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Late afternoon sky is a burning
orange...quickly changing
into a dark evening,
a new moon starts peeping...

they have laboured hard, as any day,
work ends not, while there's light,
every sunset, the night drapes them
with its cold, comforting shadows,
they claim the night, for themselves,
no masters to order them around,
just them and the fleeing night,
for days seem prolonged, and
nights have become shorter

they beg the sky, and persist,
"please, let the dark stay longer,
why not let the dawn be deferred?
give us space, from each cruel day,
in the dark of night,
let us live our dreams..."

tell them, moon,
whisper to their ears, gentle wind,
whence do they moor their weary souls?
lighten the burdens of their aching lives
give rest to their fatigued brain,
heal their pained arms and feet,

o gentle wind, whisper to their ears,
in your silent ways, lead them, moon,
to a place where freedom reigns
and offers restful slumber....for,

only in the dark of night,
can they live their dreams...


© Rosalia Rosario A. Bayan
September 20, 2020
(inspired by Claude Mckay's "The Tired Worker"
Twilight washes the bedlinens blue
And striped with flickering light they seem to move
And beckon us to lie in their folds,
Drawing away our clothes,
Pushing some to the floor.
Who are we to resist,
As the pretty song of strings off-key,
Winding through the forest rain
Like a goddess shedding robes,
Manipulates our minds and skins,
Only appeased by the union of
Heaven and Earth, of you and I?
Let us oblige them with our bodies,
You descending like the rain upon me
And I rising to you as the urgent river in waves
Beneath you until we are One?
If only for a night, in the Indonesian dark,
The tinkling droplets on the roof,
The flickering fires, the clouded desires.
We will send our lust into the mist and air,
So that it knows us when we are done at last,
And in every night until the world ends.
This was probably inspired by a scene in the film "The Year of Living Dangerously", about two lovers caught in the overthrow of Sukarno in 1965, now known as a coup by British and probably American governments. Their liaison in the forest is a more basic acting out of the overthrow of tyranny...but of which tyrant?
Alone here
In dark, impenetrable power

I'm named after my faces

"White light into seven colours"

Written directly on this
Prism wall

It follows a rhythm of my heartbeat

And yet I feel
I don't know me at all
Sally A Bayan Sep 13

It is most endearing,
and heart-warming,
it pleasantly stuns the heart
to know how loved ones,
friends, show they care,
by bridging the gap,
spanning lands, oceans
that separate....finding
ways to defy distance,
to make you smile during
rough times......through
sincere and thoughtful

"You are always in the
    forefront of my mind."

suddenly,  joy enfolds,
and overwhelms.....and
then comes a most elated,
...but shy  whisper:

"i know, i know......because,
you always...and in all ways
............dwell in mine..." a bunch of
white and bright yellow mums,
it heals and soothes the soul...



Rosalia Rosario A. Bayan
September 13, 2020

It comes anytime,
like a blowing breeze,
tenderly caressing,
it creeps in, and
softens the toughened,
this breeze of fragility
makes ****** tissues

some days,
a playful little girl
steers a paper boat
on a big basin of water,

plays with dogs...watching
spiders weaving webs, perching
birds and butterflies, pretending
they are dwarf friends...while
munching a red, crisp apple, like
snow white.....playful, sleepy,

on an undaunted mood,
wonder woman determinedly
crosses her gauntlet-wrapped protect loved ones
and in so doing, makes possible
the impossible,
come hell or high water

some days, a blend of all three
occurs, but, the child and the brave,
try to rule over the,
every an adventure...


©Rosalia Rosario A. Bayan
August 26, 2020
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