frankie 5d
How deep were we in?
Restrained by chains that burn our skin
Car headlights, a hush falls over
Shines through the window, time feels slower
I hope she knows that we care
He grabbed her, dragged her by her hair
Cry, scream, or maybe not
Could have done anything, but we couldn't make him stop
ruth Jun 27
i lost my mind, along with you.
such silent words brought violent hues,
they linger in my living room,
they echo through, they echo you.

while the dusk sinks down to dawn
and whispers winds until its gone,
your ghost is all that carries on,
it echoes through, it echoes you.
Avery Glows Jun 19
I've grown speechless,
secretive, deaf.
Running and hurling,
running and hurling
for what—?
There are only tides that beacon and retreat,
never one that lingers.
For how could love be blended
into such frivolous motion.
May 2018
Sarah Doughty Jun 18
Just kill
Feel the thrill
You have your power still
The violence
Breaks the silence
Come with me back to Hell

Your eyes
Can't disguise
The ire that you hide
So feel it
But don't reveal it
Until it's time to

Break the weak and burn the broken
This is what your soul desires
Show them everything you feel
Make them know that you are real
Come with me into the fire

So kill
Feel the thrill
You have your power still
The violence
Breaks the silence
Come with me back to Hell

Break their bones and spill their blood
This is what you want to do
Show them that you cannot feel
Make them know that you are real
Come with me into the fire

So kill
Feel the thrill
You'll have your vengeance yet
The violence
Breaks the silence
They will never forget you
Isaac Ward Jun 12
With a straw and a blade,
And a pill and a day,
And a night, why'd we fight,
And I'm wrong,
And you're right,

But I'm high as I cry,
And my eye; why'd you lie,
Cause you said- said it's real,
Why won't our bruise-
Ever heal?

I loved you, in that bed,
And you're stuck in my head,
Every day, what you said,
And I laid there and bled,

You were my first,
But your fist-
Was the last thing-
That I kissed.
Take it back
from those who
would rape you
of our distinct

Take implies
violent raids,
so do it better.

Turn take into
a snake oil
you deny,
say no til silenced.
Inspired by "time"
Aaron Michael Brown
Jaden Jun 1
tear my chest off my ribs
mutilate this part of me thats not me.
the weights on my chest
need to be torn off so i can finally breathe.
stop hurting me by needing
constant compression just to look like yourself.

take a saw to my hips
make them smaller so i can fit better.
push the bones inward
because these huge shirts don't mask how they bulge out.
make them smaller now
so then i can actually walk freely.

rip out my vocal cords
so then my voice won't give me away.
lower my voice today
then maybe tomorrow i'll feel like me.
deepen the sounds
and i'll speak my mind until throat is ripped from my body.
my dysphoria comes in the form of some incredibly shitty intrusive thoughts
Mister J May 19
As snowflakes fell
You made your way towards me
You were glowing under
The silver rays of moonlight
Running towards me
As I stood still
Left breathless and steady
As you catch me in your embrace

I know I can't resist
I know you'll never let me
No matter how much
We remind ourselves that
This relationship is so wrong
I guess we just can't
Help being in love with
Each other's psychotic tendencies

If you only knew about
The war raging inside me
This conflict that slowly kills me
Whenever I confront this truth
That no matter how much
We try to adjust things
We were never even made
For each other in the first place

You clung to me tightly
Never wanting to let go
Tears falling down your face
Irresistible even in your saddest phase
I'm on the edge with you
Desiring you more than ever
Even when ther world tells me
That we're totally bad for each other

You sink your nails on my arms
Hastily pulling my face to yours
Kissing me viciously sweet
Like the sweetest poison for me
And even when it hurts
Even when it makes me go insane
Even when I know its all lustful wanting
Everything you do to me feels so right

Tonight is a dangerous night
Lust hides beneath the passion
Love blurred by wanton desire
And yet I still want you to stay
The violent beasts that we truly are
Waiting to surface and be unleashed
As bodies dripping in cold sweat
Collide in a destructive union

You are my sweetest poison
You are my deadliest desire
No matter how much they say otherwise
You are the one I wrongfully chose
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Ayesha Nadeem May 18
The fingers began to search for a place,
To resist herself from falling,
Screaming and shaking with fear,
Baby eyes pleading for sympathy,
Stream of tears rolling down her cheeks,

A doll face strawberry swirled,
Blush turned into purple clots,
Dwindling flickers across the room,
She being knuckle sandwiched,
Bumping into a vase,
The floor littered with glass fragments ,
and the rose petals asking for life,

Life fading before her eyes,
A cold blooded hitting her like a wolf,
Puddles of crimson blood writing a story on the floor,
A fragile body panicking with fear,

Some silent moments spent,
His arms circled around her searing gift wrapped skin,
Her hair strands twirled in his fingers,
As he kissed her shoulder,

One more day spent,
A lifetime waiting ahead,
To play beauty and the beast !

~ Ayesha Nadeem
This poem is written to create awareness. It is written for the women who are being abused.
Wyatt May 10
Rescue me
on the twenty two
before I fixate myself
on the bitter truth.
I passed by the 15 earlier
and this scenery I remembered
looks much more pleasant
than my current view.
One to ten was a bumpy road
without a single break
except this single heart of mine
that cracks in the hands of fate.

I always look behind me,
never through the windshield,
at today's ongoing traffic.
My darkness
has a grip on the wheel
and I currently reside
reluctantly in the passenger seat.
I've never had any control of my life,
it's like a vehicle that's now defective.
We're violently switching lanes,
me and my enemy in the same seats.
I always turn up the radio and sing along
so I can forget all of this urgency
when I swear every single time
I'm meaning to reach for the keys.
Please believe me, I didn't mean for this.
It's like I'm intoxicated, under the influence.
To all the property damaged
and to all those who are hurt
as I speed by without a plan,
all I can do before getting my ticket
offer you is a fool's apology.
I am the hazardous passenger.
I am a hazard, I'm a vehicle that's recklessly speeding down this crowded highway.
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