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"Mama said gonna be all right
But mama don't know what it's like in my mind
Mama said that the sun gonna shine
But mama don't know what it's like to want to die"
Song by Anson Seabra
Cae Apr 14
I'm not gullible, you know.
I know second chances
are just excuses.
I know I have to stop counting the stars for those
who wouldn't even stay up to see them glow.
I know.

I can't keep breaking myself to fit their template,
to make them feel perfect.
I know I need to start burning bridges
with the match that has always stayed unlit through my temperance.
I know.

I need to stop looking through rose-colored lenses.
I always hoped that when I took them off,
nothing would change.

But maybe it's good that
I finally see what has really been in front of me.
Evie G Mar 22
The time would be 3:00, had it not been hidden behind the countdown
The wavering vrrrrrrrrrrrrr of the microwave is not enough to wake
The naive parental mind, causing the ideal image to break
The ping
Of the microwave waits
Torn between warmth and fear
It is this moment when the panic sets in,
for the door


the miniature metallic square
The pop of door
The stench of soggy noodles

And so she is safe

Until another 3:00
Hey there,
Playing with space a bit with, yk, for funzies. Any comments much appreciated
Wanna be free
Do my own thing
On my own time
No worries
No stress
Things running smoothly as they should be
Dont need the unnecessary anything
Do one thing at a time
Still doesnt work out
I'm trying to do something for myself
Have something going for myself
Instead I get pushed back..
Step 1
How is a person supposed to keep fighting like this?
Yea the same old saying..
But what else is new though?
What else you got for me?
Positivity can only bring but so much joy
Just wanna strive and achieve
Only works but so much
Block out any and every feeling that's there
Doing any and everything to make it seem like I'm ok
To put my mind somewhere else
Then it hits you
Now you dont wanna do anything
But sleep
Cry away the pain
Pain clouding
Just a simple
Easy way to think you're out
GrumpyTurtle Jan 28
you don't love me
and that's okay
because i don't love me either
Francis Jan 14
She’s gonna sing?
I’ll dance.
**** — what a lovely little voice,
Caressing my spirit and shattering my ego.
Her ambiance brings forth the notion,
That one person can be deemed flawless.

Perfectly imperfect,
What a melodic little spirit.
She sings, I dance.
I listen to her words tenderizing my ear drums.
A fool blabbing love that remains unspoken,
When she rips apart all that is entwines me.

I’m a mere note in her tune,
Her concerto of loneliness and dread.
She rehearses too much,
Calculating each vibrato to the tee,
Anticipating a sore throat,
When I’m the only one in the crowd,
And I don’t mind.
I have lozenges.

All I want is to hear her sing,
And for her to watch me dance,
And cheer me on with her lovely voice,
As I sit in my skivvies, front row, center stage,
Like a buffoon with a lack of rhythm in me.

She better keep on singing.
The key may change,
But notes stay the same,
And I’ll be there to back her vocals,
With my frugal, five-dollar guitar.

I’ll always dance to her tune,
I hope she’ll always sing for me.
When she sings,
I ******* dance,
And I pray that she’ll give me an encore.

Sooner or later,
I need to learn how to dance,
A voice like hers can’t go to waste.
A genius composer,
I can never oppose her,
The sound of her music livens me.

She sings,
I dance,
She belts,
I prance,
She laments,
I advance,
To savor,
Our incestuous romance.
Wrote this for a dear friend of mine.
angel Nov 2020
cheap liquor, good drugs.
burns through her cash.

blue eyes turn grey,
deep seas now ash.

stranded on shore;
nowhere to swim.

beautifully drained:
soft, rotting skin.

laying on the sand,
of an hourglass.

watching, waiting,
for day to pass.

her insides crumble.
her unbearable pain.

her lack of reason,
to ever change.

and if she had the chance,
she'd do it all again.
Sanika Singh Nov 2020
Wounded by many
Filled with flaws

Yet I try to reach expectations,
Just to hear the applause

Lost myself,
Turning this smile plastic

But they say 'don't stop',
Even if it is toxic

For everyone's satisfaction
The key is to sacrifice

And just ignore how much
This heart cries

Worked so hard
But you want more,

You never find raising these levels
A bore

Yet I have to learn how to shine
The dream to become
The "Perfect" Kind
Mystic Ink Plus Nov 2020
My poetry are not of
Literary greatness
They are
Not to ponder
Not to memorize
May be
Not to read twice

They are
To touch
To smell
To taste
To feel

So that
One can find
The real essence
Genre: Experimental
Theme: Relatable
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