Summer Apr 12

I close my eyes and started to dream
A dream where the lights play like a laser beam
It looks like a magical world for me to be seen
She loved me so much with no any means.

She loved me more than it could be
All of roses, cards, and other things I gave she treasured it
Everything I say she would agree
Oh yes, truly, I'm in love with her and I admit.

I was mesmerized by her look
I was astonished by her kiss
I was melting with her smile
She was my magical bliss.

All of those are so pleased to hear
Those hugs, kisses and memories were so dear
But one thing I realized in this pleasant hymn
Is that none of these are true, this has been only just a dream.

Priya Prathap Apr 9

There he stood
Far, far away
Far, far beyond
From her reach
Among the twinkling stars
Bright but calm
He was not a star
Among the millions
Only moon who amused her
With his different phases

Zan Balmore Apr 1

You caught my gaze
from across the room
The way your phone
cuts your face
with a light
You're beautiful

Would I ever leave you?
No. I could not quiet
the gray ghosts
that would haunt me.
Would I ever leave you?
Oh, would I consign my
soul into a
deathless state?
I would not.

The only gentle sound is shared.
Olga Valerevna Mar 23

what ever comes in Spirit to bring Life into your me
embrace it with the same respect it's given unto thee
accept that which is feral but remember what is True
forget the words this world is always pouring over you
one single contradiction can be magnified to death
to take away the peace you're granted every single breath
be quiet when you listen and be humbled when you speak
be shaken by the presence of each Word that makes you weak
and feel your broken bones as they are perfectly remade
"you're here because I'm not," He said, "I need you here today."

“And if I go and prepare a place for you, I will come again and receive you to Myself; that where I am, there you may be also. And where I go you know, and the way you know.””
‭‭John‬ ‭14:3-4‬ ‭NKJV‬‬
April Mar 18

It's only me
Nothing special here
It's only me
Me and my useless air
It's only me
Me and my worthless words
It's only me
Me and my worthless poem
It's only me

Jay Lewis Mar 18

I never knew,
a love so true
And it breaks my heart in two
Knowing I can't be with you
But knowing I can't live without you.

I'm alone here my friend,
I wait on days,
When will I meet my end?
For I have always adored you
Now I feel my memories will bore you

When will I see your face again?
Will you look at me or turn your head.
Oh how I miss the way you smile,
It took my breath away for a while,
And now that I can breathe once again,
I'd like to clarify,
I can't pretend.
You may believe that I never cared,
But I love you more than I could dare.

Now I'm on my last hope and pray,
Oh how I wish you were here and not there.

Don't worry my love,
I'll be save in heavens arms.
I'll keep my memories by my side
I'll think only of you,
when I close my eyes.
For Love is something that can never die.

hazem al jaber Mar 18

No one ...
only you  ...

if all women's fell ...
in front of my eyes ...
as the the rain ...
if they all runs ...
as the rivers ..
in front of me ...
will never any of them ...
to get my attention ...
no one will get to seduce me ...
no one will fill in my eyes ...
no one will get up with my heart ...
even if they were the greatest poets ...
because you are the poem...
which i write always ...
and live within all my life ..
through all my dreams ...
and keep hoping ...
with every day ...
day by night ...
just to get you ...
here with me ..
into my world ...
to be the poem to my life ...
and the great lady ...
whom fill up all my heart ...
and fill in my eyes ...
while no one could do ...
only you ...
you whom i loved ...
from so long years ..
and keep on this love ..
and will do ...
only for you ...

so please all ladies ...
women's world ...
i have no heart for you ...
i just get a one heart ...
and it's only for her ...
only her ...
and no one has a place ...
into my heart ...
only she ...
whom i adored ...
and still do ...

hazem al jaber  ...

The Lonely Bard Mar 14

Only for you I wait.

Loved and misplaced it,
I want you back here.

In the dark of night,
In the bright of day,
I wait only for you.

My HP Poem #1461
©Atul Kaushal
Bunhead17 Mar 1

They all say I love you...
but the question is
do any of them really mean it?
I guess what i'm asking you,
are you mines
or am I sharing you?

Rebecca Scull Feb 24

Only the bruised and beaten
Remember their screams
Once heathen

Only the torn and broken
Remember the words
Once spoken

Used and abused
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