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Zay Sep 18
You are stronger than you believe,
faster than you seem,
sharper than you think,
and more beautiful than you can see.
Alex Gifford Sep 9
What once was fire in your eyes,
is smoldering,
about to die.

What once was fire in your veins,
is spilling out,
it slowly wanes.

Lost in a fog,
Drained of your blood,
Spine feeling soft,
Face in the mud.

Now fan the embers in your eyes,
consume what's left,
by fire baptize.
“He is the ocean in my life while I am a single drop in his. He is the sun in my sky while I am the breeze that goes by unnoticed. He is the moon that guides me at night, while I am nothing but the darkness in his life. Excitement pulsates when he texts, but not a pulse more when I text. For I am just like the other girls he talks to; just one of them when he is the only one for me. Happiness rushes through my veins and nerves feel a gentle tickle in his presence. I feel everything deeply; pain and happiness when it comes to him, while he feels nothing. Sacrificing, asking, encouraging, adjusting and compromising when it’s never the same. He never runs when I slip away, but I stay when he walks away. I feel like I am chasing him; on a constant run for him to care. But he doesn’t care about me, as much as I care about him; and that hurts deeply than I ever thought it would.”

- excerpt from an open letter
“It’s becoming tougher to love you every time you hurt me. It’s becoming tougher to trust you every time you betray me. It’s becoming tougher to be vulnerable every time you exploit me. It’s becoming tougher to lend you my heart when it feels like an open wound in your hand. You taunt me every opportunity you find, brag about my flaws occasionally, criticize and act cold at times. I am tired of visiting the restroom as though it is my sanctuary during occasions, shedding tears and walk out numbing my heart. We ought to be encouraging, loving and supporting one another and not pushing the other down to rise. But the heartaches are becoming often and old wounds are being reopened. It’s becoming tiring to experience it over and over again. I guess for it to not hurt anymore, it shouldn’t matter anymore.”
Tess Murray Jun 7
Dream a dream,
long and wide;
wake up and carry on
the day is yet to come.
SelinaSharday Apr 19
Who's to say whats a good or bad poem.
The beauty of a poem is in the eye of the beholder.

What each individual can derive from it and relate to about it,

what each heart perceives from the logic/non-logic  of whats written.

A Poem may be super dope to one and not to another.

As readers we can encourage but lets not discourage..

Write on poets or simply writers. (if you must say your not a poet)

When One say's I'm not a poet.. hmm why not?..

What ever you write can pen on beautifully writing comes in a huge variety of styles..

Be free and expressive independently...  
Express on..

Who can tell the branch you can never grow up to be a tree..
Who can say ...
You will never expand creatively.. I see no talent in thee..
Encourage the seed the dirt and the tilled soil..
Be grateful for the air the wind the rains..
and all the contributing things that will make an existence blossom into a great visual expression.

@H.E.R_Poetry S.A.M 2019
The judgement of other writers, and judging others creative expressions should not be a Poets drive..A Poet will do best to Inspire, motivate, encourage, excite, and entertain in may different ways there is a audience for all things..
Mya Mar 6
I am everything
The world revolves around me
This time is mine and I am in control

                                      If its all mine
                                      Why am I so afraid to change it
                                      For the better good of the people
                                      In my world

Why can't I just speak a presentation
In front of my classmates
I want to encourage others to try and change it also

                                 but I am a coward
                                 named courageous
grace Feb 18
The room where bodies are falling
Falling in love with you
You hate the way you look
Look at yourself why are you
You are beautiful to me
Johnny walker Nov 2018
Trying to be strong but
It late can't sleep and
I'm lonely what to do
now with life that's so different of things to
how they used to be
with Helen at my
She was my everything
all that I dreamed of
no other can replace
her for she was my one and only forget all the
rest no more fish In the
sea for me But I'll try
to be
strong to
get along It's not going to
be easy with so memories
fixed In my head so I'll turn memories Into
poems to keep my
dreams alive for my remaining
Making every effort to cope with my lose and turn what's left of life Into a positive find new things to do as I've done with poetry writing encourage others where I can
Day Nov 2018
I think that I am blessed with life.
This morning I woke up warm and safe,
with a kind man next to me to kiss on the face.

I have been granted the ability to work.
I have a welcoming space to earn a living,
with a wonderful boss who is kind and giving.

I still have the privilege to text my mother.
She is a sweet woman with a kind heart -
loves who I am even though our beliefs sometimes part.

But today I woke up and my heart still feels heavy.
I feel unworthy of this body I've been given,
and my mind overworks without my permission.

Depression does not care about my positive days.
Even though I am blessed I struggle with pain,
and constantly still I fight with this dreadful brain.

But day after day I will never give up.
For too many people are counting on me,
and encouraging that one day I shall be free.

So *******, Depression!
Today I woke up and continued to breathe
and while sometimes it's hard I have faith in me.
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