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I think I'm the only one
stuck here like this,
unlike anyone!
It may seem like sometimes
I am the Rock!
& not even Fire can hurt me.
But like everyone
Every night, I look above,
for the spark of miracle
wishing the world to be better.
adept 1d
u can love her
just don’t forget me in the meantime

that always seems to happen
what have i done to deserve this
my highway of regrets (only love poetry)

a transcontinental roadway connecting across oceans,
only in time measured, decades in length, he, distances,
adds daily, mile markers flying in, landing in factual order,
a differentiation, chapter headings, incidents and accidents
regretting the good, the bad, and the very ****

collection of mixte memories, carefree happy, some
funereal deaths, due, & yet outstanding, stone & steel,
miles & kilometers, trips of consequences, many are the
languages, seasons, and faces associated with
regretful tunes of longer agoes, highway markers of regrets

faces mostly all gone, some from this earth dead wet wiped,
some, in faint residuals soapy bubbles of the mind,
undecided if, when to dis- or reappear, or just forever burst;
these pinpricking triggers, some shiny, more rusted, fingers
target images/spheres that over fill the hippocampus

oh god, the greats, regrets, the faces of lovers/escapees,
driving from Genève to St-Tropez, on Route Napoléon,
unknowingly selecting  Bastille Day for our back country tour,
the stone mile markers gave no warning; making history, our own,
upon a yacht in the Greek Isles, the crew, our own, ours to command,
now ashamedly, I cannot remember the faces, names, the  lovers
now, called only with uncoiling sadness,  my own, my owned, them,
whose, when, and why, and how I regret my forgetting

the children lost to bitterness and feud, silenced by a wailing wall
double thick and impenetrable, living in an apartment whose walls
are photo albums of curses and lives poorly acted; oh god, why?
are there no exits on this highway, no rest stops for bad coffee,
we drive slow so the blurry memories seen in HD sharp living color,
all are billboards on my highway of regret,
a poem completely forever incomplete

10/9 ~ 10/10
this is a poem was commanded every time I hear the words
“highway of regret”
Shofi Ahmed Sep 24
Hand on the thorns
and eyes on the rose.

Singing ravishingly
a happy song
is only half of
the story is told!
I could wait for you all my life
With only simple glances to keep me going

If only...

if only,

if only,

if only.

But it's always

more than just that.

Anastasia Sep 8
the sun goes down
whenever you leave
it always hurts less
when you're next to me
the moon is out
and the flowers miss the sun
i wish you were here
my dear, my only one
If only you could spare a glance
If only you could share a smile
If only you could look at me
And see something, someone
Behind this mask of fear
O fate cruel and kind
If only... If only...
Johnny walker Aug 29
The first ten of our twenty years together Helen had metal health Issues but Improved In those first ten years were
but last ten years became sadly Helen's disabled years In all that time as I was 24/7 carrer to her thought
knew all about pain but It wasn't till Helen passed on to heaven that I became
to develop osteoarihtis which was
one of the many things Helen had wrong with her but I realise her frustration In being unable to do the simplest of things most people
take for
and think It just a bit of pain have absolutely no Idea It takes away your Independence
your capability to make love to your partner and give those who suffer very poor quality of
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