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Mane Omsy Sep 28
A little bit of rain
Expecting more from the lord
Just now, the right way we sway

Lighten the lost souls in the darkness
Let them wander with ease
Occasions that occur very often
A mild notion to be burned
dizziness causes to sleep very happily. Sleep tight at night.
CROW Sep 2
Skin them alive,
leave none to survive,
Shred them to pieces,
I am as phantom as cold summer breezes,
Lapping up blood like a good cat,
Eating children rather than a rat,
I can take flight like a bat,
Beat you to death from behind,
Eat your bones fresh from the grind,
Cut your throat pull out your tongue,
Can't find your body its so far slung,
A lil here a lil there,
ThIs MaKeS Me HaPpY
Trout Sep 1
I find out you are someone’s daughter
Smile waning at the side, a button with no rights
A corpse inside the child that screams until it’s mild
To be a man, is to face your fears everyday.
Carry this meat suit in a dignified fashion.
Question life and its maelstrom of sorrow.
Forgive the failures of others.

To be a man, is to protect your friends.
Hide your disgust at others happiness.
Move unnoticed through a crowd of people who struggle everyday.
Find, laugh and be merry with your best friends.

To be a man, is to know thine enemy.
Prepare for your future trials by training the body.
Always mistrust the ones you love.
Pretend to feel empathy and recognize their true intentions.

To be a man, is to control your violent impulses.
Never acknowledge the visions of killing that you see.
Hold back the feeling of tears when spoken kindly to.
Never help the destitute.

And when I stop being a man.
And the facade finally breaks.
And the families who stabbed me in the back, come for more.
And when everyone has quietly left me.
And I am now the destitute.
I cradle my body.
And tremble alone.
A poem I thought up. Very harsh, but very easy to relate to imo. Hope you enjoy it, though I wouldn't.
Shut up,
Shut up,
Shut the **** up!
Free thinking is dangerous!

You can’t say that,
You can’t do that,
You can’t live that way,
You do as I say.

My voice can’t raise above my breathe,
Or they will take my breathe away.
Go **** yourself,
I can say whatever I wanna say,
And if you don’t like it,
You can go ahead and off yourself.

I can say whatever I want to,
Even if you don’t like it.
Emma Jun 28
I have known many men.
I have known kind men.
I have known sweet men.
I have known men
that scream 'not all men'.
I have known men
that are those men.
I cannot claim to have known all men,
but those that I know vary greatly.
I know good men.
I know gentle men.
But I have also known violent men,
Angry men,
men that make me want to rip my hair out
and men that did it to me.
So, while I know there is good,
I know all too well that there is bad.
I cannot change all men,
but I am sure that I will find a person
that does not need to change.
Until then,
I shall not be hurt by more men.
Selcæiös May 26
Nobody knows until they go,
That knowledge stole the innocence
Right out of your soul

And now where do you go?
You knocked;
But nobody’s home
And you still gotta take cover
Before the Nightwalkers roam

So you’ve got no place to go
Abandoned family cause “you’re grown”
Turned a home into
A house with plenty of holes
Decorating all the doors

But once the sun falls,
When your eyes gleam
You’ll do anything to keep
from recalling all of those volatile scenes

And now you can't fall asleep;
Just cause a few memories
Sneak up on you,
And you can't help but peak

Rapidly, you’re falling into
depressing thoughts
Instead of falling asleep.

Nobody knows until they go
That knowledge stole the innocence
Right outta your soul
Right from under your nose

By the time you know, it's way too late
Cause the world has long since taken that
Piece of your soul.
Deadwood Jawn May 22
Again! One more!
That's what I always say.

Twice! Accelerate!
That's what I feel like saying.

Tear me apart with rhythmic riffs
Slice me into two with raging vocals
Pound me violently with double bass
Lacerate me with cataclysmic solos.


Down. Down. Down. Down.
Up. Up. Up. Up.

Scorch the earth.
Raid the waters.
Divide the lands.
Set the world alight.

Now be energized!

Enter into thine darkness.
Inspiration by Empire's "Angry Music":
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