Verifying rumours,
Living up to my name.
'Cause how can you destroy a reputation
When you are just the same?

Don't you dare be scared!
That pathetic face of yours.
Stop trying to befriend me,
I know you see my claws.

You cannot fight me either,
Do not even try.
You fall into my pit
You will inevitably die.

I dream of someone to appear
To convince me to stop.
But no one says it right
And so I carry on.

The running won't be fast enough,
The bullets will not pierce.
The bombs will not taint me,
Fire's a friend, no matter how fierce.

Just leave me alone,
Stay well away.
I don't deserve love,
And you'll live another day.
Tiana Marie Mar 6
If love is what fixes every deepened wound
then why am I hurting?
If love is the answer to every problem
then why am I questioning?

If love is the sunshine on a dark day
then why am I feeling cold?
If love is a miracle potion that keeps you young
then why am I feeling old?

If love is what makes the world go round
then why am I stuck standing still?
If love is the band aid that protects all of your cuts
then why am I not yet healed?

If love is the only thing that is true
then why do I doubt?
If love demands you to be faithful
then why do I want to bail out?

If love is what you claim to be giving
then why am I always crying?
If love is what you say you're doing
then why inside am I dying?

If love is when you hold my throat
then why do they say I should want it?
If love is when you call me names
then why do they say I should like it?

If love is the night you pinned me to the ground
then why is everyone searching for it?
If love is the way you slammed me against the wall
then why is it crushing my spirits?

If love is the thing I'm receiving from you
then why am I always bruised?
If this is love, I do not want it.
Love is sacred, and not abuse.
What is written
Is never dead
Whispers of shadow
Singing in my head
Nothing is silent
All is loud
Feelings violent
I cannot live without

Freedom's friction,
Petrified pleasure,
Such tantalizing fiction
Keys to my hidden treasure

What is bleeding
Cannot live
So tired of receiving,
Too weak to give;
Nothing is perfect,
Nothing is right
No light without darkness
No shadow without light

Whisper is screaming
Not time to wake up
My nightmares are dreaming
As I drink from an empty cup
Laughter is crying
Filled with unpolluted tears
A lifetime of dying
And unconquered fears
Mane Omsy Feb 12
Inside this dislocated mind
Dreams are open to suggestions
Where in my neglected life
I chose to sit silent and calm

The hungry and vicious creatures
Drowned in their own selfish thoughts
Would never care about this soul
And life won't have mercy on me
Walked into the bar and

took her with a sentence

I’m not charismatic,
I’m infectious

She looked at me and said
“I must have a death wish—
but let’s go home sugar”

I took her.

They’re all the same,
these wenches

Wake up
Kill her, eat breakfast

Mail her body—headless
To her mommy

Carved into the neck
the words: “You’re next, bitch”
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Jo King Dec 2017
When he left my mother told me something.
She said it's okay and this will pass
He's nothing compared to you
But as I laid there
On my bedroom floor
In the room where he claimed me
Where little girl dreams were shattered
I didn't believe believe her
Instead I screamed about how I hated life
How he left me like dust on my fingertips
Like the ash of my burned down home

Two weeks later and I'm a shell
Of who I was
Of who I am
Of who I'll ever be
My ribs poked out like piano keys
Just waiting to be played
And my collar bones
Oh they were waiting like glasses
Glasses expecting hard liquor
That I of course drowned myself in

The day her name left his lips
I was done for
I wanted to become nothing but earth and essence.
But my best friend cradled me
She promised I would find love again
That this hurt, no matter how bad it is,
Will only be temporary
I didn't believe her
So I rebelled against them all
It was only me

4 months later and I'm sitting in the car
My best friend sits beside me
I'm genuinely laughing
And she looks proud
Then she tells me how he's talking about me.
From my big black boots
My infatuation with peaches
To how I harbor guitar pics on every inch of my body.
I relapse into him immediately
I wanted him so bad

6 and a half months later and he tells my best friend
That he hates me
My name swims out of his mouth on a raft of profanities.
But it didn't hurt as much as I thought
I think I grew
Little by little I became the new girl
The one that writes again and breathes the air a little deeper than the others.

6 and half months plus 3 days
I caress my fingers over my body
The shower beats down on me
"I want to be your friend" I whisper to myself.
He was nothing but a thunderstorm
But I am more than he
I am the sun
The moon
The stars
I am the heavens
I am the thing everyone revels in
And I made it through hell and back
And now I can finally say goodbye
Jennifer Emerson Nov 2017
masked, he came towards me
weapon in hand, hands bloodthirsty.
the white of his mask showed no purity,
only a sinister mystery.

most would run, or scream even
but i could not; legs tied with fear
tongue tied into a knot,
i remained silent as the assailant
drew near.

close enough to feel his breath
warm upon my cheek
he whispered:
‘my name is Hope.
this is what i look like.’

i could feel his blade
cold, pressed against my thigh
yet he entwined his leather gloved fingers
with mine.

swaying gently, bathed in an unknown,
gentle light.
but the light grew harsher;
i notice it reflecting off my

the silver blade, burrowed into my chest.
my knees buckle and
the floor is ice.

warmth drains from me and
hope crouches down - removes his
faceless and empty,
empty with unknowing.

from nowhere, Hope’s voice echoed
he said:
‘my name is Hope and
hope never dies.’
Cordelia Nov 2017
There is a blade pointed at my heart
She’s behind me
I scream his name, I beg for help
He walks away

I am desperate
She is lighter than I expected
Fling her frail body to the ground
Broken christmas ornaments.

Her hand has fallen off
It is clinging to my coat
Stomp, stomp, stomp it out

He is in the next room.
He waited for me.
A dream I had last night
Carolina Nov 2017
Nicotine corrupts her lungs.
He lustfully smiles to the thought of her cherry.
Sad lonely girl looking for love
“In order to feel something the night I should marry”.

Fun fun fun
This will not erase the pain,
Love love love
you will kill yourself in vain.

Liquid substance burns her throat.
She feels safe when she’s flying.
Soft caresses on her cheek,
soon turn to violent touch, devouring.

It’s done it’s done it’s done
Asleep consumed love affair,
Impure impure impure
paralyzed by his side with her cold empty stare.

Desperately looking for life
since she died a long time ago,
trying her best to revive
but she’s rotten to the core.
Katelyn Billat Oct 2017
Its name is sadness.
Violent sadness.
It's creeping up on me again. It is giving me anxiety because I don't want it to crawl in my skin again and be comfortable. With the anxiety brings depression. It's always been there, never completely going away. But I can ignore and it slows, grows smaller everytime I smile and laugh. But every time someone leaves me for someone shinier, the sadness spreads like wild fire, like the mold on strawberries I cannot eat. I wish I was born thin like her, perfect like her, golden like her, the one who steals them away. As I watch the monster crawling towards me, I analyze it. I watch the way it moves slow, trying not to be discovered like the way I do. It moves swiftly, not in pulses. I watch it creep, pulling itself from whatever depths it came, like the way I do. And that's the scariest part. I watch it's iridescent nails crawl closer. It has a diamond ring.
So do I.
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