dina Jun 11
you were my lighthouse
out on the sea
you were my lighthouse
calling for me

you were my lighthouse
out on the bluff
you were my lighthouse
when times were rough

when the waves mercilessly crashed
up onto my sides
and pulled me down under,
deep beneath the tides

you were my lighthouse
standing true and tall
you were my lighthouse
with me through it all
we all need a lighthouse in life :,)
Sven May 17
Guess what?

Wait nevermind.

You already knew
That I liked you.

But maybe you didn't know this
That I loved you
And cared for you so much.

Ha, maybe if you had known,
Just maybe.
You would of realized that you did too.

I would like to think that
You did loved me.

But I can't keep this toxic thought
Of a what if.

And you know what?
I don't need it.

I do regret, not being fully honest.
But this I do know that you will regret,

Regret not being honest with yourself.
They should of been honest with themselves.
What do I say?
What do I do?
Because I hope and pray.
That I wont lose you too.

But do you love me the same?
Please tell me the truth.
You hide me away.
In pain.

What's it to you?
Poeple are blinded by this so- called fate
Believing they're destined and started to date
But to know the outcome, we have to wait
For there is a thin line between love and hate.

Love comes in the right place and time
And the persons in it are the right ones
But what if it comes in wrongly?
Should we considered it too as accidentally?

People say there always a red strings attached
For those people whom heaven matched
But how can we say if she or he is the one?
If all the signs we asked, we received none.

I had to admit I am still confused
On how to defend my love beliefs and values
Love comes hate, right with wrong
These ideas linger on me for so long.

My brain keeps thinking
While my heart still beating
I have to continue my answer-seeking
Even though I am just guessing
Love is complicated but still believing
Life is worth living and
Love is worth fighting.

December 28, 2017
Not many people would understand this feeling and I guess that’s the sad thing.  

                      With love,
When you try to get away, life pulls you back in. Guess it was meant to be this way, I guess I'm happy with it in the long run. Better to fix what I put so much work in then to start new with something I'm just not ready for, nor do I really want to do.
Aa Harvey Apr 16
Your guess is as good as mine

When people ask the impossible question,
What do they expect?
“If aliens are real, then what do they look like?”

Something you have never seen.
Something you could not imagine.
Something you would never forget.

(C)2017 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.
Arlene Corwin Mar 18
I've re-written it.  When i read it over this evening I hated it.  The sequences needed adjusting, the whole thing made more sense of.  it was too abstruse, downright vague the way it stood.  Crap.  Here it is:  I hope it's better, clearer, stronger.

       Vanity Or What?  Or Not?

Will they miss me when I’m gone?

Would they miss me if I went?

Is the Facebook thing, this Instagram,

Snapchat, this and Snapchat that  -

Is only just to reassure, insure and all the -sures

An immortality that’s hardly possible

With such as these?

A question and a statement.

If you should land upon an isle,

No phone, no clothing, just a smile,

Who’d care that you’re not there or where?

The ego takes a jolt when true result is that

A lively world’s been going on

In the short while you’ve been isle borne.

When you take up, upon waking,

Cell phone, laptop out and working,

Think about your motive deep, some path new chosen.

Leap into the seasons, steeping self in new horizons.

Public profiles pass from sight, from mind, from heart

Once they depart.

Querying the motives that define,

I’m off to take out, open mine,

The whole controlling

‘Spite the knowing.

Vanity or not?

Vanity Or What?  Or Not? 3.18.2018 Circling Round Vanities II; Circling Round Egos; A Sense Of The Ridiculous II; Arlene Corwin
hannah Feb 13
Nobody really cares
If they cared then they would say someting
however they stay quite
and watch my slowly die inside
all they have ever said is that I could handle it
well guess what
Danial John Mar 3
Your hair
Your body
Your laugh

Your face
Your eyes
Your smile

Your life
Your soul
Your being

It’s all about you, but just who is you?
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