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A wish may come and then it withers.
A bird can trance one with their feathers.
All of all, the ocean quiets.
A song for somber chills of silence.

Living in a lightless zone
Where'd everyone go?

Falling leaves may color the sky, color your eyes.
Broken blue seas, shattered glass lies, never ask why.

Don't you know what's life for a ghost?
A life where you are there but alone.
A moth gets crushed for being ****.
Don't hurt me
A world where you have to be pretty.

Living in a lightless zone
Where'd everyone go?
Enzo Oct 9
Take a sniff off of the good stuff
Let it numb your thoughts and ease the pain
Smell it some more and
Inhale the grains

The powdered love now in your veins
Let it hold you, let it mend you
Get wasted, lose your senses
Be free from your thoughts
Chase out the bad things by doing this bad deed
Drug induced stress reliever
Lady Bird Sep 24
drips of joy
some of pain
peel me you'll
find restrain
liked or disliked
I‘m all the same
aroma and sight
so guess my name


don't take these
words by surprise
you might shed tears
from your eyes
many have complained
that I'm a nuisance yet
who I am is who I am and
can't help how I was named
open your eyes cant you see
an "ONION" thats just me...
Shofi Ahmed Sep 17
What matters most
not what shows on top.
But what's at the bottom
the underlying intention.

I wonder what's your thought
What do you see at the bottom
at the ***** of dawn?

Can I guess you said
it's the blossoming red rose!
Eno Sep 5
If you look closely you’ll see
A pattern
Between those rocks
Two lines
One greener than grass
The other a shade of grey
And if you stay with it
There’s a hollow space underneath
Big enough to fit a metre or two
Of rope ravelled
There’s actually more pattern
The colours more shaded
And movement
The original stripes gleam
Away from the light above
It’s a body
A thick hide
Of resilience
And distress
Seeking solace in what’s left
Behind the fingerprints
In a glass cage
Of a zoo
GhostMOTH Aug 19
Falling down the windy planes,
Go diving down until insane,
Dropping into a wonderland,
Spiraling like a living fan,

From little eyes made out of glass,
Looking into the shadow past,
Seeing myself wake up again,
Restart the new simulation

I'm a hider, you're a seeker.
When did I become a peeker?
No running there's no stopping.
I can't stop myself from crying.

Why do I keep freaking trying?
I can't stop myself from crying.
I can't stop this ******* crying.
Please help me stop ******* crying.

From plastic beds to rocky roads,
I've lost my mind, I've woke up cold,
When did I get into green robes?
I am a sacrificed lost soul,

I can't help thinkin' I am dreamin'
My head can't work when it is steamin'
I've gone insane, i'm falling down,
A bird diving into the ground.

A bird diving into the ground.

Chained to the concrete rained-on ground.

I've lost my head, seeing in red,
I'm not the same as I once said,
I won't go down till I am dead,
Next, to the next, that's being led.
We're all a little loopy.
Never my second option
always wanted to be first
Swallowed my pride
over the years  kept my distance but still at arms reach if you needed me
if you wanted me
probably not
But still somehow you imprinted on my thoughts
Crushed always
every little conversation  is meaningful
though I might never get the chance
I can stay hopeful and if not now or then well
in another lifetime I guess
Liyah Bella Aug 9
i shouldn't say
"when you left me"
because here you are in front of me
i guess i should say
" when we split"
And the bar is closed
And the stars are out.
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