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Ash Johnson Oct 14
Splintered stained glass holding
Pristine flecks of dust.
Roof agape, char flitting down
Into the greyed palms of their hands.
Marble floors coated in charcoal,
Red pinpricks contrasting grey.
The wreckage sparing only
The memories of those
Who watched.
my feet were grounded till you held
the world in your hands

shook it hard in your palms
i could no longer stand

and i fell so fast with nowhere to grip
slipping through my fingertips

nowhere to go but down,
tumbling, sliding, trying to find ground

gravity's pulling me faster
it's been disaster after disaster.
is this what it feels like to fall for someone
I’m bruised
and broken
from breaking your
I see you
once again
approaching the rim
of your next disaster.
You’ve never felt
the full impact
of a fall
because I’ve always
caught you.
When you leap
this time—
I won’t be there.
Today I was accused to being a bad influence yet again,

Simply because I facilitate the forbidden wants/needs of the people I love,

Simply because I give them a place to get high and vent without being judged,

Simply because I create an aura where they feel free to express themselves in whatever ways they like- modest, humble even ******,

And simply because the ones they love refuse to facilitate their haram (forbidden).

Haram is bad – we all know this

But being human is about passing through all things good and all things bad.

Being a Muslim, most of my choices are haram;

Not properly attired to the laws of my religion,

My speech is not of a young lady with modesty- rather it is defined with sheer profanity,

I rather laugh from my heart even though it’s supposedly a *****’s act,

I refuse to lower my gaze around men; the same men that stole from me

The same men that refused to lower their gaze from me.

I deny myself the potential for love because of the expectation of great dismay

And I drown myself with the 34000 thoughts of what if??!

This poem is becoming a disaster; my thoughts aren’t flowing straight,

I went from bad influence to haram to rebellious to depressing;

What the **** is this **** going on inside my head- it aches with great displeasure.

How do I contain my contradicting self?

Someone help me please, my soul is crying and sobbing for something to fill this void-

The void that is desperately trying to full itself with the acceptance of the people who are hell bent on not accepting me.

Why am I like this? A contradicting ******* disaster

Robert Ippaso Aug 25
Marco and Laura quite the pair
Out for fun, a teenage tear,
Blind to mayhem, filled with verve
Little caring where they swerve.

Mountains, valleys, cities, towns,
Their antics met by fear and frowns,
Spawned as orphans, wild from birth,
One only goal, to roam the Earth.

Frenzied action fills their days,
Movements masked by rain and haze,
Gaining strength at every turn,
Willful acts of no concern.

Yet amongst the Gulf’s blue sky's
A very special wonder lies,
Blooming Lovers set to meet
Another show of Nature's feat.

Conjoined as one an awesome sight,
Youthful ardor morphing into might,
Locked in embrace their story told,
Destined to love but never to get old.
SomaSonata Aug 19
Maximum threshold
The pain multiplied tenfold
It's raining outside

Shipwrecked and stranded
On the mast, wait for sunset
This goes on for days

Starving and marooned
Here comes forth a mighty swoon
Staring at the moon

Now comes a big wave
It could easily drown you
Sapped of your last strength

A bright light beams down
A helicopter above!
Deep breath, you've been found

Something isn't right
The copter is out of gas
Alas, it crashes

It was meant to be
The hands of fate decided
Both wash out to sea
Carlo C Gomez Aug 19
Avertable impact
Ripped open lid
The fuse lit
And die they did

The harbor a carcass
Their treasures sunk

Tufts Cove
One last gasp in the sun

Wretched captains
As kings who fought over
Duchess of Aquitaine

Everything to lose
Nothing to gain

"She may one day queen it
over that fair demesne..."
Love Aug 13
You breathe words down my neck,
that there's no gold found on me,
that instead of gold my fingers leave dirt behind,
that my tangled hair reminds you of weeds in the garden,
that my legs are filled with bumps and scars,
that my stomach protrudes too far,
that my thighs are too robust,
that hair on my skin is only the devils invention.

The brown skin you press against,
is far from the vibrant soft metal of gold,
you'd remind me time and time again,
and I'm lucky that there's a fool looking for me.
Ainsley Aug 11
You turned out to be the chocolate
I go crazy for
You turned out to be the moonlight
I would sing a Serenade for

You were my beautiful disaster
I let all the calamity infiltrate through

That I lost myself
That I broke into pieces....

My brain then warned and pleaded my heart to not fall in love again
"Never fall in love,it in love it's paradise"
He was the drug she got addicted too..
He was the soul she was searching for....

But did she receive it back...
In some cases people do get their feelings back...
But in most cases true love always ends up unrequited....
LOVE finds YOU....

Will be waiting 😂❤
Thanks for reading 💝
Future history books
will need
a hundred chapters
just for year
I needed to write this. When will we have enough of 2020? When will the surprises and deaths end? When I look at all the bad things that have happened in 2020, and we’re just half through, I get scared.

From COVID-19 pandemic to Kobe and Gigi’ Bryant’s death to Australia burning to earthquakes, to George Floyd’s killing to Myanmar mine landslide disaster and now Beirut’s explosion.

The videos that moved me to tears from the explosion were the father trying to save his son and the maid who ignored her own life to save her employer’s child. But there’s hope for tomorrow.

To all those who have lost their family, friends and loved ones in 2020, my condolences.
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