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belbere Apr 2021
where do you go
when you shrink yourself
so small?

sometimes i imagine
when you shrink
into this fragile thing,
in some far away place
the pieces of your self you hid
are growing exponentially,
a garden in full bloom.
in another world you are a giant
Alicia Moore Oct 2020
I do not think,
because from there I sink
into the depths of the poison I drink.
smaller and smaller I shrink
until one day I cannot unlink...

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Beulin S S Oct 2020
I am sensitive;

If you hurt me,

I'll shrink...

If you hurt me;

I'll shrink...

But I'll grow!

I'm sensitive;

My growth will hurt you...

I've my thorns.

I'll shrink;

I'll never stop growing;

I'm a plant  "touch me not"!
It's about life or plant..
TheWitheredSoul Apr 2020
You will never know the scars my heart bears for all it had shared it did always dare to shrink a bit now i am not sure if theres a heart left.
You kept taking piece of my heart everytime you hurt me now i am not sure if theres a heart left.
Madison Greene Mar 2019
you were knitted together before the world first heard your cries
and you were born whole
you were made to break barriers
never to hide behind the shadow of a man
it is time you stop trying to shrink yourself to conform to the world's ideals
you are a walking contradiction
both peaceful and wild
delicate and resilient
remind yourself you do not need his arms when you were given two of your own
do not let them burn out the flames within your soul
you belong only to yourself
tobi Dec 2018
i leave your office feeling like i’m on top of the world
but then i feel the world on top of me
you can only help me when i’m in that office
Eleanor Rigby Jul 2018
Times moves
Like waves.

It comes and goes,
Elongates and

It doesn't exist.

-- Eleanor
Shrinking as I wait for my shrink
Minuscule in appearance
Skyscrapers overshadow
Obsolete rock with tiny feet
Plants feed off the heat from nearby concrete
Each brick cemented by century
Droplet from the sky is opposite
Magnifies true irrelevance
Cross legged at the cross walk
Visitor at the cross road
Flickering light bulb thrives in day
At night it diminishes
At night it's just a fade
Ryan Seth Cole Mar 2018
Dastardly and reluctant I have came to speak for the wretched things that have made me weak. Sit silent as I speak, it softly settles as I move to quick retreat.

Bare in all that is me to be the might of examination. If that is so what you please? But also remember you are just as evil and ****** up as me.

I am so quick to want to be worth more when I treat myself less. Intolerably suffocating the idea we should all forget. More or less of a forfeit.

Stranded in solitude of the ever deepening abyss. Complete consciousness in adrift.
So much remorse, so much regret. Who am I?

Where off am if I eventually forget? It seems intangible be it that you are not here. The sound of her voice Start's to disappear. Albeit there seems to be more to this. Than a lost soul and lost mind driting into the abyss. No. There is defiant tendencies that do exist. A reason to run from the part of me I do not want to adress.

I cannot seem to just carry on and forget. It eats at me like locusts latching on to my neck.
So I write to capture the moment to quickly relinquish it. Only you can picture this.

Imagine we are somewhere beautiful. Imagine we were better off than this..?? Imagine I was someone who could offer you advice, someone who has also dealt with this.

Oh wow that sound's great. Yea here is a prescription. This should handle it. By the way this pill gives you the ****'s. So you might wanna also take this. Whats this?

Oh this? This is a pill that will offset this. Thats two signatures.
Two pharmaceutical trial drug checks. Well it seems to work I mean other than the nausea or the frequent headaches. It is also free to me because the insurance pay's for it...pays three hundred a month for insurance. Just thought I would add that.

Face yourself alone, find your weaknesses and eradicate them.
Small changes eventually add up to a big change. Start where you are.

Lets network! If you have a talent lets see how we can work together to achieve that. Falcons increase their chances while flying in trio. So it is a fact in many instances that you suceed together greater than you do alone.
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