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faeri Sep 21
The way the surface of the water is frozen
calling for you to break its perfect state.
Crystal slate
easily fractured with the slightest touch.
Slowly ripples of different sizes make their way
across the liquid diamond
ending the tranquility it had.
Life's temporary stillness can be compared to that of a pool at midnight.
Cné Sep 21
When summer ends and it’s fall time,
they'll be no floating with my wine.

No more upon the float I'll lie
amused by moon-lit clouds up high.

No more the current of the pool
adrift around the bank so cool.

No meditations in the night.
No solace, cloaked in inky sight.

And yet, t'is but a price I'll pay
to see an end to summer's sway.

My nightly swims, I gladly cease
to gain the autumn's cool release.

So, for the *****, I nightly glide.
But, friends in thee, I must confide...

I wait with glee for leaves to turn
and for wood smoke, begin to yearn.
In honor
of the last day
of Summer,
though in Texas,
it’s still hot.
Shofi Ahmed Sep 7
The silent moon
over the old pond
looks lost for words.
Yet shining cool and embalms
a mirror of ancient calm!
Isaac Aug 17
If I versed *** in a game of pool,
Would his style of play be awkward or cool?
Would he miss some shots, just to be kind?
Or sink them all, leaving me behind?
When the game ends, would he leave the room bored?
Or stay back and help me move my skills forward?
Written 17 August 2018
Nesma Aug 8
She leaves a note that she signed with her name although nobody else was there because he screamed the name of another woman while he was in her ****.
She left a note that she’s written in her bright red lipstick because he said it made her lips look like cherries, and her mother had taught her that the fastest road to a man’s heart is a good meal.
She leaves the note in her bright red lipstick because he didn’t compliment the dress she wore on her fragile body, the shoes she wore on her dainty feet, or the heart she wore on her sleeves;
he complimented the lipstick she wore as a note written on his bedroom mirror;
a mirror that extends from the coarse land of Persia to the frozen seas of the north pole.
What she likes the most about the note she left is that she covers a part of the mirror, and a mirror is never a friend.

He takes a leap of faith and jumps headstrong into a relationship that he knows will drown him.
He was named a champion in the 2015 Olympiad for swimming;
he lost his golden medal but the whiplash on his heart when he delved firsthand into the waters will always remind him how salty it tasted.
He sinks into an abyss of intensity that he cannot dry out no matter how long he sits near the lonely candle next to Madonna’s portrait.
He soaks in the glistening sunlight; water was never his friend.

She brushes her hair every evening and every evening she reminds herself that she needs to brush off her father’s rejection.
He trains everyday and every day he reminds himself that his heart is also a muscle.
They do it in the dark because it’s easy to love another and scary to see yourself.
ayumi ebony Aug 8
the first night, it was you.
there was no sky, and it was nothing.
but your name brought me to the edge.

the next night, it was the sky and the stars.
i didn’t think about you.
i was under the sky and in the water.
it had begun to grow cold,
and i had started to shiver.
but i was alone in the water.
i could lay on my back and i could see the stars.

a day later, i couldn’t not think about you.
i’m addicted to you.
the water was a cool blue and i imagined that you’d come with me.
see, the walk was really really long.
but i’d have liked it more if i’d held your hand.
i think the water would have been
if you’d laughed as the spray hit our faces.

your name seems to be my edge.
the only reason i’m a bit normal is you.
part of the reason i love is you.
my thoughts hit walls,
push these boundaries.

they were so carefully set up,
but not for you.
you were what i didn’t consider.

i didn’t consider where your name made me go.
i didn’t know how consuming this was.
i didn’t know that every view made me wonder what i would feel,
what i would feel if you were there.
It's a classy thing,
throwing a party.
Meeting people,
social drinking
and for *** sake
don't forget the chatter!

Glasses clinging,
as shadows in the garden
move like hungry cats.
Smoke being puffed
which joins the clouds
and dance in the noses.

People often forget
who they really are,
their values
and their balance.
Their mind
jumping off the edge.

Yet, sometimes
another mind
has a deep blue pool
where you can dive.
The water cools you,
and makes you forget.

The danger of parties;
you no longer think clearly.
But even more dangerous;
if it remains that way.
And you won't know
what is to be true.

Until it hits you.
You were swimming
in a pool full of chlorine.
Giving you cancer all along.
And what you thought
was wrong.
The wind whistled a lullaby,
Kissing her goodbye.
As it raced through her forehead,
Before she dropped dead.
The floor had become a crimson pool,
Filled with the last remnant of the fool.
She thought she could tame the beast,
But, instead she became his feast.
It was a silent night,
And while she had put up a brave fight.
But, in the end three bullets made their way,
And they ended her stay.
Now on the floor she lies dead,
Her blood has painted the floor red.
We watch in horror, as numb as ice.
While rain pours down our eyes.

Tanay Sengupta, Copyright © 2018. All Rights Reserved.
This one is a little dark, pretty simple but dark. I won't say more. Happy reading!
You’re gone to me
And your two-faced hidden agenda priorities
Will never take me down anymore
Maybe if you skip the pass
You’ll even the score
So play your melody,
O Brother of the Blues,
Play so clear
Those melancholy tunes
Play that song like never before
Play it like you’re trying to breach
A closed door in a shallow pool
Of memories gone
Like you’re drowning
And the door won’t open
Because it never opened
Please open…
Sometimes familial doors are the hardest ones to open. Especially the door that exposes the issues of a broken relationship between father and son.
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