stop reading backward
you're making up your own code
not them
its in your mind
your own dark eyes
and when this poem was fewer lines
in made more sense
but you like the nonsense
the illusion
i'm bored give me delusion
no its so you don't have to cope

you're not donnie darko
you're original

but i want to save your souls
every single one of you
i want to be alive
but i can't always keep you safe
and i'm not keeping my self safe
in this state
when all i'm seeing is rape
let's not talk about..
and it does matter if that curly ketty guy
is the creator of life
cus he wasn't
and it's a story
watch me latch on

i am mad, rage
cus they passively observed
a girl say good bye her self
get put on his narcissistic sadistic shelf

now where's she
her light
bad reaction
who am i
where am i
who are you
no one will tell me
no one cares

you fucking saw me by door
and baby you shut it on me
say no more

you are not here
where are you
i'm sorry did i scare you?

i thought you were my love
but you're so selfish
and you think it's my fault
that i know
well you chose to tell me  
so fuck you

and i can't trust you
or help you
so i'll
let it go

good bye
Lure Pot Jul 16

It's a sweet time to you again
I wish you only my cute love
How so special is this gain
Because now you're my have.

I do not need any gift
No need fullness a lot
I need your cute love
I'd say you're my have.

You're my cheerful loft
You're my lovely heart
I wish can be with you
Full of life; not a few.

Be safe, always my sweety
Be happy ever my beauty
I'm just for you if any call
Ray, you're my love and all.

have : noun -the right/ who possesses great material wealth.

The Thames river froze that year,
Ênglish sheep husbandry I tell ya,
The Thirty Years' War continued,
Epic losses to sheep & men alike.

À cataclysmic year for many.

Testing year for Homo sapiens,
Ênchanted were the scavengers,
True bounty for dogs & vultures,
Europe almost killed its cultures.

A tête à tête with history.

But human beings are hardy organisms.
They have always recovered from worse.
Most English sheep succumbed to winter that year.

Out of a flock of 20,000 sheep only 35 were left in England that year.

The 30 Years' War (1618 to 1648) that had killed 8 million people overall, had killed many people due to their injuries and the merciless cold.

A retrospective poem reminding the ability of humanity to preserve all life.

The English people had regained much of their sheep flock soon in the 5 years that followed.

My HP Poem #1620
©Atul Kaushal
Marsha A Jul 3

I choose you.
And I will continue choosing you, over and over again.
With no hesitation, without a pause;
No doubts, nor second thoughts.
I will keep choosing you.
Even in a heartbeat, it will always be you whom I choose.

He said that he would love to have me around

Only if when I touch him, I didn't tear him down

Only if when I'm with him, I didn't make him reach the ground

Only if when I call him, he didn't feel compelled to respond

Only if when I love him, I didn't bruise him with my tongue

Only if just only if, this list didn't go on and on and on


Dharker Jun 26

Thoughts about you
Gone wrong
What does one do?

Goodbye to the moments

So relentless
With your gripping

Intended to hurt

Loyalty were just words

Leaving the mouth



With cracks, revealing to everyone around

Closed eyes and numb
To what's going on
Closed eyes and numb...
Closed eyes and numb

This piece is a song I wrote during a difficult moment I was going through in my life. This was a starting point that many songs followed after. When I write music, I try not to write anything too direct. Yet, when writing this one, I couldn't had been anymore...over hinting to the subject. It is direct in every way possible, but because of this, it gives a true raw essence of its time and what I was going through.
isa Jun 26

to wait for your rebuttal
as i confess my adversity
is as redundant as to
wonder weather a wave
will join the shore
and break away into
a fragment of froth
or to wait for happiness
to reappear in the picture of
the man in the grainy frame
that you keep around
'just in case'
i wait for your sigh
or an indifferent attempt
at making me feel
like i matter
but i see you look straight
through me at the mantelpiece
where you once kept your feeling
the dust accumulates
then say
'it will be okay'

Chan S Jun 22

The Runaway Came Back

I ran away from home to get away from you

Only to wake up one day, finding myself glaring back at you.

I needed you, And you were Never there

Had me holding onto this pain, thinking it wasn't fair.
But you've unintentionally helped me to see,

That where I am, is where I'm meant to be.

Here for myself as I always was
No longer running away only because

I'm gonna be the woman That You could never be;

Not For Yourself & Not For Me...

This work is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License. To view a copy of this license, visit or send a letter to Creative Commons, PO Box 1866, Mountain View, CA 94042, USA.
maddie Jun 3

I know I'm hurt, and you are too
I know things are tough with me and you
I know I'm torn apart inside
I know I can hurt you with my pride

I know I'm nothing, not even a dime
I know I'm just a blink in time
I know I'm broken, unmendable now
But if you could just try and fix me somehow?

If you could just take my head in your hands
Bestow a nod that understands
If you could take this worn out soul
If you could mend it, make it whole

If I was different, my heart didn't bleed
If I was free of envy and greed
If I was better, happier and pure
If I was...perhaps you'd like me more?

If I knew the spell to make it all right
If I knew the dreams you dreamed in the night
If I saw the hopes and fears that you see
If I had the locket, held the key

If I was or only I wasn't so tall
If I was perhaps petite and small, or
If I was lighter, brighter and sweet
If I could put the world at your feet

If only I could fit the mold
If only it was me you'd want to hold
If only I were younger, handsome and free...
Then maybe you could love me?

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