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m Jan 31
love love dove
the dove fell far
love love dove
burned to a char

craven craven raven
again rose a star
craven craven raven
picked at your scar

vain vain crane
full of empty words
vain vain crane
of the foolish birds

wail wail quail
a dying creed
well well quail
a time to bleed

a time that ends
the pain of past
a wound that mends
has been passed

i cannot lie
the pain i felt
with our goodbye
oh i could melt

i'm truly sorry
about the necromancer
the love which you gave
to the poor romancer

were you brought
back from the dead?
if so, then please
live and not dread

look on and not dread
the memories
that your mind must tread
got the lucky opportunity to read some poems i'd never seen by you
sorry i read them
i hope that the necromancy worked. maybe you can consider the necromancer the person who just helped you rise up and move forward...
i felt like writing a ****** poem what can i say
hazem al jaber Dec 2018
Let's get the **** ...

would you take my hand ...
would you hold fingers by yours ..
to feel you more ...
to feel your warm hands ...
to stole my life whole ...
while i'm feeling your warm chest ...
to forget myself ...
even to forget the world all...
till i get blind ...
no one i see ..
just feeling you
only you ..
whom warming me ...
to pass this cold world ...

would you do sweetheart ...
as i'm feeling you now ...
Oh babe...
Oh ...
my lap ...
is so warm now ...
as my heart ...
and i feel too ...
so warm for you ...
come so fast ...
to my this lap ...
to give you ...
the warm ...
and the love that we both need ...
that we feel ...
since our eyes ...
fell one to the other ...
to sink both ...
into it's seas ...
til get we the **** ...
and no last ...

hazem al ...
Johnny walker Dec 2018
Being abused as a child
totally destroyed my
childhood, the excuse
for humans who abuse
for their ***** disgusting gratification

That not only destroys childhood but also these poor victims for them It's never ending the pain shame guilt leading like myself to self-harm

Its time those In  authorities started to consider and give more help to these poor Innocent people
who are suffering so

Don't waste time and money on the evil things who commit these disgusting crimes against humanity
With there feeble excuses
they came poor
upbringing they were abused as a kid, no way, I came poor background abused both beaten and sexually

I who have a son he's 20 years old happy smiling simply because he was bought up as a child the way he was with

That's the way It was me for despite my own child abuse, so forget about those who commit such crimes there's Is no cure
let them out they'll do it again, stop wasting time and money on

And let's help the poor victim try and get their life's back and help them try and live a normal life they so richly

I say God bless the abused for one day they will be
freed of there suffering to live as they
Written In hope victims of child abuse or any kind of abuse that should never ever happen, to find a voice and to be heard, demand the respect you all so richly deserve by all of you, authorities stop wasting time and money on those who will never change
and let's spend time on the victims help them get the life
they so richly deserve.
Fay Kim Nov 2018
There's a tightness in my chest as I gasp for air
Hugging my frame I wonder how these thoughts began.

How had my mind betrayed me so bitterly.

I feel as if somedays my vessel leaves me tied in bed in the morning, bringing me the stories of today when it returns tonight.


"Did I smile today?"

She smirks, running her hand through my stale hair.

"Yes," She whispers, slipping into the cold covers.  "Everyone believed it."

I hug her close despite the emptiness she brings me; trying to remember what it was like before she came.
Bryce Jul 2018
Fold you up like unwanted fat
cook you into a rocky stew
placed beneath a mantle of ice
far enough away to be misconstrued

You are old laminated time
And pillowed rock of incomprehensible
Earlier than any lime
Or sand, or sediment, or any kind
You are the grandfather rock
of mine

When I step with my inconsequential feet
living but transiently
I cannot help but be erased
that even you hath but one resting place

All the plants
and sands
and ever since the very first
we have always been ******
to this earth
walking upon your bones
I am sorry we cannot do more
but you know your creator
Speak in the same language
in amalgamators
of which we have forgot
and for that I can say
we are envious; are we naught?

Build softly, and carry us upon your thick
crust like pizza dough, cooking
and you let it sit
Let us win, set us up
drift us apart, leave us crushed
build us,
make us,
break us,
fill us

I want to be restored into your
stony belt and be redeemed
I want to become my own atomic fossil
to connect with the universe through long-lost
and once again
hear the story
as a young lad
the way it was meant to be told

I want to eat dinner with my grandfather again
my real sweet stony-chiseled cheeked
father again
to be loved a boy
and a girl
and the whole world
a soul touched back into the deep
left unshackled
by a ***** or a queen
take me back soon
rather than let me turn into

or Baltica
or Gondwana
smacked into new rock to form
and Tetons
and Moher

Carbonate or Silicate,
and the end its the same
It won't be the end
for that fate rearranged
Maria Etre Jul 2018
"Let's" she said
as she walked into
a play ground
of timeless
Gray Jun 2018
Every time i taste a sweet mango,
I just want to stop everything and dance the tango!

It’s just so good!
If i could eat a million mangoes, i would!

I think it’s a good idea for me to give up everything and become one.
Doesn’t that just sound like a whole lot of fun?

Man oh man mangoes are so so nice!
I don’t think I have to say that twice!

The best part of it all is that it’s just so juicy.
My love for the beloved mangoes is larger than the mighty blue sea.

Loving them is something we all must believe.
If you refuse, you might as well just leave.
Stephanie Jun 2018
Huli na nga ba ang lahat
Kailan mo masasabing hindi sapat
Ang bawat piraso ng mga durog na puso
Ang bawat patak ng mga pulang dugo
Umagos kasabay ng mga luha
Sino ang totoong may sala
Isinulat sa pahinang gawa sa tubig
Ang makatotohanan ngunit huwad na pag-ibig
Kailan nga ba naging tama ang mali
Kapag ba wala nang makapitan ang pusong puno ng pighati
Puno ng galit at pagkamuhi
Bakit hinayaang maikubli
Sinong nagbigay ng buong tiwala?
Silang mga nabigo't nasaktan at umasa sa wala
Pilit mang pagtakpan ang mailap na katotohanan
Sarili lang ang dapat protektahan
Wala nang direksyon ang bawat bukas
Na mabuti na ring ito na ang wakas
Ang dulo ang simula ng salitang sapat
At ang simula ang dulo ng lahat.
This is what Riverdale made me do.
goodtea May 2018
I heat the water until
it burns, I never know exactly
what I’m trying to burn off


We get high because getting high
is a little bit easier than
getting close
get close to me
hazem al jaber May 2018
Let's do as the dream ...

i feel pleasure ...

when you hug me ...

even if it was in a dream ...

wish we could meet soon ..

to enjoy our love ...

and to make sweet love ...

forever ...

love you ...


let's make love ...

every night ...

in the heart of night ...

among all candels ...

let's smell each others ...

let's make it as we feel now ...

love you ..

let's mak love ...

in the mid of night ...

till the sun smile ...

with no stop ...

lets do ...

let's make it in the bed ...

on a carpet ...

On the ground  ...

and every where ...

in every room ...

let's make love ...

with all love's positions ...

lets do babe ..

let's do ...

as it was in my dream ...

let me babe ...

let me kiss your lips ...

your neck ...

scratch your back ...

run with me fingers at your hips ...

till i reach your hot crave ...

to blow up your fires ...

let's do babe ...

as all dreams ...

those dreams ...

which you got always ...

as me ...

my sweetheart  ...

i long so much for you ...

and need you now ...

love you ...

hazem al ...
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