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Maria Mitea May 2020
that plows intimacy by the use of words

that imagines by the use of words

that touches by the use of words

that cries by the use of words

that dies by the use of words

that hates by the use of words

that loves by the use of words

that kills by the use of words

that wakes  up by the use of words

that heals by the use of words

that you know by the use of words

that you want by the use of words

that paints, lives, teaches, grows, speaks,
works, hugs, cleans, protects, keeps, creates, listens, ...
by the use of words

that makes the world rise by the use of words
Jonathan Moya Mar 2020
         put the
                          down south
                                             so man
                can call it
Insanewriter Feb 2020
The touch of your hands, sweet memory,
The kiss of your lips, passion undefined,
Take me back in time when it was all love
Take me back in time when it was me and you against the world
Take me back in time when our bed was made of roses
Months and years have passed
Your thoughts are undying.
This thoughts are undying ..

Danica Dec 2019
How can I manage not to punch you in the face?  
When all you can do is to put me in disgrace
Roses are red Violet are blue
Move away you *****!  I'm not talking to you.

Yow *****!  Don't be a snitch!  Mind your own business you nasty witch.
Hey Big headed!  Don't you have friends?
Telling all the gossips?  Oh!  You're Insane.

Oh my!  Don't be so pure,  acting like innocent who the hell are you?
Oh geez! Are you Insecure?  Making yourself ensure? How can you be so sure?

Keep your **** together my little butterfly.
Time is so precious so try to be nice
Clock is ticking  pray for you life
Karma will be a bigger *****
Than I'll ever need to be.
Just trying to be cool
Maxim Keyfman Jul 2018
I'm on my way
fate cuts
fate blesses

I'm on my way
everyone hates
everyone loves

I'm on my way
and is insignificant
and beautiful

I'm on my way
and the path is wonderful
and the way is terrible

I'm on my way
I'm on my way
I'm on my way

I'm on my way
dravenstorm Feb 2016
mom & everyone hates
me now, and all i do is
sit in the corner of
my lightless, cold, brutal
mind and carve images of
words that mad me cry all
over these arms.
Jindomess Jun 2015
One by one they fall
The ones I thought
Were my friends
There they go,
Distancing themselves
From me,
Until they are completely gone
From sight
But not from mind

Every night I remember
The fallen faces
Once friends
Now death eaters
Devouring my
Malleable flesh

"You will never lose me"
The newest one to the
Fallen faces said just the night before
She lied, and stole my friend

One less from my already
Tiny group
Of people who "care" for me

I never know what I do
To deserve this from anyone
Maybe its my tone
My anger
The demons that let themselves loose
On the page

Or maybe it's the things that count
The things they know and see of me
The kindness I give to them
The love I give for all I care for
Or the horrible, despicable, evil
Things inside themselves,
That I protect them from

My malleable flesh
That they currode away
The flesh that
They know is weak
And know they can walk all over
Because of my overwhelming kindness

I don't know
Why I keep believing
When people say they won't leave
When they always do

My mother
Gives me my kindness
My father
Gives me the rage I throw
On pages and pages
But never show

My mother
The reason why I'm so malleable
My father
The reason why I have the dreams
Of killing, of yelling

My depression

My mind now
Reworking all that has just happened
In it self
It organizes my thoughts
Replaying the events
Showing what to do next time

Re-Awakening itself
To now know
Not to trust those who
Show no effort
Who pretend to know
Who eventually, will be the others
In my dreams,
Of killing
In my writing,
Where all of my demons let loose.

I want to love all
Even thought I know
Not all will love me
i ******* quit... I probably have a lot of mistakes... And I would love thoughtful criticism.... I hate spelling
georje naïf Apr 2015
You acted like my man
Protecting me when I'm harm
You act like my best bud
Comforting me when I needed to
Then later on I'll be left behind
Watching you to walk away
Walking towards the girl you love
A scenery that really torn my heart into two
I'm confused on the way you act
On the way you treated me
You make me fall
And expecting someone to catch
But my expectation fails, because no one did
I tried to pull you out on my chest
Cause you wreck me a lot
But I guess this is how my fortune goes
Though you hurt me more and more
My love just go deeper
My friends told me to forget about you
Honestly, I tried to
But what else can I do?
If this feeling was stronger than me
Now I'm acting like an idiot
Really don't know how can I forget you
Just to escape on this rail you've done
I'm tired of this *****!
I wanted my heart to take a rest
Of this Heartache I' going through, because of you.
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