Carly Aug 31

I may have made myself a nobody,
Almost invisible to the world,
But I see the theivings and decievings
Better here, on the outside.
I could tell you what I see and hear,
But should I ask for something in return
Just show me what's on the table.
We'll be strangers until your hearts content.
I don't lead nor follow.
I stay here on the outside.
I see and hear plenty to keep me aware.


Autumn Liss Aug 30

i shut my eyes
close and
whispers to my
heart saying,
"please don't fall
in love with a
person who doesn't
see himself with
you in the future."

a note to self
Autumn Liss Aug 28

light up

Carly Jul 25

I think of the future lightly
As it hasn't always been for me
But things change(d).


Everything is changing for me and I don't know how to handle it. I am trying though(:

tingles in your toes,
looking up and
seeing the same moon,
a form of disappearing,
taking a holiday
to a tropical place,
falling at your feet
because it hurts
so bad,
"hey, this song made
me think of you,"
a melody you want
to play over again,
the sun rising
over the Mississippi,
finger tips traveling
down your back,
a canvas with
different shades of violet,
drowning in a foreign body
of water and struggling
to breathe,
conversations in a
parked car,
tears streaming
down your face
like an ocean,
freshly dried
a warm embrace,
the twinkle in
your eyes
when you talk,
saying goodbye
when you'd
rather say hello,
a flower
that just found
the strength to
a fall day
with a slight breeze,
the sun shining
on your skin,
realizing it's
okay to let go,
white lace on
your skin,
the strand of hair
that always falls
in your face,
apologies that came
too late,
the leaves
changing colors,
the silhouette
of the person
I thought
you were,
chasing a shadow
I'll never catch,
the sun reflecting
on the water,
a path I wish
would never end,
drinking to find
you at the end
of the glass,
a flicker of light
in the dark,
smell of coffee
in the morning,
touching hands
for the last time,
a slither of sunshine
peeking through,
a summer storm,
grief that felt
like a mountain,
drunken kisses,
driving with no
destination and
losing ourselves,
the book I never
want to finish,
the roses you gave
me withered away,
the grass turning
green again after
a long winter,
brick roads
that lead to nowhere,
restarting that song
just to hear that
part a second time,
transforming into
something I never
thought I'd become.

all kinds of love in the world
but never do you experience
the same kind of love

A cloak of shadows worn,
A mask to cover all emotion,
to hide one's true self.

No one must know.
No one will know.

We are destined to live a life unseen.

Hate and spite
Horror and death
Shadow and misery
They think they know me.

Thievery and misguidance
A cigarette for cancer
Creature from the dark
Best to cross the street
As they judge me from afar.

Try to approach and you may find
That there is more to the scene
More than they cared to see

Take off the mask; unveil the truth
A soul lost on this plane, outcasted.
Thrice bitten, forever burned.
Learned not to expect, never to trust.

A spirit to befriend, loyal beyond the rest.
A jokester, an adventurer, a person.

More to the picture than the draping curtain,
They never cared to pull it aside, they were too afraid.
Yet you are here, to stand by my side, one of few.

Tonight we feast and raise our glasses high
A salute to you and those alike who braved the shallows
And offered a greeting.

Down the shot, experience the burn;
An echo of those who didn't try, those who will never know.
Those too shrouded by judgmental hubris.

Put them aside, they no longer matter
As for with this ring, it is you and I
Together forever, couldn't ask for one better.

To the one who lifted the mask,
The one who went the extra step,
The one who holds me together,

I love you.

Nearly two years later and happy as ever, here's to a thousand more!

An expression
"Build me up, buttercup"
A license to knock you back down.

They say they'll show you the world,
go for a ride under their wing
They drop you through the clouds.

Pleasant company, you hope to be
work with them as they show you the ropes
never good enough.

Trying to rise form the ashes
the past is in the past
as the wind sweeps across the nation
once again you're scattered.

A game to play but not to win
fight for the right to be let down
eventually things are sure to work out.

That's what they tell me anyway.

These bars
Or not.
The torment


a ring

My own bars

Lock Down


bluevelvet May 7

1: a sentimental yearning for a reality that isn't genuine

2: an irrecoverable condition for fantasy that evokes nostalgia or day dreams

Paris \'pa-res\
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