In the quest of letting you go
far away .
Here I end up ,
having nothing
but you .
In the quest of abstaining self
from you .
Here I end up
absorbed to you .
In the quest of shunning love
so it would perish .
Here I end up
Being proponent of thy .
In the quest of this trek
called life .
Now ,  whenever ,  wherever ,
it shall expire .
It will be Queem to say that
it was suffice ...

everly 6d

in my dream
i heard you
telling me a joke

i woke up at 12:33 in the morning
giggling and reminiscing

of how many others have missed out
on my prized possession

still get butterflies

Regime of dreams, pretty soft
symphonies alluding
to beautiful worlds.

This is where I live, by the fountain.
If not now, then in my dreams.
If not now, then it’s my war.

In whole of the universe is only this man,
Who run after money for hunger & pain.

looking for house or yearning for cash,
Neither such animal nor bird I trace.

Under depression with gloomy face,
indigence in plenty are human traits.

Enough have shelter & enough have wool,
But man never die with his stomach full.

For Quenching her thirst near a Bank,
Bird never worried  preparing a tank.

Deprived of shelter, and wanting in bread,
never with empty gut, found animal dead.

  Ajay Amitabh Suman

All Rights Reserved
Audora Jan 3

she's the only thing
worth the pain of bloody hands

wordvango Dec 2017

I resolve to break my resolution.

I was a mess when you came into my life
Don’t know how but you brought it back
With this so called “you” that I couldn’t stop
Who brought life to a dead old mine

I was a lonely one but you taught me how,
How to smile when you’re sad,
How to appreciate things when you’re in-love
I couldn’t say how lucky i was

When i fell in love
And you fell from above
You were the one thing I wanted
But I could never have

Accepting the fact
That our fate is that
I opened my mouth and my heartbeat stopped
For the last time I whispered
I love you to stars and back ❤️

❤️ I still remember every word you said that night.

#love #quotes #ILYSB
Onomatopiyya Dec 2017

Looking for an error
No this aint terror

Some might say it is
But they never truly see

Sometimes they occur
Without thunder

She's my the rider
I'm her passenger

These colours of mine
Are all hers
For her to cherish

Only she
Shall keep the taste

Only she's
Gonna make me rain

Only her love
Makes me shine again

You're my dopamine,
Yes, you are.

You're my excitement,
You're my only turn on.

You're my motivation,
You're my one & only love.

You're my encouragement,
Yes, you are my dream girl.

It took me 1 week to post this one.

My HP Poem #1682
©Atul Kaushal
Seanathon Dec 2017

For every tree unborn
For every stone unturned
For every page in every book
In every bindery which will burn
Quietly in the fires of industry  

There is death
And there is time
There is life
And there is change

And there's also the light between the leaves which fades
Until it is out of sight
And consumed by this
The lack of brightness within night

For just as acorn stems to tree
So also you will see your growth
As tall as ever it was meant to be

So you need not worry about such things
Because the ink is dry
The life is lived
And the only constancy is change

He is change if you think about it.
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