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Eleanor Rigby Jul 2015
I want to shrink
And throw myself
In the waste-paper basket.

That's how ******
I am feeling.

Erica Jan 2015
It was a room crowded by people.
They talked in groups with so much eager.
But beneath the laughter and joyous sight
was a girl who saw not the light.
And there she was, standing
in the corner, just pretending
that she was happy to be around,
when, really, she was screaming with no sound.

Everyone was so happy,
but all she wanted was to flee.
None of those people cared of her!
Why should she stay and drown in fear?
None of them even noticed her there!
Like she was just another gust of air.

When there was yet another party,
who got uninvited? None but she!
When there was a share of cake,
She was lucky she could have a take.
Then  why? Why did she stick around?
It hit her. Because for another year is she bound.
There is always that one student in a class who just looks like (s)he wants to hide behind a veil. In this case, you know who that person is.
Reagan Kulka Sep 2014
I want to be the girl who's always happy. The one who is always smiling and laughing. I want to be to be the girl who falls in love with living.

Instead I am the girl who's always sad. The one who's always crying and at the shrinks office. I am the girl who wants to die.
I take so many pills just to survive one day
Mahalea Isis May 2014
I want you to be comfortable with me
To feel free in my presence
To spit what comes to mind
And not think about the sentence
And just tell me how you feel
Cause you're not made of steel
And if you were hurt before
I can help you heal

But you're not listening to me
You're barely hearing what I'm saying
Cause you're being shy and timid
And I'm the one who's paying
For whatever you don't tell me
Cause I know it had to hurt you
But you play the strong guy and I admire your virtue

I wanna hear whats in you're mind
And taste the lips of your soul
Touch the hands of your past
And smell success in ya future goals
I need to see you show me that maybe I am trusted
Cause if you don't trust me it's fine
Maybe you ain't love and just lusted

But tell me
Tell me how your emotions are acting
Cause I see through ya smile
Inside I know you're cracking
Tell me
You not letting me walk with you through the hands of time
And sharing with me the evilness that's lurking in ya mind

I wanna be able to look at you and be on the same level
Cause if we're both going to hell, we're both meeting the same devil
I ain't here to judge you
And I won't hate you for before
I understand you might be hurting
Cause I have my own sores

So I can be your friend
I can be your help
I can be support
With everything you've dealt
I can be a savior
I can be a shrink
I can be ya motivation
If you want to sink

I can be ya trust
But do you even know what trust is?
Cause I'm trying to show you how
I've learned what true love is
Tell me about the love
Tell me about the hate
Cause you accepting yourself
That's what makes a person great.
Wrote this also while with my ex. He wasn't very good at communicating and had trust issues and all I wanted him to do was open up to me.
Daylight 4U2C Feb 2014
Sleep child,
til' the light overpowers the darkness inside,
where I secretly cried.
I secretly tried,
but no one would guess,
and I never put my cards face up.
It's only ketchup.
Used to patch up,
the cut and scratch ups,
caused by the dull
of my pencil,
and my soul.
I fell,
but I dragged myself up again,
back into my daily skin,
and I'm that burden.
That one whose not fully there,
told by everyone, "you just don't care",
with a random shudder scare.
The words I despise you all think,
even the shrink,
and it drowns me to the sink.
I'm that disaster,
everyone's after,
maniacal laughter.
"Am I losing my mind?"
"Is this mind really mine?"
"Would dying be fine?"
I'm not so refined :)
I can see the things in perfect imagery,
things I don't want to see,
always worried everyone hates me.
I can't see,
I'm not me,
I'm not even a somebody.
Maybe inside is some other ghost,
I'm the host,
at my death let's just have a toast.
Til' death do we part,
take it as a new start,
buy the roses to my grave from walmart.
I didn't think I mattered anyways,
sleeping through these pass-me-by days,
my mind playing simon says.
I always secretly try,
but I am still I,
and now simon says ".....goodbye."
please comment
Marly Apr 2014
Reverse psychology.
You are a word weaver, use this power to bind people to what they say.
Tighten the ropes every so often so that they know there is no escape.

2. Knead and mould your patients like playdoh, mixing the colours together to create a condensed grey mass of matter.

3. Make your patients believe that they are crazy.
The more issues they have, the more you get paid.

4. Shove biased thoughts and opinions into their ears as if PUTTING IN EAR PLUGS MAKES THEM HEAR BETTER.

5. Smile and nod when they pour themselves out to you like you actually give a ****.

6. Scold them for not telling you their deepest thoughts.
Then, make them your personal mine and take as much gold as you desire.

7. Prescribe pills. All of them.
Your patients will become more beautiful with necklaces made of these colourful beads.

8. Most importantly, make sure none of your patients know each other.
The world need not know that the milk man has schizophrenia and the librarian is bipolar, because everything looks more beautiful when it's glazed and then fired in a kiln.
I just can't fathom this chaos.

— The End —