When you try to get away, life pulls you back in. Guess it was meant to be this way, I guess I'm happy with it in the long run. Better to fix what I put so much work in then to start new with something I'm just not ready for, nor do I really want to do.
Your guess is as good as mine

When people ask the impossible question,
What do they expect?
“If aliens are real, then what do they look like?”

Something you have never seen.
Something you could not imagine.
Something you would never forget.

(C)2017 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.
Arlene Corwin Mar 18
I've re-written it.  When i read it over this evening I hated it.  The sequences needed adjusting, the whole thing made more sense of.  it was too abstruse, downright vague the way it stood.  Crap.  Here it is:  I hope it's better, clearer, stronger.

       Vanity Or What?  Or Not?

Will they miss me when I’m gone?

Would they miss me if I went?

Is the Facebook thing, this Instagram,

Snapchat, this and Snapchat that  -

Is only just to reassure, insure and all the -sures

An immortality that’s hardly possible

With such as these?

A question and a statement.

If you should land upon an isle,

No phone, no clothing, just a smile,

Who’d care that you’re not there or where?

The ego takes a jolt when true result is that

A lively world’s been going on

In the short while you’ve been isle borne.

When you take up, upon waking,

Cell phone, laptop out and working,

Think about your motive deep, some path new chosen.

Leap into the seasons, steeping self in new horizons.

Public profiles pass from sight, from mind, from heart

Once they depart.

Querying the motives that define,

I’m off to take out, open mine,

The whole controlling

‘Spite the knowing.

Vanity or not?

Vanity Or What?  Or Not? 3.18.2018 Circling Round Vanities II; Circling Round Egos; A Sense Of The Ridiculous II; Arlene Corwin
hannah Feb 13
Nobody really cares
If they cared then they would say someting
however they stay quite
and watch my slowly die inside
all they have ever said is that I could handle it
well guess what
Danial John Mar 3
Your hair
Your body
Your laugh

Your face
Your eyes
Your smile

Your life
Your soul
Your being

It’s all about you, but just who is you?
there is no home for us,
only the presence of a fleeting feeling
forever sewn in airplane seatbelts
painted on windows of moving cars
present in vacant seats of trains

instead of warm welcoming arms
there are only faint figures blurring
as we speed away
only blank faces remain in restless crowds
and their cold empty stares

absent gentle reminders,
voices are blaring on the intercom
dictating where and when to go
as if leaving is the easiest task
at least it is assumed as

I have gone a hundred pages deep
perpetually filling silences with scribbles
I have leafed through many paper cuts and stories
futile attempts to overpower the will to quit
it is nothing but a wild goose chase

we are told to watch out for incoming headlights
shut the door as we step inside
settle safely in temporary comfort
oblivious to what we leave behind
never regretting what we could not lose
she wrote on airplanes and fell asleep on hotel floors loljk
Polka Jan 4
"PLEASE! Stop!
Why, WHY must you keep babying me like this?
I am not your child.
You are not my parent.
You don't have to take care of me, for I can take care of myself."

"It is because I care about you."

"WHY? I have done nothing for you,
except be a burden to you,
because you MAKE me out to be a burden.
So, why do you care about me so much?
What have I given you?"

"You're silly.
This is why I worry.
Because, you are much too blind to realize...
Caring for you is a much easier way
to care about myself."
Tristan Brown Nov 2017
My name
Tristan Brown
That's who I am
But I'd like to think I'm more than that

My name
Hidden hero
Wearing his mask
But who really cares about all of that

My name
Costumed son
Behind his back
He'll never know I'm not just like that

My name
Hope's last chance
Behind her back
She'll never know that it's all just an act

My name
Wanted one
They want be back
Sadly for them I rarily come back

My name
Takes up space
Kicked in the back
Good for them I won't attack

My name
I don't know
I wish I did
I guess I'll pretend I'm all of that
Pentanomical Nov 2017
Wait wait and waiting
All hope seems like they're fading
It's just me and the night
And this thought wondering why
All through the night
All through the night

I'm not asleep but not entirely awake
But what difference does it make
Whether you're drunk or you're sober
Doesn't change the fact it's over
I turned to my right hoping to see you under the covers
But you weren't there
Right, you were never there
Not anymore
I guess it's fair, but I just can't bear
Losing you so suddenly
I can't sleep
And I need you here with me
Be there for me
Even if I was never there for you

I guess that's true
And I'm sorry for that
You never realized what you had
Until it's gone just like that

And now you're gone gone gone away
Even before I got to say
That I love you, baby
And it's driving me crazy
All these regrets
Why can't I forget
It's messing with my head
Why is life always so cruel
Especially to angels like you
But there's nothing I can do
the Nov 2017
embroiled snow of solitude, a meadow of coldness
where all the vivacious beings have died down
tearing down blizzards embellished decaying soil
with delicate fleecy fluff fallen down from the sky

collected trees with no leaf, coated with white fuzz
howbeit strong, keeping their thin stalks to an end
years by years, the trees fastened to each other closer
holding what is left, leaving what is now behind

they started to get weaker whenever getting too close
touching their haulm with another's haulm breaks them
and the tangled roots started to unravel themselves
with one another, they became really weak alone

in the end of the world where everything has been buried
only two trees have been left apart on a tiny ground
without holding each other's fangs, they lived together
happily, until each of them slowly progressed to vanish
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