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pilgrims Jan 2020
How can humility match this raging fire within?

The furnace breaths. Alive
in harmony. Hearth built strong.
Bellows balanced in a steady stream.
Useful : Proud in action and function.
My body steams
learning to trust
AmeriMav Apr 2019
In bluest day
Sunlight play bright
To slay shadows
Your smile glows like
Flame blows across
My heart dross skimmed
To gloss and shine
Than-bauk form
Pauline Morris Feb 2017
Hardened and honed
Right down to the bone
Refined in the fires
Of monsters' desires
Forever being oppressed
Pressed and compressed
Walking this world alone
Dragging a heart of stone
No longer afraid
A warrior was made

©Pauline Russell
SassyJ Feb 2016
Juxtapositional Refinement Redefined  (Spoken Word- Freestyle-Dramatics)**
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
== JRR ==
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Credits to: Angelina Lopez (HP Poetess)

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Juxtapositional refinement redefined:
When you meet beautiful souls we have been taught by the society to confine them. Like "I love you" but what does that word really mean. Does it mean "sharing in openness" or does it mean " been confined in expectations and obligations".
The paradigm that we live in as society is delusional. We have learnt to analyse the "in between" based on our analytical and logical systems. But how about going to the individuals involved and creating an open dialogue to talk about what the situation may be. This is a thorough and more accurate way of attaining acuity.
To flow in openness is like listening to 'harmonious jazz music' ...... it is like inhaling the beauty of the ginger scent in the breeze.
Life itself speaks to us and we don't have to make it complicated. If we only were able to have an open platform..... hearts that are blissful and not tainted by fear then we can redefine the contrasting views of dichotomy that we have as mankind.
In essence, If you haven't communicated to someone openly about something ...... we should never draw out conclusions. They will only be pre-judgemental notions oozing with constraining predefined and predetermined assumptions. Give everyone a chance and the world will smile!
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brandon nagley Nov 2015

From the soot
I shalt awake;
In mine arm's
Love do take,
Queen, mine
Home, mine
Night and day;
Mine trove of
Treasure, to
Thee I stay.


In the aqua
Dip mine head;
Living nomad's
Oriental home-
Stead. Taking
Breath's, blowing
Out heat, touching
Toe's, united feet.
From below, thence
The deep, in thy tress,
I wrap around, once unheard,
Now thou hath heard mine sound's.
From the crypt, where I was buried, I cried out loud,
In painful worries; mine ghost scurried, to and fro, then I saweth
Thee; mine Jane, mine own. Thus then was saved, from the foul devil's, I was rescued, brought to thine refined level.

©Brandon Nagley
©Lonesome poet's poetry
©Earl Jane Nagley dedicated ( Filipino rose)
Raghu Menon Oct 2015
Random scribblings
Makes much more sense
Well thought out,
Planned & refined writings.
Randomness is
What our nature is,
What occurs to us  ...
What we normally are,
What we do by instinct,
How we react
Natasha George May 2015
Go ahead.
Shatter me!
My glass isn't half full,
it's empty.

I'm just another pretty thing
waiting to be fractured,
waiting to bleed.
You wanted some change,
so watch as my screams now morph me.

Go ahead.
Shatter me!
I'm tired of applying the ice,
set fire to something!

I've been numb for too long,
leaving things to decompose ,
making skeletons in my closet.

Shatter me!
Make me scream!
Make me bleed!
Make me
Make me
Make me break.

cause you can't scare me
if I scare you first.


The sickening laughter fades.
The smile dips down.
The denial ends.

You're scared.
I'm no longer fragile.
I'm a pristine gem.
IsReaL E Summers Dec 2014
Its funny how I got here.
On a streetcar named desire.
Down town I called to Fear
Ingiting the poets fire.
But through the flames,
Called born-again...
The Love I found within;
Called me.
This started as one thing and became something entirely different...
Trevor Stuart May 2014
a hole
void of light

dwelling in hellish mental wells
with no fight, flight or rational
oh well....

acclimated to dirt ceilings/sealings,
unless stars are aligned
will be born dead before found alive

roots from life
hang over head,
..**** em..
just empty promises
from another dead


sit in solitude
a solemn wreck
show helping hands,
real neglect

to uncover this hovel.?
no shovel will do
a sympathy symphony
wont let light shine through


manifest mountain-tops
from bottom rocks-once-kicked
blossom bottle-rock-ets
from sticks, stones,
thoughts of home

cold dismal walls
ambitious calls

burst forth reborn
alter the skyline
with mind

you can do anything
you put your mind to
look in the mirror
say im just tryna find you
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