fades with each year that passes
Sweetheart lay your dreams upon me  
now for my memory fading fast with
day that passes by don't know to how much I'll
be able to remember
with each year that passes
Start getting old the memory fade a little with each passing year
Johnny walker Mar 11
Life when In love Is a beautiful place to be
but a much colder place when love Is
But life for me now I've become to accept how to cope better that of to think
of happier
Then live become a little bit warmer again with the beautiful memories I have
and from now
That's how It shall be for I have all my treasured memories to see me through to better days that now lay
Better days now lay ahead I'm able to cope learning to handle grief to turn It Into positive thinking by remembering good times
Johnny walker Mar 11
I'm lucky to have such
a vivid imagination I can create pictures of Helen still with me
There Is nothing that neither of us can't do In this Imaginary world I've created
A world is hidden away from reality Helen's and my private world where we can lay down again to love each other just as In
I can create such wonderful fantasies through the power of my own mind It like creating a picture book
with the Illustrations of drawings of Helen and I that are stored deep In my innermost
Whilst drawing the pictures of Helen and me In my head then adding verses to each Illustration drawn I can create wonderful fantasies
of Helen
and I
Our own personal book of fantasies of thing we would have loved to have done but for whatever reason probably through ill health
never got chance
to try but this Imaginary book I've created I can read whenever I
because Its stored here In my deepest thoughts Is this wonderful book of our Helen's and mine our own personal fantasy
Vivid Imagination allows me to create Illustrations and verses
just like writing a book but the book of fantasies that lay safely deep In my thoughts of Helen and I only to be shared by by friends
I think to a time not long ago when life seemed so perfect had all that I wanted that of wife and son
I never thought for a moment any of this happy life could suddenly be changed but sadly It
The part of my life dedicated to my wife
Fallen and broken lay shattered on the
Tiny pieces of my life there before me on the ground as time passed by trying put the pieces back together
And although one day I know I'll succeed but broken pieces to some too small ever to put together again
will be missing so although succeed It will never be quite the same
Pieces of my life lay shattered
on the ground my sweetheart departed life
And as I lay me down to sleep at night In dreams Helen at the age I am with disabilities
I would not be overly concerned If I were not to wake upon the morning light but questions before I depart  
I would ask did I do enough In life and did I live my life the best I could did show enough compassion
for others In desperate need and have I spoken out enough against the evils of this
The corruption the total lack compassion for desperate people of our society
When I lay me down to sleep If the answer to any of these questions Is yes then will not be sorry If don't wake upon the morning
If I should not wake upon the morning light just as long as I feel Ive done enough that will be OK for me
In restless sleep, I feel Helen laying here with
I smell the fragrance
of her favourite perfume filling midnight
Whilst running fingers through her beautiful
hair, to gaze upon her
nakedness to stoke her with my fingertips
To kiss again the sweetness of her lips, to rest my head gently upon her *******
with, the rise and fall with every breath
I want to stay forever laid with her, held gentle In her soothing arms all but now a dream, but a dream I never want to awake
Wonderful dreams of Helen layed In her arms held In heeast r gentle arms lay my head on her ******* the rise and fall with every breath
A once Shattered life now that Is disappearing Into my dreams of yesterday and all that's gone before to what there will be
no more
Disappearing In dreams of yesterday sometimes false hope we are given but at the end of the day It we that make things
In all my disappearing dreams of yesterday, It's to there all memories will lay
In all my disappearing thoughts if yesterday
Putting some of my dreams of yesterday behind me but can revisit them at time I should chose too
amber Feb 8
i lay awake,
trying to dream:
perhaps of you,
perhaps of something,
more important.
Euphie Jan 15
If I had a box full of wishes,
the first thing that I'd like to do
is to savor every breath and every
little heartbeat while laying next to you.
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