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(Vous et moi)

I am....light,
i flicker not,
nor do i dim.
i am peaceful
as the waves of a river
on a summer day,
unshaken by events.
i am in a total calm.

I exist permanently,
and independently,
unaffected and
by outside forces,
i keep a close watch,
over my temple.

I am transparent,
yet...i acquire
the colors of
thoughts that
enslave the mind.

I fade not...i live on.
i am there on a lighted boat
sailing with you
while  struggling
through life's
troubled waters.

You have a silent,
constant dialogue with me,
that inherent energy,
dwelling inside you.

You are body,
i am soul,
“nous sommes un.”
  (we are one.)

sally b

Copyright Rosalia Rosario A. Bayan
I love that you
Treat me like a
Library book
Checking me out
All the time
I ask him "what are you staring at?"  And he just smiles
  Jun 21 Sally A Bayan
There are different reasons why you write.
You write because...'re happy?
you're sad?
you're delighted?
you're mourning?
keeping a secret?
But whichever reason you have,
you still write what's inside.
What other people can't see,
can't decipher beneath the words you speak,
can't understand the emotions flowing
through the sentences you can't speak out loud.
You write, pouring the feelings you can't let out,
you write. using the words you once thought can't explain what you feel.
You write, thinking that someone out there can finally discern what you're hiding inside.
I'm writing this because I don't have any topic to write. I just feel like I need to write something tonight. I'm missing someone though, and I'm overthinking again. Big sigh
  Jun 21 Sally A Bayan
Bea Aguilar
"It feels so scary getting old"
Seems true.
It makes me weep to see the world
Without you.
  Jun 21 Sally A Bayan
We don’t see the carrots to be cut,
We see the sharp knife that could cut us.

We don’t see the bridge,
We see the other side of the railings.

We don’t see painkillers,
We see medication we could drown ourselves in.

We don’t see the train,
We see the tracks we could lay on.

We don’t see the nice view,
We see the cliff's edge we could jump off.
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