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PlaneJane May 19
If you saw how close the finish line was,
would you finally decide to run?
Johnny walker Apr 19
A 29-year journalist by name Lyra Mckee murdered doing her job
I feel so sorry for her family, for this
stood for what she believed and paid the ultimate price her life, murdered by the **** of the earth who
people cruelly lay pipe bombs **** children they disgust me frankly I don't give a dame who they are nothing but
crawl out there holes ****** then crawl back In disgusting excuses for humans
I don't give dame If they are IRA  Provisional or New IRA or any other terrorist organisation  whatever they belong to  I write In Big words for all to see and hope they do "THEY ARE All COWARDS"
sure they could shoot me or ******* to hell but I promise I'll waiting for when they arrive for sure as
Hell they
I Fear Them Not For They Are cowards All Terrorists no matter who They Are And Where They From, They Could shoot me put a bomb under my car Send Me To Hell that  For Sure But I'll be waiting for them when they arrive as surely will
First time ever I heard the voice of my dearest friend her beautiful Texas accent bought a smile to
for this lady with heart of gold who has bought so much happiness to my life and now I've heard her  beautiful
and to know how lucky I am she who change my life around bought light to a  once darkened world of grief
and a wonderful friend to have so thoughtful and caring so lucky I am to be friends with lady from Texas called Terry, who has put a smile back on my face
I am so lucky to have this dear friend from Texas called Terry who has put a smile back on my face
Johnny walker Mar 25
Many days have come and passed since my darling has been gone but love so strong that know will
on through the rest of this life, I must live on alone where once my dreams laid shattered In pieces on the ground
bit by bit I've been
to slowly put them together again and the pieces belong to now of my memory
there to remain for me to revisit whenever I wish too there was a time
I thought I'd not make it through
I would not survive my time alone but I shall for the Incredible Inspiration Instilled Into to
by my wife that has given me new meaning a real purpose to my life that of writing "bless you my darling
Slowly I'm putting my shattered dreams back
to again bit by bit In order
to carry on alone In this life
be-no-one Mar 24
You have put yourself out there
as a teacher
will you be my guru

Other days,
I put my
in the fridge.
Or is it just me?
Johnny walker Mar 23
I close my eyes sometimes and smell those summery days long gone but such wonderful memories that
seem so
still remembering one such time Helen dressed a lovely summer dress walking hand In hand over the back fields behind our house
had my arm around her waist but naughty boy
slap my on wrist decided to get adventurous lowering my hand on to Helen's
all a sudden I felt what was like an electric shock on taking my hand away there was an enormous honey bee right the middle of my
I quickly brushed away and then had to remove the sting which was still pumping
It had obviously been attracted to Helen's perfume but the moral of the story don't presume to
much to
Naughty boy I was putting my hand in Helen's bottom and paid the price with a sting from huge honey bee
Catherine McCabe Dec 2018
A real win
is getting out more than you put in.
So, why do I go on and on looking for a return?
It seems I’ll never learn
that winning is endless
and makes a fool of us all.
Karisa Brown Dec 2018
You are the tailor
The maker
The storm and the desire
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