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Arrow Sep 26
"Somethings are better forgotten"

How many times have you heard that?

But the thing is
Are those "things" forgettable?
I think that I wake up every day now just to hear that
MicMag Aug 23
My heart is a stone
Rolling slowly uphill
At an easy, steady pace
They say life's not a race
They say you're never alone

But it's all just useless, I know
Gravity grips hard with each step
This treacherous ***** grows steep
And helpless, I sow what I've reaped
As I plummet back to the valley below

Pulled two directions by my heart beguiled
I climb, fall, climb, fall, climb and fall again
Still longing for you, for those days long gone
And still trying like hell to get past this, move on
My feeble heart forever stuck in this Sisyphean trial
we fall down again
erstwhile love pulls us back
life leads us in circles
not a straight track
our hearts remain anchored
to endless flashbacks
til death turns us all
to eternal amnesiacs

(Another old found poem reworked and reshaped, probably all for naught)
Mya May 23
Today is a new day
(Jīntiān shì yīgè quánxīn de yītiān)
Once it is tomorrow
(Yīdàn míngtiān)
I will never see today again
(Wǒ jīntiān zài yě jiàn bù dàole)
so I will have to make today
(Suǒyǐ wǒ jīntiān bìxū zuò)
make it a life changing
(Ràng tā gǎibiàn shēnghuó)
To bad I can't post the Chinese characters
Miss Luna May 6
I thought I met the one.
That one you want to love
for the rest of your life,
that one
you would never change
with anyone else.
I thought I met the one.
That one who is able to love you
despite everything.

I know I met the one
I'll never be able
to forget.
Eric Apr 20
Earthly matter
In the sense
Of feel and touch

Self retaining
Strife with every wave
Of emotion

Cause and effect
A decaying
Adrift truly Alone

Past imprint
On a once

New mask new face
Sophia Mar 29
Isn’t the human mind interesting?
It could take years to forget someone...
But a second will make you remember everything.
Casey Mar 26
There are times when I can't remember
what I had for breakfast,
or what I said a minute ago,
or what day of the week it is.

But the one thing I can never forget
is the way I just SAT there
and did nothing.

I can never forget the starving look in his eyes,
or the repetitive thoughts of
this isn't right, I don't want this.


"Why didn't you say no?"
I'm still so afraid...

Constant thoughts that everyone's using me, I'm just some gullible toy until they get bored.
Johnny walker Dec 2018
Got to thinking about
the first time I walked
out with Helen as her
husband I felt so proud this pretty girl my
I suppose I felt I was showing her of to the
world magical feeling when you're truly In
love nothing compares
to love If you got you'll  
know It
Nothing compares to love
Johnny walker Dec 2018
This time of year fall
to deep sleep so easily
to there I fly from
dream to dream, flown
In the arms of my Angel
of dreams
Travelling through time
and space whilst In deep
sleep It's to where I find myself
a perfect place so close to Heaven In dreams I'm sure I've been
To where I have no fear It's
where I believe my sweetheart waits for me she would have arrived nearly a year ago when she departed from
And been waiting for all this time for me to arrive
I tell her In my dream be patient, I'll be there soon
then It's to Heaven
together We'll
A vision of how I see things now, dreams and fantasy of Helen my true love, my unforgettable love, my only love
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