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Eleanor Rigby Feb 2020
When he left
Like a taxi
I just paid

He left, with my heart
Inside his reservoir

The mirrors were clouded
With nicotine and gas

Waiting to rain

I waited for the condensation
So I could cry

But I waved
My goodbye.

-- Eleanor
Eleanor Rigby Jan 2020
The pain untold -
Widen the hopes,
Hide the dreams and roam
Memories unfold -
Until memories are sold.

To that very one
Far from home.

-- Eleanor
Eleanor Rigby Aug 2019
I went fishing everyday
But today I met you,
And it's the first time I learn
That eyes can be hooks, too.

-- Eleanor
Eleanor Rigby Aug 2019
We built a world
Where eternity exists
In a small box.

-- Eleanor
Eleanor Rigby Aug 2019
How should I repent
When my faith is bent.

-- Eleanor
Eleanor Rigby Aug 2019
It shuffles and distributes
The golden hand at times
The losing one mostly
And God smiles
At the irony of it all.
The dice rolls and giggles
It is not for us mortals.

-- Eleanor
Eleanor Rigby Aug 2019
Please be pleased
By the summer breeze
When I died I was taken
From winter to your heaven
Please be pleased
By my death
It is the birth of a new love.

-- Eleanor
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