Polka Jan 4

"PLEASE! Stop!
Why, WHY must you keep babying me like this?
I am not your child.
You are not my parent.
You don't have to take care of me, for I can take care of myself."

"It is because I care about you."

"WHY? I have done nothing for you,
except be a burden to you,
because you MAKE me out to be a burden.
So, why do you care about me so much?
What have I given you?"

"You're silly.
This is why I worry.
Because, you are much too blind to realize...
Caring for you is a much easier way
to care about myself."

Tristan Brown Nov 2017

My name
Tristan Brown
That's who I am
But I'd like to think I'm more than that

My name
Hidden hero
Wearing his mask
But who really cares about all of that

My name
Costumed son
Behind his back
He'll never know I'm not just like that

My name
Hope's last chance
Behind her back
She'll never know that it's all just an act

My name
Wanted one
They want be back
Sadly for them I rarily come back

My name
Takes up space
Kicked in the back
Good for them I won't attack

My name
I don't know
I wish I did
I guess I'll pretend I'm all of that

Pentanomical Nov 2017

Wait wait and waiting
All hope seems like they're fading
It's just me and the night
And this thought wondering why
All through the night
All through the night

I'm not asleep but not entirely awake
But what difference does it make
Whether you're drunk or you're sober
Doesn't change the fact it's over
I turned to my right hoping to see you under the covers
But you weren't there
Right, you were never there
Not anymore
I guess it's fair, but I just can't bear
Losing you so suddenly
I can't sleep
And I need you here with me
Be there for me
Even if I was never there for you

I guess that's true
And I'm sorry for that
You never realized what you had
Until it's gone just like that

And now you're gone gone gone away
Even before I got to say
That I love you, baby
And it's driving me crazy
All these regrets
Why can't I forget
It's messing with my head
Why is life always so cruel
Especially to angels like you
But there's nothing I can do

the Nov 2017

embroiled snow of solitude, a meadow of coldness
where all the vivacious beings have died down
tearing down blizzards embellished decaying soil
with delicate fleecy fluff fallen down from the sky

collected trees with no leaf, coated with white fuzz
howbeit strong, keeping their thin stalks to an end
years by years, the trees fastened to each other closer
holding what is left, leaving what is now behind

they started to get weaker whenever getting too close
touching their haulm with another's haulm breaks them
and the tangled roots started to unravel themselves
with one another, they became really weak alone

in the end of the world where everything has been buried
only two trees have been left apart on a tiny ground
without holding each other's fangs, they lived together
happily, until each of them slowly progressed to vanish

Pentanomical Nov 2017

Is this the best of the worst times
So many choices
Yet I made all the wrong ones
Can't stop all the voices
One of these days I'll burn
Could be tomorrow
Could even be today
It's just fate

Fate's a bitch sometimes
Messes with you like a witch sometimes
Never gives you what you wanted
Only gives you what you needed
They said
But I don't even know what I need or want
I just wanna stay in bed
Can't move my legs
Can't be bothered to
So is this what it's come to
Are you gonna leave me too

I'm half dead half alive
Wrist is on the edge of a knife
One inch between life and death
One step before falling in the depth
I'm such a fucking mess right now
I hope you don't think I meant it
And I'm sorry for making you worry
Just forget what I said
and leave me be

Pentanomical Nov 2017

so one last toast to the good times
the last time we can unwind
i sometimes wish i can rewind
back to those days
back when we used to run away
you used to hid in this bale of hay
and we would wonder where'd you go
that was so long ago

and now you're all grown up
with all those responsibilites
livin it up
in that big ol' city
do you still remember all the good times
all the fun we had with the boys
remembering those still brings me joy

guess it's too late to be regretful
guess it's too late to say i love you
and now that you're gone
and as i write this song
i hope you're happy
i really do
i hope you're happy
happier than we ever were

Ww Oct 2017

Tonight is a beauty
tomorrow is a possibility
and as the sun's rays
scissor its way through the night sky
I'll live in this moment of You and I.

...and now its gone...

I wrote this piece a long time ago and I figured maybe its time to let it go.
valentine Sep 2017

Your face was like wind
A cooling breeze
A brisk coolness passing through me
On a hot summer day
The sun is bright and warm
And your face was the wind
Keeping the temperature right
Now it's a hurricane
It throws me down and hurls me through the air
Making me gasp for breath
I used to fill my lungs with you in a deep calming breath
But now im suffocating
I can't blame you
I was just in your path
You tried to pass through
I must have ran in front of you
Your storm wasn't meant for me
I don't know who it was meant for
But I'm just a bystander
One of hundreds and hundreds
Thousands, even

idk this is what i submitted to sign up,, it's about a boy (yea gross ik)
Elyse Hyland Sep 2017

I can feel the love,
fading from my heart,
or rather,
it's not fading,
it's being torn out.

Piece by piece,
people steal it,
when I would have given it,
when I had given it,
and then demand more,
as if I'm holding back.

But I'm not,
I'm loving with my whole heart,
loving them more than me,
loving their flaws and insecurities,
their hatred and inconstancy,
while I let my own drown me,
in their wake.

It's not always a bottomless pit
baby angel Sep 2017

she's asleep again
and i have this frown
that won't erase.
i remember how mad i was
when i walked into see them both
asleep and to see my four walls again.
i remember how sad i was
to not be able to say
how my day was and to say
where my mind went that day.
i don't know what the place is called
but it was foggy and humid.
and tears poked out of my eyes
and they started to run down my cheeks.
i am staring at my ceiling.
i am going to close my eyes.

i am going to close my eyes
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