bluevelvet May 7

1: a sentimental yearning for a reality that isn't genuine

2: an irrecoverable condition for fantasy that evokes nostalgia or day dreams

Paris \'pa-res\
WalkerZ May 5

His eyes are ocean blue
His hair is so sunny
He's always funny
He makes me smile
He is a little devil,
but also an angel
He's poison with
no antidote
He's that one antique
that I horde
He's my sunny day
He makes me happy
but no one can claim the sun.

To bad I'm too shy to tell him

I fucked up.
I mean like I really fucked it up this time.
I don’t know what I said wrong
I’m sorry.
I’d pray you aren’t mad at me
If I believed in a god.
But I don’t
So I just look for people to blame and
Oh look!
I choose myself.
This is the worst.
I’m going to be alone forever.

Never mind.
He texted back

November 2016
Carly Apr 26

As little as the world may seem,
I will always be on the outside of it.

If by any chance
I do belong somewhere,

It has burned long ago
or not yet been discovered

I can be sure of one thing
And this one thing keeps me afloat

This life may not be for me
But maybe the next one is

I am patient
I can handle some bumps

Wyatt R Apr 18

I see dark clouds form
over my head once again,
know I'll fear what rains.

The drops are way too
relatable for me to
welcome in again.

Serene, they once were.
I learn more about myself
in this blunt downpour.

The event is beautiful, but my perception of it is not.

{Set I: Brandon}
The sky is bleeding in lethargy
Winter gives a sharp howl at me
Leaves rippled, rusty, blown into the wind
I cry as the guitar writes with its acoustic pen
Your ship may have taken damage
At your lowest points you had to ravage
Everyone pictures red like a Spanish bull
A hurricane's destruction can leave you null
I remember, I was there
Stroking this gentle, thin, string
My melancholic melody echoes across the plane
But my survival, like yours, need not be the same
You will go through great struggles
But you don't have to overcome them alone
Don't ever let go
You will never know
How the power of friendship and support feels
I've seen the demonic eye that is a black hole
Sacrificing your life is not worth reclaiming what it stole
Woah-oh-oh; Venus help me restore such beauty
Give us the courage to walk through destruction happily
Because Pain is temporary, yes
While friendship is divine; everlasting
Let us ever last Pain

This poem is dedicated to anybody that is going through a rough time. You are never alone and you will indeed struggle, but try to find a way to convert those negative feelings, stress, and pressure into positive feelings. Go do something you enjoy and keep yourself occupied! There's nothing like getting support and comfort ❤
Nathan A Mar 1

They say feelings stop with time.
But with something so intense....

do they really?

You never forget love....
It's addicting, we all crave it...
You never forget

Because one day you won't have it
One day you will crave it...
For me that "day" is 5 years old.

Starscape Jan 25

People like me were born into this world to wilt.

There's a boy and he needs to like me or I need to not like him but I prefer the first because of the obvious and after all the drama that's been going on I feel like life really owes me a solid right now so deliver please and thank you okay bless

Hope you find the happiness you've been pretending to have

Taki Kumiko Jan 1

I'm still in love
With the way you took my hand
With how you said my name

I'm still in love
With your toothy grin
With your hearty deep laugh

I'm still in love
With the comforting hugs you gave
With how you wiped away my tears

I'm still in love
With a person already gone
With someone that's been replaced

I'm still in love
With the memories
Because, now, it's all I'll ever have.

*kudos to all those who are in the process of moving on and to those who have moved on
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