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Erica Sep 2016
It was a song of sorrow and pain that
was heard miles away from the hospital room.
It wasn’t fine that the world kept moving
when an angel had only just met her doom.

What once was dust will leave as dust
The bones of a fallen warrior, the bravest of all
Lies upon the table, so fragile and small

The world kept spinning and all I knew was
the words echoing inside of my head,
she's gone she's gone she's gone she's gone
The battle finally ended, the reaper has come,
I knew with each step taken I was a step closer
to the truth that she who loved me was gone forever.
My feet got heavier as I heard the saddest melody
in sync to sing a perfect harmony
of weeps and prayers of the brokenhearted,
a sad truth that she was gone indeed.
The whole world fell apart when i heard
the last beep of a dying heartbeat,
the cold touch of what used to be warm.

Oh, my mouth danced the prayer
but my heart still grieved,
for her eyes were as blank
as her soul was gone.
Last year my great grandmother left our sides. She was nearly a hundred and death was inevitable, we all knew. But it was my first funeral and I had no idea what to expect.
  Jul 2015 Erica
Gwen Johnson
I say I'm okay
but I'm not
I'll have my good days
and I'll have my worst
but until the day
I go to bed without
a feeling of dread
or tears on the bed
pounding in my head
the inability to catch my breath
I'm not okay

I won't truly be okay
Until the day
I can say hello
without having to rehearse it
or wonder if I said it
too quiet
or too loud
if it even came out
and worrying if
the conversation will go past that

If the most I say
about how I'm feeling
is okay
and you had to ask in the first place
I'm probably not

If I'm more worried
if you're okay
than I'm probably not
because until I unlearn
how to pick everybody but myself up
I'm not

I say I'm okay
so you don't have to worry about me
but I'll still cling to all the care
and love you give to me
because I'm still unsure
if its all I get
so until the day
I don't feel the need
for reassurance that you care for me
I'm not okay

Until the day
I can no longer relate to this
I'm not okay
but I'm working on it
Erica Jul 2015
Daddy, tell me why you smoke.
Do you like your future served in black?
Dead lungs and your body in a sack?
Your family crying and me in the back?

Daddy, tell me why you smoke.
Why are you letting toxic flow through your veins?
Do you like to grow old and be in pain?
You know you're walking down the devil's lane.

Daddy, tell me why you smoke.
I'm your little girl, do you even care?
Your poisonous smoke is all over the air.
Don't give me more burden than I can bear.

Daddy, tell me why you smoke.
Don't you know, don't you see what you're doing?
The time we're supposed to have is only fading.
Do you think a bright future isn't worth pursuing?

Daddy, tell me why you smoke.
Why are you killing yourself and dragging me along?
They say you're addicted, please prove them wrong.
I know you can do it, I know you are strong.

Daddy, tell me why you smoke?
I wish for one thing, and one thing only.
Tell me you'll quit and erase my worry.
And promise me forever I won't lose my daddy.
Erica Jun 2015
your kicks and stabs
will never scar me
the way your words have.
Erica Jun 2015
you used to play me under the silver moon
and sing along to my melodious tune
your velvety voice compliments me
together we were beauty, a striking symphony

but as you got older your eyes saw more
you saw the monsters and evil the world bore
you learned about frustration obsession suppression
and then you fell into the abyss of depression

i wished you had come to me and play
i would've hugged you and wiped those tears away
we could've soared together beneath the shadows
but why did you choose that poisonous arrow?

do you remember the music we made
if you'd just believe i could be your aid
my carol is unsung and your story untold
my figure is rusty and your eyes are cold

if i tell you that you're not yet too late
will you listen and change your fate?
place your hands on my hardened keys
remember the old days remember them please

remember our songs and remember me
you can let go and play our harmony
whatever you're going through, you can make it
  Mar 2015 Erica
Brandi R Lowry
Saying goodbye
To someone you love
Is like reading the final page
Of an amazing book.

As the last chapter ends
You begin to notice
Just how beautiful
And perfect
The plot always was.  

You appreciate the joy
And even the pain
As you read and thumb
Through every page.

Finally understanding
The moral of the story,
You realize you've reached
The end of this journey.

Although the last sentence  
Is the most difficult to read
Another great book awaits
Once you turn the final page.

Eventually you may stumble
Upon yet another great find.
Or maybe you'll return
To the book you left behind.

You may just discover
Once all is said and done
That this particular book  
Was your favorite story
All along.
For Ty & Des ❤️
  Jan 2015 Erica
I can't write...
     I have a stash of twenty drafts, bearing a couple of lines each
I can't crack...
     Every draft seem to have developed a shell I can't breach
I can't gather...
     My thoughts so I could nurture these drafts to fruition
I can't think...
     The clatter in my head meant only to deafen
I can't fathom...
     What went right from what had gone completely awry
I can't find...
     Much needed sanity to let soar and fly
I can't cry...
     The tears I've beckoned for so very badly
I can't scream...
     Only muffled gurgles of notions drowned at sea
I can't see...
     The bigger picture...that consumed us both
I can't hear...
     Except for the dreaded voice of reason that I loathe
I can't piece...
     Together one decent little write

I can't breathe...
     I can't breathe...*I'm losing this fight
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