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Isaac Ward Oct 7
Decades pass like seconds-
Ever closer till we go,

Flowers wilt from acid rain-
How could you not know?

You taste sorrow on the wind-
Drifting past us, it may slow,

It's my turn to say goodbye,
Never colder will we grow.

And then, in a lightning flash,
You know they spoke the truth!

A brilliant mind, a dire warning,
But you ignored the youth.

A cinder party, a barren tree,
Another extinction unknown,

Blind behind gilded palace walls,
You can die there, all alone.
Hurricane, hurricane, hurricane,
Inside it, houses flying with gardens,
Different elements and temperaments.
Cows, cars, and pennies are flying,
Green, gray and grim trees are flying;
Sights pop up and fly away.
Inside it, there's me,
Sometimes in houses,
But mainly flying.
It's a hurricane,
Gem Palomar Sep 5
You can make the sun burn bright and bold,
leaving my skin thirsty for your touch.

You can make the hurricanes and storms bow down at your feet.

And I, a disaster you have created,
you continuously create havoc within me.

Go on.
I wouldn't stop you.
For I would never not want to break and fall apart, over and over again for you.
Nova Sep 4
Skyscrapers broke
And the oceans drained away.
Mountains crumbled
And night never turned to day.
Nova Sep 3
I let the plane fall from the sky.
Pieces broke off, and
Landed in forests nearby.

Now things are damaged;
They can’t be fixed.
Do all relationships end like this?

The pilot until the end
I let the plane fall
In it me and my only “friend”.
The World talks about pollution 
But still there is no solution 
The world behind is so green 
But the fire and smoke make it grim
Oh! there was a beautiful linden
But the hazy smoke made it hidden

Presuming the world will end one day
And there would be no body even to say 
The smoke was so much pernicious
Which turned into distress and was serious 
Tis our obligation not to feel ignominy 
But to look forward to make the earth greeny

This smoke will make us one day motionless
If we do pollution and remain being careless 
Let me warn you it is a slow poison
Even more dangerous than the nuclear fusion!!!
At night the fire became so intense 
That gave a scene of joy and tense

In pale moonlight it looked so grey
Which was due to the burning of ******* and hay
The smoke arose and arose so high 
That covered the stars in the sky 
Oh! God I wish it should go to space 
And save some years for the earth to face
Everyone is Requested to Forward this and Stop Pollution
The building they lived in,
called home,
became their tomb,
became the weapon that broke
their bone,
took their lives.

But their stories have to
This City won't let you forget
about those
you were meant to protect.

I was actually looking for a room
but found myself
on the fiery streets
CRS batting the flames
as politicians took their seats,
business as usual
but the people stood in refusal
Feminists Familes and BlackBlok
Yellow Jackets Housing Groups
round the clock
only the holiday period
could douse the fires
and I went back to mother
the pressure smothered

How long is your attention?
Remember: this is a poem for the dead

For those who were crushed as they slept in their bed

Merry ******* Christmas
About 6 people who lost their lives in Marseille last November, 2018.

Shoddy building inspection, owners and regulation.

No one has taken responsibly.

Rest in Rage
Noah Rein Aug 23
Our lungs are burning,
Filling with ash,
Burning with greed,
All done for cash.

I think the time has come,
We have to be rash,
Or else we’ll watch as we burn,
And be gone in a flash.

It’s time to get angry,
There’s only one solution,
Let’s yell and take action,
It’s time for a revolution.
Keiri Aug 16
It wasn't an impossible goal.
But I did give it all of my soul.

I wanted to be a teacher.
Be a duller, rules abiding preacher.

I saw me with glasses, and my hair in a dot.
Even as a child, I hoped to be hot.

Everyone would see me and think.
Waw, and then I would wink.

I wanted a simple house with a dog.
In front of my desk, I would monologue.

I'd have two children I'd teach myself.
There'd be a book I wrote on every shelf.

That was my idea of success.
Before it all became a mess.

However I still truly believe.
I'll get over all this grieve.

And still make it work.
Without meeting another ****.

That took all away from me.
I'll get there, you'll see!
This litterly is my life in a nutshell
LK Aug 1
Easy, easy, girl. Focus.
Just find a single thought.
What’s happened to your once grand life
To make this all you’ve got?

Inside my head there is a disaster,
a blaring, busy crime scene.
Although amidst the flashing, screaming lights,
I’ve forgot what even happened.

Was it my crime or another’s?
I, the victim or the criminal?
Are they out for my arrest,
or here to help me bear my struggle?

And when I tell myself to manage,
what do the sirens do?
They scream louder and spin faster,
each and every second new.

All until the sirens
can’t go faster anymore,
so in a second all shuts down
like a heavy, sound-proof door.
Within this read you may find you are not alone in your depression, anxiety, trust issues, confusion, and struggle.
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