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Hanna 7d
Dreading another day of school, again.
Random faces flood the halls.
Everyone’s crashing into me!
“Am I really that invisible” I ask out loud?
My classmates voices flood the room, “No.”
This is a dream acrostic poem we had to do in class. This is what I wrote.
In the morning,
I woke to this sky that was white
Brightly lit by the sun's light.
Then the temperature rose,
So rose the water droplets in the air
And now my sky was a soft blue
Reflecting all that came its way.
The show ended with all hues,
Creating unparalleled balance of confusion and grandeur
Just like it had planned to.
Then the sky was smeared and smudged with black
Just like the tired,innocent face of a child
After an entire day of play.
But the cold night is made warm
And it's emptiness filled
With the bright bold moon, that radiates
Like the red round dot between the jet black brows.
The tiny sparkling stars
Like the sandalwood paste on a bride's face
Shouts in celebration for all the greatness it has witnessed.

But sometimes without any rhyme or reason
The sky turns grey,
Like most of the time is my mood.
I thought it would rain,but it turned out to be like me too.
Sometimes the grey is too long
The clouds too big.
And they collide like warriors
Producing sparks from their swords.
Thus comes the lightning,the expressions on my face.
The thunder follows close,where I raise my voice.
Then finally it breaks,never into drizzles
But always a stromy rain
Causing destruction
Claiming life's on its way.
Now I have finally realized
It's better to have a drizzle every now and then
To cool the soar,instead of deepening it any more
With either the flood or the drought
n Jan 8
Plaits in theory seem to hold the threads of your hair together so tightly. But they’re loose, tangled, fragile creations that with one sudden misplaced head turn consequently fall apart.
Plaits are relatable.
What a disgusting metaphor she thought as she continued to plait her hair now in tears.
Quite a playful, ridulous bit of nothing. It reflects how my thought process quickly deteriorates. I feel the ending echos millenial disgust. The name is derrived from the Hunger Games.
Joan Doe Dec 2018
1.  The respect and love I deserve
2. The ability to write without being sad
3. ???
4. ?????
5. A hat for my cat
Eve Dec 2018
Miserable and unmotivated,
Mood swings from time to time,
Lying, it has evolved daily.
I can’t control myself the same way anymore,
I’m discovering a new side to myself,
I proclaim that space is what will cure this pain,
However, that’s not the claim.
That unfamiliar side that remains,
Is the one that nobody seems to understand,
They’re getting tired of me;
I wish I could reach out,
Nah, I’d probably just freak them, like ****.
I call them friends,
They’re merely as important to me.
Quick judgments, slow reaction times,
If they ever need assistance,
I’m always available.
If the tables turn, role switches,
I’d be let down,
Yet again.
The irony resides here,
Trust within myself no longer exists,
Entirety has been reduced to half of a whole,
I’m a worthless piece of —
So sick of being misused,
Treated differently, and most importantly,
Never fully acknowledged of.
You notice my presence when you want,
Not when you can.
Your effort is only being wasted,
Referencing me as a “friend”,
Just an acquaintance,
Actually, a stone cold stranger that wants nothing to do with anyone or anything.
E R Sherin Dec 2018
I'm hyper and happy with energy to spare
Fast speech, racing mind
I spread love everywhere
A giant smile is all I bare until
a certain darkness
fills the air

You feel rampant with no good rage
Trapped in your sorrows
like a rusted shut cage
You remind yourself you're not crazy
Sometimes you're really happy
or just tired
and lazy

Sometimes you lose feeling in your fingers and toes
Like you're in the basement of a coroner
raw and exposed
Other times, you're on a hamster wheel
sweating and racing
Feeling your skin turn
rubber and chafing

I have no control over my emotions and mood
And, yes, I know that
that's no excuse
I come off strong with my opinions and personality
Which many think is wonderful or an abnormality

I'm seen in different lights
because I don't know which one to stand in
I'm only myself in my writing
and that's the happiest I've been

Pen and paper give me the control
my chemical imbalance never has
I can feel calm and genuine and less of a spazz

I'm slowly accepting
my past
and reality
Mental illness is stigmatized
But we need to face our morality

Carrie Fisher was bipolar though
we didn't talk about it in that era
If she was bipolar then
I'm just like Princess Leia
Maddy Nov 2018
here i am
so fricking irritated
i cant get on
and i just want to play
so mojang LET ME ON
let me get on some server
or create my own world
i just want to build stuff
thank you
also if you have minecraft
and no longer play
please give me your account
thank you again
this is my rant for today
i know it isnt a poem
i really want to play minecraft guys so if you have an account and wanna let me have it because you dont play anymore, please let me know:)
Kora Sani Nov 2018
A piece of art
A rhythmic beat
Or a string of words
Comes along
To connect you
To your own thoughts
An indescribable feeling  
Now pinpointed on the map of emotion
Hailey Oct 2018
Right when you
Think you have everything
Right when you
Think you're happy
It all ends
Someone ruins it
You ruin it
Life ruins it
Because it always ends
Today that Bliss
That one day of Bliss
Then its gone
A simple text
A simple statement of
"I don't think we can ever be friends again"
As the sadness washes over you
You realize that text
Can **** a soul
Can **** a mind
Can **** a heart
And can **** a friendship
A friendship of four years
That you will always remember
With a person you trusted
And to realize
You will never celebrate a birthday
With them
Never have that hours of laughs
With them
Never walk the hallways talking
With them
You hope the best
For them
You want them to thrive
You want them to have a great future
but sadly
You will no longer
Be a part of that
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