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Praxis Shame Feb 20
Factions dance blade
to grindstone
Scholars scratch pen
to paper
Thinkers mash pride
to danger

What have I done?
Oh, I've lived
Meaningless & Ill
Longer than expected

What all have I done?
Ejected myself
From ****, to wooden ****
Anna Feb 15
Her eyes are covered by a black cloth
Settling on my thighs

Her eyes are fading
But are still so bright red

When she gets scratched
Her eyes cry a ravine of blood
And I have to stop it

I put bandaids over her eyes
To stop her from crying
To force her from crying

But her eyes twitch
And as the cloth moves,
It pulls the bandaids right off.

But by then she has stopped crying
Her eyes are just red now

And the more I wait
And let her be
The more she fades
The happier I am

And then I scratch her again.
This is an extreme metaphor, but interpret it as you wish.
Seanathon Jan 14
My heart is scratched
But I won’t say or sway
Or look at the gaping space within
Guess it was never known
That I felt this way
Chicken scratch,
Chicken scratch...

   Slashed against the page...

What is this rage?

This ink is my blood.
   Let me bleed some more.

~Robert van Lingen
Justin Zheng Jan 3
What else is there to say
why did i stay
for so ******* ******* long
loving you was like hitting the ****
unhealthy habits we must collapse
things we shouldn't do
things that deprove the mood.

back at it
with the nonsense
can't even read this chicken scratch
man my handwriting is terrible
Nikos Kyriazis Dec 2018
The sheathing of this bulb
has broken, filled with scratches
Although it still shines bright

Hub of its joy: serving me

It has seen all of my doodles
but gave away nothing

My infant poems often think
that its light is their mother

My sweat, my tears, my nightmares
are its insignia, its tatoo

It imputes its capability
of breathing to me
but I am the apprentice here
influenced by wabi-sabi philosophy
Mystic Ink Plus Oct 2018
Stay cautious

Believe me
Got broken takes, no time
Healing, a way long

Need to be confirm
Align to the earlier form
Stabilize for endurance
Then finally
Makeover stitch
Allowing the time to recover

But this is not the end
Some of us take
Much longer than
The usual time

In those
Who are obsessed
To scratch the scar
Recall the moment
With a same dumb question
Why me?

Little do we knew
Why few don’t
Want to get healed
And what keeps them
Genre: Abstract
Theme: Note on scar | Why some aren't healed at all?
cozyjune Sep 2018
the bathtubs full with cold water - you place your hands on the inside of my ribs - the petals drop like last nights shooting stars - and you told me that was your first kiss - bang bang on my windows baby until i wake up - because no one can know that your in here baby no i don't want no fuss - nails scratching down your velvet skin - do you know how to make me spin? can you make me spin? baby i need you to make me spin - was it really your first kiss? - why do we always lie like this - cry like this - staying awake late in the night to feel your lips - on my hips - make me forget
Brandon Conway Aug 2018
Life is a record scratch
a record scratch
a record scratch
a record scratch
a record scratch
a record scratch
Until the needle is lifted
and moved somewhere new
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