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Nalinee Aug 29
I'm ok
With one colour
Why rainbows try to flatter
I'm ok
In dark
Why sparks need to remark
It's not ok.
We must not forget,
The path which here lead,
All the thorne on the bed,
And all the wishes which are dead.

We must not forget the suffering on the way,
Or to encourage you what people used to say
Also not to forget people on the way, who betray.

We must not forget all the learning and experience.
With all the success some of the failure.
That made a big change to our behavior.
Gabriel SWeah Jun 28
Naked I came here
Empty I shall returned home
Death has no respect
This is to encouraged all brothers and sisters far and near to lived for God
Death has no respect,no matter who you are and what you have.
Ken Pepiton Apr 6
at each juncture there has been this choice,

at each, I made a guess, right or wrong,

leave a mark, breadcrumbs work here,

we, me and thee, thou und Ich.

We have sector Bravo in the realm of or and if with optional whens and thens,

leading to now at any given point,
on a wave,
in the grand skein, not scheme, of

things, plain ol' ano-nomenal imaginary players who play by
rules, we imagined we will be
determined to bind into
a line anchor
and allusion to
string theory can work from here up,
we've been weaving options to unbelivable lies with single strand
single use spider wings, believed to be electro magic-ish
by the rule

made up. And that was the tic. We made up rules,
and survived.

Opposition to tyranny is obediance to God. Jefferson's,

under whom we stand nationally alliegiant, globally benes wise,
we owe earth our pledges,
those agreements, when you know what the ideas cost,
the idea in alliances for safety, with

treason to be the cost of rearing a child,
who witnessed the naked Noah
reflected in the window
of the U.N.

oh, we are tangled in religion as defined by priests.

Lest us slip the sureely slippery bands of earth and touch the masked
face of God, who winks.

Hiyo, silver, away... time slips are a benefit of fifty years of

seconds guessed worth noting as wonderful, Kodak Moments or Ahas,

here, one of those buys you days and days of retelling the same story,

until today. When we both got here at the same time. A-team meme.

And a wink from the programmer who bet it would loop.

See, as the Joker said to the Thief, in Boston, there must be
some kinder way outa here.
Enjoying the hellopoetry out of the moment
Tiana Jan 20
This is something I can't defy
That none can help me but I,
There's nobody I can rely
To help me
To console me
To encourage me
Like I do;
Self help
Amanda Dec 2019
Too many reasons why I love to list
I'll name a few with a flick of my wrist
You do not mind making me a plate
You insist on increasing my weight
You encourage dreams
And plans
Anything I want to do I can
Sacrifice valuable time
Make presents around Christmastime
It is the little things I love the most
Treat me the way grandparents are supposed!
To my grandma
Nathalie Nov 2019
Be kind and gentle with yourself; align with your heart, with people and things that make you feel alive.

Let go of thoughts and beliefs that weigh you down; you are meant to feel inspired, lifted and filled with light.

Be honest, authentic and true to what you feel and share it with enthusiasm and wholeheartedly.

Take part in activities that set your soul on fire and live a life that is filled with passion and creativity.

Your journey is one that is personal and should create in you a sense of fulfillment, playfulness and joy.

Your passions are signs from your soul that encourage you to live boldly, lovingly and generously.

Everforest Sep 2019
You are stronger than you believe,
faster than you seem,
sharper than you think,
and more beautiful than you can see.
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